José Niño: Will the US Go Full Socialist in The Near Future?

hi everyone this is Jason Barack of Wall Street for Main Street welcome back to another Wall Street from Main Street podcast interview today's special guest is a first-time guest but I've been friends with him for a while now and I think he's really cool he has a very interesting story he's been on the Tom woods show the podcast multiple times talking about his experiences escaping Venezuela he still has family members there escaping the socialism and collapse in Venezuela he's also a writer for the Mises Institute and for gunpowder magazine Jose Nene oh thank you for joining me thank you so much Jason it's a pleasure so Jose before we talk about your specific experiences and your family members and some of the crazy details that some of us have either heard or read about going on in Venezuela either now or in the last couple years and how like the Western society whether it's us United Kingdom Western Europe are all kind of embracing socialism with what we're seeing with the surveys out there from young people who are more in favor of socialism than capitalism let's let's just kind of look at a 30,000 foot view of socialism so the definition I think the economic definition of socialism it used to be that they wanted to control the means of production right and then that would allow the workers the proletariat to have a better lifestyle move up and have equality and then that would be part of what this overall revolution so there would be some type of eventual utopia for communism yes that's how the original definition used to be where there was a strong emphasis of the struggle between the bourgeoisie and the proletariat but as time went on and it became very clear that a socialism was very destructive these countries like the Soviet Union North Korea Vietnam and even president de Venezuela once they embrace these policies it destroyed the productive capacities of these countries cause massive shortages millions of people dead just turmoil a lot of socialists and their ilk started pivoting towards different strategies and different political goals such as cultural Marxism for example which really emphasizes the idea that like minorities women LGBT q are like these oppressed groups and straight white males are the enemy so they would use like different categories but still use the same means of state coercion when you look at socialism and its many variants and cousins like say fascism national socialism communism and Arco syndicalism whatever these philosophies all have some some commonalities mean that the state is the ultimate arbiter of economic affairs you don't have control of your property your property is either controlled by the state directly it could be redistributed it by the state through legislative Fiat or by a dictators whim or your property can be regulated out of existence by some bureaucrat in a far-off land like in Washington DC or in a globalist fortress in Brussels so you definitely see a lot of variations but ultimately all these strains of socialism go back to like one central theme and it's control yes it's one of those versions of totally totalitarian government so whether it's fascism whether it's national socialism whether it's you know global international socialism which is what the Soviets wanted there's a lot of similarities there now that the mainstream socialists they'll talk about there's not selamat similarities there are a lot of the regular people in the mainstream will dispute that but as libertarians who study totalitarian government there's a lot more similarities there then people would care to admit so you talked about the Soviet Union I think the socialist you know in reality socialism has an absolutely horrible track record okay and the people that embrace socialism still they just the only way that they can sell this is they have to totally ignore it I think Ludwig von Mises even wrote about he wrote an entire book first of all on socialism and he explained the economic calculation problem and how socialist basically have to use prices from the West the Soviet Union would have collapsed a lot sooner had it not had Western prices to help it but they the Soviets took in the Bolsheviks the Soviets you know all the different the Lenin's the stall in a set cetera all to control the means of production so they produce consumer goods but they were horrible they didn't produce them right no one wanted them no one wanted Soviet cars no one wanted Soviet shoes I think the only consumer product Jose that's left over from the Soviet Union that's actually successfully exported to other countries is Stoli Stoli Ania vodka yes that's correct in that Mises was ahead of the curve in identifying socialism and all of its status cousins in that it's a religion in the sense that there's no objective evidence that these type of policies are actually conducive to economic growth they completely violate economic common sense I think one of the largest contributions Ludwig von Mises main to economic thought was his understanding of how prices work as signals on the market and one of the hallmarks of like pretty much all socialist systems are price controls and price controls that they're in full effect in Venezuela they're the reason why Venezuela has concert level lines of people waiting to get basic goods like flour sugar or even toilet paper so yes it's definitely based on religious assumptions with no basis in reality and like you said Jason you have to ignore the blatant examples like the Soviet Union Maoist China Vietnam and present-day Venezuela to contain you peddling this but that's the thing it is very culturally um accepted a lot of segments of society in the West and unfortunately and in an ironic twist of fate a lot of corporate entities have gone into the mix and have piggybacked off of what these cultural Marxist trends and if you look at the history of socialism it has required some degree of capital to remain somewhat functional and it also just makes sense because a socialism kills the proverbial goose that lays the golden egg of capitalism so there's always that tightrope a lot of socialist governments have had to I've had to walk and a lot of the the business interests that join in on this it's simple why they will join in it's because socialism provides concentrated power and shelters a lot of corporate interests from free market competition decentralization is like the enemy of any aspiring politician rent-seeking entrepreneur or politically connected businessmen and the amount of propaganda that a lot of the socialists like either academics or even people that make money in the private sector but still believe in socialism and look at look at all these technology executives I don't know if you've seen some of these pictures going around Instagram and Twitter and snapchat but there's like people making very big dollar amounts at Google and Facebook and Twitter and all the big tech social