1. Ok jim let me tell you something

    So the other day I was on a livestream with your favorite lizards are not furries and my annoying voice and I was talking about how the state has a small pp, it will collapse anyway and we just need to wait around with a sad look on our faces and how the federal reserve act caused 9/11 and suddenly the stream shut down I feared for my life what could it be luckily the lizard furry one got a message from someone that had donald trump as profile picture we read the message and FUCK….its english!!
    Fortunately one of the technicians at the intellectuals united team managed to traduce it into intelligible furry sounds it read "haha were the state and we ddosed you get it in the stomach"
    What!!!!! I was in disbelief the fur almost came of my back I couldn't believe what I was seeing we all gathered around yes all furriers skeletards lizards to mourn our loss DAMN YOU GOVERNMENT HOW MANY MORE LIVES DO YOU NEED TO CLAIM and I was about to tell them about the austrian case for accelerated satisfaction damn the world just isn't fair

    WhEn YoU aRe sO InFlUeNtIaL yOu
    ArE DdOsed bY GoVeRmEnT haha brofist 😅👊

  2. Jim is breaking new ground in the rantsona community by having not one, but TWO RANTSONAS now. NO GARBAGE AND DOCTOR DICK COLLAB WHEN!?

  3. Next time on the no garbage show a bunch of cringy women tweaking and talk about how your face is beautiful with a ugly face

  4. I hate beta male cucks, if I saw my wife get murdered by a white dude, I'd fist bump the dude and join in, I ain't helping no woman! What am I? A Hillary supporter?

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