It's not about responsibility  Air Signs  Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius May 18 20 Weekend Reading

hey is Nicole so this is your weekend research so we can again alright so let's see what this mango this is for May 18th through May 20th 2010 at down I can't sit when I said just do we have and I say turn it down [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] all right Emperor again even though I didn't put it on bottom some ways fake some way shape form or fashion the message still came out not a source was like that so you guys need to take action and set some boundaries to a situation here – Eric – you've already taken that this has already happened you may need to do it again as well because there may be some you want or something someone may be trying to call the seconds that's odd so the chariot park is reversed some of you guys are needing to find the motivation to leave the situation so you are needed to set some boundaries up with in a situation being alive in here there's a lot of conflicts is a lot of filling to feed it and not have cup smile if you need to overcome your emotions and some sort of physical state that you're in some of you guys need to find you try to implore all right so air silence we've had some major energy balance decision you need to set boundaries Emperor is something you take action you know what you know what is that you already know so whatever mentally is going on you already know what's going on it's just about you gaining control and taking action okay there's a severance in your surrounding energy heartbreak some you guys because you've been heartbroken you don't have to drive out feeling thank you source your wife dealing with some messages queen of swords here that's Weber energy here boom card here having fair pisces energy here something changing something walking away so someone could be walking away from a situation in the Dark Knight could be making some changes in making a decision in the dark pages or queen of swords this is a woman that may be at a stalemate but is about some Lincoln decision so female leapers yeah I might be about to make a decision here you may feel interfere some truths are clarity or either you happen to speak your truth may be an interference you don't have to be a female lemur this is for any air it's not because I don't have a specific air time um I do have science here I got Gemini psychologist I do have a specific era sign some of you guys may be build most challenging information Gemini someone may not even before me I have the drive to move forward okay Paige sorts you need to make a decision speak your truth here why not five source here someone goes the feet basis one-seven-one someone's defeated by some connection communication here someone's found the strength to communicate something some of those defeated by your communication so you could be really needing to find some discipline with the situation you could be setting boundaries and taking action but you can't be also in between because you really haven't made a decision but not the pinnacle sunnier so someone wants to gain their independence not pinnacles not eclipses mounted ones that's a lot of overcoming in this reading but I feel like you gotta feel as well so you may be resisting anything new because you feel defeated right now you feel conflicted you feel as though you mentally you just can't deal with anything else you're dealing with a heartbreak you just don't have to drive using your drive by spirit floors here patient ones here death card adjustments yeah so there may be good news of something ending no doubt something in it this is the this is the thing right now you may be going through a kind of woolens need really need it to have any concerns fade away because whatever challenging information you dealing with your at delhi you you've dealt with are you in dealing with the outcome as lovers you may feel as though you can't move forward but you do need to make a decision to move for because here three of swords the heartbreak isn't there sand into attraction there's an end to a relationship there's also the innocent heartbreak so some of you guys want you decide to make adjustments and willing to take action and moving forward really couldn't that impure static setting the boundaries of the necessary then you're going to find your balance your peace that's the transformation of a relationship someone's healing are healed why is this journey in Reverse some you guys could be some what's causing interference magician manipulations you gotta set boundaries to that so some of you guys could be billing with someone that's manipulating you through through responsibility and I thought this is about handling your responsibilities so someone may tell you that you're not handling your responsibilities folks and you don't know that's my word that's my phrase them folks because this has nothing to do with responsibility some on the s heartbroken or a who you are heartbroken someone's trying to manipulate you into not making a decision to take action they're not setting the boundaries that are necessary you need to save others there's an interference with your movement forward and this some of you guys through the little cancer they could be interfering with you before making a decision you can be interfering about not having the discipline would be acceptable for why haven't you ever Sparkle up as far as an outcome so that's a good outcome why these lovers part here I think you have to overcome and speak your truth the truths here will be though it may hurt and may be heartbreaking but the conflicts of the the complex will continue the truth isn't spoken some guys are worried about a situation about the situation film about making the decision to leave the situation that like literally some of you guys are worried about making the decision you're worried about that it'll fail you worried about that you'll see the separatists or Z you need to embrace the end of the situation it's the end of a cycle develop art here world car some of you guys this is the end of a karmic cycle it needs a lot of a suspect actions before right now they're not because you'd go like you need to heal the situation but it's not for you to heal it's not for you to deal you just gotta go for it you gotta make the decision room for there's nothing for you to heal especially if someone is telling you that you're and not handling your responsibilities are you being immature listen this isn't about responsibility this is a transformation when you guys know you have transformed the situation you've had enough assurance you know for sure it is something to bring something new inspiration so sometimes that's definitely a transformation that has to happen you have the wisdom that it's necessary in order for you to move forward you needed some assurance but I think this is your assurance in order to get what it is that you want in order to give birth to your dreams whatever they may be you have to move for transformation you have to be sure that you are transforming or ending this situation some of you guys know that this situation isn't transformed on see if you got a transformation in this case this this is all I had or something to next time

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