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– Do you think that God hurts people when they don’t do what he says? – I don’t think God’s
that bad of a person. (upbeat music) – Hello. Nice to meet you, I’m Megan.
– Nice to meet you, I’m Cadia. – Thanks for coming. – I’m Fletcher. – Hi, Fletcher, nice to meet you. – Nice to meet you too. Why are we here again? (Megan laughs)
I know we’re here to talk, but – Yes.
– about what? – That’s a good question,
do you have any ideas? – No. – We’re here to talk about, belief. Are you religious at all? Is your family and religious? – Not really. – So my family, we were
part of this church called, the Westboro Baptist Church. – Mm, I’ve heard of that. – You have? What you know about them? – I’ve mostly heard that it’s
a pretty anti-LGBTQ church. – Yep, that’s exactly right. So, the church was
started by my grandfather, is about 70 to 80 people, and it’s almost entirely my family. – What did you guys do there? – Every night, my family would gather in the living room, and
we would study the Bible. Are you religious at all? – Yeah. – What did your church
teach you about love? – Love is pretty much somebody
that you can’t live without. – Right, and you show love
by being kind to people, and helping them when they need help. So, my family taught me that love is to obey God, and to tell other people that they have to obey God too. Because, if you don’t obey God, bad things will happen to you. Right?
(Fletcher blows her mind) (Megan laughs) Do you believe in God? – I believe in science and God. – And do you think that God hurts people when they don’t do what He says? – I don’t think God’s
that bad of a person. – (laughs) Right. – What did your parents teach you? – When I was five, we started protesting. So, we would go out and
stand on public sidewalks, with signs that said things that most people thought
were extremely hateful. – What did the sign say? – They said that God hated gay people, and then, gay people
deserved the death penalty. So they literally see
being gay as something that is as egregious as murdering someone. – I myself actually identify as a lesbian. I don’t find it especially hurtful, but I think it’s really interesting to see the mindset of these other people that I consider to be equals, and how they view the world. – That’s amazing to me,
meeting people like you, who are willing to talk to me about this, and to not see me as just an evil person for the things that I did. So thank you for that. – Why did you hate those targets? – We didn’t think that
we hated people, right? So we thought that what
we were doing was– – Good!
– Exactly. – Do you regret anything you did? – The thing that I regret the most is that we would go and protest funerals. So, we would go and tell
people who were going to bury their loved ones,
God had killed that person and that he is punishing
them for their sins, and that they needed to repent. And we did it in these
really callous ways. So we would be out there singing songs, (blows out) sorry, (sniffs) chanting and being really happy about the fact that this person has died. (Megan sniffs) Oh. – It’s just hard to hear that you’ve been doing so wrong, and then just realize that was not right. – It was really painful
for me to realize, too. – I’m just mostly surprised that you started doing that at age five. ‘Cause you probably didn’t
even understand that. – Yeah, I mean, they
taught it to us every day, but of course at age
five, I only understood that God has a rule, and
these people broke that rule, and therefore bad things
are happening to them. – What inspired you to leave the church? – I got on Twitter, my goal was to spread the church’s message, and I
started meeting people there, there were a lot of
people who were hostile, who were angry and mean,
but there were also these people who were really kind, who started asking questions, and who found inconsistencies
in our beliefs. And then that started to
make me ask bigger questions, like, “How do I know that what
they’re telling me is true?” And that eventually led
me to leave the church. – Would you have left if
it weren’t for Twitter? – I don’t think so. – Hmm. – I don’t think–
– So Twitter made you leave. – Yeah. (laughs) – That’s kind of funny to say.
– Twitter saved my life. – So, right now at this
point, what do you believe? – I’m not religious anymore, but I believe really strongly in humanity. The fact that people were
willing to be kind to me, and compassionate, and to show me empathy, even when I was doing terrible things, that changed my life. – Is there any part of
you that misses being in that type of church? – I have seven of my siblings
who are still at the church, and my youngest brother just
turned 17 a few months ago, and it kills me to have
missed all the years of his growing up, the last seven years. And of course I miss my parents, I miss my mom every day. But I still believe that
leaving was the right thing, once I understood that
we were hurting people. – I know you mentioned earlier that they compared being gay to murder. So, if a child had come out to them, how do you think they would react? – Man, they would bring
out all the Bible versus in trying to show them how evil they are. – I think that all parents
should be supportive of their kids, I think
it’s a horrible thing to treat your kid differently
because of their sexuality. – This is something I
think about all the time, I can’t not think about it. It was extremely painful to realize what we had contributed to, the pain that we’d contributed to so many other people’s lives. – Do you think that the world, the community around them, would be better off if they weren’t there? – That is an interesting question, and it’s definitely hard to think about, because they’re my family. It’s hard to think of them not existing, but I believe and I hope
that there is reason to keep trying to reach them, to convince them that what they’re doing is not the right thing. And, so that’s what I do. (upbeat music)
– Thank you so much. – Thank you to, take care. – You too.
– Perfect. – [Cadia] Thank you. – [Megan] Thank you so much. Hi, I’m Megan Phelps-Roper. Thanks so much for watching
this episode of “Kids Meet”. If you wanna learn more
about me or my book, link’s down below. Thank you!

