Jeffrey Lewis History of Communism part 5 North Korea

this is the complete history of communism part 5 communism in North Korea Korea is a mid-sized land surrounded by China Russia and Japan a humble nation surrounded by three mighty forces long ago it was known as the Hermit Kingdom isolated from the world but self-sufficient Korea had its own language and inventions and resources when the rest of the world reached colonial times Europe and Japan both wanted that colonial prize East and West wanted Korea who would win Japan annexed Korea in 1910 and life under the Japanese was cruel but Korean landlords and police helped them to rule the richest Koreans and the vicious imperialists collaborated the first Korean communists was a woman Alexandra Kim she was in Russia but a few Koreans joined in maybe communism could get rid of the Japanese conquerors most Koreans hated the Korean Communist Party was just a few people at best one was kim seongju a teenage student who got arrested when he got out he fled and joined Mao's army he fought in China Korea but he fought the Japanese and a legend spread back in Korea about a Korean army commander fighting in China kim il-song mean become the son and became the new name of this star and when Kim was the last commander alive in his section and the Japanese had his troops down to a fraction he let his last men to safety across a river for the USSR so the next chapter in kim il-sung's life began at he left mouse army with refrain as a Soviet Army man he fought in Stalin's army through World War two and when Japan was crushed it was Korea's dream come true but like Germany after the Nazis were finished Korea was also in question with the Japanese banished it'll be the communist East or the capitalist West that would give it direction so just like East and West Germany a similar decision found to cut Korea in half along the 38th parallel the North the Stalin's Russia the south to America's protection Stalin picked kim il-song to be leader in the north cygwin Rhee was the South's leader America put forth through the late forties with a propaganda fight both called the other a puppet and both were sort of riot one big problem with North Korea to be fair was there were very few Korean communists even there the leaders were mostly foreigners from China and the Soviet Union then one big problem with South Korea to be fair was America put back in power all the rich Koreans there all those buns who collaborated Japan came right back to rule them another irony is Korea had its own communist party but was based in the south riches couldn't get things started meanwhile both leaders were like pawns hoping to be Kings both wanted to conquer the other and rule everything 1950 Kim got Stalin's permission and sent the North Korean troops across the border on a conquering mission the South Koreans fled like Kim hoped would happen the Kim underestimated how much America was committed he thought the US wouldn't send troops to Korea but we did so it was Kim's turn to flee because it was our excuse to see him flattened but then it was America's turn for disastrous turnabout we haven't thought the giant Chinese army would come out so the Korean War was really Americans versus Chinese with Korea in the crossfire of this mini World War three well we reinforced the new technologies like napalm but the Chinese seemed endless there was even talk of using an a-bomb and for three horrible years there was slaughter and nobody went in then America and China vows both backed off because they were even but with millions dead and cities destroyed for no reason Korea ended up divided just the same as at the war's beginning Kim still wanted more power but still needed Russia and China's help the only rivals he could get rid of were Korean communists themselves then he told everyone to believe in Joo che his philosophy of self-reliance and he did improve North Korea's economy and science so North Korea prospered for a time but by the 70s was in decline Oh Kim pictus son Kim jong-il to lead in his departure North Korea even started nuclear power programs economy just kept flowing and slowing I'm on the Soviet Union collapsed North Korea most it's lost its most important partner I'm like a metaphor for the growing problems in his payoffs old Kim had a neck tumor that they Trump from photographs in fact it got so big he gotten dis fights with his kid okay that didn't really happen but it would have been crazy if it did not North Korea is a Hermit Kingdom again ruled by Kim Jong Il and his army man isolated from the world but even worse than in the past but if North Korea continues to get rid of its nuclear programs tomorrow it can still be an example for the rest of the world to follow maybe trade sanctions will lift and the people will rise and make their own fate at last it was great

  1. My Mom Waz Born South Korea In November 24, 1982
    When She Waz Little, She Moved To U.S.A I Waz Born In Smithfield

  2. 역시 얘네 눈에 동양 복식은 전부 삿갓 쓰고 댕기는걸로 보이는듯..
    그나저나 국민당군은 무시하는 클라스 ㅋㅋ 따이완 남바 완!

  3. As usual… A country full of people subjugated to rich and corrupt elites. Elites greedy for power and using foreign help on their plans to become kings but instead becoming ruthless pawns who gives no shit about their own people.

  4. @dongsoola

    still, Kim Jong il and Kim il sung are both fucking morons and deserve death! 😀 I love you dongsooladick

  5. Also Kim, Il Sung didnt want Korea divided
    and wanted joined election between SK and NK.
    It is the US backed up SK first president Seung Man who had election on SK alone which decisively divided Korea.

  6. Again very misleading point in the song.
    There were lots of lots of communsm idea spreading in Korea.
    But under US occupation these people were arrested, killed, and massacred.
    When war broke out, while SK army retreating like 300,000 SK people under communist list were massacred.

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