[ KAITO and MEIKO ] Association Actress [ English Subs ]

More accurate translation by EnbizakaMurders! In the Twilight Hole, the sooty curtain rises I was intervowen in a love drama, with someone I don’t know the name of In the solitary forest, the beast dances bewitchingly And the virginal hunter’s hands were easily snared Becoming swallowed by the deepening darkness The alluring Fanatsy begins As if one is mislead Your wavering eyes Devours me, like entwined beasts My heart beats faster and faster, and grows to crave what I don’t understand With my voice trembling, I clumsily shoot an arrow of love I hide away my heart, and let the heat of the night consume me Within the shower of kisses, lies the sweet, swallowing beastly love. In the Twilight Hole, a new curtain rises The festering love drama is only an overnight story Although I tell you I want to be with you, you evade me The virginal hunter’s arrow, will miss you tonight again Beyond the night where we become one lies… A labyrinth of loneliness we musn’t go to As a player… As a true lover Let me indulge in your opposing heat of love I search for the true you, in the depths of your closed heart Using words of true love, I will keep shooting until you’re hit While my heart remains cut-off, am I simply lustfull? The feeling spoken of while making love, is False love erased when morning dawns. In the depths of my closed heart, lies a coward I don’t want you to see The beast that fled into the night, is terrified of the dawn’s light The virginal hunter’s arrow, misses over and over. But despite that, until I hear you laugh, I’ll shoot the arrows colored by the gentle morning I let the sound of my racing heart echo without hesitation I embrace you with my trembling hands, having fallen in a clumsy love From the depth of my closed heart, I’m at the mercy of those gentle hands It’s uncovered bit by bit, the innocent love spakling in the dawn

  1. Seeing the lyrics for this song, I understand why HitoshizukuxYama used Kaito and Meiko for this. Their usual duo of Rin and Len wouldn't suit this at all.

  2. It has been so long since I've seen a KaiMei original!! This song is lovely and I'm so glad my OTP isn't dead yet! Thank you for subtitles! /u

  3. How the heck does the Miku x Kaito version have more views than this, this version is the best

  4. Yes Sega add Cendrillion and other KAIMIKU songs but you don't add this beauty to project diva
    Fuck you Sega, lazy ass company

  5. I can't decide if Meiko's supposed to be the vampire or the rookie vampire hunter
    But damn is that some fan art

  6. This is one of my favorite song from Hitoshizuku and Yama! ~☆


    I will reccomend my classmate to listen to this! ^ ^ 👍😆

  7. I really love all the KaiMei songs but I think Meiko is a bit loud here, so I try using her Dark voicebank to sing with Kiyo (I also ship KiyoMei) , then I find that she sounds softer and has more feelings! ^●^

  8. So pretty much Meiko was like some kind of dancer or entertainer I think and kaito fell in love with her at first sight. They form this sort of "friends with benefits" relationship and eventhough Kaito is sincere with his feelings for Meiko.. Meiko is closed off and always runs away before morning. Eventually Meiko admits that she too is in love with Kaito but she fears love…. forming from "Beastly love" to "False love" and finally "innocent love"

  9. I ‘ran away’ from vocaloid ships, because it started to ruin vocaloid for me. All this keimei miku x kaito ect, but I do think this is the best version of this song

  10. the voices in this version tho is waaay more softer w more feeling and passion lmao no hate on KaiMei just spitting the truth https://youtu.be/hfxNbBPhyUs

  11. WHAT!!!!!😠 Miku and Kaito are just a pair of heaven born just for each other !!! Terrible insult . Everyone left. Change Meiko to Miku immediately, but stand there and look at my!!! NONSENSE.😠😡😠😡

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