  1. Seeing that little boy cry absolutely broke my heart and is so incredible. The amount of empathy he feels for others is magical. What an amazing child. He will grow to be such an amazing man.

  2. As a southern baptist from Oklahoma, I can tell you that real Christianity is about a relationship with Jesus Christ! No matter what you’ve done he will forgive!

    ❤️ He’s coming soon ❤️

  3. The internet is such a strong platform- I’m a born again Christian and I was never apart of a cult but when being raised in a Christian home it was hard to form my own ideas about what God says about sin and how to be loving and empathetic toward all humans – regardless of how their living their God given life – I’m so glad to see this video because you can see the hurt and reconciliation she has and the peace she has toward now accepting everyone. She’s so brave- I pray she returns to the Lord gently … no hate no cult just the arms of Jesus. Love this video!!

  4. This is all being brought to you by the illuminati! The goal is to convince you all that God is only love and does not punish anyone for sin. They will find out what happens to sinners in the tribulation period! And no I don't support that stupid Westboro cult.

  5. Those of you saying that 11/12 year olds shouldn’t be making the decision on their sexuality, we know a lot more than you think. Thanks to the internet, most who identify themselves as LGBTQ+ at a young age know exactly what they’re talking about. Even if they’re wrong, what’s the harm? They’re finding themself. You’re constantly pushing the heteronormative agenda on children at the age of 5 even, probably younger, with shirts for TODLERS that say stuff like “ladies man” or “daddy says no boyfriends”, and a kid says they’re straight at this age and you say nothing. What’s the problem?

  6. Westboro Baptist's aren't Christians. It's a cult. We should pray for all who are lost, including this interviewee's family and former church members. Thank you so much for sharing.

  7. Bless that woman how amazing is it that she can see through barriers of all shes ever know to not be right …. This makes my heart Happy 💓

  8. I love that she uses the word ‘they’ and not ‘we’ because she has realized her mistake. This is what Christians, true Christians should do- realize your sins and repent.

  9. Its so sad to see that church completely brainwash people, especially family, from a young age. That isn’t a church, it’s a cult, and I hope one day it’s no more

  10. Man God is about loving everyone no matter what!! I’m so glad to see people taking down some of this toxic religion and radical hatred fueled by legalistic churches!!!

  11. I’m kinda homophobic but I can tolerate and respect the LGBTQ community, this church is quite terrible because it’s spreading hate and lies

  12. As a Catholic, I don’t agree with or support the LGBTQ+ community, but I don’t hate them. My two best friends are actually bisexual and transgender respectively. I don’t agree with them, but I still love them.

  13. I cried when the little boy cried with her. That just touched my soul. I believe in redemption. Hopefully these people can see that we have to love everyone despite their sins.

  14. I’m so sad that she says that she is no longer religious and believes in humanity. I understand that this would be the natural response in removing herself from that horrible institution. But I pray that the Holy Spirit will work in her life so that she will come to know what true love is and who the one true God of the Bible is.

  15. Christians love everyone no matter what they did and we don’t judge people based on their on their beliefs, and Jesus doesn’t hurt people, and it makes me so mad that these people represent Christianity they are just hateful. (I’m Christian)

  16. I grew up strict catholic but I am no longer religious. However I respect all the comments of people that are Christian or catholic and just loving people regardless. That’s what it’s all about. That’s being a true Christian. I respect the people in the comments here who believe in loving and supporting everyone. You’re the real ones.
    This woman had a ton of courage to come out and be vulnerable and see that what her family believed in was a cult. Much respect.

  17. As a Baptist. They are NOT Baptist. We are not like that at all. We love all people even if we don't necessarily approve of their decisions everyone has a sin struggle and we would not hold that against anybody. Please do not use that church as an example. It is NOT a church.

