Kebiasaan, Budaya dan Adat (Habits, culture/tradition and customs)

Habit HABITS are activities that are carried out
continuously. Habits can also be referred to as the pattern
of an action because it arises from the frequency of the action being carried out. Examples of habits are reading books, smoking,
littering. The nature of habit is non-binding or changeable. Culture/Tradition CULTURE is a habit that lasts continuously
for a long time while being maintained even though it differs in space and time. Culture is same as a tradition who derived
from Latin, traditio which means passed on. In another sense, culture is cultivation or
the work of humans. Culture has two meanings: first, as a habit
that is maintained. In this sense culture as an activity that
has long been carried out and still be maintained. For example, the night patrol culture in the
villages. This culture is carried out since the days
before independence day (of Indonesia) which continued until now. Second, as cultivation or human work. In this sense culture as an activity that
can be created at any time by humans or society. For example, the culture of hang out in a
cafe on a Saturday night with friends or lovers. This culture did not exist in ancient times. The nature of culture or tradition is not
binding or can change as a habit. Costum Costum is a habit that continues to be maintained
and remains in existence by containing the values of the rules. The value of the rule in question is the existence
of elements that are coercive and binding for all people who have the custom. An example of custom is the “ADAT BELIS” in most
parts of Eastern Indonesia. This custom is a requirement for men to marry
a woman to be his wife. “Adat Belis” is usually done by paying
a some of money and livestock to the family of the woman. The nature of adat is binding and time-consuming. Equation
First, Habits, Culture and Custom are both continuous human actions Second, The same applies to the scope of certain groups, communities and regions. Not generally accepted.

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