Jordan Peterson: IQ, Race & The “Jewish Question”

For decades ethnic groups have on average scored significantly differently on IQ tests According to psychology professor Richard hare whom you interviewed on your channel YouTube There is no scientific consensus on the causes of these average differences in IQ test scores yet according to hair Psychologists do generally agree that general intelligence exists that IQ measures it well and in a non culturally biased way That IQ is highly predictive of success in educational and professional terms and that for decades Ethnic groups have on average scored significantly differently so assuming this is true should we talk about it? Sam Harris raised this question in a podcast conversation with Charles Murray Some argue that we should not talk about this as doing so could fuel the racial supremacist movements that you mentioned with potentially horrific consequences Others mainly on the intellectual dark web and to a very limited extent in academia think we should talk about this topic because average differences in IQ scores have existed for decades They may have played a role in generating the disparate educational and professional outcomes that we observe and care about and Thus that we cannot properly analyze these disparate outcomes unless we do talk about this subject openly Geneticist David Reich recently argued in the New York Times that if scientists. Do not openly discuss the biological basis of race pseudo scientists could fill the vacuum with dangerous consequences Furthermore you professor Peterson are highly critical of the oppression narrative that permeates segments of the Academy and activists left and Knowledge about average differences in IQ scores between ethnic groups while tough to assimilate could puncture this narrative So the question is what is your view on all that I’ve just said Jesus you guys already did take a long time to prepare these questions didn’t All right, so When I went to Harvard I came from McGill and I had spent a lot of time with my Advisor there and a research team that he had Trying to understand the genesis of antisocial behavior and I’m among adolescents mostly, so well as kids as well Antisocial behavior is very persistent, so if you have a child whose conduct disordered at the age of four the probability that they will be criminal at the age of 15 or 20 is extremely high, it’s Unbelievably stable it’s a very dismal literature because you see these early onset aggressive kids and And it’s persistent, and then you look at the intervention literature And you throw up your hands because no interventions work and believe me Psychologists have tried everything you could possibly imagine and a bunch of things that you can’t in order to ameliorate that So we’re really interested in trying to understand for example if you’re antisocial by the age of four then there isn’t an intervention that seems to be effective so and The standard penological theory is really quite Horrifying in this regard because what you see is that male aggression Peaks around the age of 15 and then it declines fairly precipitously and and and sort of Normalizes again by the age of 27 and standard penological Theory essentially is this cold-hearted It’s like if you have a multi if you have someone who’s a multiple offender you just throw them in prison till they’re 27 Then they age out of it, and that’s all there is to it. That’s that’s what we’ve got now There’s some downside to that because there’s a corollary literature that suggests that the worst thing that you can do with antisocial people is to Group them together, which is what we do in prisons so so that’s a whole mess anyways One of the things we were doing was trying to see if there might be cognitive predictors of antisocial behavior And so we used this battery of neuropsychological tests that was put together at the Montreal Neurological Institute Took about 11 hours to administer And hypothetically assess prefrontal cortical function and we computerized that reduced it to about 90 mm. And then assess antisocial Adolescents in in Montreal and found out that they did show deficits in problem-solving ability that we associated with with prefrontal ability When I got to Harvard I thought well, that’s interesting We could use the neuro psych battery to predict negative behavior perhaps we could use it to predict positive behavior, so I thought well what if we turned the neuro psych battery and Over and thought well can we predict grades for example because you know that’s a decent thing to predict so we ran a study we ran a study that looked at Harvard kids University of Toronto kids line workers at a Milwaukee Factory and Managers and executives at the same Factory and what we found was that the average score across these neuropsychological tests They were kind of like games they were game-like you know so in one in one test you had there were five lights in the middle of the screen and a box was associated with each light And you had to learn by trial and error which box was associated with with each light. That was one of the tests so we Took people’s average score across the test because they seemed to clump together into a single Structure you can do it You can find that out statistically if you take a bunch of tests you can find out how they clump together Statistically by looking at their patterns of correlations, and you might get multiple clumps Which is what happens with personality research where you get five or you might get a singular clump? which is what happens in cognitive research, and we got a single clump essentially, and then we were trying to figure out if at the same time I was reading the literature on performance prediction and There’s an extensive literature on performance prediction a lot of it generated by the Armed Forces by the way Indicating that IQ is a very good predictor of long-term life success And so here’s that here’s the general rule if your job is simple Which means you do the same thing every day, then IQ predicts how fast you’ll learn the job But not how well you you do it, but if your job is complex? Which means that the demands change on an ongoing basis? Then the best predictor of success is general cognitive ability? And I learned that the general cognitive ability test clumped together into a single factor That’s fluid intelligence or IQ and then we didn’t know if the factor that we had found was the same factor as IQ And it and we still haven’t really figured out whether or not that was the case because it kind of depends on how you do The analysis, but