Italy's Crumbling Economy! - Is The BIG Recession Coming?

hey everybody triceraton world alternative meeting here and of course we're joined by author and economic analyst here oh wow johnson Ison and let's talk about Italy it's been a little while and we've been talking for quite a few years about all the craziness that happens in Italy it is one of the bigger economies in the world and we've seen I mean Bunty de Paz she for example we've gone into that extensively and of course they're one of the oldest banks in the entire world and they were trying to push bail in regimes and it ended up turning into a bailout nonetheless there's no shortage of problems with government and banks and the combination of the two in Italy and it all seems to be coming to to a slow incremental frog boil demise folks because this is what happens over time as things are overly centralized things are controlled manipulated and you know they push people into debt servitude as we go into so much here at lamp well this is article yeah and as this article out of fortune says Italy is heading for recession in 2019 here's why and as the article goes into Italy's manufacturing sector shrank for a third straight month in the latest sign that Europe's third-largest economy is on the brink of yet another recession IHS markets gauge of factory activity came in at forty nine point two four December well that's better than the forty eight point four forecast by economists it's still below fifty the dividing line between growth and contraction and measures of employment and business confidence worsened the country was rocked in 2018 by the populist government's heavy spending plans which sparked a spat with the European Union and pushed up bond yields the standoff was resolved at the final hour but unease remains amid a euro area economic slowdown less monetary support from the European Central Bank and us-led protectionism Italy's poor performance in December and the first contraction in French manufacturing since 2016 amid protests by the so-called yellow vests weighed on momentum in the euro area the PMI for the region declined to its low in just over four years with business confidence reaching its worst since 2012 China is already suffering from the consequences of trade tariffs factory output contracted in December with a PMI reading on Wednesday reaching the lowest in 19 months Asian and European stocks dropped the IHS market report for Italy showed business sentiment at the weakest in six years and employment growth at the slowest in four years new orders slid for a fifth month prompting manufacturers to scale back production it's a worrying end to the year for Italian manufacturers said Andrew Harker Associate Director at IHS market there appears little sense of optimism that the current soft patch will come to an end in the near future and the next part of the article talks about politics personally I just don't really feel like talking about organized crime too much today so we'll just stick to the insanity of the centralization of government and banks in Italy and it's interesting that they mentioned the dependency on the European Union and how much that affects it which is totally destructive destructive and it's it's wrong it's criminal its fraud and also talking about the effect by tariffs the effect by tariffs and goes to show that no matter how much good comes in the short term from you know government manipulating markets in order to prop up their own economy temporarily it effects the economy's long term it's basically another tax on the populace and it's interesting that they mentioned you know the populist leadership in Italy because it always seems like populism begets you know another form of collectivism that's very confused that has nothing no real ground and consistent ideology it's more or less you know let's look let's cut taxes but let's raise spending and we've seen that in the United States we've seen that in other countries around the world and it's causing a lot of confusion people just kind of follow the leader they don't have an ideology it's identity politics it goes for both the left and the right or this weird confusion of both left and right and in the end it's all collectivism it's all different flavors of statism it's all different flavors of the same cancer which people hope to cure with more cancer fuel you know kerosene on fire so John what do you think as we see this everything bubble around the world start to burst the entire global monetary system is at its peak climax and we could be seeing a massive massive crash like the likes of which we've never seen in the world in history in the year 2019 and Italy is really a big spotlight in this oh we definitely gonna see a massive crisis now Italy is probably one of the biggest countries in the world that has the most non-performing loans the only one that's worse is India and Italy's really struggling their bank sector as you said Monta posh II you know how to bailout but there's a lot more the big massive banks are really struggling as well and I'm looking at the you know data from the stock market in Italy which is the FTSE MIB and there can see unicredit is down 38 point 11 percent so far this year to date then you have Banco generally is down 31.58 ubi banca is down 31 point twenty four and then you have int SS Apollo which is bigger than UniCredit down is down thirty point sixty eight percent so you've seen all these major banks Josh are really struggling so it just shows us that it's a debt problem and it's a problem with the infrastructure of the monetary system that is the biggest problem you guys might have seen my chart on all the banks around the world that are massively down especially the European Union banks are some of the worst and it's actually the worst ones are Germany that's supposed to be the stronghold in the European Union and you've seen a huge debt problem in the eurozone with mass amounts of bailouts to the southern states like the pynx countries like Portugal Italy Spain Greece and also you could add Cyprus into that and then Ireland up up as well but now we've seen all the countries are starting to get into a lot of debt problems like they're probably debt levels in the sky in countries are massive so you've seen a systemic problem here that's a you know engulfing the whole world and it's not just about you know the government I just love like how they call like at the political party the populist part of call themselves the five star movement they should actually name themselves so what's the real you know Italian politics is all about their should call themselves the one star movement which because that's how they should be rated the the political spectrum and all of you are brilliant and it's just a dying takes in general yeah it's just a dying system in the world I remember when I started my political you know career you can go all you can't be a color your career I'll do criminal yeah I started at the