Jan Józef Lipski – Poland: a ‘Hitlerised’ country? (23/215)

Today I think it was an introduction leading into the final contest of the elections to the Sejm. The elections to the Sejm were guaranteed by the Yalta agreement. The results must have been falsified as the referendum showed they must have been falsified, there was always a fear that the steps taken at the referendum may prove to be insufficient, and one way of dealing with this was to tell people in the West that in this savage, ‘Hitlerised’ country there is no other solution but for the communists to implement order with a heavy hand. And don’t pay too much attention if there were more or less ‘yes’ votes in these elections, you don’t need to worry about that. That’s the way that I see it. Except that to this day, I know too little about this and it remains a typical case of circumstantial evidence. Fortunately, we’re not debating whether Mr Bloggs has to be condemned to death by hanging or not, because then the charges would have to be dropped. People can’t be condemned in cases of circumstantial evidence. Nevertheless, these circumstances look very bad for this people’s government.

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