iWPS Finals 2014 - Porsha O. "Capitalism"

Benjamin George and Thomas are not America's founding fathers listen I'm the pimp who built this shit and Trust at every chance I'm unzipping my pants so I can pull out my penis and piss in your mouth I'm nasty like that you are my puppet and I got you held up by my strings keep that gun at your temple it's simple I'm the pimp who built this and I put drug dealers on corners so they can make my money and I put white collars and corner offices so they can make my money and when I get out here doing nine-to-five I'm working overtime to make sure the hungry never get fed to make shittim colored kids never go to college keep that knowledge shit out they head I'm bad Lucifer and got a damn thing on me I fucked myself and gave birth to slavery you thought when they genocide a Native Americans they were moving west what the fucker they were moving toward me they call me capitalism and I slit throats with dollar signs I'll tie the American Dream around your neck and laugh while you let yourself for a dime you're so it's mine all your boats belong to me I'm the reason women take off clothes and keep a pole between their legs I'm the reason executive directors bring their work home and never work on working only homes my favorite color is green my only hobby is sex and I do one hell of a job fucking people over I rape the rich and I ejaculate on the poor as to keep my system and check and the rest of y'all in the middle unlike toilet tissue I wipe my ass with you do you understand I am capitalism racism is my son gentrification is his sister the gel system is my illegitimate daughter and public schools are my badass grandkids can't you see all of your oppression is related back to me I'm the king in this bitch and I'm so slick with the shit I got you thinking you only work for what you need my blood is made of envy I breathe death you don't bring you are slave to me bow down get this money sell your soul here's a nickel and a dime turn that shit into gold become cold ruthless to store any worthless human being you have to you worship me because I control everything and I know you thought the devil was bad as hell but the motherfucker ain't got shit on me and the more you reach for that monetary peak you become more like me and when poverty is thick and a single mother has to sell her body to dick to feed her fatherless kids remember America never had founding fathers it always had me and believe I'm the pimp who broke this shit you were you ain't nothing but my bitch

  1. While I was watched like towards the middle I’m said hold up let’s start this over need to tale that in again

  2. This poem got me so deep I am afraid to press repeat because it’s true. The truth sometime is offensive but well needed.

  3. Lucifer ain't got a damn thing on me I fucked myself and gave birth to


  4. This is so true the system came to mess the black people up I love this girl keeps everthing real I love her sooo much black girl magic

  5. She is so good at writing poetry and so expressive. You can tell as she is getting angry and feeling every emotion while reading these to the crowds

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