media companies and there were in communist shirts while they're collecting you know six or seven or eight figure paychecks yeah it's a cultural problem at the end of the day and once a culture embraces socialism the politics is going to eventually adopt it as well since pretty much all politics is downstream from culture and it's actually pretty scary because and also somewhat ironic because the fact that all these socialists they talk about how they're anti-fascist and are always screaming about fascism but when you see corporations like using state privilege to consolidate their hold in the market and conduct their affairs in the market that's the textbook definition of fascism it's a public-private partnership between the state and the private sector where the state picks winners and losers and corporations just jockey for political power rather than serving the needs and wants of their consumers and it's a kind of ironic twist of fate in many ways people become what they fight and that's what socialism has engendered so very good points I can tell you firsthand experience that YouTube is techno fascist I think the new word the new phrase is techno fascism so the technology tools with censor with censorship algorithms they don't even need that many human beings to do it anymore because they can have computer programmers from the bosses up ahead the bosses up ahead have certain political views like hey we're not we're gonna make sure these candidates in the next election don't get buzzed on social media and they could basically make it now on Twitter there's all these different types of censorship filters where you don't see their posts I mean you don't see your tweets hardly anyone sees your tweets even people who follow you so if you have a large Twitter following and you put out tweets people might not even see them but the propaganda Jose has gotten so crazy I sent you this I think it was earlier this year much earlier this year there's a piece of propaganda I think was a United Kingdom Socialist Party put out and they were trying to claim that Venezuela and North Korea are state capitalism that that those two countries are failures of capitalism that socialism doesn't deserve any blame they literally put out like a propaganda chart and I think it had over 10,000 retweets or something yeah that's just the sad state of affairs we're in it's infected a lot of the political discussion and cultural discussion in the West I think it's like it's much more in Europe because Europe since World War two has definitely embraced social democracy and socialist light types of economic organization so they're much more customed to this and they're spreading these types of tropes and memes without any repercussions because it's very much in vogue with corporate elites and that's actually probably one of the more ingenious moves that a lot of leftists have made over the past 30 to 40 years instead of trying to always fight against the corporate elites they merge together and essentially convince them and it's a move that could pay dividends for them because these corporations are the lifeblood of a lot of the tech economy and also for a lot of businesses like bio social media presence you're practically non-existent these days so they exercise a lot of leverage and to comment on your point about YouTube it's actually interesting because I do some site work in some of the fitness and dieting niches and I've talked to a lot of YouTube creators that are now focusing more stuff on email marketing and back-end marketing because the YouTube algorithms and D monetization and the 2017 ad pocalypse has changed the whole game for many content creators that hold controversial views and stuff like that some have had to like essentially either scale back the frequency of their content or sometimes exit the whole platform and focus on their actual business itself so it's starting to hit all sectors of the economy and it's a sad state of affairs that we live in because um a lot of these companies they offer like legitimate services voluntary services on the market unfortunately our society is has become too politicized and it's created a negative feedback loop with our politics and culture so do you think then that do you think what's the free market solution then to these big tech companies because it seems there's there's Republicans actually like Pro Trump people actually calling for these companies to be regulated like utilities as someone who's libertarian and free-market I don't want to see that but I also acknowledge that what these big technology companies are doing is not really something that should happen in a free market because there's no competition they have patents on all these and they have such enormous resources that they can literally buy up all the competition or by lobbyists to protect them yeah I believe the concerns a lot of these right-wingers um have are actually valid and in fact I think to scoff at them like some libertarian organizations have done is not a good look and frankly like we live in a I think as Robert Higgs said it best we live like in a participatory fascist economy which has a side of capitalism but there's like an underlying structure of government intervention and extortion in the background that most people don't see and I think that if you have the government step in to regulate these companies um I think it will create a whole set of unintended consequences and frankly I just can't envision somebody like Gavin McInnes or Alex Jones winning like a court settlement and some type of regulatory dispute of like fair use in the future up against a government or something like that I feel or a company for that matter because I feel like um the the state and a culture surrounding the state it's just really anti dissent when it comes to the globalism where it's national debates or authoritarianism versus libertarianism debates I think that we have to look at culture and that's why it's important that we as like libertarians we set the tone that yes these companies do have the right to disassociate and pick and choose who they do business with but as consumers we also have the right to criticize publicly humiliate them and if we have the know-how build our own platforms and there are platforms being built but it's not um an easy process by any means um that's why I like the typical response of go build it yourself um it's kind of shallow and while technically correct um it's difficult and these companies do enjoy really powerful networked effects so it is going to be difficult to pry people off but I think like I said you have to change the culture and then we also have to mount political movements that can ultimately repeal a lot of the government privileges these companies have and start changing the conversation definitely not an easy topic to handle though yeah I think one of the main problems and one of the reasons why they're so protected is their patents so they they