Jim's Final Interview - Jim Marrs - 1/2 - The Illuminati: The Secret Society That Hijacked The World

secret schemes concealed connections pernicious power intimate initiations big banks and money manipulations possible links to the Rockefellers Rothschild Adam says and Bush's tonight special guest shines a light on the history workings continuing influence and pernicious and hidden power of a secret order greetings I'm your host Mel fàbregas a very tense radio.com and tonight we'll discuss the Illuminati the secret society the hijack the world which is the title of Jim Marrs latest book Jim Marrs really doesn't need a formal introduction since he's such a frequent guest on this radio program so directly from somewhere in the Lone Star State of Texas here is award-winning journalist and author Jim Marrs hello Jim and welcome back to very des nowhere yeah howdy Mel it's always a pleasure to be with you it's always a privilege for me and I'm so glad that you wrote another book excellent I mean there's some stuff there that that I didn't expect to see but you've written another great book now congratulations about 20 years ago or so I remember reading a book that had nothing to do with conspiracies it was actually a very innocent personal finance book by Robert Kiyosaki I'm sure a lot of our listeners read Rich Dad Poor Dad he actually described the Illuminati in that book what is your definition of the Illuminati Jim well it is changed and probably will continue to change but what surprised me is once I got into researching the Illuminati is that I've heard all the conspiracy theories and the claims you know all their behind everything you know you can't get a plumber on the weekend it's because of the Illuminati you know and as always and I thought well you know that's hyperbole that's it they're blowing stuff out of proportion they don't really understand that the world is just kind of a messy place and stuff happens you know bla bla bla but I got to tell you Mel after more than a year of investigating and based on 50 years of research yes there really are a handful of people if they are people and that's another whole issue who are trying to rule the world and they do it they started off thousands of years ago this is nothing new this goes all the way back to probably the first global civilization which some people refer to as Atlantis but we don't know much about that so we'll let that go we'll bring it forward to the Sumerian civilization the civilization that arose in Sumer s um er which was located between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers over in the Middle East and today is one of the few places on the world that we can't just freely travel to and that's Iraq ok and in Iraq for thousands of years nobody even knew about the Sumerians burg and and yet in the mid-1800s they began to investigate these strange mounds of rubble in Iraq and they discovered an entire civilization there and as they have now put it together it shows that this was an incredibly technologically advanced civilization that far exceeds anything we thought of at that time period predates the Egyptians about a few thousand years and in fact the Egyptian civilization I know when I was a kid we were kind of taught in school that the Egyptian civilization was the world's first greatest civilization but it turns out it was simply a degraded version of the Sumerian civilization and and where'd it come from well you know we actually were told that we're told that in the Bible it came from Abraham okay whose original name was Abram or the wise when the knowledgeable one and he came from or of khaldiya well Chaldea was just a biblical name for Mesopotamia Iraq and or was one of the major cities of the Sumerian civilization and they had such an advanced knowledge of astronomy and of Agriculture and of political government language mathematics you know that it's absolutely incredible in fact we're still using their mathematical system based on the basic 60s sixty number and we're still using what they found in their astronomy we're still using their agriculture methods in fact I was gonna interesting to find out that the ancient Sumerians even recorded that they had four types of beer and I bet one of them was not light right but but you know and that that shows that they had something really going for them they had they had some way of learning this information because when I can understand you know a caveman find some grapes on the ground that's been there and they fermented a few days and he's hungry eat something he gets a little buzz and it's I'd say this is cool so he learns how to ferment grapes and stop them and make great wine you know and make wine but beer beer requires a formula beer requires hops and malt sand and sugar and you have to just put it in just the proper ingredients and has to be done just this way and it has to be fermented you know it's a formula how did they learn that well that and all of the other miraculous things that they had they they're open about it they say they learned it from the Annunaki well who's the Annunaki well that translate as those who came from the heavens and landed on the earth okay ancient astronauts if you will and of course there's a lot of people still poopoo in that but I want to tell you the evidence around the world is quite compelling if not overwhelming and of course you have scholars such as Zacharias hn and and many others who are supporting the contention of the journalist erich von daniken yeah who you know wrote back in the 70s he said the evidence points to ancient astronauts you know these people that came from the stars and landed here and manipulated things on the earth and this is exactly what the Sumerians wrote down in fact it's really interesting well the story of the Anunnaki is actually told in the Encyclopedia Britannica the the translations have not really seriously been argued with it's just the interpretation in the Encyclopedia Britannica you find them under Sumerian myth in other words they were just stories made up by the Sumerians but a growing number people led by Sitchin and others say no he is wasn't just something they were making out this is what they stated and this is what they meant you know and they said these people could fly through the air and they landed and taught them how to do things they weren't just making up stories and so from there we go on and we find out that you know kingdoms arose empires arose and these people connected to India Nanaki of course they pretty soon they're in the situation of Charlton Heston and they're on the Planet of the Apes okay but they don't want to be just another aid they know they came from somewhere else and they know that they have knowledge so they there's a whole story there of how they tweaked the DNA of earth primitives and that's why there's no missing link between the and earth all and chrome none because they had their DNA tampered with and that then came a course in junker right straight to cro-magnon or modern man and so don't get the idea and don't let people tell you that we're created by aliens that's not right but they did tweak us and they improved the breed just like we do with animals with dogs and cats and sheep cows horses we breed them for the traits that we want well you know we do it through breeding programs they did it through DNA manipulation because they had such an advanced technology well pretty soon they just there were so many humans and they they didn't really want to have to rub elbows with all of us so they created a caste of people in between who would act as surrogates for what was quickly becoming the gods because these ancient people they see people fly through the air and they said that they're able to grow things they're able to write they're able to do all kinds of things and they go wow these must be gods and the Anunnaki after a period of time decided that wasn't such a bad thing but they didn't want to have to deal with us personally so they set up a representative system a caste system if you will or a priesthood and since that time they have kept the human race conquered divided fighting with each other and under tight control through two primary methods one is religion because these priesthoods that they created began to set up their own systems and call each of these Anunnaki their own gods and then finally they got to where they'd said ok ok it's only one God but it's always an amalgamation of all the other gods and of course throughout history we've learned about the gods the Roman gods the Greek gods and what's really fascinating is that once you get past the name changes the the characteristics of these gods were so similar as to probably be identification of the same entity the same person for example in the Sumerian the the Anunnaki who was put in charge of this planet of the earth was Enlil well in the Egyptian mythology is set in Greek is Zeus and in the Roman is Jupiter but they both fit the same characteristics so there probably them could be the very same person his rival in the Sumerian is Marduk in Egyptian asaurus and the Greek it's Aries and then the Roman is Mars and so just the names changed but the characteristics didn't and I think all this refers back to these spacefarers the Anunnaki now this was a secret that was passed long through the priesthood they knew it they didn't tell everybody else about it because after all they represented