oh my god there's the craziest long hair on this you can see it right there look at that that's not a fiber that is straight-up a hair I kid you not I that looks like a dog hair whoa look at this do you guys see okay let me put this background on this so you can see it look at that hair in there but oh my goodness this has literally an animal hair in it I'm actually gonna take this to the vet tomorrow and have them look at it under microscope and have them tell me if this is an animal hair I am 99.5% sure this is an animal hair the more I've looked at it this is definitely like a dog or a rabbit's animal like like this is an animal hair wow I did not expect to find like an animal hair in this like there's no way that's not an animal hair it's like straight and then like wavy at the end there's so much drama going on right now does Dustin and I'm back with another video just when you think that we're done talking about Jaclyn hill more stuff happens at this point in time I just feel like we should call security lock them all up and throw away the key girl because this has become way too much I'm like on Jaclyn hill video five thousand two hundred and sixty nine and a half if you guys don't know all the latest developments we're gonna cover all that in this video we're gonna talk about more Phoebe and allegedly like the owner of Jacqueline cosmetics we're also gonna talk about what you seen in the intro where Kristen lee enfield an alleged dog hair in her lipstick I had seen that video a long time ago and I didn't really pay it attention I thought that maybe it was just like an attention-seeking video I don't know but we're gonna cover all of that in this video and what has been posted on jacqueline hills website so let's go now you guys keep in mind and remember this date June 22nd is when Jacqueline Hill put up this Instagram story and said that she was going to be refunding all of her customers that purchased any of her products I have decided and made the decision to give every single person who purchased one of my lipsticks a full refund and that she had sent her makeup to a lab with multiple different labs I believe for independent testing saying that she spent over a hundred thousand dollars to have this done just keep that date of June the 22nd in your brain for a moment okay well around my time jacqueline hills website updated and it had the frequently asked questions on there and one of them was is my lipstick safe to use jacqueline Hills cosmetics are made with cosmetic industry standard FDA compliant ingredients and are produced in an OTC over-the-counter compliant factory that is registered with the FDA providing high degrees of safety standards and rigorous testing the issues reported over the last several days are related to irregularities in the manufacturing process which are being fixed and do not impact the ingredients formula or safety of our products and again this was on June the 12th I took a screenshot this is from my phone that I took on Jacqueline's website on the 12th at 4:45 p.m. now I don't know when this happened or when this came about or when this was posted on her website but if you look at it now it's the same thing the same jargon and then it says if you would like to review the results of our recent safety tests you can view the PDFs here now this is what confused me a little bit and I'm gonna explain what my theory is on this because they did link the PDFs here of the tests that we're done with all of the results and we're gonna go over a few of those documents here really quickly because I've seen a lot of people on Twitter with questions about this I have my own questions about this but you guys are like super sleuths you guys understand this stuff some sounds better than I understand it myself so I want to talk about this the first thing that I want to point out is that it was brought to my attention by was $80 on Twitter if you guys don't follow her you should definitely go follow her she pointed out on the first document that was on this website about this testing and it's at micro quality labs incorporated if you look here and you zoom in on the customer name it definitely in my opinion this is just my opinion allegedly that this would say more fee and this testing was done on her so rich lipstick and it says 20 grams and it has the product code the badge and what was really strange about it to me was the batch lot number was 518 19 so I'm assuming that is when this batch of lipstick was made and it says that the testing was done on 524 so I'm assuming that this was like a preliminary test but what got a lot of people really talking and really like inquiring about all of this stuff was the fact that it says morphe why would morphe be in any way related to what jacqueline Hills company is doing I have my own theories but let's just state the obvious I think that maybe more if he probably told her about this lab and where she could get a tested or devil's advocate it could be the morphe as a stakeholder and her company allegedly possibly I don't know you guys like this has turned into so much but if you look at the bottom of this document it does say date May 29 29 so this would have obviously been the day before her launch on her website where she put everything up for everybody to purchase my whole thing with this entire situation is Jacqueline he'll literally like put this stuff together like yes she planned out this component forever but I feel like it was rush like who mass produces all this stuff then puts it on the website quickly and then has all this testing done like right before the the lodge like it's crazy and maybe I'm wrong maybe I don't understand how cosmetics work and how they're manufactured but it seems like it was all thrown together really quickly now we're just gonna go through a few of the other documents around here as far as the testing it shows that this was the so rich lipstick nude AF it was tested and the date came back on June the 24th so I'm assuming if I'm right and this is just an opinion of mine it looks like test date was the 13th of June so right after your Jacqueline