basically buy all this intellectual property either they develop it themselves or they buy it and then it's really hard to compete and then you have competing companies in the example of YouTube you have a company like bitch shoot which is starting to gain some traction and then all of a sudden and I think probably Google or alphabet or YouTube or don't be evil whatever the hell you want to call them they went to their friends cuz in Silicon Valley it runs pretty close they went to their friends at PayPal and they got bitch shoots payment processing blocked by PayPal so I mean like your example here bitch shoots trying to compete and help the people out who have been censored and demonetised or deep platformed or you know all these different things that bad that can happen to you and you have these tech companies you know in cahoots with each other that this is not really free market forces it's not it's very political and it might not be directly political but it's stuff the politics is there um you've seen like the politicization of people's mindsets and culture and um yeah culture and politics definitely feed off of each other um my only concern is that that if more state intervention emerges I think it's just gonna create a whole set of problems I do think that there needs to be a debate on these policies like these companies need to be transparent they need to be called out they should never be praised I've seen some so-called free market organizations actually praised the removal of alex jones which i think is nuts because alex jones say what you want about him he's gotten a lot of people over into Liberty fold and this um the coordinated censorship of his was a pretty worrisome event and I think that as time goes on there will probably emerge something it might not be bitch shoot but that could give these companies a run for their money because I think there is a breaking point where you mix politics too much in business I think that um the human story is one of innovation and creativity and I am somewhat optimistic in the long term that there could be an alternative but in this mid to short term I believe that we need to just start changing the culture and start telling people like this is what's going on here this is a politicized industry that is using a lot of collusion between politically connected actors and other corporations to shut out dissent amen and you know the people the either pro-trump people or Republicans or even some libertarians who are saying you know great job Twitter and Google and Facebook you know coordinated effort with the email company the payment processors getting rid of Alex Jones they're they're stupidly and incorrectly thinking that it's going to stop just at Alex Jones it's not going to stop at just Alex Jones yes that's correct they're gonna go after more people it's um it's a boiling frog effect because that's actually I'd say it's a microcosm of what goes down politically um I think that's one of the geniuses of like the Western collectivist model they've learned for the Soviet Union from North Korea and so if you boil the Frog too quick it'll just jump out but with you slowly condition the populace and – um into believing that like this stuff is acceptable at first you start out with the fringe people you go with Alex Jones then or like Milo then you move on to like guys like Gavin McInnes and then you move on to insert ex conservative or libertarian figure um it's a it's a gradualist process and frankly say what you want politics functions on these days as a slippery slope the interventionist models that means has been talking about for um for decades his stuff is coming into reality he was ahead of the curve and predicting it um you're seeing it in the culture already within the corporate culture and I like to tell people that if you see what's um if if people in the boardroom are getting down with socialist causes it's coming to your legislature soon it's not just gonna be confined to the private sector and and it's actually starting at a younger age so I don't know how much you've researched about about this Jose but I've been researching this for the last few years now so like the Fabian socialist Antonio Gramsci they were the ones who are saying we have to start the brainwashing we have to take control of government schools we have to get control of the media we have to get our message across that you know capitalism is bad profits are bad you know we have to divide and conquer people through like race class age gender you know all these different things and if you look this is I was surprised to learn this I researched this a couple years ago that like a lot of the goals of the United States Communist Party from like the 1950s they've already been accomplished yes this is a really interesting point you raise Jason that a lot of these trends have been imprints for a while um I think that whenever you see a lot of the novice political activists and commentators that are just getting their feet wet get caught off-guard by these developments I tell them that it um to really hit the books hard read like they would screen read stuff by like Anthony Sutton Tom woods the the communists themselves to understand that the stuff has been going on for a long time and it's now it's starting to just manifests itself because it's picked up enough cultural momentum it's part of their plan a lot of um these socialist groups they studied the failures of their ideologies they recognize aids that they um they want what they want is control so they have to like get like kind of um tricky and creative with the methods they use but the cultural Marxist method has generally worked pretty well because you you see a lot of people engaging and all these debates about white privilege gender privilege and the corporations have bought it hook line and sinker and it's pretty scary because they're they're achieving a lot that even the old communist couldn't do and yeah it's just like it's the same system but with different cosmetics and strategies but I think the end game is always going to result in some type of oligarchical collectivist system of the politically haves and the politically suppressed have-nots so let's transition now Jose to Venezuela so I've listened to your interviews from Tom woods and I think an important point that our listeners might not be aware of that you that you demonstrated a lot in your interviews is that you go shabbos Maduro this is just like the end game of all the corruption of all you know the full takeover of government and socialism not only has there been enormous amounts of reduced redistribution of wealth in Venezuela especially to like the cronies the theft there's also been you know stealing of the means of production – with the oil company and other things so when did all this start then in Venezuela the Venezuelan process is really a story of decades in the making well Venezuela historically has been a very impoverished country