Kanye’s Social Media Manager

(phone ringing) – Yeezy so psyched for the new album coming out. Now, you know how usually
when the new album drops, we hop back on Twitter
and say a bunch of super not woke stuff? How ’bout this time, we
just promote the new album? And don’t say–
– [Kanye On Phone] Carl, I wanna say, being in danger, is a choice. – Okay, so humans have the choice
to save endangered species. – [Kanye On Phone] No. – Okay, well we can’t chastise say, pandas for
their threatening extinction. – [Kanye On Phone] No, being
in danger is a good choice. Tweet it. – Okay, how ’bout we think about this (tweet chiming) for a second
– [Kanye On Phone] I just Tweeted.
– Okay, let me just… (phone ringing) – [Kanye On Phone] Tweet:
life long fan of Woody Allen. – Ye, no, you don’t want to be associated with Woody Allen right now. I mean, I was a big fan
of his movies, but God, even praising his films now
doesn’t really feel like– – [Kanye On Phone] You
didn’t let me finish. Tweet: Life long fan of Woody Allen’s lifestyle choices, specifically. – What are you expecting– (tweet chiming) – [Kanye On Phone] Tweeted it. (Carl groaning) Clean water, should be earned. (tweet chiming) Birth of a nation wasn’t as
nearly as good as the original. (tweet chiming) Fuck kids. (tweet chiming)
(carl whining) – Why are you doing this? – [Kanye On Phone] You know
that feeling, when you’re suddenly filled with shame by
remembering an awkward moment you had three years ago? – Yes. – [Kanye On Phone] I’m addicted to that. R.I.P. Bin Laden. – No, no, no, no, no, no, no,
no, no, no don’t you dare! – [Kanye On Phone] Tweeted
it. (tweet chiming) – You don’t! I know you’ve been dealt a
bad hand, I can’t even imagine the amount of pressure that you’re under. Why don’t we deal with
this in a healthy way, just talk to me, what’s bothering you? – [Kanye On Phone] I only eat
the gray part of the salmon. – Why would you do that? Why would you say that? I don’t want you to do
either of those things. (tweet chiming) – [Kanye On Phone] I just tweeted it. – Why?! – [Kanye On Phone] I wipe, before I shit. – Just stick to the album
Kanye, I’m begging ya. (tweet chiming) – [Kanye On Phone] I just tweeted it! Tweet: Donald Trump doesn’t
care about black people. – Oh, oh, that’s a good one. – [Kanye On Phone] I wasn’t finished, Donald Trump doesn’t
care about black people and that’s what I like about him. – Pitch on that, let’s tweet: Donald Trump doesn’t care
about black people, full stop. – [Kanye On Phone] Sounds good to me. – Okay, thanks Kanye, thank
you for being so flexible on this one. – [Kanye On Phone] No, I
was talking to Kid Rock and Ted Nugent about a new
country song we’re doing together, your pitch sucks. (tweet chimes) Tweeted it. – Will you ask Ted Nugent
if I could borrow his gun?

  1. Gosh why is college humor so terrible, what happened to the non woke narrative stuff that was actually funny. Now it's just a slowly bankrupting buzz feed

  2. This video is ridiculous. All Kanye ever did was express an opinion that was different and now people are equating that to him sympothising with Bin Laden, Why? Because he dared to step off the Democrat plantation. This is the perfect example of racism and fascism. The left silencing him and telling him he isnt allowed to think a certain way because he is black.

  3. Donald trump doesn’t actively dislike any race based on his policies. Not from his speeches, do I gather he is a racist either. Don’t fall into the liberal insanity so easily.

  4. >Black unemployment in US is now lower than ever was in years
    >Saying that "Trump doesn't care about black people" is a good tweet

    That's why we can't have nice things anymore

  5. "We can't chastise Panda's for their threatened extinction" – Actually we can. As adorable fluffies that are scared by their baby sneezing, Panda's attract a MASSIVE amount of conservation donations and conservationists are doing EVERYTHING they can to sustain the Panda population, including artificially inseminating them because Panda's often either outright refuse to mate or 'do it wrong'. Many conservationists are now coming to the conclusion that Panda's are a species more or less going extinct of it's own accord for some reason and that, if anything, it's our efforts to save them that going against the 'natural order' (though this is still HIGHLY debated) and we're essentially wasting money that could be used to save species who are more important to their local ecosystems and 100% under threat due to human actions. Clearly this is what Kanye meant and I, for one, am glad he's bringing these important ecological and ethical concerns to public attention. Bravo sir. <3

  6. Kanye has autism lowkey

    And technically pandas are choosing to be endangered due to their diet making them lethargic to a point to where they can't mate

  7. Still funny 😄. I only know 4 episodes in the series… are there more?

    *he folded the laptop like it was an actual folder 💻 📂 😆

  8. Why does everything need to be political, i mean back in the good days it was just jokes that everyone agrees on, why cant we have that

  9. Kanye: Donald Trump doesn't care about black people
    Manager: NOW we're talking…
    Kanye: You didn't let me finish. Donald Trump doesn't care about black people and that's why I like him.
    Me and his Manager: snaps phone in half

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