God God told me to tell you here's how you're going to live and here's how much you're going to contribute to the church and it became a money-making in and power wielding institution and they didn't give that up by the way I think you'll find this interesting I sure did the original Greek sky gods were called the Titans and most people know that but what they don't know is in the Sumerian cuneiform tablets the word for those who live in the heavens is Titan so see how it all it all moves right along and it's all internally consistent well so where did the knowledge of all this go well it fell away from the average people only the priesthood held it even within the priesthood as they killed held their knowledge of the sky gods and the their technology held it very close and as the priesthoods begin to split up and they became different secret societies and we find that there was a pretty good variety of them and some of these we know some of we don't even know but this information is knowledge of the ancient astronauts was passed down through such organizations as the rush honor the sigh scenes where the word assassin comes from they come the Jewish Kabbalah the essence that apparently Jesus was connected to because in the Bible he which has been heavily edited he criticizes and lambaste the Pharisees and the Sadducees the two major Jewish religious hierarchies at that time but it says suspiciously you know devoid of any criticism of the Essenes which has led a lot of people to believe that he must have been one we got the mystery skills of Egypt in Greece we've got the Rosicrucians and of course this knowledge was eventually passed down to the legendary Knights Templars and the Knights Templars brought it back to Europe and from then on has just been you know another one religion after another one schism after another the universal Church or the Catholic Church broke into catholic catholicism and the understand christian yeah and and then and then where we find is really interesting because and it's always money and money has been connected to the church all the way back because the priesthood found out that they could get rich and some of people you had to give some money to the church and plus they became very powerful because they the catholic church once they got created there in rome and had the roman empire behind them in every little village there was a priest and you went and you confess to the priest so it was a modern day in say they do everything about everybody okay plus they loan money and gave their blessings to the rich and powerful into the royalty and so basically it was the church during the Middle Ages that controlled everything and always money and wealth was tied inextricably with the the church in fact you think about it the the Prince of Peace and Jesus you know who always preached turn the other cheek the one time he got pretty vicious who was a banker Smith was yeah it was the money changers the bankers and if you'll think about it Mel were they in a bank somewhere no they were in the temple okay so it's religion and money tied together family P Hall was a high-ranking Mason and a philosopher and had studied a great deal of different he pretty well laid it out he says in a pamphlet called what the ancient wisdom expects of its disciples he says in the rote remote past the gods walked with men he's calling gods the evidence points to extraterrestrials but it's just a matter of semantics whatever you want to call them they chose from among the sons of men the wisest and the truest and these they labored with preparing them to carry on the work of the gods after the spiritual hierarchies themselves had withdrawn into the invisible worlds and with especially ordained and illumined sons they left the keys of their great wisdom these illumined ones founded what we know as the ancient mysteries okay and as I said these ancient mysteries split and what they knew is that knowledge was all split and scattered among these secret societies so now there's just as used to see if you going through my book there's so much they're telling you stories about how this came about how Solomon's treasure was recovered by the Nazi is how the medieval alchemists were actually onto it they knew about there was something about transmuting gold about the white powder of gold and something to leave yeah yeah monatomic gold and how that was probably produced by Moses and this was what they used to sustain the Israelites in their forty years in the in the wilderness because they had this white powder that they would make it add water and make into a dough and they'd bake it they need it in a maze and what is this and what is it nation Hebrew translates his mana so this was the manna from heaven about the Knights Templars how they brought all the information back to Europe and they were spreading it through their the Freemason societies that they created okay the stone masons which soon became just the Freemasons and it was divided into speculative operative masonry which was people who actually were stonemasons and worked with building and then the speculative masonry which was just out the ones that were not involved in that eventually grew to be the largest segment of Freemasonry and Freemason he also was founded by the Knights Templars so this is the thread that kept this underground stream of knowledge rolling along now the Illuminati comes in because it was founded by a student at Ingolstadt University in Germany which was not Germany at that time at that time it was in Bavaria and Bavaria was just one of many German states Prussia yeah yeah Prussia was born I think he had Baden the had Saxony Hanover had they were all separate they didn't get organized until about 1870 humbly we heard about Adam Weishaupt yes and Adam myself was a student at University and and 1770s and in 1776 the same year that we were writing the occupation of the Declaration of Independence he formed the aluminum body but very in order of the Illuminati and so that's where the Illuminati got started now his roots in Chile they did not start off to be a overthrow of a government institution but they were were a bunch of college guys and and to include some professors who were forward-thinking progressives and we'd call them today and interestingly enough they smoked marijuana they had little parties where they had and they invited women they weren't opposed to the opposite sex and they had think-tank think toxins we call a bull sessions back in college in college you know if you're in a dorm particularly and school's out you've done your homework and you're not ready to go to sleep so you sit around you have detention you talk about the world you talk about you know the life in general and spiritual matters things had happening you know what's going on why are we here where are we going and they finally decided that the biggest problems in the whole back to the whole human race was religion and money okay and primarily the end and the royalty the fact there that the kings and queens are running everything central authority and that and that religion the Jesuits at that time were pretty much in charge of Bavaria and what they said when if they if you wrote something or said something they didn't like you can get in big trouble and we're kind of drifting back into that same kind of thing today and so they said we need to do away with this you know we need to shatter these old structures of religion and of power now we need to bring out the best of the individual everyone should be free everyone should be foreign free they should have equal and then a legal in inherit rights that sounds familiar and that's because George Washington and Thomas Jefferson Benjamin Franklin John Adams they all knew about this Illuminati and they knew about these ideals because they had been pushed through during the Age of Enlightenment that we were coming into the latter stages of and in fact there are those who claim that Thomas Jefferson and Franklin and John Adams were members of the Illuminati and so they it was just a group that decided they wanted freedom for the individual and all this sounds real good but just like unfortunately like so many isms they unless a isn't because this is what I call but they were practicing whether they were an actual like Thomas Jefferson ware or whether he was actually a card-carrying member of the Bavarian Illuminati is open to question but there's no question in his writings that he had tiered – their philosophies which I call Illuminism okay and Illuminism is just like every other ism communism capitalism feminism you name it and it generally starts off with the best of intentions and the best of goals but then it falls under the sway of the greedy and the powerful and the ambitious and the first thing you know it just you know we see this in the French Revolution we see this in the Russian Revolution and that's the other thing when you go back and you track it back you find that at the start the beginning the cause of the American Revolution the French Revolution the communist revolution the national socialist revolution in Germany the Nazis they all were created by people who had been indoctrinated with Illuminism so it was the Illuminati who was behind all of this and they're behind what's going on today because there are so many people of what some people would term the New World Order that are practicing Illuminism