Manitoba party I I said you know what the first one and it was a lot of angry people there when I said politics is dead they just couldn't fathom that idea that their whole system that they grew up on is coming apart because when you force like 51% to control forty-nine percent you are in for a lot of trouble and you see the division it's so funny like you see the division on both sides is just getting worse and worse and of course the political system just feeds off of this and makes it even worse by just perpetuating this want to divide the people you know the virus into racists divided us into religious beliefs your waters into economical parson and all this stuff in order to make us not understand what's really going on which is the crumbling of the current monetary systems all around the world like the Euro as we did are a twenty year your anniversary readers check that out where we went in depth into why the euro is failing and it's the same type of a system because in in in Italy is that the lira lira you know that the Italians used to be terrible with money in the first place and they always have had a huge problems the lira was in a very high inflation all the time throughout as long as I can remember I was younger and they never have had you know fiscal responsibility whatsoever with their garment and printing money is just and of course Italy is the birthplace of the modern-day banking in Indonesia in Venice yeah so you have you know the birthplace of banking is falling apart that you had the birthplace of democracy is falling apart so you're all these that kind of old historical landmarks of a creation of systems that are falling apart because they were the oldest ones and they've fallen apart the first it seems like it's in – yes yeah absolutely and it's interesting like you mentioned you know 49% or 51% ruling the 49% as is collectivism and then some people go well what about a republic what about seventy five percent rule what about this you cannot use force against other people if your ideas are that good then you can come to a conclusion with other people you don't need to use armed gunmen to force it onto the populace oh but we're helping by voting no you're not you're what Ralph Wiggum saying I'm helping no you're not helping at all you're just enforcing the slavery complex of collectivism and organized crime which is government and Taxation which is theft and the use of violence against other people to enforce certain ideologies rather than you know I don't know voluntarily take part in things and you know be you know enjoy actual freedom absolute freedom which people don't even know what that is anymore and it's just it's conflicting from both sides no one's consistent anymore I saw in a post earlier today from occupy Calgary from Canada talking about you know oh well minimum wage has gone down why is minimum wage going down it's always Republicans and blah blah and it's like guys first of all it it has to do with with inflation you guys aren't paying attention to inflation you're just looking for ways to throw stones at one political party or the other Pepsi or coke red or blue it's all different forms of cancer it doesn't matter you replacing with another form perpetuates the same system as we've seen throughout history going back to ancient Greece when are people going to learn when are people going to start repeating the same old tricks over and over again thinking it'll change things change doesn't come from politics other than the change towards lesser and lesser freedom there will be no way to cure politics with politics you cannot cure cancer with cancer and I wanted to also mention relating to the system of dependency on debt with the banking system the monetary systems worldwide and government on the inflation rate in Italy in November of 2018 came to 1.6 percent which was slightly down from a preliminary estimate of 1.7 percent so ok that's not the worst in the world by far but with that said I'm not even sure if those are the completely accurate stats those are just the official stats out of trading economics anyway but I mean nonetheless it's not going to come as much from that as it's going to come from the fact that we have a European Union that is completely dictating but through the EC and everything dictating you know people's you know livelihoods dictating people's debt dictating what people can or cannot do can or cannot say how they can live and it's a complete controlling complex of slavery and this monetary system regardless of the current inflation rate will come down so what are people gonna do when it comes down well they'd best actually get prepared for it first of all understand it first of all de-centralized their lives and try and break free as best they can as self sustainable individuals instead of getting caught up you know at the last second going oh what's happening I'd never heard a list of what I never knew that I should you know focus on money the single most important way a thing to understand so you don't get controlled I didn't know that we were supposed to do this I thought that the government and banks were gonna take care of us take care of our pensions take care of all this stuff and then they end up broke on the streets completely impoverished and you know what that does it's more debt dependency if they shove you down a bottomless pit of debt you are forced to ask for a ladder up from the government and the banking system pushing you into perfect servitude to them right where they want to you the banks are bankrupt throughout the world we're seeing a domino effect the monetary systems are collapsing Deutsche Bank is failing all of these massive entities are coming down and then we have you know the yellow vest movement which is good but very confused like the populist movement that mentioned earlier because we have at the same time as I'm saying death to taxes they're saying we need rise a minimum wage and we need guaranteed basic income like folks let's get our heads on straight here do not use force against other people this is all a situation that arises through centralization and dependency and complete government control over the masses this is slavery and if we don't recognize that and if we don't recognize true freedom and the why we need true voluntary interactions rather than enforce at that point of a gun with whichever way benefits whatever ideology within that collectivist paradigm that you have if we don't realize that we have massive problems stemming from collectivism we will be doomed to repeat it forever for history and we will as long as we perpetuate this paradigm forever as we have for thousands of years John as we close this off what's your bottom line well the bottom line josh is you've got to educate yourself and I would say for Europeans you don't start reading something about money and economics and the history of it and I highly suggest you take a look at my book the end of freedom how our monetary