Jeff Monson Talks Politics, Communism, Anarchism and BJJ

today I mean we've got to say the obvious that you know there was no not like people that was suffering I would say that people would have the knowledge there were enough people go out there and spread the news that there's another way and you'd learn that way like the alternatives and people would stand up and rich-poor everybody go ahead let's change the way society is because it read there is something better than this Oh you just walk well I mean it so this is right I get frustrated you know D about it the more I learn the more you know like you see the government's doing this and there's laws against that I mean the laws are set up to protect the corporates and what you'll it's in the rich and they just keep voting each other in and keep giving themselves positions of power and unfortunately people are apathetic you know they're afraid of change and they just you know like Republican Democrat Republican Democrat you know or labor Tory labor try the same thing so they both come in and then you know they may bitch about the defects and it's like people are able to make their own decisions for themselves people as a unit as a society can make decisions they need a hospital then over the hospital they need to set up you know something for irrigation they know how to do it they need to build a road no they don't need a governor or magistrate or prime minister to say yeah you know I'm going to take this money put aside for this you know we'd have a lot less war I know that and you know that the laws are set up to protect the corporation you know in the United States corporations and the rich pay less tax than anybody else you know it press the percentage you know that the bulk falls on the floor in the middle class yet we're the ones that go to war we're the ones that are the policemen that do all the work the doctors the taxi drivers the hotel clerks that we do all the work and then they're gathering the profits so you know go on and on about it but you know it's a frustrating thing because you know it's so you got to educate people like hey look you can take charge in life and you can do something you don't have to just sit there and look like like a sheep you just hope things you know hope they vote for something that benefits you and hope that they don't you know take away funding for the school that you can get kid go to or hope that they don't close the hospital that's in your house or hope that they don't you know cat less teachers and your the costumes are overcrowded for your kids you know hope that you can get health care and hope hope hope when they're not out for either out for the corporations that got them in office and gave them the you know contributions to their campaigns to begin with so they owe them that's you know old boys club so on top the first effort I'm gonna go to floss is the Wolves the first rule is on top I always have to have my weight on my god I never want space right that's just common sense as soon as there's a little bit of space keep you out you're under attack okay pour in a little bit of space gets his knees okay either way always want my weight always want my weight oh my god okay so when I'm moving I always want way or never I never take myself class okay now get your passes same thing on the back okay I want to put the hook in I can't do that from here times almost those traditional guys ajussi guys from here they will roll out every time if I because my weights on my knees okay and I can't move how can I move I'm gonna have to get my weight off them to move it and they're gone okay from here any time you get it guys back that's finished um okay so if I want to move here okay or you see you later I have my weight on you all the time this is a lot different than this okay so in this road there's an old wrestle this is caught okay but weights on that my the guy and his chin it from the swing drop just finish me jank my fake switch I'm switching directions switch switch we wait all time feel the way all the time I never was never any space ok gonna move it ok gotta build a move and keep the weight on your guy ok so first rule always happy with any part on top no space alright what anybody know language shrimp firstly thanks peg that your question okay you oh it's like they did credit with student marcelo garcia like arguably the best pound-for-pound route from the world show is this joke okay he's extremely strong and the thing he said by him he's very quick but he's quick because it's strong right here okay it's not like power looked away from strong but he's very good he's very strong through here that's why like that spin drill and going from side to side he's really really good at that okay so this or Dylan going down touching your toes hard you go coming up started to hear if you have like back problems have I got it's good for it okay just airport because it's not like putting pressure on it but it strengthens the whole the whole up coring that okay the whole pan right why scoop you know I have a bunch of seminars in the first time I teach a group you know start coming at the basics I know everybody knows how to do triangle and Kimura and block and stuff like that so I try to like the philosophy behind the techniques that way when they set the technique so know how they got our position not just rolling all I see this I'm going to go for it but putting yourself in a strategic position to set those up whether you know like we've given the guys number many options and when they go this way you've got this setup when you go this way you got this with this so so a lot of what I share today on top was keeping the guys back down always having under books and posture posture props are very important things that no matter whether you're a wrestler or traditional to you guys stand up got whatever it is when you're on top those are things you always want to do no matter what your