Joe Rogan and Peter Schiff Know Absolutely NOTHING About Socialism

greetings dankey kahng gang its comrade zhang ki here with an exciting video on Joe Rogan um I featured Joe Rogan a few times in my channel in the past and my basic criticism boils down to him being the largest podcast in the world gives a lot of softball interviews and introduces to a mass audience a lot of really scummy people like Jordan Peterson and Gavin McGinnis and ben shapiro and steven crowder and he is basically a propaganda platform for the intellectual dark web and for the all right and I used to like Joe Rogan a long time ago back in about 2015 early 2016 before he started getting very political and uh you know I liked him because he had plenty guest on like Joey Diaz they would tell funny stories and he would have interesting guests on like outdoorsmen types and jujitsu types and just all kinds of people from all kinds of walks of life but it just slowly became this sort of circle-jerk about let's just rant about Millennials and about the PC culture and about the sjw's on college campus every fucking podcast episode and Joe Rogan just whenever he starts talking about socialism it you have to clear the room because the sheer amount of stupidity that is exude 'add from Joe Rogan when he talks about socialism so pungent and it drives everybody away ladies and gentlemen the guys and a guy no clue the guy's got no clue and he's only the biggest podcasts on the earth so here he is interviewing this libertarian capitalist you know bougie shithead Peter Schiff who thinks that he is just God's greatest humanity him being a big CEO bushi capitalist of course he's a libertarian and we're gonna listen to two very rich white men tell us why socialism could never work but then again don't listen to me because I'm just an identity politics pandering sjw Lib cuck according to all of Joe Rogan's fans yeah I was watching an interview with Tucker Carlson and some guy who's a professor at Harvard and he said I'll give you the last word a guy said socialism is gonna win get me a piece I'd like to do that what does that even mean like socialism is going to win what is what does that mean and what is socialism well it could it means that one day the system of global capitalism will fall and people will build a new society in accordance with the teachings of Marx and Lenin Joe Rogan that's what that means when at the polls that's the problem it's very intoxicating to people who don't know any better right and the interesting people they have too much money yeah the interesting thing about socialism is that no matter how many times it fails people expect it to succeed right that's the definition of insanity right all right so every single time the US says all right guys this country it's got an evil communist dictator so we're gonna go in do a regime change and bring democracy and freedom to these poor people of country ABC all right so how many fucking times has the u.s. done regime change try to set up these puppet capitalist countries only to have them completely fall apart and fucking fail all right how many times can capitalism continue to fail again and again and again due to the internal instability baked into the system before the capitalist finally realize guys we should stop doing this it's just not gonna work that's the definition of insanity every single time socialism has been tried it has been assaulted in gang raped by capitalist imperialism at every turn and so by some miracle what a few socialist countries still remain are trying their best but I you know you know the failures of socialism are largely because of just the inevitable onslaught of capitalist imperialism that stalls the socialist movement that stalls the proletarian movement and that strangles it in its cradle according to you know it's a quote Winston Churchill by doing something over and over again and expecting a different result well the Socialists always expect a different result from doing something that has never succeeded in the past so social okay I don't know what this guy calls success but let's let's talk about a few of the successes of socialism in terms of the Soviet Union within a single generation socialism raised a people from essentially medieval serf like conditions to completely modernize industrialised people in a single generation socialism course held us into space but the first man in space first woman in space first dog in space first satellite around the earth socialism of course defeated the Nazis defeated fascism defeated Hitler and save the world so socialism elevated millions out of poverty gave them education so yeah pretty sure socialism has accomplished a whole fucking lot socialism by definition is one thing but by the emotional reaction that people have is kind of another thing the emotional reaction is there's rich people that are a real problem they're hoarding they're greedy I'm not concerned with money I want I'm concerned with people and community and feelings and health and welfare and education and all that money we should take it from those rich people and we should funnel it into education and community and they say all these words that make people feel good like yeah we're not about money either yeah it's all it's all feeling good that's what the fuck you are they even talking about like we're not saying we should take all the rich people's money and just put put it in a giant pile in the middle of town and everyone just gets a bucket full that's not what socialism is Joe Rogan's socialism is when the workers control the means of production all right when the workers control the places of business Joe that's socialism all right it's not it's not these rich people have more money so let's take it all and give it to everybody else for roads and social programs no dude that's that's social well welfare that's not socialism all right I I don't understand why these people don't understand what the fuck socialism is but they think they know and they think they can talk all this shit about it you don't even know what the fuck you're talking