Jordan Peterson: Why society is in disarray and fiction like Harry Potter is enormously popular

these stories they come up everywhere there's no avoiding them and it's because they're true but they're not true like scientific truths there are different there are behavioral truth if our a pragmatic truth or a dramatic truth and part of the reason that our society is so damn unstable now and part of the reason all this weird chaos is emerging this is a consequence of Nietzsche's observation back from the late 1800s about the death of God we blew the metaphysical foundations out from underneath our culture and the whole thing is shaking and twisting and it's it's vacillating between the horrors of the extreme right and the horrors of the extreme left it's been doing that for a hundred and forty years and we're in the throes of that again we blew the metaphysical foundations out from underneath our culture and we need to get them back part of the reason that people are so obsessed by things like The Avengers movies and the superheroes and Harry Potter and all of that is because and Star Trek and Star Wars is because our our collective imagination is trying to regroup at the level of drama and reformulate our fundamental metaphysics

  1. Another popular fantasy story (other than Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter) seems to arise in the literary world that draws on the idea of Chaos and Order like no other story has done before: the Vivian Amberville book series. (google Vivian Amberville – The Weaver of Odds by Louise Blackwick).

    Vivian Amberville follows the story of an orphaned girl whose imagination holds the power to "reshape the fabric of reality". What's interesting about this story is that Vivian's ability to manifest her thoughts into things (to Weave into the fabric of reality) is moulded very much by Chaos and Imagination, which make her a rather conflicted hero. Chaos and Order exist within her, and she is very much possessed by the Jungian "Shadow".

    I think professor Jordan Peterson could draw numerous maps of meaning from this fantasy story.

  2. What he’s trying to say is people are replacing god with these entertainment franchises. We all desire for a god. Without one dominantly accepted in our society we turn to the avengers and Star Wars instead. Damn Disney.

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