until it discovered oil in the mid nineteen teens and from that point on up until the 1960s Venezuela became like one of the most prosperous countries in the region and also in the world as well it was ranked the top ten but in the same time period you saw like the worldwide growth of socialism and these ideas started to gain a lot of traction in Venezuela as well and 1958 was a rather important year in Venezuela because um that was when the country reverted back to democracy were they toppled a Milotic military dictator by the name of Marcos pérez jiménez and the leaders of this resistance movement were actually a lot of Social Democrats some of them even ex-communists that kind of saw the errors of their ways but they still believed kind of like in the same ends of communism they just want to tweak the means so from 1958 until 1998 Venezuela started to Julie become more interventionist in its economic policy the 1970s were a turning point because that's when the Venezuelan government nationalized its oil in the stream and now the government had it on its own like piggy bank that it could use for petroleum revenues to buy off voters through welfare programs inefficient infrastructure programs and just engage in a lot of redistribution is politics and one thing that actually made Bennis well a rather exceptional compared to a lot of oil countries before its oil nationalization was that it was a laggard when it came to the oil nationalization most countries started nationalizing their oil in the 1920's 1930's 1940s – well it took Venezuela until like the 1970s but once the oil was nationalized the Venezuelan government is dialed up the interventionism like no other in national eyes other industries like the iron industry it started subsidizing corporations um actually the Venezuelan government also bought a majority stake in Venezuela's central bank and essentially politicized it and um one fun fact that a lot of Venice a lot of people don't know about Venezuela is that it hasn't had single digit inflation since I believe 1983 so Venezuelan Millennials have never seen an inflation rate of less than 10% so the country was starting to get in bad shape in the 1980s and it was debt ridden big spending across the board it was starting to become very anti-competitive of the global market and you had one president ironically the Carlos unrest Pettis the guy who nationalized the industry who came back into the scene in the early 90s had tried to regulate the Venezuelan economy with the help of the IMF he got some decent measures in like tariff reductions some subsidy cuts here and there but he never addressed any underlying problems like the central bank for example they never tamed inflation or they even really try to genuinely privatize um the state-owned oil industry and also his party which was a social democrat party hated his reforms and they played a very big role in ultimately impeaching him in 1993 but in this time period is when an upstart lieutenant-colonel by the name of Hugo Chavez became very prominent and just started to build a movement against the this entire system he launched two failed coos and ninety-two that ultimately got him jailed but he eventually got pardoned in 95 and from that point forward the entire Venezuelan political system was I can't rambles the bipartisan system of 1958 to 1998 lost pretty much all credibility and around that time is when my family actually moved to the States we moved right before things really got heated when Chun who go Chavez came into power because we saw the tea leaves there there was already – coos was already inflation I was going up to 50% on an on certain years and the Venezuelan populace was getting slowly getting poorer one fun fact that a lot of people don't realize was that the average Venezuelan in 1998 the year venit um hugo chavez got elected was poorer than the average Venezuelan in 1958 on a per capita GDP basis so Hugo Chavez had a very easy target to attack throughout his campaign like his campaigning was already done for him your country was poor because of your like policies but tragically he doubled down and introduced very tyrannical element to his administration that took Venezuela even further down the road to serfdom yeah my family actually escaped the Soviet well before the Soviet Union we saw the tea leaves too before the Bolshevik Revolution so we got out of Russia and the Ukraine before the Bolshevik Revolution yes a lot of these stories um have a lot of commonalities in that you see it repeating opener over again unfortunately history departments don't talk about this they gloss over it and um I actually think Venezuela proves a lot of um Mises theories when he was talking about how the Wes gradualist adopt um adoption of um baby and South socialism will ultimately die out um and kill the system altogether because by Comanche these interventions accumulate a lot of capital is destroyed and and there comes a point where certain generations just wake up more capitally impoverished further down the line I actually think Venezuela proves a lot of Mises theories and warnings to a team well I hope I'm wrong about this but unfortunately Jose here in the United States and Western Europe and the United Kingdom it looks like things are gonna get worse before they get better because there's a lot of people unfortunately that are blaming capitalism for everything bad in society right now I hear it all the time I even hear it on dating apps I hear women tell me lecture me that oh you're in business oh you're in finance Oh capitalism is the root of all evil capitalism was is what's causing all the problems in society I mean I hear this repeated verbatim meanwhile Jose a lot of people even people with two or three degrees they can't even give you a definition of what capitalism is a proper one yeah that's the state of affairs in any publicly run institution or private university that's been infected by socialist culture and politics it's uh it's very concerning for the West I think because um the West was separated from the rest of like civilization the rest of like Eastern civilization and other more backwards cultures is the fact that it respects property rights a respects the idea of free enterprise the rule of law and like meritocracy but now that's all going down the drain thanks to music indoctrination and also free and also free speech to us yeah because you know in you can talk more about this in me but I've read cases where there's a political leader in Venezuela gaining power right that's rising up against you go Shabbos or Maduro and you know a couple months later the guy disappears you know they never find his body or something and you know free speech is a staple that so not only do you have private property rights a rule of law freedom of speech you know Second Amendment those things are all like the cornerstone the main amendments and so those things are being they're not only needed immediately but it's getting