1. พวกที่ยึดแนวทางเขมรแดงจะปกครองประเทศไทยแทนราชวงศ์จักรีและนำชาติไปสู่ความรุ่งเรืองในปี2563

  2. USA and Vietnamese is our worst enemy in that time, people were brainwashed, blind with US propaganda, lie media, and stupid journalists and people are still listening to them even without searching the real happening or truth.

  3. Who Evers family was or is an Khmer krohorm I hope you fuckn side you scums, I'm glad my parents escaped my famity is the only family we have that's blood related cause all you puppets killed your own people and all of my parents got wipes out cause of you, now my family starting all over in Australia thanks to yous I wish I had a real grandma Aunty uncle or grandpa even cousins!!'

  4. Sad….they were brainwashed by Chinese to kill their own people….so Chinese can our land, how stupid can we Khmer be…live and learn from the past.

  5. The traps is never forgetting the birds but the birds are forgetting the traps.If we're Khmer keep forgetting history some day it will repeat itself again,next time may be it wipe out from the world map.Helping each other.Caring for each other.Speaking up when there is a problem.Help watching each other backs.Knowing who is the World Super power.
    Respect our world Super Power.

  6. I think Khmer rouge are not from a middle class or a rich family. most of them are poorer than poor, or stupid iliterate people. cannot read or write Khmer. only their leader is a student have a shcolorship went to france. and many poor peasant khmer vietminh soldier. those iliterate ingnorant people follow the communist idea teaching, and they never get what they hoping to get, like they told them communist is a heavan, prosperous, you can hear that in their stupid songs.

  7. Youn/viet send khmer to kill khmer… the truth is youn want khmer eliminated. All khmer should stand up together and build a better future for khmer. We can NOT go back to change what was done what had happend during Pol Pot regime. But we khmer have the power to change our future. To build a better future LEAVE THE PAST IN THE PAST AND LET MOVE ON TO THE FUTURE.

  8. @PreahVihear1

    Forgeting is bad, remember is good. That is how people study history is to remember the past.

  9. Com'on Baby! it's 2012 now concerning Khmer Rouge, what do you still the world to be done? Please my friend, we all 'Khmer' we should look into the furture, build our country and our nations, this we will win the enemy. I am tired of Khmer Rouge business, I am working and you are working as well for the living. You should take of your family instead, dont' seat around and getting mad with Khmer Rouge. It been over thirty-three years past. There' not thing can be done. You will wait and see!

  10. @PreahVihear1 Cambodia is 20 years behind today in development because of the khmer rouge ideology. Communism works in countries like China and Vietnam because they don't kill off intellectuals. The real reasons why the khmer rouge was formed: revenge, hatred, jealousy. We can't have people with this mentality run our country!! my advice to you is, get over and move on. learn from this atrocity and always remember that about 2 million of our people died in your hands "brother".

  11. We all know that youn/viet were and still are behind what happened during Khmer Rouge regime and today regime. If all of you are the true GonKhmer you must let go of Pak Angka. You were trick into believing you were doing thing they told you to do for the good of Khmer, but you were were brain washed and tricked into.If all of you are the true GonKhmer we must stand up against these people who have viet's heads in the Khmer bodies who are running our country today. Lets stand up units and fight!

  12. @PreahVihear1 I don't see how you want this death wish to come back, unless you are still brain washed by the Pol Pot ideology, which brought the entire nation to its knee.

  13. Boriram27,

    Ultimately you know deeply why Khmer Rouge had killed lot of Cambodian people and why? Who was behind. I was a good soldier I had never killed anyone of my people I worked for Angka pak, followed what Angka ordered me what to do. Thus I am a good Khmer Rouge man, we all Khmer, we must stop against Khmer Rouge, this we would win the enemy.

  14. Boriram27,

    MY son or my brother, I confident that who I am as I stated was Khmer Rouge soldier and of course Khmer Rouge had killed many innocent people but you get to think who behind, who has been wanted Cambodia to became their country, who had been wanted all Khmer to get kill and take over Cambodia. You are probably a young Khmer generation or older, you should know the fact who is our enemy – enemy our enemy against Khmer since day one. cont. on next page

  15. @PreahVihear1

    Yes, i like a free Country like we were before Khmer rouge came to power in 1975, All my familly and relatives are poor Neak srae. but we had a better life than during the Khmer rouge in charge.

    I use to think they are destroying out country, when i'm thinking during the khmer rouge. How can you be prosperous if you don't give people freedom. It is just force labor , and they didn't care if we get sick and die. How can they be a great leader to do something like that.

  16. I hate Amerikang, I was a former Khmer Rouge soldier. I enjoy the video clip which was taken back then. Actually YOUN who started first and then Khmer leaders. We were the people under Angka we didn't know a thing of what was happening. I suggest you should start to cooperate with all Khmers no matter what? and then we would win. I hope you understand my point.

  17. @PreahVihear1

    It is not good, They murdered many educated Khmers. And they made Khmer very poor. And they did not uniting Khmer people. and alots more reasons they destroyed cambodia. They are all just helping North viet to fight war with the american. Srok Khmer was strong before Khmer rouge in power 1975.

  18. I love this song, I hate America. I was a Khmer Rouge soldier and now I still can stand them. I wish it goes back to day one, April 17 1975.

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