“Karl Marx still haunts capitalism”

I think since 2008 capitalism is once again felt as in the first line of the Communist Manifesto a Spectre is haunting Europe capitalism is haunted by the possibility of a different mode of production and to me this is what makes mark Marx is incredibly relevant to us historically but I think Marx is also relevant to us know because capitalism is once again haunted by the fear of and the possibility of a non capitalist world my thinking came from a very classic form of Marxism in the early 1980s which was in because Britain Marxism most Trotskyism I was a Trotskyist I kind of Graham chin Trotskyists nevertheless but I believed and saw all around me the proletariat the proletarian community the very strongly hierarchical – or union that my grandfather and father had been in I built that theory fitted that world with the modern world of the heterogeneous network highly individualistic person I think needs a different form of an understanding of where the struggle is [Music] so my attitude to Marx and Marxism is to use it as a toolbox no a classic and orthodox Marxist would say this is no good Marxism is warm big machine you can’t take parts of it out I think I would like to try the first and most important part of Marxism that I think it underpins all objective thinking about society is the concept of the mode of production Marx allows us to understand history as a series of systems that follow each other and the general rule once we analyze society in that way is that the seeds of the next system can be found within the old system but they are often hidden they’re often they often look like an informal or a criminal or a sub cultural economy [Music] Wikipedia free software cooperatives peer-to-peer lenders platform cooperatives so when people form an alternative to uber and run the system of buying and selling themselves independent of a monopoly company the contribution in our free time to projects using network technology that are never designed to make money or to benefit us financially these are the seeds of a future society based on abundance the new struggle is how do we how do we news networks Marx imagines this in the fragment of machines and the reason he does so is because he’s thinking about he actually calls it he’s thinking about a moment in history when knowledge becomes as Marx calls it social knowledge when as he calls it a general intellect emerges which all workers and all fat bosses draw upon he doesn’t imagine how they draw upon it we know how they draw upon it by information networks Marx says once you get social knowledge and private property that he says it that is the explosive force which blows up capitalism in other words uber yeah let’s destroy it Airbnb let’s destroy it let’s destroy the rentee a monopoly use of these networks to do that [Music] my project is to create a wiki sector of the economy and first of all to recognize it in 2013 the OECD published the first remember we are 15 years into the post broadband internet 1517 years so in 2013 the OECD publishes a major report what is the value of the Internet economy and it answers while the Internet has a massive impact on the commercial sector it is out the even bigger impact into a non market sector it is creating non market offense what does economics call non market effects not economics economics but the capitalism is the study of scarcity and markets so in other words economics cannot even conceive of Wikipedia being logical fact to the extreme neoliberal who believes in the Adam Smith definition of Homo economicus economic man every hour you or I spend on creating Wikipedia or a free software product or working for free in our urban form is a logic it’s anti-human their definition of human is acquisitive stab-in-the-back competitiveness and we are behaving like bees instead of humans but I believe the human and as does Marx that the fundamental almost definition of human beings is not a quiz ative Nisour competitiveness but the desire to work the desire to transform the environment around them nothing in that desire dictates that it must be done via the market [Music] so III don’t think that that I don’t think that information capitalism spontaneously moves beyond the capitalism it has to be pushed it has to be attacked it has to be reconfigured by state action and in my book the difference between me and what you might call the post capitalist mood movement or the peer-to-peer movement is that their focus is the small-scale experiment rather in the same way that Richard Arkwright who’d constructed the first Factory his focus was on the machine and the factory process it took a government to step in and say we like this Factory let’s clear agricultural land let’s destroy weaving let’s dis let decriminalize the movement of labor between one tone and another in all of that many factories can can take place this is my project to construct a governmental intervention to promote the use of information technology to produce cheapness and abundance and more personal freedom for people my favorite Marx story is when I think it’s Vilhelm liebe connect the old one or Auguste Babel go one of the two go to London to meet him in the 1850s in the early period of the exile that when Marx met him he said look the 48th revolution failed but this is what Marx says in Crystal Palace in this great Industrial Exhibition they had in the 1850s in Britain there is a electric train a train run on electricity not steam and Marx says something like this is a reported comment Marx never wrote this Mark said when trains go electric then we’ll get socialism I like the technological determinist in marks

  1. The moral and constitutional obligations of our representatives in Washington are to protect our liberty, not coddle the world, precipitating no-win wars, while bringing bankruptcy and economic turmoil to our people. — Ron Paul

  2. Fine stick to wikipedia and co-operatives, just don't go around promoting forms of governments that take away freedom from people and achieve things only with force

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