game is they were over a couple passes from there which you know I'd be the cause of that like but the most important thing is like I said it's the positions that posture the networks that keeping the keep it tight keeping the back five those things will set up everything else so that's that's kind of like on top what I teaching beginning like boom knife in here knife in here create space it was how time explode off okay now to show when you do this with your partner I want you to do this but I want to show a little detail did the other side Oh get me really tough put your hand right in here okay guys for the guys guy you like this if you just like he's not trying to do nothing except just hold on okay I look I'm not flexible enough to put my arm and to put it in as collar right here okay so what I'm going to do is this I'm going to grab like the back of my head and just slide that along my cheek go back and I'm going to put it right here get it again I'm grabbing right here the watch hop sliding it's just going to catch his forehead and then go down to his cheek ooh what time grab grab grab grab grab oh okay so as a card don't do that just know that you have to do that if you put some space right in here okay I could bail to put it in and that should do that okay all right so we dip on it going three and three go three times put it up so big good partner that means on top you're putting your weight on okay but you're not crushed put your weight off so you can feel what it's like to get out and Oh mate don't make it easier than ever get in the room master you know when people ask me : whatever you would have I don't look what do you I am so what do you think ideal society would be like well everybody's working there's a welfare you know I want you know people get along and you know people I want education health care and and maybe like I said everybody working on you know this education for kids at school and you know that's that's anarchy every that's a society of free individuals cooperating mutually like cooperating and having look I'm going to go to school the we have school set up that are you know the amount of hours you'd have the work would be cut by two-thirds you know because you're we're supporting the rich on supporting the corporations that are trying to make profits off of what kind of a system is capitalism when it's a system where we're thrown in a pit where and the rich have nine percent of resources watching us from above and we're all fighting for the ten percent and we're taught to believe that that's the best way you can be one of us if you if you fight hard enough it could be one of us to be fighter enough they put a joke why why not have a society where we're not animals you know we are animals but we're smart enough we have morals we have you know a soul we can make decisions that benefit everybody we can have a society where hey would you like to work if you want health care you want education and we want food and shelter and transportation to your job that's anarchy you don't have to have four houses in two boats and like that and that's not realistic yeah that's not realistic but having everything you need and a lot more free time and and a better welfare for your kids that's that's realistic we just have to spread the resources either way would be a job for everybody you know there's just job for everybody America right now if they if they creamed every house and every company and winterize every this and and put in solar project all this there'd be and like the infrastructure and roads and bridges and all that stuff in schools and putting more teachers aides and more doctors I said there would be a job for everybody that want I want to know right now but then if they don't make profit fit then then it's still good and here I'm not up here because then he's going to come up here right here can't prepare my hands me and who as I'm sitting on my bunk like a lawyer I'm sliding down underneath is no cage I'm exploding me I gotta come up exploded I'm not have speed okay oh there's like this heating already okay now inside I can't push down against my own leg that's why okay inside inside question okay let's not spend a lot of time on this one I want to get to the pasture solsa man sploded pull them on sinem okay I always set them okay I take my time the Necker is not going where's ego hang on hang on okay he can't go anywhere okay wawk wawk wawk club I don't even look down I can feel I don't look down I keep my posture up take my time taking my time under that so go in here okay do it and you know you drop's now watch this guy's I'm going to pick a side inside and I'm also going to do is slide under okay look how my hips are defunded okay and now I'm going to go to that now I'm going to come back smell select pass the plan plan go there no amazing to go down artful look baby's deep okay all right your questions all right three three there is another wine people those that's gonna hit that with all right the people don't think and the irony all this is it I feel like people Republicans are right when they're like yeah we don't need you gotta get rid of food stamps Social Security and and free health care for the poor on all these things are is money in creation is that you need to cut the social program it's like with an aside you where you're not competing for for food competing with your neighbor for a house competing your neighbor for a job competing for it to live for health care Lisa you would have all that you wouldn't have to have a social net to catch people who fall for the crafts because you would there would be enough for everybody and you would have a job for everybody so you would have to worry about the people reaching off society and getting free medical and free this and free that and this about it every everybody would be a contributing member of society but that's the thing we can't if they can't make profit off it then Oh you

