Jan Józef Lipski – Historical significance of the political changes in Poland (205/215)

In my opinion, the appearance not just in Polish but in European politics, of a new government with a non-communist Prime Minister is of enormous significance because it will make a huge difference to the political order within the Bloc, but it’ll be more than this. I think that the compromises which were reached then will allow our country to come through that dreadful, appalling situation without a social explosion. A social explosion would change the entire order of political power not just in Poland, not just in the Communist Bloc, but in the whole of Europe or even in the world. This is why I hope that this government will protect not just Poland from the worst case scenario, meaning, in Poland it could lead to blood being spilled, but for the rest of the world it could lead to the departure… no, not exactly the departure but the sweeping up by more conservative political powers within Gorbachev’s team in the Soviet Union, neo-Stalinist forces. For this sort of situation to arise, compromises had to be made. Society does not always understand the reasons for some of these compromises. The question arises, were all of the compromises unavoidable? In general, I believe they were necessary and we couldn’t have done without them which is why I think those people who say this was a pivotal historical moment are right.

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