anyways I I got deeply into the performance prediction literature And I found oh well if you wanted to predict people’s performance in life there’s There’s a couple of things you need to know you need to know their general cognitive ability if they’re going to do a complex job You need to know their trait conscientiousness some of you might have heard that Rebranded as grit in a very corrupt act by the way Because it’s a good predictor of long-term life success Freedom from negative emotion low neuroticism is another predictor but it’s sort of third on the hierarchy and then Openness to experience which is a personality trait is associated with with expertise in creative domains? The evidence that now I should tell you there’s such a complicated question I should tell you how to make an IQ test is actually really easy and you need to know this to actually understand what IQ is so imagine that you generated a set of 10,000 questions Okay about anything it could be math problems. They could be general knowledge. They could be vocabulary. They could be multiple choice It really doesn’t matter what they’re about as long as they require abstraction to solve so they’d be formulated Linguistically, but mathematically would also apply And then you have those 10,000 questions now you take a random set of a hundred of those questions and You’ve give them to a thousand people and all you do is sum up the answers right from So some people are gonna get most of them right and some some of them are gonna get most of them wrong you just rank Order the people in terms of their score Correct that for age, and you have IQ that’s all there is to it and what you’ll find Is that no matter which random set of a hundred? questions you take The people at the top of one random set will be at the top of all the others and in with very very very high Consistency so one thing you need to know is that if any social science claims Whatsoever are correct? Then the IQ claims are correct Because the IQ claims are more psychometrically rigorous than any other Phenomena phenomenon that’s been discovered by social scientists now the IQ literature is a dismal literature No one likes it Here’s why here’s an example So here’s our little here’s a fun little fact for you for liberals and conservatives alike cuz conservatives think there’s a job for everyone if people just get off their asses and get to work and Liberals think while you can train anyone to do anything it’s like no There isn’t a job for everyone and no you can’t train everyone to do everything That’s wrong And here’s one of the consequences of that So as I mentioned the Armed Forces has done a lot of work on IQ and they started back in 1919 and the reason they did that was because well for obvious reasons say let’s say there’s a war and you Want to get qualified people into the officer positions as rapidly as possible, or you’ll lose So that’s a reason And now the Armed Forces has experimented with IQ test since 1919 and in the last 20 years A law was passed as a consequence of that analysis Which was that it was illegal to induct anyone into the Armed Forces who had an IQ of less than 83 Now the question is why and the answer was all of that effort put in by the armed forces Indicated that if you had an IQ of 83 or less there wasn’t anything that you could be trained to do in the military that Wasn’t positively counterproductive? Now you got to think about that a because the military is chronically desperate for people right there It’s not like they’re it’s not like people are lining up to be inducted right they have to go out and recruit And it’s not easy and so they’re desperate to get their hands on every body they can possibly manage and then especially in wartime but also in peacetime But then there was another reason to which was the Armed Forces was also set up from a policy perspective to take people in the underclass let’s say and Train them and move them up at least into the working class or maybe the middle class so there’s a policy element to it Too and so even from that perspective you could see that the military is desperate to bring people in But well with an IQ of 83 or less it’s not happening okay So how many people have an IQ of 83 or less? 10% Now if that doesn’t If that doesn’t hurt you to here Then you didn’t hear it properly because what it implies is that in a complex society like ours and one that’s becoming increasingly Complex there isn’t anything for 10% of the population to do All right, well. What are we gonna? Do we’re gonna ignore that we’re gonna run away from that and believe me We have every reason to or we’re gonna contend with the fact that we need to figure out how it is How it is how it might be possible to? Find a place for people on the lower. End of the general cognitive distribution to take their productive and and worthwhile place in society and that isn’t just gonna be a matter of dumping money down the hierarchy because Giving people who have nothing to do money. Isn’t helpful. It doesn’t work. It’s not that simple Well, so that’s kind of an answer to the question of whether or not we should deal with the with IQ forthrightly it’s like If you can find a flaw in that logic like just go right ahead It’s not like I was thrilled to death to discover all of this by nose by no stretch of the imagination was that the case so So what so IQ is? Reliable invalid that’s the first thing It’s more reliable and valid than any other psychometric test ever designed by social scientists by a factor of about three That’s fact number one fact number two is it predicts long term life outcome at about 0.3. 