system enslaves us that's a that's a great start to trying to educate yourself about what happen in history and what will repeat you know next time around when the currency fails again and then we get a stop believing in this monetary mafia that is run by an Italian former goldman sachs mario draghi over there we've got to stop believing in and in their control because they controlled us forever you could also remember it italy has the oldest family office in the world of a tossa family which is also running you know the wealth for the ultra wealthy around the world so you have this deep you know monetary mafia that sits and strangles and controls all of italy it's it's like the secondary mafia that came in after you know the real mafia left there they're really a huge monetary cartel in control over the government and everybody and they're holding everybody hostage because and nobody's willing to like bite the bullet and say like we're done but is bankrupt it's time to declare our own bankruptcy our banks are done there's no money in the banks that could sustain you know the deposits so we're all you know at the end of the the channel here with Italy and I think Italy will be one of the you know main fractures we talked about them being the main factor right that you think actually though it's your bank is gonna be the main factor well Tim clutch because they're the worst banks you know they're talking about Italy old-time what about Germany over there where it's supposed to be like the one of the strongest in the European Union they are actually the weakest bank so it's it's just interesting Josh how this all is you know a repeat of history or once again and it's just continuing and perpetuating this whole debt system until we hit that depth saturation points which you kind of hit right now in the economy first of all you know you have debt being good for the economy when you actually go on and investing build something and create something then you have more and more death getting you know accumulated and at one point you had you have the point where everybody think monetize itself so you have financialization of everything where you have complete a running of money making money and then there's no more business left and there's just more and more debt getting accumulated but no real outcome and no regrowth in the economy strangling and that is the final you know death toll of the monetary system yeah the history books are long folks and the roads throughout history are paved in the blood and the death of millions of people who if we do not learn from what was the point in the first place I think it's come to the point where it's just it's mind-boggling to me and it makes me furious thinking about countries like Italy one of the most beautiful countries in the world was one of the longest histories countries like Greece another beautiful country with a long history no one listens to Plato no one listens to any of those great philosophers you know you go back to Egypt one of the most amazing countries in the world another country plagued by this issue of centralization and government government muzzling media and sensing them and throwing people in jail for speech it's it's so infuriating you look at Canada Canada is such a beautiful country you go to the mountains of British Columbia it's like you're in a fantasy world but yet you have this massive government that is instructing people to you know do as they say and if they say the wrong words they go to jail and the monetary system is completely controlled and the gold was all sold off and there's massive media bailouts to muzzle the media it's just every one of the greatest countries is being completely controlled by politics and it's evil it is organized crime and we must break free from it yeah just one last thing Josh when you listen to philosophers of but that's what do you can call them today like Paul Krugman promoting a Ponzi scheme you know that's what the outcome is gonna be yet yeah total fraud teaching a master class I think it's unbelievable how much people fall for this stuff but at the same time when you see things like the master class at Paul Krugman is talking about they keep having to repost the sponsored link over and over again because it gets trolled by thousands of people who are like I'm not buying this crap anymore all fiat currencies eventually revert to their true value of zero always have to 1024 ad in China and it won't be any different this time and we have to be self sustainable independent free individuals independent of the system educated responsible is responsibility and freedom play hand in hand food water shelter self-defense or not gathering things for the toughest guy on the block gold and silver as wealth insurance protect your purchasing power folks this is an investment advice it's opinion but let's look at history and then decentralize you know alternatives to the government and the banking system that we find and truly fundamentally decentralized and useful cryptocurrencies and blockchain infrastructure anyway this was another long drawn out video as per usual but it's hard not to get passionate about the insanity of the world and why we need to fix it and we need to fix it as individuals not enforce enslave collectives let's learn from the past folks thanks for going into this with us John and until next time this is Justin and jeonse nisan signing out from World alternative media find the truth be the change like what you see here om don't forget to check the links below GoFundMe patreon we can't do without you any donation is very much appreciated especially as we are so vastly demonetised and censored on YouTube as these guys come in and flag all of our content as hate speech also check out our Bitcoin address below as well as on the screen for you to scan if you please and also check us out at steam accom we're at at Josh Saracen it's a feature of social media where you get paid in the upload of your post in cryptocurrency steam that is so make sure to check us out there make sure to join us at anarcho-punk o 2019 with people like Ron Paul G Edward Griffin of course Jeff Berwick vidyut Luka so many incredible speakers are going to be speaking it's just a massively growing event it is something you have to see to believe so make sure to check it out below and save money on their tickets by using promo code wham that's w am and i hope to see you there also check out our newsletter as we are getting demonetised and censored and all that we don't know what comes next so we have an email world alternative media at send us an email with subject line yes ye-es and we will include you in the newsletter where we will continuously keep you updated so until next time thanks for watching everyone this is Josh Sears and signing out from World alternative media find the truth be the change I'm sure you have already changed people's minds in your young age because you're involved and I like that you






