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all righty hello guys welcome you faces back to another store works video today we are gonna go ahead and test out a Kawasaki ki-45 yes okay so let's go ahead and open up these doors there it is right there it actually looks a lot smaller in person than it did in in the pictures on the Steam Workshop but um it still looks cool so we're gonna go ahead and open this canopy I guess this is the way you gain I'm not entirely sure if that had a good site that has a good site and you can move it Wow okay that's cool you can't move up and down but you can move it side to side that's nice alright close our canopy awesome we got whatever this is on the top I don't really know and then we got the canopy on the front as well that we can open up get inside close and we got a hood here as well but I don't think it's gonna it might here we go instrument lights we got those good incite there it is look at that beautiful we have nerve lights okay we've got a heater as well if we need it fuel pump fuel pump starter starter okay get them running get them running okay we got to hold them down until they start wait we're moving we are actually moving okay okay I'm fine with that I'm fine with that let's go pitch up pitch up no yes all right we're fine we're fine okay we're in the air landing gear bring that up beautiful okay even the back landing gear move there look at that alright nice so they do actually go up and the front ones do actually fold into the engine which is nice okay we do have flaps we have a stabilizer let's put the stabilizer on what does that do it actually makes us go up weirdly that's a bit strange but it's ok it's ok I think it's actually primarily a stabilizer for roll and stuff like that we can't actually fully pitch over now but if we turn it off we can which is nice we do actually have two Rockets I want to use them I really do want to use them so let's fly towards what is this island in front of us that's the Allen we just came from let's go to this one on our right with the big with the big mound and we'll fire at that and we'll see what it does we also have Ariel one Ariel on the wing I don't know what that's sending or receiving I don't know but um ok cool get inside we got the gun sight ok go to the side here and in three two one rocket and rocket ah yes hit the target and dodge the target that's nice okay right I want to try those out against let's say a tanker that's a good idea let's do that okay so before we actually just respawn and get the Rockets we're gonna hook go ahead and try and land this thing because that seems like a good idea to me where's our brakes that's a good incite okay the brakes where are the brakes other than yeah all right cool we got our brakes on we probably shouldn't to be fair we do need to pop back inside and turn them on in a second though okay here we go here we go can I I can actually close off the throttle from my keys that's good that's good we rarely ever get that opportunity here we go go sideways we're drifting in for a landing we're trying to drift it all right we are drifting across the airport and we have successfully landed wait look at that back landing gear it totally like falls over a bit that's okay though it helps with the turning anyway we managed to land we do actually have two missing propellers or two missing blades one from each side okay okay I'm happy with this I'm happy with this let's go ahead and respawn it we'll get the Rockets back and we'll try and attack a tanker alright everybody ready we're gonna go ahead and close the canopy again we're gonna go ahead and throttle to full this time because last time it went anyway and we're gonna go ahead and do this and this and then we're gonna get out of here we do we are gonna go slightly left but that's okay all right again site let's put that on let's go slightly left so we don't have to ram any mountains or anything like that and we'll eventually get into the sky here we go landing gears coming up awesome now all we need to do is select the mission and fly over to it surprisingly the mission is actually already here let's go ahead and select it there we go we're gonna turn to the side we're only four kilometers away that's not very far we'll be there in no time alright we're pretty much almost there so we're gonna go ahead and launch our rockets in a few seconds I do want to be going a little bit slower so we can actually like see them hit I guess oh wow we are very close alright let's line up our gun site here we go and then what button is it one and two bah boom we hit it I think did we hit it I'm sure we did we smacked them right into that tanker ah awesome I just wish they did a bit of damage I don't think they did I don't think they do much damage at all but that's okay alright let's fly over against inspect the damage maybe yeah there is like no damage uh but we hit that's good the good sites actually work ok so I can no longer see very much we're gonna go ahead and try a nighttime landing this seems like a bad idea but I'm sure it'll be fine all right landing gears going down there we go the backbone pops out instantly just look at this what that's crazy alright we're gonna go ahead and turn ourselves around and we're gonna land ourselves back at the