  1. How can you be an anarchist and a communist? Anarchy should mean freedom from government. Communism wouldn’t bring that.

  2. All you confused people decrying wall st and bailout and america thats called corporatism and cronyism america doesnt have a majority capitalist system its like I said corporatist crony system china has a similar more strict system. Its state own or controled economy. Capitalism is simply the free voluntary exchange of goods between people. Anarchy simply means no govt. Communism and socialism varys ideologically but it's no border and in some cases national borders etc… they are confused lol. state owned everything with the goal lol to give it all back to the people. Power begets more power. Anarchists communist contradict naturally the state of human as all are individuals first, they want no govt and no private property the only way to enforce this utopia always and forever is by force and govt is the monopoly of force.

  3. I respect Jeff as a fighter. However his views are outright wrong. Although capitalism has its flaws for sure, but in communism, they have their own set of elites that usurp wealth also. At least in capitalism you just need to create a need that people want and you can do well selling your products and services. You dont need to be part of the communist elite.
    Communism is a failed experiment the world over. Its killed tens of millions of people and has starved and impoverished even more. If your so vehement about communism then go live there; where an M.D/Dr only makes 15 bucks a month.
    And anarchy? Really? Lol. Ok.
    The strong will either take advantage of or kill the weak.
    I like and respect you Jeff…..but your wrong.

  4. hierarchy is natural. there will never be such thing as anarchy. the moment one hierarchy is down another hierarchy is up. that's how nature works. face it and find the problem elsewhere. to the sistem that empowers the present hierarchy.

  5. Capitalism kills 20 million people annually either through imperialist wars,starvation or lack of basic healthcare. Capitalists are either terribly misguided or just sick bastards.

    Stalin turned a third world backwater into arguably the strongest nation on earth inside 20 years with a planned economy. An unrivalled achievement that will most likely never be repeated.

  6. Este wey rifa, un anarquista que hace deporte, la mayoría sólo gritan anarquia después de drogarse

  7. While I agree only in part with his overall philosophy (people can’t organize themselves without a central body), he’s no doubt a good human being. And he’s got one hell of a scary can-opener.

  8. so does anyone out there wanna talk about the elephant in the room???… He's obviously off of the juice…

  9. Faking Low IQ IDIOT includes Doctors and Taxi drivers in the same socio economic class  Send Moron Munson to North Korea

  10. If it was anarchy people like this guy would be in control, and he would probably be beating the sht out of everyone, so be thankful it's not

  11. this guy is an idiot. anarchy is the complete lack of any system, and always leads to poverty and dictatorships. comunism leads to slaves to the state. good fighter tho.

  12. This guy knows grappling, but he lacks understanding of the complexities of how the market works.

  13. Commie scum, move to North Korea and see if you have any freedom, you won't be able to even practice jiu jitsu.

  14. So he thinks that poor people are treated better under communism and corporations should work for free? What a fucking retard.

  15. what a fucking moron…he whines about how terrible the US is and about authority and corporations and then goes on to praise the most corrupt, kleptocratic, authoritarian communist countries in the world as if Russia and China are better. What a fucking CLOWN.

  16. What an intellectually lazy man. Its always the people that know the least about politics that think democracy and capitalism are unnecessary and that if we all just agree to "get along" then we could achieve some sort of utopian society. Even if you know nothing about politics its easy to see the difference between something like democracy and a dictatorship. To someone like Monson there's no point voting because everything is fucked and all politicians are corrupt. When things are broken we fix them. We don't burn everything down to the ground and start from scratch. It's also funny that he wants anarchy but claims that education and healthcare are valuable. The countries that have the best education and healthcare are the ones that are socialist democracies. I would say stick to fighting but you're not even good at that

  17. Corps, elite and rich are practically all joos though, Jeff. Yet to hear you comment on it……
    Daily Stormer website is about the only entity reporting on it.
    1930s Germany was the happiest nation and most productive/wealthy in the world, after joos looted and stole its wealth, in 3 yrs Hitler had it as the wealthiest and why war was declared on it. Germanys birth rates set records, abortion made illegal, gun laws lowered to 18, with no gold and only 10% military gdp, it was made wealthy, Crime and unemployment eradicated

  18. But wouldnt anarchy lead to a group of the most powerful anarchists ruling everyone else? Its seems like all forms lead to this. Communism social ism capitalism. It all leads to the most powerful ruling the weak. Its human nature. Thats why everyone's political views make me laugh to my self. Its a fight against nature.

  19. The death cult made by a child from rich parents who never worked a day in his life who's hobbies were apocalyptic poetry raping house maids then kicking the pregnant women out on the street continues on with a never ending stream of Useful Idiots wanting everything for merely existing.

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