John Ross. How to paint like a socialist

hey there welcome back to another episode of how to paint like a feminist this your first time joining us I'd like to invite you to pull up a chair and ask your transgender Franz Xavier pull one up with you as well he's confused I'm confused now we're all confused have a little confusion let's get into it we're gonna get started with today's color selection go ahead and run them across the bottom of the screen there as you can see we've got cardi B brown yang gang yellow Andrusha collusion red interesting combination as you can see we've got our our clear canvas I like to call this mule or white literally nothing there no matter how much you cry about it let's go ahead and take a look at our handy dandy mule or canvas is there anything up here no no nothing there what about anything right in here no collusion area no nothing there either what about maybe some obstruction over here no nothing there either you couldn't even wish for a better outcome now we've verified there's nothing on her mule or canvas looks like we're ready for a fresh start you hear that CNN that's right Matt out I know you're crying your tears days so delicious Don Lemon you too you and your boyfriend kuhmo get each other off backstage in the CNN headquarters save for his collusion that's right nothing there kind of like your soul so we're gonna go ahead start our little journey with Russian red he's gonna take us to that the Soviet Union that's right good old Mother Russia such a great place happy little Russians alright sash can save her to use this canvas we're gonna have some really broad strokes there nice straight straight life you can something really broad strokes really reach in there makes you get a lot of that Russian collusion read cuz you're just you're reaching for the sky there we go that's nice next gonna bring this on down kind of like that hopes and dreams of a democratic party after Muller just coming straight down look at all them toilet bowls and protest the Trump and jumping off buildings and screaming at the sky cutting themselves Jiminy Cricket what's wrong with you people moving out Rigo another another broad stroke right there just got to keep on region even though we already reached like crazy on the stop part even if we're wrong we're just gonna keep going just gonna double down there yeah that's nice never finished up there box it in lots of Russian right there kind of reminds me of those those feminists out there painting themselves up and getting facials and their menstrual blood all the blood in the world couldn't fix your busted face matter of fact that's why probably most of your lesbians is the only day you're ever gonna get is you share locker room with Michelle Obama Namor's could go ahead and fill in this big hole kind of looks like the inside of a liberal there should be a heart there but being your the spawn of Satan nothing all right so this time we're gonna use our or two-inch phallic Asian brush to get that yang gang yellow in there let it get it nice and nice and liquored up there and I'm doing this circular kind of snipping fashion there we go I've got a little hammer and a sickle two tools seven Bernie Sanders has never used in his entire life yet he owns three homes you know I passed three bills last but most certainly not least we got the card he'd be brown who's gonna smear it around their eye things are getting kind of dizzy I don't feel so bad misters dark I know what what does it happen what we're providing yo I think I just got you've just got cardi B that's crazy wise where's my bunghole hurt where's my granddaddy's watch well it's Tamara Troy yes thank good oh hey there if you'd like to purchase this painting make at that link down below in the summary and come make a bid on it we appreciate your patronage cuz she stole my wallet

  1. If I had the 11k I would of bought it in a heart beat. let me call Bernie see if I can get free money for the next painting instead of free college for me.

  2. Making fun of liberals is funnier when the people making the jokes aren't just as stupid as the Liberals by worshiping another idiot, Trump.

  3. EITHER i am stupid. Or stoned OR BOTH but i actually watched 1:29 of this video before i relized WTF is this ?

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