0.4, which leaves about 85 percent 70 to 85 percent of the story unexplained, but it’s still the best thing that we have Well, it’s also the case that in places like Great Britain When IQ tests were first introduced they were actually used by the Socialists, and they were used to identify poor people who had potential cognitive potential and to move them into higher Institutes of higher education so there’s an upside you know a social upside as well Ethnic differences This is something you can’t say anything about without without immediately being killed So I’m hesitant to broach the topic, but I’ll tell you one thing that I did in the last week That’s relevant to this So though and this just shows you how? Complex the problem is first of all we should point out that race is a very difficult thing to define because racial boundaries aren’t tight Right so and so when you talk about racial differences in IQ you you’re faced with the thorny problem of defining race And that’s a big problem from a scientific perspective, but we’ll leave that aside, and I wrote an article this week Somebody stood up at one point one of my talks and veiss bless their hearts took this particular Question and used it as an indication of the quality of the people who are my so-called followers And by the way the quality of my so-called followers is pretty damn high and you can find that out Quite rapidly just by going looking at the YouTube comments Which are head and shoulders above what the standards said of YouTube comments, I can tell you that so someone asked me they’re both the Jewish Question right and the the Implication it was actually someone Jewish and the implication was that Jews are over-represented in positions of authority and power and And I was had just spoken for like an hour and a half And you know this guy had an axe to grind and I thought there’s no goddamn way I’m getting into this at the moment, and so I said I said I can’t answer that question But that’s not a very good answer, so I wrote a blog post this week And I said look here’s the here’s the situation all right? Jews are over-represented in positions of power and authority But then let’s open her eyes a little bit and think for like two or three seconds and think hey guess what they’re also over-represented in positions of competence And it’s not like we have more Geniuses than we know what to do with and if the Jews happen to be producing more of them Which they are by the way then that’s a pretty good thing for the rest of us? So let’s not confuse competence with power and authority even though That’s a favorite trick of the radical leftist who always fail to make that distinction well Why does this over-representation curr because it does it also? There’s also over representation in political movements including radical political movements Okay, why well answer one Jewish conspiracy? Okay, that’s not a very good answer. We’ve had. We’ve used that answer before Alright, but but do we have an alternative well here’s an alternative? The average Ashkenazi IQ is somewhere between 110 and 150 which is about one standard deviation Above the population average and so what that means is that the average? Ashkenazi European Jew has an IQ that’s higher than 85% of the population 10% of the American population have an IQ of 83 or less. How can they find their place in society? That’s a lot higher now that doesn’t make that much difference in the middle of the distribution Okay, but geniuses don’t exist at the middle of the distribution they exist at the tails of the distribution And you don’t need much of a move at the mean to produce Walloping differences at the tails and the tails are important because a lot of where we draw we draw exceptional people from the exceptions right so here’s an example of the same thing most engineers are male Why? Because men are more interested in things and women are more interested in people and you might say well. That’s Socio-cultural, it’s like no It’s not and we know that because if you stack up countries by their by their egalitarian social policies, which you can do quite effectively and then you look at the over-representation of men in STEM fields the over-representation Increases as the countries become more egalitarian So it’s not Socio-cultural okay now men aren’t that much more interested in things than women It’s one standard deviation which is about the same difference by the way between the population norm and the Ashkenazi Jews? But if you’re looking at the person the one person in 20 or the one person in 50 who’s most who’s hyper Interested in things and that’s likely to become an engineer Then most of them are men. Here’s another example of the same thing Men are more aggressive than women Now you might ask how much An answer that is best place to look at that is in Sweden where the Galit Aryan policies have been laid out for a long period of time and you can you can get a more direct inference about biology if You took a random man in a random woman out of the population and you Had to bet on who was more aggressive and you bet on the man You’d be right 60% of the time so that’s not that much right. It’s it’s deviates from 50/50, but it’s not like ninety ten It’s 60/40 okay So so what does that mean well we got a tail problem here again? Let’s say that now you decide to go out on to the extremes of aggression and you identify the most aggressive one in a hundred persons They’re all men Guess who’s in prison? Those people that’s why most of the people in prison are men, and so this is elementary Part of the problem in our society is that we don’t understand statistics. We don’t understand that you can have relatively small differences at the population level that produce walloping consequences at the tails of the distribution Okay, so back to IQ One final thing to say about IQ the ethnic differences are difficult to dispense with It’s not easy to make them go away. You can say well the tests aren’t culture fair well Here’s the test of that so imagine you you test Group A with an IQ test and you test Group B with an IQ test and then you look at their actual performance in whatever you’re predicting if The test was biased against ethnic group a then it would under predict their performance and that doesn’t happen Now you could say well. There’s systemic bias in the performance measures and the potential measures, and that’s a possibility All right Now one other thing about that There’s a real danger in the ethnicity IQ debate and the the danger is that we confuse intelligence with value or that we include we we confused intelligence with yeah with human value that’s a better way of thinking about it and One of the things that we’re going to have to understand here is that that’s a mistake is that? Being more intelligent doesn’t make you a better person That’s not the case it makes me you more useful for complex cognitive operations But you can be pretty damn horrific as a genius son of a bitch, right It’s morally neutral and we also know that from the psychometric data By the way there doesn’t seem to be any relationship whatsoever between intelligence and virtue and so if it does turn out that Nature and the fates do not align with our egalitarian presuppositions Which is highly probable? We shouldn’t therefore make the mistake of assuming that if Group a or person a is lower on one of these attributes than group B, or person B that That is somehow reflective of their intrinsic value as human beings. That’s a big mistake Now that’s I don’t have anything else to say about that