had all these complaints about her cosmetics I'm assuming that her team sent her stuff over to a lab she didn't mention that she didn't say anything and then she came out with the snapchat later will the Instagram story on the 22nd or the 23rd and the final testing was done on the 24th there's another document that shows June the 24th for another lipstick decaf badass is also showing the 24th with the testing date of the 13 so I'm assuming that as soon as they started getting these complaints they sent the stuff off to a lab and people began testing it now let's talk about the alleged hair now you got seen in the intro that Kristen LeAnn said that she found a hair in her lipstick he did look to be embedded under the lipstick at the bottom where it rolls up that's just my opinion it doesn't look like it was like forced in there you would be able to tell that but I was watching spill sesh last night and she put up a video and it's titled Jaclyn hill cosmetics lab has been contaminated for years and there's a lot of people with a lot of different speculation going on with Jacqueline cosmetics and it allegedly being this oxygen labs I do not know if it is oxygen labs I cannot confirm this so everything that I'm gonna say here is gonna be completely alleged but whatever lab this is in this video that I'm about to show you is completely gross in my opinion you guys I'm gonna put in a clip of spill sesh here just a small clip for you guys to see what she covered in her video I will link the full video in the description box for you guys to go see check her channel out she's super cool and her videos are pretty good but I just wanted you to see this part where she discusses this alleged animal hair contamination yes a dog a freaking animal just walking around the lab there's a worker even wiping his shoe in the background of the photos on Facebook white being their shoe they're all dressed to the nines and the coat and the gloves and they're using a paper towel as if that's not going to contaminate everything to wipe down their shoe seriously the contamination the everything about this now the last and final thing that I want to discuss as well if you guys don't watch Kenna Kenna is a biochemist she just recently started a YouTube channel that blew up because she had a few of the Jacklyn lipsticks products too that in a lab independently she paid for herself and she did find that there was no like microbial stuff going on in the lipsticks however that is debatable depending on who you talk to because there's a lot of different people saying that they've had testing done and they showed different things but just for this video I'm gonna go with what kena said she said that she did not find anything that would show that there was microbial growth in any of these lipsticks but they were contaminated because they did have these balls the alleged hair or the glove contamination with the cotton but once all the stuff got posted on Twitter and people were talking about like animal hair and things like that Kenna chimed in and she also talked about the frequently asked questions that I quoted just a moment ago on Jacqueline's website and said this this is not very informative we don't know the sampling method used very limited shades were tested purported she did a GCMs analysis which is extremely useless for safety she should be running contamination testing not showing us the composition of her vanilla fragrance and I agree with that the independent testing has been done by Kenna I think that we can say that there was like no microbial growth right now but we can 100% say that this product was contaminated if nothing else it was contaminated by the gloves that were used in Jacqueline admitted that she didn't agree that they were contaminated but the definition of contamination means anything that's outside of what should be in a product but I don't know you guys I think that it's about time that Jacqueline Hill gets back on Twitter she opens her Instagram back up because you literally can only have that stuff shut down for like 30 days it's maybe been what a week and a half since she deleted her stuff so she has like three weeks before she has to come back before her social media gets deleted I think that it'll be very interesting to find out how she's gonna play this going forward I do hope that Jacqueline does learn something from this she has to learn something from this if she is going to have a brand she is definitely gonna have to work very hard to show herself and prove herself to all these people that have purchased her products even though she refunded and I think that that was a great step I do also think in my humble opinion that she should have done a recall just for the safety of people I mean even if people were not getting hurt the fact little pieces of linen these waxed up looking beads and stuff and pearls all over these lipsticks it just completely grossed me out and I know what a gross a lot of you guys out as well but I want to know what what do you think about this do you think that this was actually like an animal hair that was in this lipstick and what do you think about the testing because to me and my timeline in my head that I put together it does look like as soon as she started getting these complaints she shipped this stuff over and she had it tested the thing that really sticks out and the thing that really kind of bothers me about this whole thing aside from people of like possibly allegedly being a health risk and stuff like that is this whole like morphe thing why would morphe be on a document that is about jacqueline cosmetics that makes no sense to me oh if you guys can make that make sense for me I would greatly appreciate it but leave all of your comments opinions and thoughts down below I think in my next video I'm gonna be talking about ice cream gate because James Charles chimed in as well as a lot of other different influencers talking about these people licking this ice cream and I just cannot with it but you guys let me know what you think about all this down below and I will see you all in my next video bye guys