to the point where they've brainwashed enough people now where people are saying oh we don't need free speech anymore because if you disagree with me it's hate speech yes the the free speech assaults are very concerning and hate speech is definitely the Trojan horse that a lot of um a lot of socialists and not just them they have plenty of support from across the political spectrum with like useful idiots both on the right and the left that play into their hands that's why I think it's very dangerous when people use the word hate speech it's such an ambiguous term and very malleable and can be used against anyone that dares to like dissent against what the globalist culture that were rapidly approaching towards um and it's a it's definitely a cornerstone of Western civilization because if you can't voice your opinion um freely you're essentially defenseless and ideas and words can topple governments and would-be authoritarians recognize that so they not only just take your guns they try to muzzle you as well exactly I mean Venezuela is a disaster at this point there's long lines to get out of the country you have what Brazil and Colombia now defending the borders right because they can't let any more Venezuelans in yes that's correct um it's one of the biggest exodus in recent memory and it's can only continue to to grow but I think that Venezuela is a very important case that we make that this is like the appendices a poster child of socialist failure so I think we have to really be careful um in that we we always have to put out the best arguments and be ready to defend things even if it's unpopular or not because once we give up too much ground it's game over and Venezuela is the one case that I have I've worked on to educate people on the fact that like this is what happens when you let like intervention ISM go wild people can like downplay it say oh its culture it's so-and-so oil prices commodity prices drop but it's more than just that it's bad ideas that are put into political practice yeah revision television for listeners or subscribers there has a couple documentaries on in Venezuela recently in the last like six to eight months and Venezuela should be a rich country Jose they have really good agriculture they have good weather they should have good tourism they have mining there if they allow a foreign private sector investment they have oil and gas they have the ability here to have they used to have like really good infrastructure in a well-educated population the there used to be a lot of very talented Venezuelan oil workers there but from what I've heard my contacts a lot of them went to Colombia came here in the to the United States yes there's a lot of talent in Venezuela on Colombia Panama United States Spain you also have a good deal of Venezuelans of Portuguese and Italian descent that took advantage of their grandparents citizenship to go back to those countries but the Venezuelan exodus tends to be among the most educated and skilled so a lot of the country that they go to are definitely gaining a lot in terms of human capital in the petroleum engineering and computer science sectors it's a tragedy but a lot of people just can't cope with a system where the currency is basically less than monopoly money you can't even buy basic goods and it looks more like a mad Maxine day-by-day yeah Caracas now is the murder capital of the world I saw a short video when Jeff Berwick a dollar vigilante and luke rudkowski from we are change went to Caracas and so they were literally running when they went left their hotel like their hotel was barricaded because the security guards I don't think we're allowed to have guns because guns were banned but the criminals and murderers all had weapons but the people are trying to live by the laws the rules were changing constantly they're worse wage and price controls their inflation is running rampant um you know people broke into a zoo I think to kill to eat to kill and then eat zoo animals people are murdering each other for what sacks of flour or even for dollar bills I've heard there were new stories of people routinely getting off like flying into the Krakus Airport and because people suspected they had foreign currency they were killed so it's this is that it's getting to the breaking point here but meanwhile you have you know the people in the ivory tower there you have Maduro you have Chavez's family his daughter who are super rich they bought what real estate all over the world they were smuggling money there he bought all these luxury homes in Miami I mean there's stories about this all over the internet now of their decadence yeah that's the that's the funny thing about these systems like socialism is that there's always gonna be a ruling class there's always going to be a really like privileged ironically suck of the population that takes advantage of all these laws and arbitrary regulations to enrich themselves at the expense of the entire populace and yeah the Google Chavez his daughter struck it rich by exploiting a ton of government contracts um in fact that we like stealing the wealth form through the state-owned oil because I tell a lot of Venezuelans as well that the whole purpose of keeping the oil sector away from the state is to prevent like future lunatics like say Google Chavez or his daughter from just raiding those accounts that's why you want a separation of economy and state like completely so that it makes it harder for the government to actually expropriate properties and take advantage of certain revenue streams but um yeah I like the the ivory tower people they're just living in a different world they'll they're gonna downplay it they're gonna ignore it that's what they've been taught that's the programming they've accepted and I don't expect them to really change their ways until we are able to create enough pressure from below and change the overall political discussion yeah the oil company is very close to collapsing in some of those documentaries I mentioned they were talking about how the oil subsidized for Venezuelan citizens and so that they do their strikes if there's price increases on oil but the oil so it's not at normal market prices that Americans may be familiar with for oil but it's Whelan's are paying well I think 40 cents a gallon some tiny amount but there's huge protests if they try to increase the oil price there in Venezuela to the citizens meanwhile you have the military which is allowed to do like this this corrupt manipulation arbitrage they can buy tankers of this oil they're allowed to do this like generals and other high-ranking people military and then drive a tanker of cheap oil that they got almost for free drive it across the border and sell it for a full price and you know I think they're saying to do that the government Krupp government told them to prep to try that we were discussing before about how you know one of the ways a corrupt government can protect itself is to take