  1. Can I ask a very neutral question. Does anyone know of a scientific article/paper that indicates race as being a principle component in predicting IQ? I would like to read it, but cannot find one.

  2. I thought he said"Loner eroticism" I pictured myself masturbating alone all the time. I thought this was the technical term for it.

  3. The least intelligent ten percent of Whites have IQs below 80; forty percent of Blacks have IQs that low. Furthermore, only one-in-3.5 million (.00003%) African Blacks have an IQ of 140 or higher (genius level). But one-in-83 (1.2%) U.S. Whites has this level IQ.

  4. At 18:42 Peterson says ' part of the problem in our society is that we don't understand statistics'. In fact, the Left understands them very well and does not hesitate to misuse them and convert them into campaigns of abuse aimed at terminating the careers of anyone who will not conform to their requirement that only what they want to discuss is made public.

  5. If I were the one responsible for creating an IQ test African American females would likely be the high achievers.

  6. Impressive! and Inspiring! My thing is Parenting Advice, very much along similar lines as Jordon, 😀 Hence my originating comment! My thoughts on your phase "Human intelligence does not equate to Human Value" I believe Human value can be measured via Emotional Intelligence and Emotional quota, I am also under the assumption that both can be dramatically influenced, as can IQ through the early developmental ages, especially the pre 4 years. It would be highly beneficial to me, if anyone could give their thoughts.

  7. The problem with IQ tests is that they too often measure very specific learned skills. This is a problem because a) measuring specific things means many other parts of intelligence aren't captured, and b) measuring skills which are learned, means you're actually measuring education, not raw intelligence.

    Peterson tries to claim that if an intelligent person scores high in one skill, they'll score high in all the others. This often isn't true. Almost everyone has strengths and weaknesses, so how well a person scores often comes down to how aligned their strengths are with the test in question. Since current testing methods cannot capture many aspects of intelligence (e.g. creativity), they really cannot claim to be a good gauge of overall intelligence.

    In short, IQ tests are good at measuring people who are good at doing IQ tests. Nothing more.

  8. My parents gave me all the matchbox cars/tanks they could find because I could explain all the parts it was like a party trick; I would sit alone and play with them forever recreating war and police chases

  9. Jordan is right on with his knowledge and conclusions on IQ in Copley societies well as the other success factors he mentioned as traits

  10. Jordan is right on with his knowledge and conclusions on IQ in complex societies as well as the other traits he described as success factors

  11. Here are the average IQ facts by race:

    Africans: 75
    American blacks: 85
    American Whites: 95-100
    Japanese, Koreans: 110
    European Jews: 115.

  12. But more importantly, the nexus between intelligence and virtue was examined long ago by the 18th century English Philosopher Shaftsbury. He asserted that there was such a thing as 'moral intelligence' the ability to do the right thing, or at least avoid the wrong ones. We have all porbably encountered people who way below the 'age of majoirty' who were none the less people who could avoid doing the wrong thing. It is this 'moral intelligence' that Shaftsbury posted as the badis for equality fo law among all members of society.

  13. Does quality of life roughly correlate with group performance on IQ tests? Of course it does. The key word is 'roughly'. You can cherry pick data to find all kinds of specific outlying points. Do Japanese and Koreans score the highest on the tests. Usually, yes. Do many Japanese and Koreans believe the idiocy that blood type determines personality? Yes, they do. Do Nigerians believe that? No. What does that indicate? Almost nothing. Japan and Korea support a high standard of living for their people AND they are also the smartest. Does that indicate something? Yes, it does. Tossing some ill defined concept like 'human value' into the mix does nothing but obscure the issue.

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  15. Thyree cook ,but there's been a very deep and careful study of black races and white races , constantly monitored and observed for some decades ! By some extremely intelligent men who do not have an evil agenda nor a corrupt motive ? now these men have come up with the fact that the black race in general has a lower than average IQ than the white races , that and the fact that the black races have far more testosterone than IQ ,we only have to observe the African and Pakistani races and we see they come into other countries and rape our young white girls , and both destroy those countries that are tolerant and welcoming , abusing the people in said countries and with no conscience ,well animals which are lower than humans in the brain department ,being unreasonable ,these blacks are no different ,and there may be geniuses ,but mostly among whites ,the back man has never built empires ,discovered things ,created things ,the white man has ,and the blacks destroy it all ,fact ! ,black man is very destructive and violent ,he cannot control his temper ,jealousy and he has to destroy it's in his DNA ?it's got nothing to do with skin colour ,but where he comes from , ?blacks have chips on their shoulders and blame the whites for their suffering ,so that makes them weak and inadequate ,in themselves ,I rest my case !

  16. How "star stuff" has evolved (organized) in the direction of increasing consciousness and capacities for reflection/perception gives us the ability to operate our lives guided by reality devoid of inviolable (contrived/false and fiercely defended) narratives of our existence/death enforced by the major religions. Anthropomorphic god narratives and their dangerous nationalist expressions are right in our faces. If you look for punishment/reward from "God", START with the AXIOM: "there are no coincidences" and see where that leads with superior ethics, and applied creative capacities. May the FORCE (of creation) be with you.