airport we took off from ok turn it around turn it around here we go we are actually getting pretty low to the water here uh it's actually I find it really difficult to deal with that sometimes I feel like I'm way higher than I am um but you generally can't see you in your above water cuz it's just difficult to see here we go well lined up almost on the runway and I can't see anything I can't see anything at all oh we bounced that was pretty bad landing that was a pretty bad landing but we did lund so that's good that's a good thing look at us go do you have any proper lights in what's going on there why is that plumb the brakes on is it gonna stop doing that what is going on yo that's not right nice that is not right how much field do we have and stuff like that how about tree is almost full that's okay altitude okay we don't need to look at that fuel feels okay that's fine left engine now PS right engine okay yeah okay so we got all the instruments that we could possibly want that's go ahead and open up this canopy jump outside and leave this plane right here alright it's morning time I actually want to see if we can hit a oil tanker with this now I've found that the easiest way to get into this thing is through the back one you jump into the backseat then you close the canopy and then you get in the front otherwise you have to use this handle which you know doesn't really use that much time but I don't know I just find it easier doing it the other way around okay let's go ahead and start these up go ahead and throw first do these as well I forget a bunch of things sometimes that's okay we're moving okay now nav lights I don't need the gunsight I do kind of want to move to the side we're now drifting hopefully we didn't lose any blades I don't think we did all right awesome we're moving we're going again we're going okay so the idea is that we go ahead and we launch both rockets at the same time and then we get a picture because the pictures are cool I like doing that in like any game I like taking pictures of things and this is definitely one of the things I would like to take a picture of it just looks good it looks awesome and then what we might do is we might actually try and fly it to another airfield or something like that we should try and land it somewhere I don't know here we go you ready one and two at the same time and then pause it there we go there you go look at that for a picture oh yes look at that that's awesome we've got a plane and we've got a missile coming from the plane BAM screen shot that's awesome is that gonna hit the target though oh it's using the rockets – amazing alright press Pete Bam Bam oh yeah they both hit I think did the one on the left here on the right sorry I don't know I don't know whether it hit you know what new plan new plan we're gonna fly over to the cooling tower and we're gonna fly we're gonna try and land on the top of it that seems like a bad idea but we're gonna try it okay so we're probably gonna need brakes for this one we're gonna go ahead and lower our Lauro a landing gear as well to try and catch ourselves and yeah I don't even know at the top of this looks like I know this is a big hole in cooling towers because that's what they are that's they're just big holes big funnels I don't think we're big enough to actually land on it are we gonna have to try and put ourselves somewhere here we go no didn't quite work didn't quite work we're going down Mayday Mayday landed nope alright no the best landing but um totally landed we're safe yeah really not the best though really not the best landing um I tried though I did try I'm trying to think of what else we can actually do with this thing I don't feel like this many things that you can do with a fighter to be honest I guess we could try and hit like a little fishing boat and see if it tips it over let's do that that's a good idea okay we got to get inside this is the other way of getting in all you need to do is press this button go ahead and grab this point down towards the floor crouch and then you're up and it's relatively easy to do so anybody can do it okay there we go nav lights we need those on gun sight we don't really need that on as of right now I don't think it's got any landing lights or anything like that however I don't really know if it did in real life so so there you go all right starting the engines everybody ready we're gonna go left to begin with because then we fall off a cliff rather than crashing into a mountain and flying that way here we go you ready we're falling off a cliff and we're in the air landing gear you coming up and returning towards the boat I was just thinking about things then and I really really really want to see some sort of slow-motion button that we can press like the one in simple planes because that'll be awesome if we're firing rockets that are super fast and we won't really be able to see them having it literally just be like in slow motion would be way easier right you know I think that's a good idea but um maybe I don't know let me know what you guys think about that in the comments down below all right here we go you ready uh let's see if we can even hit I get this small okay okay hurry how are they both missed they both went through the water underneath damn it I tried there as