  18. “I identify as a lesbian” you’re , what, 12?? Man this next generation… yikes 😬 can you say ‘indoctrination’

  19. I’m just so proud of her. Because of her I’m making my New Years resolution to be even kinder to those with opinions and views I find intolerable. If it’s hate causing these views, more hate doesn’t help. Only love. There’s enough division nowadays. The way Megan changed was tolerant people being kind to her, and her being open to listening. Thank you for posting x

  20. One thing I will say, the WBC is a church that doesn’t pick and choose with scripture. I have always asked Christians why they pick and choose what to live by, (ex. supporting some verses and saying others are “old times” and they should change how they view things for the sake of society moving forward), I have never seen the WBC compromise a verse and shift their beliefs with the times around them. From all the church congregations I have met, the WBC is the most straightforward in their blunt belief, and don’t beat around the bush like other Christians out there.
    This isn’t a defense for them, merely an observation.

  21. I am glad that this conversation is happening because this is the stereotype of organized religion. The looks of horror matched mine. This is a bold topic to discuss with kids because I never heard of this "church".

  22. It said the link for her book was in the description, but I couldn’t find it anywhere. If someone has a link, could they slide it to me please?

  23. They came to my high school a couple years ago. They’re all extremely well versed in the law and provoke the crowd to the absolute brink. Usually this leads to fights, which they can claim is violence against their free speech

  24. People don't give kids enough credit and it's so frustrating. I am an activist, and the kids I speak with are always kind, respectful, and understanding.

  25. I forgot the majority of WBC was one family. Very sad. Even more sad, 100 years ago would this false doctrine and ideology have spread further if it were not for modern communication outlets?

  26. I am blessed for my priest who has helped me to come out as a lesbian, he told me Jesus loves everyone & wants us to be happy. The Westboro Baptist Church is the reason why people hate Religion/God because of them & God is all love. God made us equal & God wants us to love who we love. I am so grateful my catholic church is super LGBTQA+ supportive.. also my friend who is also catholic, she is a transwoman and her church helped her thru her hormone process & pretty soon she will be getting her bottom surgery. Jesus loves us no matter what. WBC is not a church…. it's a cult.

  27. 4:44 this is why I believe in free speech. Not because I want people to spew hate speech but because it opens the door for change. People argue that not everyone will change but the only reason they aren’t is because most people are met w a bunch of angry people wishing death on them for their belief and then it pushes them to have even more extreme beliefs. If you always tell someone they’re a demon they will begin to believe it. They then think they’re this anti hero and their hate festers. But if we allow people to talk civilly you can create real change in people’s mindsets and create peace. Rather than just censoring and demonizing people which only helps the short term and hurts the long term.

  28. An apple fell to the ground and Newton discovered gravity. Thousands of Palestinians fall and still no one has discovered humanity.

  29. When she said “….people that I view as equals.” I literally burst into tears! I didn’t expect her to say that, even though she was already being impressively understanding for an LGBT child learning about a group that, well, hates her. Holy crap. Good job to her parents but also, she’s just a special person naturally. Wow. I really hope people show her the kindness she obviously shows others. I hope she never lets anyone take that kind soul from her.
    All of the children were very impressive. And so was the adult too. Very good video, as always, but this one was special.

  30. I think Megan needs a hug. She's a victim in this all too. She was raised this way and thought it was right, and a way of showing love for other people. I may dislike what West Burrow does…but if I met her – I'd give her a hug. She's grown up and learned and changed…and seen what the churches message did to people and has learned to really care about people. Seeing this I want to give her a hug.

  31. this woman seems so kind. she believed it because it was put into her head her whole life by her own family. they told her it was helping people, but i’m proud of her for being open minded and leaving that toxic situation… and creating her own beliefs.

  32. I don’t think children need to be exposed to this. I know some may feel different but that’s what I feel, but I am glad that she is out in the open telling her story.

  33. I can’t believe that the one girl felt she was lesbian at such a young age. Children that young shouldn’t feel attraction to anybody regardless of gender.

  34. I cant believe there are people like megans family. I think megan is one of the strongest people to live because thats just harsh.

  35. That she could leave that family after being indoctrinated her whole life, shows amazing strength and gives me hope. I was also impressed with each of those kids; they asked great questions.

  36. Everyone cares that the LGBTQ is being hated on by this “church” but nobody is speaking about how they are also protesting US military funerals as well. It’s not right to protest someone’s sexuality or identity but let’s not ignore that the people who die defending these rights are receiving the same hate but are also being ignored. 🇺🇸

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