  17. It wasn't a question dodge at all, the answer was fantastic. It's not YES/NO should we discuss ethnic IQ disparities.
    Jordan points out that people are too quick to assume that IQ equates to someone's value to society. Herein lies the danger of discussing IQ disparities between ethnic groups: If your audience isn't savvy in the requisite statistical knowledge, it may jump to incorrect assumptions of worth. Probably best to leave this topic to be discussed amongst the limited circles competent enough to put it to good use, but perhaps; out of the mind of the average simple public.

    It's terrifying that "stereotyping" sounds quite 90s, yet remains a core hurdle preventing people from treating each other reasonably. Assigning value to someone just because of the groups they belong to is madness, yet here we are, dismissing others at the first opinion that doesn't align with our own, before really hearing them out. It is a big problem.

    More listening, more challenging of each other's ideas, and less yelling. Good luck out there everybody!

  18. Even though most of the people in prison are men I think another reason comes into play other than aggressiveness and that is the court system. For the same crime, men are more likely to be sentenced to and receive longer terms than women

  19. Somethings are believed because they are demonstrably true, but many other things are believed because they have been assserted repeatedly – Thomas Sowell
    On IQ from Thomas Sowell (1977).

    European ancestry has not meant high nor has non‐European ancestry meant low I.Q.'s. The I.Q. average has varied widely with time, place and the circumstance of the groups tested. For groups with upward mobility, there has been a marked rise in I.Q.'s over time. 

    My surveys found that the I.Q.'s of later‐arriving groups—Polish, Jewish and Italian—rose over the decades until today they equal
    or exceed the national average. This historical pattern is not confined to minorities of European ancestry. Chinese‐ and Japanese‐Americans also had lower‐than average I.Q.'s in earlier surveys, but today both exceed the U.S. average in I.Q., as well as in other socioeconomic indicators.

    By the same token, the I.Q. levels of certain groups with European ancestry have not risen because these groups have not experienced upward mobility. 

    Help yourself with Taleb's deconstruction of IQ:

    IQ is largely a pseudoscientific swindle:

    Journal article from Richardson and Norgate:

    Does IQ Really Predict Job Performance?

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    [7]Rabbi Dr. Louis Finkelstein, The Pharisees: The Sociological Background of Their Faith, page xxi,

    Jesus strongly denounced this very sect of Jewish Pharisees:

    John 8:44
    “Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.”

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    Le Droit de Vivre, May 12, 1936

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    Harry Waton, A Program for the Jews and an Answer to All Anti-Semites  (New
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    “The communist soul is the soul of Judaism.”

    Harry Waton, A Program for the Jews and an Answer to All Anti-Semites  (New
    York: Committee for the Preservation of the Jews, 1939), p. 143

  22. If you are unsure, listen to it again. It is a complex answer that did not say “yes” or “no” in an explicit way. He answered it implicitly.

  23. But how are such IQ brain capacities likely impacted by other biological (and social) factors such as access to nutritious food, relative social stress load, and generational economic wherewithal that factors into overall well-being or lack thereof? To merely measure IQ is to discount all these other factors that ultimately impact brain health and function.

  24. Ashkenazi jews are not the real jews of the bible wow this jordan peterson guy needs to brush up on his history lol

  25. I find it ironic that so many white nationalists are antisemitic… I once saw someone in the same sentence endorse race realism and insist higher Jewish IQ was Jewish propaganda. I was dumbfounded. White privilege is very similar to antisemitism. I watched the Nazi propaganda film "The Eternal Jew"… A significant portion of it was exactly the same thing you hear from the left these days, about "wage gaps" and "overrepresentation" in high status professions. I think Jews have disproportionate influence relative to non-Jewish whites for the same reason whites do relative to blacks and Hispanics…higher average IQ. Jews have been very influential on far left…they are also some of the better thinkers on the far (or maybe I should say non-mainstream or dissident) right. Jews are overrepresented in every field of intellectual endeavor that isn't overtly antisemitic.

    When I try to understand why it has such appeal, I suspect it's something like, "Why would we do this to ourselves? Who could stand to gain? And what group could have so much influence? Aha!" I'm sympathetic to the view that something has gone wrong with Western civilization, but I don't think we can blame it on external forces.

  26. General intelligence (g) has actually been pretty comprehensively disproven

    And average differences are GLOBAL. Not racial.
    And race is not scientific nor genetics It is a social construct – racial classification varies in different cultures and has varied within the same culture over time. Moreover there is as much genetic variance between a sub-saharan african and a european as there is between sub-saharan african and west african. But we choose to lump west and sub-saharans together based entirely on a single set of genes which control melanin. ETHNICITY is scientific and genetic. Its the classifications are based on shared genetics within a peoples that is statistically significant and accurately predicts the demographic one is from

