John Lennon was a Communist [Owen Benjamin - Feed the Bear]

yeah beetles are great John Lennon moved to America and we promised we weren't gonna shoot him you know he's a wonderful man he's a brilliant man and he was moving to New York City and we all promised for like we will not shoot this guy but yeah we ended up shooting him in the head and he died we're really sorry you know but the more I think about John Lennon I loved a lot of his songs like mother is a great song and a jealous guy great song but his biggest song that I've I've watched on tape a quarter million people weep to publicly it's called imagine and the older I get and the more I pay taxes and whatnot the more I read the lyrics have imagined and this is me responding to imagine from the audience as an adult imagine there's no heaven then where's my grandma it's easy if you try why would I do that to her no he'll be no us then why don't I steal everything above us only sky but what about Laluna imagine all the people I can only imagine like 200 things at a time sherry all the world great can I have that white grand piano that you shot the music video with and I'll give you my toy piano you first you rich bitch you may say I'm a dreamer no my dad says communist but I'm not the only one I hope some day you will join us no whale I got Manchester guns [Applause] and the world will live as one believe everyone's dead but you imagine there's no countries then why'd you move to America and not Nigeria if it doesn't matter imagine no posessions I don't have to imagine I'm an actual poor person you billionaire cut nothing to kill or die for I'm starting to think of a reason and then fortunately someone took him out oh I'm sorry we feel really bad about that it was not it was not it's not a good thing we're still we feel bad about shooting that little red commie I like to waste this more man a ways way better manchester there looking honest Beatles made a meal and shoe no I threw it up on Sunday that's so honest made a meal and threw it on Sunday I've got a lot of things to learn humble honest imagine I'm not a fucking liar you fuck you sorry I shouldn't have said that I got carried away he was not he was not a good man who killed John lamb John was a beautiful person and also probably trying to spread something called an ideological contagion I was kidding Am I you guys don't even know

  1. This got me thinking. What if Lennon had written this a few years earlier? Would the Beatles have recorded it? Imagine that!

  2. Great stuff Owen! Lennon was a nasty piece of work. He made no provision in his will for the son he abandoned. He called himself a feminist but is known to have beaten women, including first wife Cynthia and second wife Yoko Ono. And a multi-millionaire Communist? Give me a break!

  3. Not sure why Owen and Ben Shapiro scrutinize the lyrics as if this was a policy proposal from a congressperson. And then reading hypocrisy into like it would be sane at all to give away all his money and live in a violent third world country expecting everyone to follow suit.

  4. 1:43 was probably the best joke I like how he held onto it. Still love the beatles even though john lennon is a communist. I found out john lennon was a communist when I watched a performance of "revolution" where he sings "And if you talk about destruction well don't you just know that you can count me out" and he says "Count me in" instead…… It's just an artists tell. They all fucking have them whenever your read something or listen to music comedy movies etc. all of these artists have tells you just gotta recognize them.

  5. Miles Mathis sez John Lennon faked his own death to help promote gun control. Whoulda thunk? Look up movie "Let Him Be" that's REALLY John Lennon! mebbe

  6. So you would "Steal Everything" if there was "No Hell Below Us"??? Sounds like You are the "Immoral" Human…..So you require a Celestial Boss to Dictate to You what is Right & Wrong before You "Take Action"??? Tisk..tisk..If your Moral Compass is Controlled by what a "Personal God" "Supposedly Says" in some Dusty Old Book written by MEN……Well….Good Luck, Dummy.

  7. Honest beatle?? Wtf Owen. The Beatles are fucking incredible and you trying to berate them makes no fucking sense.

  8. Don't be sorry America, don't be sorry …in fact the UK should apologise for those evil satnic leftist boomer hippy beatles.

  9. What makes me laugh is all these rich cunts saying and supporting communism yet they wont share there money will they just a bunch of hypocrites Lennon was a hypocrite big time he complained about rich people yet he was worth millions LOL

  10. Lennon was a dirt bag but I really love the song "beautiful boy," from right before he died and sadly, right before he got his act together as a father, as a phony and a Communist, he was always lost.

  11. not so sure, i've heard that he was actually a nixon supporter privately. if you listen to the lyrics closely to revolution he's against communism in that song. i was not a big fan so i'm not sure

  12. Who cares if he’s a commie, the song was good and there were people way worse than him. I still don’t think he should’ve died. Yah he did wrong, but he isn’t hitler, or Osama. I still like the song for its rhythm, it just sounds good. Listen to pumped up kicks and you don’t feel bad for liking it? Of course you don’t, but you shouldn’t feel bad for liking imagine. Still like this comedian tho. Not saying Lennon was a good person, just imagine isn’t a bad song.

  13. Brilliant, hilarious & absolutely TRUE!!! How many comedians would have the balls to do this bit in front of a British crowd?

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