  1. I don't agree with animal testing, but what we're they do? Applying each lipstick to a different rabbit before sending it out?

  2. I "allege" all the documents Jaclyn Cosmetics posted have been altered. There are WAY too many zoomed in shots of areas that were obviously whited-out and new names dropped in. Areas that are pixelated next to text that is not…it's all so sketchy. I'm especially intrigued by the images and questions in this Twitter thread – https://twitter.com/LeXiiPeXii_/status/1146894946118656012

  3. She was not the only one to found animal hair in the lipstick, Cassandra also found and she even released microscopic pictures of it. Pretty Pastel also send her lipstick to get tested and still hasn't post it the results.

  4. The only reason she is issuing a refund is that once you accept the money, you can’t sue her. It’s seen in court as consolation.

  5. If there's one thing I've learned from all this it's to be careful to not make stupid faces in videos. It's insane how many thumbnails people have made these last few weeks with JH making the dumbest faces I've ever seen in my 32 years on this planet.

  6. How about the metal? So many people have been finding sharp pieces of metal in their lipsticks. They cannot continue to say the lipsticks are safe.

  7. I'm glad James said something about the ice cream. at the same time I could see him being one of those teenagers looking for attention doing that dumb shit. Can't wait to do see that dumb shit get put in jail. Kids/adults needs to learn respect.

  8. Anyone else think that Kris Jenner paid this lab more money to ruin Jac’s product…🤷🏻‍♀️ we all know they play dirty

  9. I’m eating a biscuit and I thought I dropped a piece on my phone but it turns out it was the white roses in the background 😂😂

  10. If you gonna do a video about people licking things that get served to the public dont forget to mention arianna Grande's donut licking self since it was caught on camera and nothing ever came of it. Lets not bend the rules for hollyweird! Gross and wrong is gross and wrong no matter whos doing it!

  11. A biochemist sent some to a lab to be tested and there were no animal hairs or anything harmful in the lipsticks

  12. I find it so odd that JC posted results after Kenna came out with her results. I wonder if their pdfs match. Also, why would JC ask for Betty to share her results? It was like 400 bucks, so how does JC spend 100k for testing? 🙄. Oh, and that 100% looks like my huskies hair too.
    FDA only has to approve coloring used and ingredients just have to meet standards. So, those faqs are worded very carefully and it’s super misleading. This is so bad.

  13. What if someone is setting her up cos this is a ridiculously weird ass mess…. If the factory is at fault then surely these places are inspected how has this gotten sooo bad

  14. Jaclyn Hill is truly a disgusting piece of shit. Lying to her fans & customers telling them these disgusting nasty ass contaminated lipsticks are 100% safe for use. Absolutely disgusting sack of shit. Let’s not mix words fuck politeness she’s a true sleaze bag. Everyone is so concerned not to hurt her feelings but she surely isn’t worried about her customers health & safety. She’s lying end of story.

  15. I wonder if this is actually a Morphie test and not a JH test and she just borrowed it? I do believe she is friends with ppl who work at Morphie. Just a thought and wonder.

  16. If damn Tyson chicken will recall MILLIONS of pounds of nuggets and strips because they were CONTAMINATED with rubber pieces and metal, them there is zero excuses for Ms Jaclyn the Hill.

  17. Ok, I admit it. I came for the lipstick drama, but I stayed because Dustin's cute and he just gives us the tea straight.

  18. Rich Lux a drama channel that did some research, and found paperwork about Jaclyn Cosmetics Corporation is set up in Delaware. What makes it interesting is that Jaclyn Hill lives in Florida oh, so why would she set up a corporation in Delaware. One theory is if a company goes bankrupt in Delaware, none of their private holdings can be touched. Also someone on her corporation papers is connected with Morphe Cosmetics.
    Now this person on the Jacqueline Cosmetics Corporation documentation, could mean that Morphe Cosmetics is either a part or owns Jacqueline Cosmetics. It also can mean that this person was hired by Jacqueline Hill to also work with her @ Jacqueline Cosmetics as well as they already work as an employee or independent consultant for Morphe Cosmetics, and is also involved with Jacqueline Cosmetics..

    It is possible that Jacqueline Hill who has had many collaborations with morphe cosmetics oh, I saw it out and hired this gentleman that works also as an independent or full-time employee for morphe cosmetics to help her establish her corporations, in my opinion. This is as far as I can speculate based on the information from the YouTube video by Rich Lux. goes, I suggest you do your own research. It may be an interesting connection between Jaclyn Hill and Morphe Cosmetics. It good beaches something as simple as she hired someone to guide her on the beginning of her company which would be a smart move.

    Hopefully in the future she has learned a great an expensive lesson, and she can move forward, in her other cosmetics launches in the future. I would not wish this horror on anybody starting their own business using their name and reputation.

  19. Omg the video game-esque music you used in the beginning is K I L L I N G me, I love this lol.

    It really is too bad Jaclyn is burying her head in the sand. Funny how they have been REFUSING to acknowledge the hairs (not the “fuzzies”) and the metal/plastic in the lipsticks.

  20. If it's not listed in the ingredients, it's a contaminant. Cotton allergy is a thing. Metal allergies are a thing. Animal allergies are a thing.

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