  27. Well… a couple of things to say to this.. and this is for parody purposes. 1: the Jews have more cognitive ability because they are the chosen people of God under the Abrahamic covenant. Get over it! 2: According to some early Mormon prophets some people were born with certain "disadvantages" like black skin and the flat nose. At least they don't need to worry about their dick being smaller than their nose. Unlike circumcised Jews. They are also better at song, dance, basketball and getting white women.. 3:all kinds of people are born into poverty and everyone has a more or less fair opportunity to figure out how to at least make ends meet if you can't figure out how to take advantage of the imperfect system that we've developed and is still historically the best so far as education is more available and so is the ability to figure out how to make money providing a service that people need in an honest way. 4. We can generate wealth. We don't need to rob from the have mosts to give to the have leasts. 5. other people are ignorant, You are just doing the best you can, and you want to help others rise above the obstacle's in our way. We don't need to see each other as obstacles. 6. Just because no rationale is perfect doesn't mean we need to throw out the baby with the bathwater. We often it this or that ideology with all the others. Ayn Rand vs Neo Marxism. The Bible vs the Quaran. Those who are critical of religious texts are actually more condemning of judeo Christianity and although admit the quaran has it's problems, forgive those problems based on the problems with the bible. But the left says it's racist to criticize your culture. Well I don't want to criticize your culture or the goo things about your beliefs! All I'm saying is the difference between fundamentalist Islam vs fundamentalist Mormon is one group has control over Iran and the other group has control over Colorado City. I'm referring to Warren Jeffs for those who aren't savvy.

    Best of luck. Be smart. Do your best!

  28. No one is capable of being in military and be productive if IQ is less than 80. Well what is the limit set for women I would love to know.

  29. Jews were blessed by God with wisdom and intelligence and he has given them his most cherished thing the Holy Torah and Jews have been studying this Torah and the Talmud for thousands of years. Jews are in love with learning and investigative debating with questions and answers all for the purpose of getting to the Truth. A culture like that that built awesome Temples in Jerusalem for the God of the Universe and have created a nation of scholars and educators who absolutely love learning and wisdom, a nation like this who was not busy worshiping pagan gods and living barbarically in the rural forests Europe, Asia and Africa, a nation like this is more likely to produce a overwhelmingly greater number of geniuses and high IQ people then any other nation or people on earth. The Bible calls the Jewish people :' The Chosen People'. Chosen, distinct, unique, special, extraordinary, gifted, accomplished, and visionary that's who the Jews are. Unfortunately, instead of learning from the Jews on how to achieve such greatness and abilities, the vast majority of the world was busy persecuting them, all because of greed, jealousy, hate, and cruelty. 
    But the Jewish People regardless of all these persecutions have Continued to march down history while leaving to the world sparkles of brilliances in the form of religion, medicine, science, music, literature, economics, technology, and the arts.

  30. People also forget about Emotonal Intelligence. Not to mention, it's proven that more people with high IQs have depression vs. those who are average. Depressed people are usually less productive (I know, because I fall into the high IQ and EQ categories and have suffered from depression since childhood).

    Let's also not forget that culture and race are two separate facets, regardless of their overlap. However this overlap is also very important to recognize.

  31. I like this guy but DO NOT agree with him on this topic. I understand that he's well educated and have done extensive research in the study of IQ but I believe some very important factors have been left out of the equation.

    1. What is/was the average income of the parents of the person(s) tested?

    *The reason I ask this question is because people living with parents of high income tend to be placed in academically superior schools whether it be Private or Public. Also, the parents themselves are likely to be educated which means the child is raised in an environment that promotes learning AND the child is engaged in more complex dialogues with the educated parents, which makes understanding the vocabulary in these IQ Test easier for them than a child NOT raised in the same environment. Most importantly, all this occurs at a young age when the child is most capable of learning and soaking up information.

    Isn't what I just described basically the childhood of ALL most every Jewish person?

    What about peace of mind? Did they bother to factor that into their equations?

    A person from a background opposite of what I just described has much more on their plate than just focusing on education.

    There are so many other factors that come into play here. What he is saying is used to determine the Average IQ of a race of people is a very simplistic way of conducting a study with such huge implications.

  32. People are always asking this question and they're always running to some "guru" or "scientist" for the answer, and as time changes the answer changes- for better…or worse…or better…

  33. Maybe the experts should talk to my family where aggressive and violent children are common, but criminal adults aren't.

  34. Mateer (1917). The moron as a war problem. Journal of Applied Psychology, 1, 317-320. This is what Dr. Peterson is referring to, maybe, at 9:42.

  35. Men are more interested in "things," so they are found more in STEM. Women are more interested in "people," putting them more in nursing and education.

    So what does that say of Jews who are overwhelmingly in positions of social and financial power?

  36. There is definitely a problem with drawing conclusions about individuals based on their group association especially if it is a constructed group (ie race) as was pointed out by JP. Practically what happens is that people assign qualities to individuals (ie. high or low IQ) that that don't apply to them. We have become obsessed with needing to assign behaviors and qualities to individuals who we know nothing about.

    Seventy four percent of the players in the NBA are Black/African-American. How useful is that with regarding the value of a basketball player? Should we use this statistic to assume that non-Black/African-American players in the NBA draft are of low value as players, or that a Black/African -American player is 74% more likely to be more valued than a non-Black/African-American player? ABSOLUTELY NOT. That is an absolutely absurd presumption.

    Conclusion: Beware of judging individuals according to group statistics or perceptions.

