Joe Rogan shuts down Russell Brand "Not real communism" argument

oh that's the that's the phenomena of the West you know that's what people in our countries are going through his alienation he's talked about like in one of the things another guest taught me about Marxism that Marxist theory of the way that he criticized the brokedown capitalism how it operates he weren't just talking about the economics although Marx was a great economist he goes the capitalism will lead to individuals feeling worthless and meaningless because they'll just be cogs in a machine it will break people's spirits and that is what's happened because people are not the only thing that's happened go on it's also created incredible technology and medical innovation all sorts of different ways that we can make the world easier do you think we could keep those things without the cheese grater soulmate because I think we could I think we could kind of stuff now we could progress with it we could have different fairer ways of doing that and people like I think people kill that conversation too early because yeah you know because it's working for there enough people yeah they're throwing out the baby with the bath well I think so yeah that's what the the whole thing of Marxism is is the abandonment of capitalism and so let's go this way but you know you look at what happened when people adopted Marxism and left the led to the death of millions and millions of people as as capitalism in a lot of places well yeah more thefts but it's not reported in the same way but I'm not saying that we all want to live in communist you know or the Soviet Union or China terrible terrible things happen there but that's what we always we always revert to you know we say well is there not is it not possible that we could first start they didn't do it properly they ignored it thank you everybody says but no one's ever done it properly I mean we have more freedom today human beings have more freedom more freedom to behave more freedom to communicate more freedom to excel with this capitalist society that we're criticizing today than any human beings that have ever lived ever there's a lot of negative about it a hundred percent but it's also there's a lot of benefits a positive about it there are a lot of solace people that are just counting numbers and throwing them on a hard drive somewhere and buying yachts that's it that's true too that doesn't mean we shouldn't continue to evolve and aspire I don't think evolution is finished I know there's loads of good things about capitalism I think this carry on let's see what we can do is could we be doing this better I believe that we could I believe that this is taken as about as far as it could go because of certain ecological imperatives and in the spiritual thing that you deftly mentioned that is destroying the souls of a lot of people and it's not necessary yeah when is that you know the war we were promised in the 50s and the technological revolution will mean your work I have an hour a day you know no one delivered on that and people just went now actually carry on fucking working and will siphon the profit uphill and we could have leisure based societies but I think that as long as there is a form of centralized power people at the center of that power will not share it I think you have to go all right this community is gonna be run by those people this community is gonna be run by those people and that also solves a lot of the other problems that are defining our times if people seem to want different things some people want to say absolutely no homosexuality some people say we want total sexual freedom some people want we want to live in a what would be called a religious extreme way some people say atheist well that can't exist under one banner

  1. This dude is the definition of a psuedo intellectual. Only retarded chicks who think their intelligent would like this guy cuz they think hes deep

  2. 50% of the US budgets goes to social services, food stamps and welfare. 5% goes to Military. We already have socialism, capitalism is in charge as it should be in control of it's own destiny.

  3. Any ideologies that stem from Marxism, aka Socialism, Communism, Fascism, etc are based on the flawed premise of illicit wealth generation, and theft of labor. Marx was a terrible economist and was wrong on too many economic principles he’s not taken seriously in economics.

  4. Russel Brand is awesome but he doesn't seem to connect his ideology to the fact that government has to use force to implement those values onto our society

  5. Strange….

    Millions of people leave communist countries to live in capitalist countries, why don't people leave capitalist countries to go live in communist ones? 🤔

    The people who complain about capitalism are usually middle class and have absolutely no idea what it's like to actually live in communism.

    They are free to move to any country they want, yet they don't.
    They continue to live in their "evil" capitalist countries and continue to cry about how everything should be changed to how they want it.

    Why not just go and live in a communist country? Go live there for 5 years then let us know how it's going for you 👍

  6. Oh god, no! Socialism has NEVER lifted people from poverty! Every re-run is worse than the next. Once it attains full power. Just imagine another try with the technology we have today….(AI armies, full surveillance) It would make huxley's brave new world look like a five star dream luxury tour.

  7. Does he know anything of why the USSR fell? Can we just tape the mouths of these word vomit people. Perhaps they'll then choke on their own garbage coming out.

  8. Russell Brand is a fucking pseudo intellectual and the only people who would be impressed by him are dumb chicks who think he's "deep", and dudes with autism.

  9. Real communism hasn't been tried
    Hey china what are you doing
    China: communism

    Hey north Korea what are doing
    North Korea: Communism

    Hey USSR what are you doing

    USSR: communism

    Hey Cuba what are you doing
    Cuba: communism

    Hey Venezuela what are doing
    Venezuela: communism

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