Dick Cheney and Hillary Clinton now everybody would think well they're on opposite sides of the political spectrum and in many ways they are but they both practice Illuminism because Illuminism basic tenant is the end justifies the means which means you can pretend to be anything anybody in fact there are notes from the Illuminati to their members saying you know if you're Jewish and you know tell everybody you're Christian if you're Christian you want to be a Jewish tell everybody you're Jewish in other words you know lie about anything you can last steal cheat even kill if it just if it's justified by your goal about what you want to do and that's what these people do and that's what we see in operation today you know inherently individually they may not be bad evil people but they practice Illuminism and that has caused so much problem than it is behind all of the wars that we've seen over the past few hundred years and it all ties back to money and the money got started because as the Illuminati in Bavaria grew and in numbers and in belief by so many people well of course this threatened the authority of the state and so it was outlawed once it's out loud what are they going to do they're going to just fold up and go home no they roll themselves into Freemasonry and they created the order of strict observance and priests and the Freemasons many of whom were already disposed towards individual liberty and freedom and idea you know the ideals of the Age of Enlightenment they bought into it and pretty soon the it was the Illuminati they were behind much of the push of the free Masonic particularly in Europe now in England we had I mean in the United States we had a little respite because in about 1830 or so there was a Mason called Captain Morgan who decided that he thought the Masons were being guided by other than noble principles and that they were being controlled by entities that he didn't think were Christian and so he was going to write a book revealing all of the Masonic secrets well he and his publisher disappeared yep his publisher finally and it came came back but couldn't say much about what had happened but he never showed up again and so obviously he was murdered and the word got around that the Masons had done that because every time his family and his friends would go to the authorities they found out the authorities were mostly Masons and that they would all cover for each other which is part of their secret society even judges even judges right on up and this created such a turmoil that it created the first third party in the United States the anti-masonic party which you don't hear much about that today and but it really dealt the deathblow to Freemasonry in the United States because there are thousands of lodges dwindled down to a few hundred and their membership dwindled down it took them the rest of the 19th century to try to regain their status and today of course everybody just thinks of the Masons as odd as that you know to drive funny cars and they and they support the burn centers and they do all this good work and they're just you know community orientated people and for the most part that's true but what people don't understand is that within free masonry there's an outer circle and it's tight inner circle the outer circle doesn't even know the inner circle exists that's why if you go up to a Mason say hey is there an outer circle and circle he's going to tell you no because he's either a member of the outer in which case he doesn't know and he's not told or he's a member of the inner circle in which have taken a blood oath never to reveal that there is an inner circle the reason we know there is is because some of the most high-ranking Masons have admitted to that okay in fact when the highest-ranking Masons General Albert Pike even admitted that at the very top of the Freemasonry chain are the people who believe not in the other made God that most of us do but in Lucifer the light bringer which some people have said is the devil although I'm not sure that they actually mean the devil but so there's just there's just so much going on there and it's all behind the scene on things but and these are the ones who they say are trying to control the world where can you actually control the world well yes you can because in 2011 the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology did a big study of 43,000 multinational corporations and found that they were actually controlled by just a little over a thousand companies with interlocking ownership these thousand companies in turn are pretty much controlled by about a hundred and fifty corporations and these are controlled by twenty banks and so now that is extended for all of this you know represents the more than sixty percent of the total worth of everything in the world now that is intense centralized financial control and this is this is where the control comes from let me ask you this Jim because you mentioned something interesting about these corporations I was thinking lately that if they really wanted to change politically it create a new world order and all that maybe they could have done it earlier but it seems that they're transitioning from politics to corporatism and I mean the trans-pacific partnership I'm talking about NAFTA I'm talking about all these trades are these switching to trade agreements in order to control the world the short answer is yes and here's the deal now prior to World War two and at the time the Bavarian Illuminati were active in the late 1700s like I said there wasn't even the nation of Germany there was just a bunch of German states and so prior to World War two we had these different states we had the United States we had England we had France and Germany and within those national boundaries was a financial religious system systems ok religion banking business commerce you know you can break it all down all the way down to steel natural resources and this is what they started off this is how they were grew where they were trying to gain control over there and they did the isms that communism which can't grew out of a organization called a league of the just which was an aluminum Illuminati organization and they just changed their name to the Communist Party so the Illuminati created communism in Russia they trained as a there were a lot of people who were opposed to that and they didn't want the Russians to run everything so they created National Socialism in Germany but Hitler in charge as a bloc against the spread of communism here's another ISM Nazism okay and then when he got out of hand because he wasn't doing business with the international bankers okay and the international bankers are the ones been manipulating this but they've always always did it prior to World War two within the systems within a national boundary France England Germany whatever and this was all the way up to World War one where they got no world war fight but afterwards the the system pretty much stayed the same but now after World War two these systems spread worldwide so now instead of the New World Order trying to gain control over Germany or over England they're over American the United States now they're trying to control over them all and that's why because it's spread worldwide now and that's why we have globalism a little of the globalism is very real and this is why they're trying to turn over all this power to the United Nations such as global 2000 and you know safe cities and all this stuff you know and because the more centralized power they can get the more they know they're incapable of gaining control over it and trying to gain control over the world that's been one of the oldest ambitions ever recorded all the way back to Alexander the Great our way back to it everybody wanted to be the king of the world right but the world's a big place and they hadn't been able to technologically communication-wise transportation wise they haven't really been able to make that work until now and now on they're in a position to I mean if you go around particularly at Western Europe North America China Russia okay and you go and you'd go visit a middle-class family it's going to seem like the same they got the same color TV made by a time baby by Samson again I'm in the same car made by Toyota you know it's a which is coming we were becoming one total global entity and all of this stuff you're seeing the paper about old Russia Russia messed with our election Oh Russia's doing this and we're doing that and the ashes doing this that's a dog-and-pony show that they're putting on for us just to keep us distracted while they take over financially religion is kind of on the wane there may be a new if things get really really bad everybody's going to turn to religion you're going to find either religion making it come back or there will be some new type of religious blend you know religion light we didn't have good everybody will go for but right now everybody's pretty well split up and even the most radical religious groups are kind of in the minority and you don't see the Catholic Church has lost so much of its power and sway and so now it's they're leaning on the financial everything that we have a whole system financial system in this country and in most of the world that's based on debt if you have money you have debt if you have debt and somebody controls you because if you're buying a house or if you're buying a