  37. Completely unrelated comment but those are the exact same brand of whiteboard markers most of my teacher's used in high school and now I've noticed it I can't stop noticing it.

  38. How is it possible, that he talks like he is reading from a script written by an academic who spent a week writing it? I am constantly baffled by this mans brains ability to soak up everything that he reads, understand it, and then define it a way that constantly makes people say, fucking hell!

  39. Best way to tackle this question while addressing the impact of war, and the revolution of new information technology would be to look at history. Each culture has had its period of relatively deficient social and industrial development. In most cases the deficiency relative to the militarily dominant cultures is significant.

    In my humble opinion this indicates that IQ disparity between cultures/communities is entirely situational.

    Another test would be to compare IQ across with GDP disparity, even compare it with inter community wealth disparity from communities of the same nation.

  40. 10% my ass, there are over 3000000 illegals here that have less than 65 IQ not to mention the herd and lower races that are borderline and worse.

  41. Jews are 2% of population and constantly found doing nepotism and hoaxes. They arent super intelligent more so than any and that standard deviation cant account for them doing th evil things they do, like exclude whites and asians from elite universities for scoring perfectly. And securing that half of your student body is jewish even though jews only make up top 3% of high school students.

    In a fair and sane world where jews arent nepotistic moloch worshiping psychopathic gate keepers, jews wouldnt be making up overwhelming international lobbyists, banksters, and corperate influencers. In a sane world they would only be making up positions of power proportional to their population. Jews shouldnt be 30% of the supreme court or 50% of harvard. Theres plenty of whites and asians who are superior in intelligence. But jews end up influencing and gaining power anyways. Because they are evil nepotists whose evolutionary strategy is parasitism and subversion.

    Ina sane world, elite universities jewish population would be 2% not 50% and not 3%. Terrible explanation of the JQ. plus the man who confronted peterson was talking about Solzhenitzyn’s book “200 years together” where he points out jews were 85% of the soviet hierarchy pre world war two, mostly responsible for the gulag holocausts and the holodomor. Rightfully so. Jews caused 30 million to die because they werent the right ethnicity (jewish), religion (jewish) or political persuaded (communist). Even then, alxeander found the rats simply killed for fun.

    Funny how we should only ever hear about the holocaust when (((bikes))) killed 8 million in starvation during the holodmor alone. I wish the holocaust wasnt a huge lie. But it was. Typhus killed more than shitty zyklon delousing chemicals. Its easier to starve the jews than gas them. Thats what allied forces did after the war, killing more germans in concentration camps, secretly. More germans died after jewish communist victory, in allied forces death camps, than during the war.

    Damn Juden Peterstein, your supposed to be smart.

  42. I recommend Peterson read Patrick Cockburn's essay for Counterpunch – The Furor over the Cambridge Slave Trade inquiry Proves Why it is Needed, the inquiry being centred on Cambridge's historical connections with the slave trade. Then he should read the inquiry's findings when it is completed.

  43. I dont see how Peterson can talk for hours about how Cultural Marxism is rife in Western society but then dance around the JQ. Marxism is choas and his book is called an antidote to chaos, this is not a coincidence. Marxist values have always been pushed disproportionately by the Jews in to Western Society, but when they are in their own country they are Nationalists. Peterson is a smart guy and he definitely knows who the Marxists he speaks so ill of are. Ive noticed that Peterson is a very compassionate man with a huge amounts of empathy and doesnt want to see a repeat of the horros which took palce during WW2 when Marxism met Nationalism. Which is why his antidote is not one of identity poltiics which the Marxists play but one of spirituality whilst still promoting European values which we hold dear. Interestingly I feel Adolf Hitler and Jordan Peterson are fighting the same battle but choosing different paths.

  44. If Nobel Prize exist 5000 Years ago, The Chinese will win them all. just look what they have discovered.
    If Nobel Prize exist 3000 Years ago, the Roman will win them all.

    now it is the Jewish Turn, next to the unknown future maybe Arab or Blacks. who knows in the future.

  45. General intelligence exists, but because it is based on attributes that are relative to environmental contributors, it can't be defined. I.Q. is relative. If one lives in a jungle, and they spend their whole life learning what is needed to survive in that jungle environment, and they do it well, that person would be said to have a high IQ…for that environment. Take someone who's never been in a jungle environment and they won't do well. They would be said to have a low IQ…..for that environment. This is why IQ test themselves can't be used to accurately determine someone's intelligence. We've watched how many of these people who have really high IQ scores go on jeopardy and do poorly. IQ test essentially test how well you've understood and can regurgitate a response to a problem. If you take a lot of IQ test, eventually you're going to start to do well on them. Again it is the environmental contributor that caused an increase in accurate response to the problems in an IQ test.

  46. The Military != The Society. That 10% of general population has IQ<87% and is not employable in the military DOES NOT imply that the same is true for the society at large. This is the flaw in logic.

  47. He is not actual talking about the "Jewish Question" . The question it`s not about IQ or education but about ethnocentrism and nepotism…

  48. if Nobel prize exist 3000 years ago, the chinese will win them all.

