It’s an early Halloween as Fresno Police Southwest hosts community at Trunk or Treat

I’m out here with my family today. We came over here to Fresno,
at Edison Pathoon to go Halloween.>>That is my favorite superhero.>>[LAUGH] Hold on, let me put my mask on.>>Yeah, let Spiderman get in.>>[LAUGH]
>>We out here again with our community policing effort with
Southwest of Police Department, Fresno Street Saints,
EOC Fresno Street Saints. Coming out to play the officers
in a great friendly game to feel our relationships between
the communities and the officers. Just have a great time to make sure
the kids have a safe place to be at. We have plenty of food, plenty of candy. Great time, great friendship, we wanna
make sure that we can mirror a image of what we would like to see in our society
police and community not spread it but coming together to work together to
create a safe and healthy environment, the sacred health community.>>We’ve been playing community
basketball games, football games, now a softball game with
the Fresno EOC Street Saints. It’s important for the community to
see our relationship on display. And what we’ve done here in
Southwest Fresno in three years, the amount of trust that exists
between us as leaders, and it trickles all the way down to
the officers and people in the community. That’s huge, and we have that trust, we have that relationship,
we get things done. That’s why crime has dropped. That’s why we have relationships like
never before in Southwest Fresno.>>High five, high five, high five.>>Watch us beat up on the police. Like I said, it’s the only time we
can whip them and not go to jail. Come on down.
>>[APPLAUSE]>>Get it.>>Tag, tag, tag!>>No, no, tag!>>Come on. [BLANK_AUDIO]>>[INAUDIBLE]
>>So with this game we raised $7,000. And that’s gonna benefit the West
Fresno Family Sweet Potato Program, which we’re part of. And we’re partner with them. It’s also gonna get some equipment
needs for the Sunset Community Center. And it’s gonna be for
our Fresno PAL, the third one, the Fresno PAL Leadership Program
at Gaston Middle School, where we expose kids to the world
of a police officer at Fresno. And then we take them on trips like the
LA Museum of Tolerance and other things, exposing them, so great. [BLANK_AUDIO]

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