1. These beauty influencers are ALL really predatorial and toxic to each other and prey on younger influencers and audience viewers . Like James is like 20 lmao . Tatti is like 40 and Jeffree is in his 30's . Let him live and learn. So much lateral queer violence with these wealthy influencers .

  2. I’m kinda ashamed that I supported Jeffree I honestly never knew him until Shane did the documentary with him.

  3. These people are disgusting… I don't even like James Charles but this was 100% that old cunt Jeffree being jealous and trying to take down James.

  4. I follow Jeffrey star. Never heard of other 2 until this saga. I think they are all carrying on like 2 year olds. All of them should put this to rest and go back to doing what your fans followed you for.

  5. How do these people have any subs? The fact that people follow these people looking like drag queens is scary…

  6. After Shane's series about Jeffree I was totally down to give him a chance, mostly because I think his persona is interesting and I relate to him about smoking weed, but then it came out that he called Jackie Aina a gorilla, so to me the Shane documentary felt deceptive and twisted in his favour to make it seem like he hadn't been racist in years. And now these texts and tweets to James are borderline psychotic and evil. He literally wanted to DESTROY James, which I don't understand at all and this behaviour scares me

  7. I never watched either of these "beauty gurus" I honestly don't understand them… but thanks for the drama update Ethan!

  8. My hairdresser used to live with Jeffree in LA. She said he stole more than one of her boyfriends and actually walked in on him fucking one of them in their kitchen once.

    Jeffree radiates an extremely hostile energy and he is on the defense 100% of the time. He is willing to do or say anything to get heat off of him and onto anyone he believes (whether he’s right or wrong) is attacking him. I would be scared shitless to ever associate with him.

  9. This just goes to show you how fake Hollywood is everybody was unfollowing James Charles because it was cool it was a thing it was trending that's just so crazy and stupid

  10. Not defending or accusing anyone but how is Ethan gonna say "stay with your friends" when he made a video criticizing pewdiepie when he already was under fire.

  11. It’s disappointing that people in my age range (30 and up) are online trying to act cool and hip like the younger kids but end up looking like that mom from Mean Girls with the pink outfit and hard as rock boobs.

  12. Thank you so much for using your platform to call him out…people ignored completely what he did to james…it's disgusting…

  13. H3H3 is the only non-starter channel who's video on this "drama" isn't getting a shit ton of views lol😆
    This proves that their audience isn't completely full of superficial "normie" DOUCHEBAGS like myself LOL

  14. Dude! The makeup community does not talks about what they don’t fuckin know! So really man stop getting your fuckin nose and speak from something you don’t know just bc you know perfectly that it was very popular you just want to fucking pull people from their. That’s low!!!! Stop getting in shit that is not you type FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!

  15. God damn you all are actually stupid. James shut Tati and JS up by issuing a C&D. They couldn't continue to talk or he'd go after them. They cut their losses. This is so plainly obvious. I hate so many people really fell for James Highly scripted PR video. Shame.

  16. Seeing how closed minded all you guys are is so disgusting & seeing all these nasty comments about someone and their appearance and how they should die ect ect.
    when in the video he said “we shouldn’t be so quick to think one way of a situation or a person until all the facts are out” there’s obviously something going on behind the scenes that’s forcing everyone to stay quiet. If you look at how quickly everything got taken down and ended there’s obviously more to the story.
    James literally started his WHOLE career on a lie, would not surprise me if he went the craziest lengths and lies to protect it as well.

  17. Its funny how when you combine the catty behaviours of women and the aggression and competitiveness of a male you get people who can brew up shitstorms bigger and faster than usual

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