    If Nobel prize exist 2000 years ago, the roman will in them all.

    now it is the jews turn.
    in the future who know, africa, or arab maybe ?

    what jewish questions ?

  49. A Jewish audience member once asked Peterson if Jewish over-representation in business and media/culture could lead to another Holodomor like genocide of Christians as was the case when the Jewish led bolsheviks murdered millions in Russia/Ukraine. The Holdomor is intentionally pinned on Stalin when it is clear the masterminds were all Jewish, including the leading members of the dreaded Cheka forces. Peterson, like a coward, refused to answer the Jewish man's question and let his lemming audience basically boo him out of the auditorium. That is all I needed to know about Peterson before dismissing him as another pawn.

  50. Notice how he simply dismisses the "Jewish conspiracy" argument without evidence. If anything, it is clear what is happening is a form of Jewish nepotism in which they fund and promote their own. If you believe that Ashkenazi Jews (really Khazars) are the superior ethnic group and are basing that on self serving studies conducted by the Ashkenazi Jews, you're a complete fool and deserve your serfdom.

  51. I'm from South Africa and I'm broke now, but someday I'll travel to America to meet Dr Jordan Peterson

  52. He is factually incorrect. American Jews do NOT have the highest IQ, that goes to Indian Americans. Furthermore American Jewis hprovosts at Harvard and many top schools give preerential treatment to their own race, while quotating asians and whites. They underperofrm their peers (see Myth of American meritorcarcy by Ronald Unz)

  53. How specific does a question have to be before its no longer a question ,but multiple statements interspersed with one question or more?

  54. Im glad he answered the question in respect to defining an i.q. test. I have been wondering for some time how an intelligence quotient is derived, i.e. on the basis of measured functionality in respect to time or percentage of correct answers. I am always looking for ways to increase my cognitive function and problem solving abilities.

  55. I notice whenever IQ differences are brought up it's a favorite among leftists and centrists to downplay its significance, yet they make sure to throw in the claim that Ashkenazi Jews have an average higher IQ. Interesting. So IQ doesn't really matter, but it does…for Jews. And I noticed the comparison was made to "the population", that's because there are subsets of Caucasians (Ashkenazim are a subset of Jews) that have a higher average IQ, strange they aren't the ones touted, it's always Ashkenazim… The egalitarian's sleight of hand is amazing to behold.

  56. History, and the present state of the nation's of the world make it undeniable that there are differences in intelligence between the different racial groups of the world. No one is allowed to admit this truth because it throws a wrench in the whole one worlder, citizen of earth, equality narrative of the ruling classes.

  57. This is crazy talk, you can't use this because there is no pure race jew most Jews have little to no Jewish DNA. What about the Jewish child who was adopted into the race and didn't know or the one who was born illegitimately to a non jewish mother who reproduces? Try looking at the kids who graduate at the very top of their class they should nearly all have Jewish names, or the top inventors in the world again mostly Jewish names. But this is not the case. Remember he is saying that they are in the 85% in a case like Zuckerberg it is more than alleged that he stole Facebook and some have argued that the only real reason that he was able to get it off the ground so far and fast is that he had backing from Israel. You have heard being in the right place at the right time, well with the right influences that becomes much easier. I had a friend who was very successful in business, I once asked him how he was able to build such a successful business. He said because I knew that what I was going into was a primarily a Jewish controlled area, so I decided to give it a Jewish sounding name and they flocked to him, only years later to be pointed out. All this time I thought you were Jewish one of his clients said. He told me that he knew that that was the only way he could have made it. Prior to creating that business, he was the head of army intelligence to a country which ranked in the top ten most powerful in the world. Clearly, he knew how to play the game. So again what is being said by the honorable Mr. Peterson is pure rubbish and needs to be brought back to the drawing board.

  58. IQ predicting performance on what Jordan? IQ is a direct measure of general intelligence (Q) which by definition is derived from several composites that predict all sorts of cognitive skills.

    And while we are talking science, please stop drawing direct correlations with genetics when the fact that there is an ethnic bias to measures of general intelligence. The fact that the bias exists does not indicate the cause- it may very well be an illusory correlation.

  59. Anybody who listens to this blowhard is the problem. He's appeasing people with poor vocabulary and daddy issues. He hasn't worked hard a day in his life and doesn't know shit.

  60. This is why racial attributes should constitute a citizenry, not economic contribution. Character, temperament, morality etc., which is more intrinsic to race, is more important for a healthy, cohesive society than just pure IQ.

  61. The Jews say the following:
    "There is no such thing as race, but you are racist" My response: how can one be racist if there is no such thing as race
    "There is no such thing as race, but all the races are equal" My response: you just said there is no such thing as race
    "There is no such things as race, but all the races should mix and mate with each other" My response: you just said there is no such thing as race
    "There are no differences between the races, but we Jews are smarter" My response: you just said there are no differences between the races
    The Jews basically want to recognize race when it benefits them, but don't want anybody else to recognize race. They hate the existence of all the other peoples in this world.

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