condominium or wherever you're living if you're paying on it or if you're paying on your cars if you're paying on your clothes and your TV then the banker has control over you you can't just quit your job and get up go move to another state try something else because you got bills to pay and and this has led to a really aníbal situation if you think about it Mel because we've got the most consuming society ever in the history of the world and to keep people consuming you have to keep them dissatisfied I mean if you're satisfied by you one new house by the one new car why do you want a new TV I always have to have something new and you know we go we got the latest thing here it's got enhanced color it's bigger sized you know oh yeah I got to have that so that puts us in this between a rock and a hard place because we are killing ourselves with pollution two plus plus you have planned obsolescence oh yeah of course so that you have to go buy something right because that light bulb that back in the 1920s when your bottle I'd Bo given last year a lifetime and now you know you can look on the package and say three thousand hours it'll last you three thousand hours and then it's going to blow planned us lessons and unfortunately thing goes true with our automobiles and our refrigerators everything else because corporations realize that if they make a quality product it would simply last you for years and years and years you won't be buying another one and that whole idea is to buy more so we're in a situation where the more we buy the more we fill away the more we feel wave and where we're killing ourselves with pollution junk trash and air pollution water pollution okay well so what do we do about that well we just have to stop consuming okay and that means of course that everybody have to wake up one morning and go you know I don't think I'm going to buy that new house I don't think I'm going to buy that new car I don't need a new TV I'm getting along with one of God and of course if everybody did that if everybody stopped consuming what would happen the economy would collapse here we go we would all be doomed so when I say the rock and hard place we're doomed if we keep consuming at rates that we're doing right now and we're doomed if we stop what you said about religion perhaps a one-world religion you probably heard that in the past few months a lot of high power people I'm talking about people from from from religions people from from governments even what's-his-name Buzz Aldrin they'll went to Antarctica I don't know if you've heard about this but the information I'm getting whether it's true or not I don't know but they found some ancient artifacts down there showing that there were people way before that had their own religion and perhaps they want to bring that religion now to make it the one world religion they'd be waiting for have you heard about this I've heard that I don't know that the problem is real no what's going on down there knocking every we know that's a it's a very mysterious place there's lots of mysterious stuff happening down there and we just hear bits and snatches of it and Mel this actually kind of gets back to my major complaint cry because I'm from the media okay I trained and graduated with a degree in journalism I'm a journalist I was taught to look for the truth tell the truth to your readers you know as best you can find it that's what I've tried to do my whole career but there is no news meeting anymore there's only various propaganda wings okay and they're only telling us what the corporation's want us to hear and what the government wants to hear in the government by the way and figured out is owned by the corporation you know it's a corporate uh procedure better better yet it's it's fascism and I use that term advisedly because the term fascism is generally said was coined by Franco Bruce I'm sorry I was Lena you obviously need the Italian dictator in world war two because of his Blackshirt in facetiousness and by the way where that came from Mel is that they were those black shirts and they were that emblem of the axe tied in a bundle of sticks okay that was an old Roman signal symbol and the fascist of Mussolini adopted it because it represents central government okay the accents around cantide amongst the stick the sticks can always be chopped up by the axe and so it represented the strong central government and so they were known as fascist so that's where the term fascism comes from but Mussolini himself said that that may not be the right term he said a more correct term is corporatism whoa right did he see it coming or what absolutely I heard this lately what is it capitalism with that what is it capitalism with with with that fascism because what is it again capitalism without socialism becomes communism and capitalist a capitalism without socialism are now with socialism would become communism now the opposite capitalism without socialism becomes come in I'm sorry socialism without capitalism becomes communism Oh a-alright and the other part is that I'm not remembering now is socialism without capitalism it becomes not yet exactly exactly but you know you have given us an overview of all of this stuff and the book folks every time I read a book from Jim Marrs you know I'm always expecting the best and he just talks it every time but I wanted to stick deeper now for example you know if so many politicians Jim have been referring to the Illuminati perhaps our you know using different names take the late New York City Mayor John f Highland 1922 he said he said quote the real menace of our republic is an invisible government which like a giant octopus which sprawls its slimy length of our city state and nation at the head of this octopus at the Rockefeller Standard Oil interest and a small group of powerful banking houses generally referred to as the international bankers will virtually run the US government for their own selfish purposes unquote now you find similar quote all the time why wasn't anything done is it because they hold those positions of power today Jim yes yes it's the same reason that I you know I know people and I have worked for companies that's a structure you know and you realize there's something wrong at the top but number two if you want to keep your job you know say anything about it except you know whispering at the watercooler well you know it's the rule it's the golden rule whoever has the gold makes the rules and everyone the higher you go in the political spectrum or the corporate spectrum the more yes-men you find and they do not want to go against it and this goes all the way back this goes all the way back even into the universities let's say you want to be your really fascinating you want to be a history teacher okay so you go to the University and you take the history courses and I'll tell you my own personal experiences I was had a history course in college and there I got a test and to go on the test the professor says what do you think are the four major causes of World War two well I wrote down my paper and I handed it in and I got it back it gave me a D okay I almost flunked it and I went up and said you know what's with this why did you gave me down he said well because then he goes and starts going into it and I realized that he had phrased the question wrong he asked me what I thought was the four causes of World War two what he wanted was what he told me the four causes the world war two was I was simply supposed to repeat back to him what he had said well I'd already done my own Studies on World War two and I had my own ideas about it so needless say I didn't do well in that class and if I had you know if I had stuck with that and gone on to be tried to be a fellow or a student teacher in the history department I probably wouldn't have gotten anywhere and they wouldn't you know you convey all higher education does is teach you to conform to the current paradigm and if you're outside that you don't go you drop out you go somewhere else you change your major okay and that's how it starts all the way back there and by the time you go through this Harvard Business School and you're thoroughly indoctrinated with their view of how everything works I give you another example I want you to way back the 70s I was innovating and interviewing a energy expert and at that time I'd gotten real fascinated with the idea of solar energy because to me it seemed like that would be the way to go you know it does not produce you know harmful chemicals and gases and all kinds of pollution and and if the Sun goes out we're all in trouble anyway so you know why not go for solar and aside this energy expert I'm asking you about solar and first off he says well yeah very condescending well that's all fine and good he said but solar power that that's 20 years in the future well excuse me here we are 20 years in future and we still don't have abundant solar energy it's there but it's expensive and only a handful of people can really make the use of it but then he explains why and he says do you realize that it would take the entire state of Arizona covered with solar panels to generate enough power to power the city of Los Angeles and I'm young and naive I go oh okay and I go off and I'm thinking about that and that's probably true you know but then I suddenly think wait a minute where's the flaw in his thinking the flaw is he was taught and educated and could