care of the military so if you don't take care of the military the military will do the coup right so they're trying to bribe off the military but the military is not using the money that they're stealing and arbitrage by selling the oil on the open market in other countries they're not using it to fund the military properly instead what they're doing is they're putting it the leaders the military are stealing the money for themselves and putting it in their own pocket meanwhile you have the regular military soldiers right and I think you know what part of their payment is that they're getting paid in toilet paper now it's it's insane some of the stories I've heard out of Venezuela with you know people eating rats and you know just there's tons and tons of stories it's just insane yes that's correct um historically speaking a lot of governments they will they will give certain privileged actors like say like the military bureaucrats and other people in the government retinue some certain access and benefits in order to consolidate their power it's Machiavellian politics 101 but it eventually will come to bite some of the lower figures like there's like cases even like the Venezuelan military especially like an outpost like in western Venezuela bordering Colombia where they they're practically starving and don't have like any supplies and there have been like failed mutinies that don't get really reported on but there's definitely unrest brewing there and I think that could be the straw that breaks the camel's back um in terms of like what could topple the Venezuelan government is if enough of these lower-level military officials like revolt and you against their commanders and the the government on it could possibly topple the Maduro government altogether and the mainstream media doesn't report on in the United States on this either how basically all political opposition the leaders have become you know the populist uprising of the people who are arguing against Maduro and before Shabbos how basically a lot of them were kidnapped and murdered so because a lot of American and European journalists and I'm using air quotes a lot of them are hardcore leftist a lot of them are actually some of them not a lot of them but some of them are actually like can quote marks chapter and verse they are in favor of the ideology so they actually don't report what's really going on in the ground with with people who are trying to you know counter this corrupt government you know magazine journalism is practically dead on the good news is there's a lot of alternative media that has emerged to compete with legacy outlets but I just think that traditional news media um it's just not very good when it comes to reporting these events and if they do report it they were support like the really like the shock jock type of content of like them the long lines and like the empty store shelves which is good like at least good they try to play the capitalizing yeah they try to give some really sauce interpretation of the events and that's where people like me have come in to say like look we've got to break this down it's much more than just like low oil prices or whatever buzzword is in vogue these days a corruption mismanagement or whatever I just I saw the DC premiere of the mic certain event occupant recalled hoax stefan molyneux and a bunch of other people our listeners and you would know her in there and they were talking about the mainstream media how the mainstream media like office gates and hides all the screw-ups and murders and stuff like that for socialist governments because they're in favor of them in general and they were showing the coverage from NBC News of the South Korean Olympics and NBC News like Bryant Gumbel or one of those guys was actually a lot across the border in North Korea and they showed like a Potemkin village type of ski resort and they tried to play it off showing how like look all these North Koreans are doing nicely they have a nice ski resort see how happy their it was just like does anyone actually believe this stuff who actually understands what's really going on I mean there was mainstream financial media guy I think you want a Pew lit surprise for the New York Times and he was fooled by the Russian government the Soviet government for a Potemkin village and he still kept his Pulitzer Prize yeah I believe that's Walter Durante by mistaken yep yep yep yep you got it yeah I mean it's yeah this this playbook has not changed that's the crazy part because this guy was doing that like in the 20s and late 20s and 1930s um so yeah the scripts have not changed at all like none of this is really new when you actually like study history and observe all these trends yeah certain it is great um I've been following this content for years it's been good to see him like morph into like arguably America's like fiercest gent of journalists and he's so hated by the establishment because he takes everyone to task and like the guy is like a true journalist despite not having like the background when he was like in university but we need more people like him because frankly um the legacy outlets and all of those institutions they leave a lot to be desired and many of them are just blatantly appendages of of globalist interest groups of socialist interest groups and they just do not care to report facts anymore and the hoax documentary I think will be available for everyone to see out in public I think in the next month the film was about two and half hours long it was very entertaining though very informative when I saw at last Thursday not yesterday when we're recording this on Friday December 14th but a little over a week ago and I think there's also a corresponding book with in-depth stuff because they interviewed some of the guests for many hours and they can only put some of the stuff into the film but as we close up here Jose you know your last thoughts on Venezuela so basically people are always looking for investing opportunities I know there's like hedge fund managers like suing the Venezuelan government over bonds and stuff like that we I would stay away from Venezuela we have to see what this government collapses corrupt government collapse we have to see private property rights we have to see rule of law we have to see certain things in place first before there's economic opportunity again in Venezuela right yeah that's what I that's why I believe um I'm not an I'm not well-versed in investments and in that areas but I think like for general purposes this is not a really safe country to put your money in expropriations can come anytime currencies practically worthless lot of talented workers are leaving the country there's just like a dearth of like skilled workers there and there's just so much institutional uncertainty I would stay away I would say as far away as possible if you were considering investing there yeah I'm staying away I'm watching the situation I mean it's it's just so sad