well I'm not very good at flying planes actually you know what I don't think that's my fault to be fair I mean it is my fault but it's not my fault they had to him oh they are quite hard to him although they do go in a straight line quite well I don't know um but we did miss our rockets so the only reasonable thing to do now is to help them by crashing into them right there you go all right we helped we've tipped them upside down therefore their fire will go out in no time good job me good job now is everybody okay yes we did the mission we did the mission good job everybody we are so successful it is unbelievable yeah right there's dudes in the water I didn't realize there was dudes on this mission isn't there usually three people hold on a minute hold on one second have we killed the guy as well have we killed the guy and saved the other two is that what we've done no I don't think there's any other dudes all right we did it good job everybody good job okay it's time to bring out the brake go down a little oh I can't even speak it's time to bring out the big guns that's what I meant to say right okay engine displays throw engine there we go good we're good additional for heavy lifting no we're good all right clutch let's go yeah we're ready to go so our mission right now is to go and rescue or take those things from the water and I don't know put them away somewhere okay so we should be pretty much almost there now we are less than a clock in fact I can see it let's go ahead and turn off this thingamabob a here we go remove this and we can actually see them oh wait huh wait a minute we could see them yeah we still can we're gonna try and pick up just one of the things oh we might be able to pick up both I don't think we're gonna be able I don't know which one do we want to say first I probably want to pick up the plane to be fair and then after that we'll pick up the boat but I don't know it is a bit late though so can we turn the searchlight on there a euro searchlight is on and then we can actually search light down searchlight down there we go we can point it down towards the water and we could in fact I don't even see the boat are the boat might anticipate because the mission was failed or finished yeah we did actually manage to do the mission – that's great all right okay let's go ahead and pick up the plane then because it's the only thing that we can pick up all right how do I even how does one even do this this seems a little bit hard to do a little bit a little bit difficult to do it is still running as well the planes right engine is still spinning okay let's get like directly above the center so that our weight is okay there we go go forwards quite a bit there we go yes forwards forwards forwards forwards more yes okay fantastic can we can we I don't know how we control the thing how do we control the thing Oh what the heck yo yes this is what we need okay I couldn't remember this at all okay right we're gonna try and pop this right where we want it which is right in the middle there we go probably above the wings to be fair yes about there that's good all right lift the plane here we go we probably want to do it further forwards to be fair but that's okay heavy lifting come on you can do it oh yeah okay maybe not maybe you cut that was not a good idea right we need to get back to base this thing is falling out the sky oh it's wiggling around all over the place why are those things on the site what are those I don't even know what those things are all right we need to get over to the island quickly we up Oh falling on the sky we're dead we're dead right moroni and pepper we're at the bottom of the ocean how do I get out of here let me out let me out oh no come on go go go to the surface I'm gonna die I'm gonna die no way that is incredible we're just gonna take out the sky by ourselves what was that I was so that was so wet all right but um yeah I was interesting wasn't it um if the helicopter definitely could have picked that thing up it's just we needed to balance it out a little bit uh yeah riperoni and pepperoni to that thing and also to the Fisher people and that plane but um yeah I'm gonna go ahead and leave it's really here here for now hopefully it was a little bit longer than the other videos I'm gonna try and make them about 20 minutes now because of that poll but thank you guys for watching also thank you to the guys that commented on that poll and actually submitted a vote that's nice of you and yeah you guys are gonna check these things out they'll be linked down below and finally if you guys want to join the discord that's also linked down below as well anybody thank you for watching hope you guys enjoyed the video and I'll see you guys in the next home goodbye

  1. We need some type of way to hurt your friends in this game like a knife or fist or plasma cutters when the door doesn't open or work

  2. U should see if they have a Japanese Zero or a F4U Corsair they were both amazing aircrafts during WW2.

  3. The thing on he top was a “Schräge Musik” cannon which planes like the “Do-217 N-1”has and It basically is a set of guns that point upwards that allows said plane to go under a bomber and destroy said bomber via the “Schräge Musik” cannons

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