only think in terms of central generation you got to generate that enough power and then ship it and send it to Los Angeles so you can begin to build everybody okay what if everybody in Los Angeles puts solar panels on their roof you know nothing's going to change it's not going to interfere with their own and yet there's they've got their own power in themselves and and they're not going to have to pay the electric company each month so wireless energy you know Sessler exactly and what happened to Tesla they do it in down extirpated him and then stole all this stuff and then they're still having a lot of it away under national security because in the reason for that is because the power companies and they have so much power in political power and because you know they they haven't figured out a way that if they went to solar and you had solar panels on your roof and you didn't pay your electric bill they then figured out a way to make a cloud coming over your house now let me ask you this as we're talking about oil I recently interviewed someone who researched at B Titanic and the Hindenburg disasters were related all because they were a threat to the oil industry what do you what do you know about that well I think that's absolutely true in the case of the Hindenburg and Hindenburg you know when the Hindenburg blew up and was captured on newsreels and it just went everywhere and became a major event that pretty well put the death-knell on various alternative forms of energy and the thing is if you dig into it you find out that that that was not just that was a conspiracy the United States refused to in resave United States so we'd have to dig and find out specifically what individuals are involved but I would bet you anything that you would find people high-ranking in the oil industry and they refused to sell helium we had a huge helium plant just like right here in Texas but they were and it was non combustible but they refused to sell that to the German the embargo and embargo them and made them use hydrogen yeah and and hydrogen by the way today is making it come back with just a little bit of tweaking on your car's carburetor you could run your car on hydrogen which is you know is not flammable and is not polluting you know in that it is flammable but it can be controlled and we could be using hydrogen economy but there again Hindenburg everybody thinks hydrogen think explosion so you know that's kept that going and so in that case I think you're right now the Titanic I'm I'm not real sure how that would that affect the Hollens it was a coal industry at the time coal was everywhere yeah so I would think in a ship of impact the coal industry well know after the Titanic then the engines were changed old to use oil oh I see on the ship exact ship cold yeah okay I got it exactly okay that's possible that might be another nail in the coffin another straw that broke the camel's back I think I think the main purpose on the sinking of Titanic was number one is insurance if you go study it really wasn't even the Titanic had sunk it was its systems mechanic or the Olympic Olympic the Olympia our Olympic yeah and but then there's another reason on top of that some of the most powerful wealthy people the Astor's and I think the Astor's and others in this country were on board and lost their lives and these interestingly enough they were against the Fed as a no-reserve they were they were the very people who were opposed to the Federal Reserve System yeah I tend to think that was probably the major cause but then they you know anything that in time they loop things together I mean like the Kennedy assassination you know what just that he was going to pull us out of Vietnam and wasn't just that he was going to curtail the power of the Federal Reserve System and it was just the fact that you a prosecution organized crime or yeah or threatening to do rape the CIA it was just that combination got all together you got all those people think sums got to be done about this and so when he gets killed nobody says anything they just go along with the with the false narrative that's presented to us by the way I found what I was saying before you cannot have socialism without capitalism or it becomes communism but you cannot have capitalism without socialism or it becomes fascism yeah there you go and and that's that's very true and that's why you know we talk against socialism in this country all the time and yet we have you know look at Social Security look at Medicare look at the you know we got outcomes so exactly yeah and and I think that the trick is to hit a balance I need to write that down repeat that back to me that was a good one we can agree that you cannot have a socialism without capitalism or it becomes communism but you cannot have capitalism without socialism or it becomes fascist fashion and by the way folks I'm saying this that doesn't mean I'm a socialist just because I'm reading this but anyway I am looking they're thinking of the mechanism used to control humanity and there are plenty of these under two main umbrellas you mentioned them again is it religion and finance these are two top controlling mechanisms over humanity they have been in the past today religion is waning somewhat although it's still very strong and still impacts a lot of people a lot of people are convinced that something's ungodly then they're against it they're going to be against it okay so yes basically that's still going on but today the key thing I need to keep that social mechanism is money you know everything everything's money everything is tied to money and there are those I mean whole movies have been made about people are you know they're bank robbers not to date they'll do anything they got to get money you know but you know what I'm looking at how in the past you know countries would get into war to conquer land conquer resources and I'm looking at China for example they don't have to even drop a bomb here they're buying Hollywood and we're changing the culture and they basically if you look at some of the movies it's almost like China is a paradise and by the way I'm not demonizing China but I don't like the fact that they're changing our culture this way by taking over the Hollywood studios that's true in fact I've told people before I said don't look for a Chinese soldier to show up at your doorstep is it's going to be a guy in a business suit you're going to have piece of paper and he says here I own this place now get out right now on some today of the recording of this interview the Bilderberg Group is meeting in Virginia today folks is the Bilderberg Group a branch of the Illuminati Jim well yes and no number one all of the members of the Bilderberg Group are not Illuminati and some of them may be good folks but there is an inner core and also a lot of the people who attend the Bilderberg are not the decision-makers they're just representatives okay and this gets back comment to the corporate leadership let's say you got the guy who's making 50 million dollars a year is CEO or some giant multinational corporation you know is he a New World Order Illuminati tool well not consciously okay he may be a perfectly okay guy but he is the top administrator he does not really make the decisions he simply sees that the corporation operates in a productive and profitable manner and chances are he's got a Harvard Business School degree okay and he may be a perfectly okay guy but he has to answer to his board of directors who has to answer to the Chairman who asked to answer to the major stockholder and this is where a lot of people get confused because a lot of people think that to have the controlling stock of say some big corporation you have to have more than 51% that's not true you know if everybody if no one owns more than 3% of the stock in that company and you own 4% you're the majority stockholder and what you say goes this is how they control these corporations and they send their representatives to build a bird so that they can talk out and get the word on what the new policies and what the new programs are going to be and what they should support what they should not support I would love to have heard him at last year's Bilderberg and see how they were talking up okay you know Hillary is going to be present yeah if that if that was what was that it could have been in some of those back rims they're going okay you know we're all going to talk up Hillary but we're going to put Trumpy because he certainly has acted in their behalf in many instances yeah we're just thinking about that because obviously anybody who's going to be selected even as a candidate has to be going through the filter of the Illuminati I have no doubt about that but then again shrub is reversing some of these standings during the the election cycle at the same time I see him getting us out of TPP I see him getting them out of the Paris agreement which by the way a lot of people are just complaining about that but to me that's nothing but a 15 Julian dollar carbon tax exactly and what they want to do is reduce the co2 that you know if we got rid of all the co2 this world would be a dead planet no threes that doesn't does nobody does nobody understand that trees and plants and us depend on co2 for life you know in fact I was already I'm already upset about the way here in Texas they're just building and building and building you know where they think