Just How Bad Is United TRANSATLANTIC Basic Economy? | Boeing 787-8 to London

well I have never been so surprised by a flight in my life welcome to student today I'm flying from Denver to me throw on for tonight to the 77 a.m. economic class now this is of just economy class its basic economy which is new to United transatlantic flights so it's the bare bones of everything back of the bus cheap seats so let's see how bad it is so today we are going in for the Concorde leave undone remains under to find United be fair to tears the gate which was announcement on which is nice we know we're going and here we have our Boeing 787-8 series aircraft little too nice of July 2016 being basic economy we were last board which was inevitably super fun United operates at 7 8 7 8 and the 2 class configuration with 36 Polaris business seats and 193 economy class seats in the absence of a separate Premium Economy cabin the very American economy plus option is offered with an extra leg room with an unusual economy service Mison for today's flight is seat 25 a in the last row of the forward-most Economy cabin waiting at a Sikh was a standard pillow and a little blanket which is no different from any other offense movie standard SI literature with the Wi-Fi instructions located Unite's magazine the in seat monitor was actually quite small by most modern aircraft standards measuring at 8 inches but 31 inches of pitch felt decently spacious for someone who is 6 foot the touchscreen as you can see was a bit of a nightmare to operate but United's credit the actual selection once you got in was pretty good just prior to takeoff the captain announced a flight time today at 8 hours and 36 minutes [Applause] as soon as I could I went to change into my pajamas and was very spacious and clean seven eight seven laboratory the first film of the night was The Incredibles 2 which sadly I did find to be a bit of a letdown when compared to the first around 45 minutes of takeoff decree began the pre-dinner drink service which for me consisted to some many pretzels and sparkling ones with ice for a full bar service including alcoholic drinks was available to everyone including basic economy on the tray we had a little side salad bread roll and butter United branded cutlery although it's plastic only left on him a balsamic didn't good and the main event so we've just had the first meal service and the choices they gave us they gave us already so without the trolley was chicken with orzo pasta or a four cheese pasta I went for the chicken and I am pleased to say it is absolutely delicious I love it very much all credit where it's due to spot men who came in masse 500 mil cans which the crew were having to give up no measly half carbs after the main service tube you came home with mango sorbet and really cute individual rewards bottoms for everyone of massive note to me was how attentive and proactive to Korea where they were always in the aisles just did the cabin lines and we're about six hours of 20 minutes outside London of the a hour-ish flight so no trying get some sleep okay so we're about two and a half three hours to landing I'm just I've worked it up like the fifth time is I'm so cold the cabin is absolutely freezing I've done of result into desperate measures and I've whips out the puffer jacket as if I get it I've never actually been this cotton of pain in my life no time to go to sorry for myself those that did manage a decent Steve and woke up in time with the beautiful supplies around 90 minutes before landing the crew began breakfast service which consisted of a really nice warm qua song a strawberry yogurt and a little charm of pot which was washed out with copious amounts of Walmart we delicious coffee again this is all included so just finished the breakfast and whilst it's small it was why if course what was nice the doctor was pretty much enters that sugar so it wasn't too keen on that had it with coffee or three good it'd be nice if they could all on a nine-hour flight have a bit more of a substantial breakfast it is scheduled to be nine hours through freelancing viewing of some loitering family which you watch my tongue off before yield of realize has become a bit of a tradition all good things must come to an end though before I knew it we were on final approach into London Heathrow Airport despite being a bit mony about the cabin temperature I have to rate this flight as one of my favorites in terms of value and actual quality the crew worked awesome an attentive constantly in the aisles as I said I'm happy to fill drinks all the time and the seats were comfortable and the entertainment honestly not at all lacking this ticket cost me 286 pounds returned from London's Denver considering how comfortable that flight was it's something I definitely do again United have got the newest service very right and to say I was pleasantly surprised would be an understatement I so hope you so much for watching this is doing two things before I genuinely really hope you enjoyed it do you check out my other flight from this trip in my channel and leave a thumbs up and subscribe and comment down below

  1. Thanks for the economy review. However, I could not hear most of it. Please improve your audio quality.

  2. a brilliant and eloquent vid well done young man united are not a favourite airline or mine but never the less very well, done

  3. Seat pitch of 30” or more in basic economy is excellent. Take a flight from LAX-NAR or Hong Kong on one Asian carrier I know for sure and you will have 25” of seat pitch in economy. I’m glad you enjoyed your flight, but in the future you may want to consider not complaining on the movies etc.. its not the airline’s fault, you chose it and it is not why we are watching the video. Safe travels!

  4. Incredibly cheap flights for such a huge distance!
    It’s amazing that the trans Atlantic flight times have not improved since the introduction of jet services in 1959.

  5. Get a middle seat between two fat fucks, see how that works for you. It’s horrible, it happened too me.

  6. Looks good, but be happy you flew a modern aircraft with a new config. The 767’s flying on Berlin is old! Also, agreed on how cold the return flights are. Insane! Why is that?

  7. “Transatlantic” is between the American East Coast and Europe. A flight from the east coast to Denver is already “transcontinental.”

    Regardless of how good or bad you perceive this flight it is no way “Transatlantic.”

  8. "Something I'd do again" But unless you've got relatives or work connections there who the hell wants to go to Denver?- lol

  9. Thank-You. A easy going review, of the type of travelling, the vast majority of us do. Subbed, and look forward to more of your content.

  10. Thanks for the Coach vid. United has been trying to improve its product, even before the dragging incident (which Ironically wasn't on United or completely there fault). But on international flights, basic economy is only going to be but so bad. Its the domestic flights where they make it suck.

  11. Enjoyed the vid but here's a quick suggestion…I, like many of the people who watch this will not be British (I'm from the 'states). While it's not HEAVY, u do have a thick British accent, so my suggestion would be to try & speak just a LIL louder & clearer for those of us who don't hear that accent on a daily basis. Even turning the volume all the way up there were quite a few places I could hear u, but couldn't understand u. Just a thought, enjoyed the vid all the same. 😉

  12. Great video, thanks! My problem with the 787 is the seats are too narrow. Two average sized guys sitting next to each other are miserable. I try to avoid the plane!

  13. Try a longer route. E.g Sydney to San Francisco 14hr >< crew were amazing. the flight was not >< legroom was abysmal ><

  14. Wish you could speak up a little bit. I had my phone volume all the way up, and I could still BARELY hear you.
    PLEASE keep traveling 'Economy', it has the benefit of actually rendering your reviews RELEVANT to 85 to 90% of the traveling public. And, I imagine, that the type of "mucky-mucks" and "very busy business-persons" who book their tickets on the upper tier fares, are likely not the types who are sitting around watching videos on 'YouTube' anyway.😂Hahaha…
    In fact, they are probably so disconnected from the trappings of our "Everyman", common–sense, 'upper/lower/middle–middle class' lives, that they may not even know what 'YouTube' is.🤣LOL…

  15. Nice use of iPhone footage. Food doesn't look as crap. Overall seems better than domestic economy.

  16. I believe this was not “Basic Economy” but actually Economy Plus . There are 3 levels of economy: Economy plus (the area you were in – has a little more seat pitch), Economy & Basic Economy (same section of the plane, but with this ticket you do not get a free carry on.)

  17. Catering is pretty poor,especially breakfast ,this is TRANSCONTINENTAL FLIGHT,should be MUCH,MUCH BETTER(my opinion)

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