Jan Józef Lipski – Communists falsify the first post-war referendum (17/215)

This referendum was a very important event in the life of this country. Soon, thanks to various leaks of information and so on, it became obvious that the referendum wasn’t such a
glorious victory for the communists as they said it was. But what mattered the most in this
referendum wasn’t that, wasn’t the very end. The issue of the falsification, an issue
that was, for people like me, well, it was totally obvious that the results were false. But it had been very skilfully exploited
in terms of organisation and of psychology. A great many people were involved in this huge operation, some of whom had been afraid to refuse,
some of whom went with real conviction at the time. It was a huge operation before the referendum,
canvassing before the referendum. I didn’t take part in the voting, I wasn’t yet 21 years old, nor did I take part in the later elections,
the first ones, because I was still under 21.

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