everybody's coming from I guess from California they're fleeing the state but and and they come in I see this out here because I'm out in rural Texas they come out here and they get a nice pretty patch of land and the first thing these builders do going there bulldoze all the trees and then do they chop them all up and and let people come and either buy or give them firewood and you know for the winter no they just put up big piles of burn them now the polluting air and they're killing all the trees what the hell's with that and that's going on and plus all the other deprivation against our environment and now they would come around in taxes you know for co2 you know which is life-giving that's what we have to have that's what trees and grass thrive on they they are and we'd all be healthier if there was more co2 so see everything's just topsy-turvy in the idiots are in charge it'd be people don't question that what I just said I don't but I know they watch it because they watch TV yes yes they watch TV and the TV is the biggest mind control mechanism ever devised and it's all under the control of five corporations everything you see in here and they're not just TV that's radio that's a except maybe from elder it says every year when I talk to you that number goes down one by the way yeah yeah exactly and and they control everything you see in here and that's not just news that's entertainment that's content that's movies records records tapes discs whatever there but music on these days and magazines billboards you name it everything you see in here is under the control of just a handful of corporations and they are all owned by interlocking directorships I was very very impressed with the fact that you included in the book let me just find my notes here let's see where is it I didn't expect it but it seems you didn't leave any stone unturned Jim you say quote on abs are bizarre note even today's music scene may be the product of a pre-world War two Nazi Illuminati plan to change music to replace tranquility and harmony with discontent and aggressiveness unquote I'm so glad you mentioned this in the book can you summarize for those who are listening the transition from for 400 432 Hertz to for 40 years the concert pitch be the tuning frequency change and for what reason right well yeah without going on long rigmarole throughout history most music has been tuned to a note at what is it when I put there three three four four thirty two used to be four thirty two went for 44 32 okay and at that tone that tone is a very homogenous tone and they use that tone when they're testing plants and stuff if you play music that's tuned to the 432 Hertz tone the plants tend to lean towards the speaker you know then they love and they thrive okay well they found that if you up at some you go up to 400 Hertz this is a jarring as a jarring effect on life plant life plants that are putting around with 440 which is a you know 432 has been throughout his they found ancient lutes played in ancient Egypt in places and there they're a dread 4:32 but when you go to 440 it's it produces a kind of a disharmony and it's very aggressive and and today classical most classical music is in 432 but if you go to a heavy metal banging your head and head banging some some forms of rock not all but some they that's put it up in the for 40 or 400 Hertz which is a very discordant and creates disharmony dissatisfaction agitation you know and this the Nazis found out about this in world war but prior to just prior or – and they found that that's why all the Nazis were marching to these big marching bands and they were playing at the 440 and it got people riled up and you know let's go March and let's go conquer the world and got them into that framework a friend man framework and it was done by a guy who had developed all this and realized that this is what they needed and that's why he was able to persuade the world music associations to shift to this 440 Hertz tone which we are still using today that would probably help us out a whole lot if we just had music that was soothing and pleasant I'm not not talking about elevator music reaches Lee but but just stuff it's a little bit higher tone than what we're getting but of course again that gets back to we're consuming society in a consuming society can't perpetuate itself if everybody's in harmony and living in peace and and feeling pretty contented about themselves in the world I have years ago the director of the Tucson Symphony about this and I asked him do what can you tell me what frequency used for the for tuning and he said 440 he thought that that was the only frequency that exists he didn't I was there yeah he thought that was it in and I started looking into this and now I have a piece of software that I've recommended to my listeners all the time you know all the classical music that you listen to these days it's at 4:40 now if you put say a CD or a tape or an 8-track or whatever into this piece of software that I have now you listen at 4:32 I mean you know who J whitener is right uh yeah well I send J this and he couldn't believe he called me and he said well I cried I actually cried by the feelings that I got from the music now so obviously to me this is beyond being discontent being on EC this ease stress all that stuff leads to one thing sickness and I think if we all went back to that 432 it would keep us even healthy yeah and now what do you got is it a disc what does it do it's a piece of software else initi if you want me to let's do this because I always like I listen mostly to classical music anyway and you're probably right what I'm probably listening to is is for is it the four-foot for 144 40 I would love to get it at the 432 I'm going to also send you the a portion of that interview did with them at the end of that interview I included some you know pieces of new classical music before and after so you could some people who have a better ear can really send us the difference but most people cannot only your body can hmmm not interesting and you're interested now I have to ask you about a tardy guy again so do you think that something is going on down there that we're not aware of absolutely but just don't ask me what it is because we're unaware of it they won't tell us what's going on down there the one thing that I do know is that you know the Vatican has built a telescope down there we have our own big huge one of our biggest telescopes down there and I think that that may have something to do with the whole idea of this planetary body called Planet X or endeavour or whatever and it's supposedly will be coming in within you know an insight at some near future date and if it does they say it'll be coming in from the you'll be able to see it first from the southern hemisphere so I'm thinking that they're just down there getting ready to keep track of that other way it's because pitocin hey but wait wait we'll melt along that there is obviously climate change going on there's something that's affecting the environment on this planet you know ice things are melting and things are heating up and blah blah blah but sorry Al Gore it's not our SUVs stay because whatever's going on male is solar system wide the Sun is acting a little funny it's not it's not doing it's not following its usual routine the ice caps on Mars are diminishing that means they're melting the some of the moons of Jupiter the ice is melting Jupiter there's things happening on that maybe they have SUVs there maybe so maybe if that said there's a lot of lot of Jupiter SUVs and in outer planets becoming more luminescent so anyway the point is whatever is happening this is solar system wide now what could be impacting the whole solar system well the only thing I can think of isn't the very arse or whatever that is some planetary body or maybe that some people say it's a small miniature solar system but anyway whatever it is it's on a lip to orbit that takes it around the earth every what is it 3,600 years something like that and that it's nearing its approaching noun that we may be able to see it in the not-too-distant future and that every time it comes by it causes disruption within the solar system and you know this could account for all of the erratic weather that we're having and it could also going back through history account for some of the great disasters like the Great Flood and blah blah blah things like that another way we exceeded the first hour we to take one and only break how can people by the Illuminati the secret society they hijacked the world before we come back after the break Jim have the people by the book and all your other great books well you can go to my website Jim Marrs calm that's Mars with two hours you can go to any bookstore and of course Amazon excellent folks this is a fascinating interview with Jim Mars the Illuminati the secret society that hijacked the world to have tons and tons of notes here of things that I want to discuss what we come back to dig deeper this is Mel fàbregas and you are listening to very tasks don't go anywhere thanks for listening to part 1 of this very important very test interview to listen to the rest head on over to the member section or subscribe at Barry times radio calm you don't wanna miss the rest don't forget to visit the very first or where you can find great products like pure organic software rebounders turmeric and other great supplements thank you