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  2. Why is no one talking about debt forgiveness God gave us a system about the way money should be handled every seven years because back to its original owner and every 49 years is Forgiven completely why is it that we have a hard time forgiving debt why is there even interest on money that's seems to be the cancer in money

  3. I sat through 8 minutes of this and couldn’t take anymore. Literally nothing new or substantive being offered that cannot be found on zerohedge or other sites manned by actually trained financial analysts, traders & economists.

  4. It is USA that will crash First. USA is a Nation RULED by Warmongering Psychopaths and Sociopaths since 1776, and it IS NOT different today. The US $ will Crash. The Petrol $ and the "US Reserve currency" WILL crash… Because of America's greed, "GREEEEED", Power, violence and Endless Wars. PS. USA: We are at the END. End

  5. The whole of the European Union is going to crash!! Mrs Merkel planned for this CRASH!! That's why she imported many millions of Muslims into European countries!! When the crash comes and riot's break out the EU newly formed army will be deployed to keep ordering the street's!! Then the solution will be put in place!! One government for total rule in Europe!! Rothschild's Rockefeller's Soros been planning this for year's!! Divide and conquer is the agenda for Europe!! So glad Britain voted out of that corrupted organisation!! There will be big trouble ahead for British government if they try to keep Britain tied to the corruption that is the European Union!! British people want freedom and independence!! Europe is going to become a warzone in next two year's!!!

  6. Guys, you're right; society can't move forward without a sound philosophy, but it requires more from you than just reporting on evil. It requires the vision to see what's missing, and to pursue/disseminate that as well. What's missing, is MORAL ARMOR for all.

    "Sound civilization stair-steps from sound coherence, to sound individual, to productive groups of mature individuals." –Moral Armor. I'm reading the World's Quickest Route to Moral Clarity Based on Nature Itself, MORAL ARMOR, into Youtube, so it'll be free. About 1/4 thru; much more to go; but the most important chapter to reassess and reinforce ourselves, Self-Made Man, is complete. Here's a link:

  7. The best bit is the French demanding more handouts when it's the handout system that has them crushed. When are we humans gonna wake up out of statism. The only social security that is good is that which doesn't involve the state. We have to start again. By ourselves.

  8. Let me understand, the problem would be Italy?

    With the tariffs created by Trump, the lack of growth of China (everyone knows that the data that China provides on its economy and growth only falsified for years) and let's not forget the Chinese real estate bubble and the increase in the debts of its companies private, America (with signs like Apple on the downside, the continuous shutdown and the increase of monstrous public debt), the Deutsche Bank bomb in Europe full of toxic assets that the German state hides to the entire world, not to mention the 350 billion of euros to save the German banks (the biggest bailout in Europe) and the constant state aid of their banks like the Commerzbank to the second bailout, and the problem would be Italy?

    The only Western country (which removed the public debt of which 30% is in foreign hands and 70% in the Italian ones) and the only one that has the state accounts in order for 20 years, a primary surplus of the state and an active trade balance of 45 billion euros second only to Germany (many do not know that Italy exports goods in the United States for 35 billion dollars and the US exports goods in Italy for 13 billion dollars).

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