about you dumb shits you're just as bad as the creationist who go around saying oh yeah we know all about evolution and why it's wrong and let listen to us listen to us tell you why evolution is wrong meanwhile they don't know jack shit they never read a science book in their life these people are the exact same thing they go around saying oh yeah we'll the problem with socialism is that it's been tried and it failed so many times and it's all about feelings and feeling good it's just stupid it's it's it ignores reality and these people don't even know what the flying fuck they're talking about because they've probably never even read Karl Marx they probably even never read Das Kapital or the history of the Soviet Union or anything like that so yeah the the Liberals are about it's about you know feeling that they're better than ever about feeling good that's what yeah the the Liberals are about it's about you know feeling that they're better than everybody else peak so this is what Liberty this is what drives me crazy about libertarians is that they have a child's view of the political spectrum life like they think liberals leftist and socialists like are all the same thing they wouldn't know a fucking Social Democrat from a Marxist Leninist they wouldn't know a fucking centrist shill Lib like Hillary Clinton from you know somebody like che guevara to them they're pretty much the same they're they're all the libs they're all libs ladies and gentlemen makes me sick when people call me a liberal say I'm not a fucking liberal I fucking hate liberals because they're you know they're they're higher up on this moral pedestal because they don't care about money they just care about you know people and you know but when you talk about rich no Peter Schiff we're higher up on the moral pedestal because we don't want to live in a system that fundamentally exploits the vast majority of people all right we don't we don't like the exploitation of capitalism we don't like the bullshit oppression of the working class by the bourgeoisie which people they don't hoard money I mean the way you get rich is not by 40 no the rich people don't hoard money what the fuck do you call like offshore bank accounts then dipshit I'm pretty sure that's hoarding money I'm pretty sure that fucking Jeff Bezos who has a net worth of like hundreds of billions of dollars can't possibly be investing and spending all that money at the same rate he earns it you dumb shit they've got fucking piles and piles of Scrooge McDuck money and they're just sitting on it I just covered on my channel about the companies of Qualcomm Walmart and Kimberly Clark making billions of dollars on these Trump tax cuts and so they have all this fucking Scrooge McDuck money that they can fucking do whatever they want with and they decide to fire workers anyway and have mass layoffs anyway so no dip ass rich people don't spend their money they fucking hoard it they hoard it they do stock buyback shit and they just find a way to keep it allocated at the very tippy tippy top the way you get rich is by trying to figure out what problems people have that you can solve right whether it's inventing something that makes their lives better or providing a service that makes their lives better because the customers are in charge individuals right that the customers are in charge this guy is a fucking CEO and he's so blind to the fact that he doesn't even understand how the capitalism system works the customers aren't in charge dipshit the capitalists are the ones in charge people like you are the ones in charge you get to dictate what goes on the market you get to dictate who works for you and how much they earn it's all you baby you rule the society congratulations that's why people like me want to do something about it that's what's gonna allocate wealth it's if if somebody is better than somebody else at satisfying the design okay guys so so according to libertarian Peter ships big brain capitalist ideology all rich people are there purely on their own merit and if you're poor then you're just being lazy or you don't have enough skills you don't provide a service that enough people once hires that people have right if if I can come up with something that you like that you want to buy that's cheaper and better than what somebody else has come up with then you're gonna buy for me and so the person who ends up with the most money is the person who's satisfied the most desires the most needs in the most efficient way possible and and that's what's benefiting society maybe the most efficient way possible I mean does he not take into account like trade wars he not take into account like corporate espionage and backstabbing market conflicts whole businesses being forced to go bankrupt because of their competitors and so they lay off masses of people and waste tons and tons of resources and millions of dollars does that sound efficient it doesn't sound fucking efficient at all there's absolutely fucking nothing efficient about capitalism is the most inefficient fucking thing there is it thrives on waste I mean it's great to have charity and I'm all for private charity but if you look at the wealthiest Karl Marx talked about the crisis of overabundance of commodities and capitalism and how absurd it is that there can be an abundance of commodities and yet the people could be too poor to afford them and how that is a kind of contradiction that is cooked into capitalism on men in history even though now I'm all for private charity but if you look at the wealthiest I met all these libertarians are for for private charities you know private charities don't do jack shit my friend you know you think that all welfare programs should be private charities that's typically libertarian bullshit you know obviously this guy being a CEO has no fucking idea just how dire situation if so many people are out there if you cut essential programs like Medicare Medicaid Social Security there's so many people in this country that would just be completely screwed over and be forced to go die in the street because guess