  1. Zechariah Sitchin was funded by the Rockefeller Foundation from what I have seen. So they likely had him push the Project Blue Beam theory that the Annunaki were aliens. I disagree, I think the Annunaki were just a local word for the Atlanteans, who had the power and technology of flight, the mathematics and knowledge of agriculture ans science (that would seem like magic to the natives) and who could manipulate DNA. And who lusted after gold. Since we already know from Edgar Cayce's readings that the the Atlanteans genetically created a race of human animal hybrids to serve as their worker slaves, it is no stretch to see that they could tweak the locals DNA for certain reasons and also 'lust after mortal women' as the Annunaki were also were known to do…mating with the beautiful natives.

  2. No matter how educated you think you are, or how much research you claim to do or have done, if you don’t understand that the “annunaki” are nothing more than demons and Satan as described in your bible as the rulers of this world, then you are simply uneducated and haven’t done proper research. Yes the ancients, just as in modern day and all throughout history, people have gotten much information and secret wisdom and knowledge from spirit beings disguised as “aliens” or anything else you can imagine to deceive mankind. True knowledge comes from God, anything else is nonsense, stupidity and foolishness. The Illuminati are Satan worshipers as are all other secret societies and Freemasons. Their knowledge comes from spirit beings so long as they continue to worship them. This has been going on from the very beginning of the creation of man.