and I hear so many apologists who are socialists say you know this was capitalism's fault this isn't real socialism I'm just tired of hearing this and it's repeated like 10 times a day by the same group of people yeah it's it's a tired play people were seeing that about the Soviet Union that it wasn't real socialism people said that about Cuba people said that about North Korea and now people are seeing of Venezuela it's sad but it's kind of our generation struggle to point out that this is socialism and we must fight against it because it's a evil system that wrecks people's lives destroys people's wealth and basically brings us back to our more savage ways and unfortunately a lot of Americans are so either uninformed or brainwashed nowadays that in surveys the surveys are saying especially in our generation Jose you know either kids in college or kids right out of college either Millennials or Jenner I think the new generation the younger the younger adults is Generation Z but you know that generation they prefer socialism but we have to challenge them you know not with violence or anything but we have to like well what's your definition of capitalism and we have to try to correct them because I can almost guarantee you that their preconceived notions of what they think the world is is almost entirely wrong indeed there it's becoming very clear that a lot of people live in their own worlds now due to how insulated they are because of their media overlords and the the people they follow on social media that they just get like a completely skewed perspective and it's just reinforced in the schools the general culture the politicians they follow and it becomes very ingrained and it's hard to beat because old habits die hard but through I am do you have bread and circuses a and then you have these celebrities right either in Hollywood or or music or movies television that are making millions of dollars a year right off of relatively free markets a capitalism type of system where they have the ability to choose what job they want and yet despite them making all this money and starting businesses now you know a lot of these Hollywood celebrities are are capitalists they own businesses and stuff they bash capitalism relentlessly you know they used to go some of them used to go visit Hugo Chavez so it's total double standards and total hypocrisy and unfortunately not enough people are calling them out on it it's the truth Jason it's a sad situation I am optimistic though because of a lot of technological improvements in social media that we can spread this message to encounter a lot of this disinformation it's just a matter of the lot of the messengers just constantly improving and finding ways to become more effective messengers and reach out to bigger audiences but until then we've got work to do agreed and you're doing your part man you're writing articles about like what's going on in Venezuela and keeping people informed I just saw you you got on what NRA TV with Dana Loesch so you are you're a rising star in our space thank you so if our listeners want to fall your articles want to I think you also cover important Second Amendment issues because you know this fits in with with a narrative there right eliminate free eliminate the main parts of the constitution right Second Amendment freedom of speech you know the big technology companies are invasive of our privacy all those different things so they're systematically wiping the most important parts of being an American away yep that I do cover a lot of topics especially Second Amendment for Abbey's has thought worked and as you mentioned gunpowder magazine and I've been on NRA TV the best place to reach me at though is probably Twitter at Jose El Nino um I'm also on Facebook Jose Alberto Nino um if you sent me a friend request I'll I'll accept it yeah I will be making some big announcements in the next few weeks so stay tuned if you follow me on twitter it was an absolute pleasure chatting with you Jason yeah you have a book so I don't I don't want to rush you or anything but you are working on a book write about Venezuela and some of the things that are going on and then miss some of the misperceptions that we talked about in this interview right um it's a rather tentative project I do still do some articles on Venezuela that being said I do have an e-book that will be coming out in the next month that will deal with specifically gun control but I will have some venezuela content out as well but for the time being i'm mostly focusing on domestic issues yeah i think the u.s. can still be at least saved a little bit i mean some of these some of these other countries it's it's gonna get a much much worse and they're on the brink of collapse i mean i I hope I'm wrong about this Jose but you know the cultural Marxist as you described have been so effective now for so long and things are accelerating with the violence and escalation of things that it looks like the u.s. is headed towards an ideological civil war I mean we're seeing a lot of this already boil over in Europe whether it's um you know the protests for the last month in France it wasn't just the the gas tax increases were like the last straw because people you know their costs were going up with inflation they couldn't they couldn't pay their bills a rent was being hiked they're just fed up with like the elites in power so you know it's hopefully I think the us more people can be woken up and hopefully I'm wrong and there's not an ideological civil war but it looks like that's the way things are headed yeah hopefully things turned out for the better until then we just have to keep trucking along okay great well thanks for your time and I look forward to speaking to you again in the near future likewise Jason please like this video share it with friends and family and don't forget to subscribe to The Wall Street for main street youtube channel if you have not already done so thanks for helping Wall Street for Main Street past the 20000 youtube channel subscriber milestone despite YouTube's censorship hopefully we'll be able to get to thirty thousand or even forty thousand YouTube channel subscribers quickly if YouTube doesn't shut down this channel if YouTube does shut down this channel remember to also sign up for The Wall Street for Main Street email list that's on the Wall Street for Main Street calm website and we'll tell you where the videos are going to be uploaded instead of YouTube also if you really like the content and you decide that you want to give a one-time donation you can go through the wall street for Main Street calm web site where there's different options for you to do so or you can become a patreon contributor thanks for listening and I look forward to providing my loyal listeners with some of the best information analysis and financial education available out there free or paid as I work to grow the podcast and also get my educational technology company funded