what dude charity doesn't fucking work charity doesn't solve systemic problems you can only solve systemic problems through working with the system itself or through a revolution but either way relying on the charity of others ain't gonna cut it buddy men in history even though they've been incredible philanthropist and they've given away a lot of money they helped a lot more people amassing their fortunes than gifting away what they made it was the businesses that they created the the products that they invented the services that they provided in the employment right that was all a function of their creating their wealth that's what did a lot more to help Society than simply giving away some of the money that they earned have you ever had a debate with the okay well let's talk about that let's talk about how much Jeff Bezos has benefited Society from all the wealth that he has amassed because if the benefits of society reflect the amount of well someone's amassed then the society in which Jeff Bezos live would be one of the most affluent wealthiest happiest societies in the world according to Peter Schiff slogic but we're not because capitalism doesn't allocate resources to everyone dipshit it allocates it overwhelmingly to the very top 1% the big capitalists that control everything a Democratic Socialist well I mean some of the money that they earned have you ever had a debate with a Democratic Socialist well I mean most Democrats are socialists they just don't know it or they don't want to admit most Democrats are socialists they just don't know it this is a big brain hot take from the libertarian CEO boy Peter Schiff now I don't know how this guy is so stupid and got to be a CEO I mean he must know how to fucking do the stock market or whatever but that doesn't make him smart on politics ladies and gentlemen and he's a fucking idiot at it and a lot of people don't even understand what socialism is because you know you'll have the left this guy surely understands what socialism is this guy who read all the works of Marx all the works of linen he's read all the theory ladies and gentlemen Peter Schiff has the answers Richard Wolff get the fuck out of here no one needs you anymore I got Peter Schiff to explain to me what socialism really is folks theft I'll always consider somebody even Donald Trump that's always a fascist right they don't even Donald Trump is a fascist by definition that's a video we can do in the future Brian go point by point of like fascist policy by fascist policy badges if you point by fascist viewpoint and show directly one to one why Trump is a fucking fascist and realize that fascism is part of socialism socialism is a book Oh My Jesus did he really just say what I thought he said let's go back and hear that one more time just to let the stupidity of that statement soak in completely they don't even realize that fashion is part of socialism socialism jesus fucking christ you guys can't see it but my head is just hung and shame i can't believe i live on the same planet as these fucking idiots fascism and socialism basically the same what is it with these libertarians and not knowing what the fuck they're even talking about I don't think they live in the same reality as you and me I think maybe Peter Schiff and Joe Rogan smoke too much DMT before this and they are going on an alternate plane where somehow they think fascism and socialism are basically the same thing there's a broad concept that includes things like communism and fascism so if you're a communist on Sept that Inc ISM is part of socialism socialism is a broad concept that includes things like communism and fascism so if so according to this dip ass socialism communism and I can't even begin to comprehend how dumb this is like fascist call themselves the National Socialists do you know why that is Peter Schiff it's not because they were socialist Hitler fucking hated socialists he killed communists in the Holocaust you dumb fuck he blamed the fire on the rights tag on communists so this idiot over here saying that the fascists are socialists he doesn't know what the flying fuck he's talking about yeah they called themselves the National Socialists but that was just so they could co-op term socialism and try to use it to justify their fascist viewpoints there wasn't anything remotely fuckin socialist about Adolf Hitler ladies and gentlemen if you're a communist you are socialist but bike but it doesn't mean that if you're a socialist you're a communist because you could be a fascist you could be that's the dumbest thing I've ever heard if you're a socialist you're a communist yeah because communism is the end stage of the socialist movement socialism is the establishment of a dictatorship of the proletariat communism is when that dictatorship of the proletariat has created a state of economic super abundance where commodities can just be given each according to his ability and to each according to his need as Marx described where everyone can just take freely from the stock pile and there's so much you don't have to worry about theft or black markets or anything like that it's a classless moneyless society the in stage of socialist development but in no fucking universe is fascism part of that socialist theory in no universe at all is fascism even remotely related to shift socialism fascism is a reactionary capitalist ideology made specifically for the purpose of maintaining capitalism's power the whole thing of fascism is that Western liberal democracy has failed we need to turn to a strong centralized government and and deify the state so that we can prevent the communist revolution from taking power so in part two we will explain more about Joe Rogan and Peter shifts idiocy this is what happens when you let a DMT smoking Neanderthal and a fucking libertarian CEO capitalist Pig talk about socialism this is the kind of cringe you get ladies and gentlemen

  1. Libertarians make fun of socialists saying they come off as snooty dumbass when in reality it’s the libertarians

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