  3. Not only a very intelligent informative and meticulous investigator . But an honest and sincere gentleman . Inimitable .

  4. So we are debt slaves. And the powers that be are maneuvering to further enslave humanity. We must admit they are pretty good at it. The big question and main issue is….what do we do about it? How do we remove the parasites without killing the host? A couple things I can think of are making video's like this interview viral. At the same time, and more important, evolve consciousness. It's a good thing to be aware of the bad guy's and what they are doing. It is extremely important to spend more time and energy developing the good. Someone said "There is no need to shovel out the darkness. Simply turn on the light."

  5. Its true Illuminati all way down to Atlantis…the pre diluvians humanoid call Homocapencis….fund on Peru Bolivia Mexico Ukrania Egypt Irak…and in the Vatican and Global Bankers

  6. Jim was one cool guy who lived in an isolated small house with his wife I believe. Always a pleasure to listen to him. Miss you Jim.

  7. He apparently died from a heart attack………gun…………People who speak out against this stuff don't get to live too long

  8. What if someone hijacked the central bank and dispersed all the money to all accounts in the world equally, Would the world be a better place?

  9. Dude, knights templars are evil, so many lodges that worship satan. Literally they want to remove Christianity from earth

  10. . I’ve done a lot of dmt, the dmt serpent during a trip telepathically told me to let go of Christ at my heart. I challenged it days later by calling to christ and crying to god before I inhaled .2 of white dmt remember, CHRIST BROUGHT DOWN THE PHYSICAL TEMPLE, his keys he left are to be placed over our pineal. Our body is the temple. THIS MAN, is getting things twisted, man made religion, Christ rebuked the money changers. The canonical bible was rearranged and rewritten and shoved down the worlds throat by European imperialist . Man created it for a form of control. We’re all royalty, it’s in our design to see the face of the God of Jacob, and Christ’s key.

  11. Wow. You've grown so much! I've been following you since 2017 and you used to be small back then. Good to see you have grown so much!

  12. I want to really know what Jim had to say about the rapidly growing phenomenon of Flat Earth movement in US and elsewhere.

    Did Jim believe in FE theory or is he conventional when it comes to the shape of our Earth.

  13. White people ALWAYS try to fit their existence in somehow, nah bruh , show me a Native White Man At ANY time in History. Isn’t it STRANGE that ALL of the scholars and historians in which we get All this Bullshit information from are WHITE. THEY ARE THE MINORITY OF THE WORLD but somehow knows and finds everybody’s History , relics , dinosaur bones 😂😭🤣, religions etc. The Majority of the world speaks a white mans language for a reason.

  14. Omg. I can't listen to this person any longer. I'd heard about Mars & thot I'd listen in ..yikes❗ What a rube❗ Knocking climate control❓saying we'd all be better off with MORE carbon in the air❗ Putting down all the intellectuals as either communists or to be scorned, in general ❗ I lived in Texas & this is how most think❗. We had to ESCAPE their ignorance & we FLED back to Chicago ❗ Best thing we ever did. I know he's passed on but folks❗ PLEASE get your own facts & discount 90% of what he spews❗

  15. Dagaan Galakticos; Also try:Milton William Cooper: 'Behold A Pale Horse,' Parahamsa Yogananda: 'Autobiography Of A Yogi,' Zingdad: 'The Ascension Papers,' and Marshall Vian Summers: 'The Allies Message To Humanity.' Good reading and God Bless all x

  16. Go to ; https://www.432player.com/
    For a free downloadable hertzian retuner that will pitch-shift your loaded tracks to the more natural, softer frequency x

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