  1. Socialism attracts parasites, and parasites eventually kill the host if left untreated. Great interview, thanks alot!

  2. The sooner we have an official Socialist New World Order the better. Then it can fail. Its the only way people will truly embrace freedom. Problem is, it will take a few decades of global war, societal collapse, and a few billion dead. Hold on tight. Its gonna be a bumpy ride.

  3. You do good work here Jason…great guest/interview ….pls archive this interview….I am blown away by this content… it can and will be arkansided unless you do as advised…and that will truly be a loss….remember we have a new generation to educate….no …inculcate …..with this truth and perspective…!

  4. It's totally fucking deplorable, immoral, dumb and outright evil for a person who likes socialism to blame the US for what's happening in Venezuela and not blame Maduro or Chavez at all!

  5. I think the only thing that will really solve the problem of deplatforming is some sort of internet bill of rights. There's no free market mechanism to fix something in what isn't remotely a free market. We're looking at an oligopoly run by people engaged in authoritarian ideological circle-jerk.
    The libertarian argument of letting companies do what they want is absurd in this case. Would you argue for phone companies to have the right to collude with each-other to deny you phone service?

  6. Monarchy, aristocracy, oligarchy, fascism, socialism, communism and crony capitalism are just different ways for a small group of people to keep down a large majority. Free market capitalism is the ideal, but too many people nowadays don't understand the difference between crony capitalism and free market capitalism. Libertarians don't understand that they need to join together and support policies that safeguard individual liberty, free speech and limit the power of government and big corporations. New media and getting control of the primary elections is the way to get change in government.

  7. “Citing Cicero's De officiis as an exemplary text, he [Mises] identifies the contempt for moneymaking deeply ingrained in western culture as the source of the hostility towards capitalists, trade, and speculation which today dominates our whole public life, politics, and the written word.’” (Source Forgotten).
    The Chinese, by contrast, love money making, despite their Communist overlords.

  8. The only way it can go full socialist is to disarm the populace. This will cause a massive civil war. My guess would be the side with guns wins the civil war. The cops could try to confiscate guns, but their numbers would diminish very quickly.

  9. It's good to hear Wall Street for Main Street interviewing someone whom is not strictly a financial 'expert', but a person who can speak to social, cultural, and political issues that effect all of us, regardless of financial acuity.

  10. Jason if the government was not balls deep in the business these zombie companies would not be near what they are. I love watching you slowly accept austrian economics in real time. Eventually if you go far enough you end up like me Anarcho Capitalist. 🙂

  11. When you got thousands in the political top that are the biggest free loaders of society, it just encourages others to get what they can get and go for the ride. We lock the petty theifs up and vote the big ones in office. Yes its a moral situation and so many thrives n liars, Evan in many churches across the country where socialism is breed n taught. Where many who are so blind and claim to be in truth are deceived.

  12. As more automation is implemented the value of human labor will become less valuable. More people will migrate to socialism as they see their standard of living go down. Read that in capital

  13. A very well spoken guest. Socialism is very attractive to people who depend on the state, which is an incentive for the state to create more dependent voters. Hence open borders.

  14. If anyone wants an updated perspective on Socialism from a MIT American Economist Google Richard Wolff. He is on YouTube weekly and he is brilliant

  15. “The teacher reminded us that Rome's liberties were not auctioned off in a day, but were bought slowly, gradually, furtively, little by little; first with a little corn and oil for the exceedingly poor and wretched, later with corn and oil for voters who were not quite so poor, later still with corn and oil for pretty much every man that had a vote to sell — exactly our own history over again.” —- Mark Twain

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