Hey youtube and welcome back to my
Channel. Today I want to talk about north and south. But I want to do it in a
different way. I want to do north and south of italy vs north and
south of america. The common complaint i get is: ” Tia but you live in the North and the
South it’s a completely different world you can’t say one thing about Milan and
say that it applies to every where in Italy.” It is true. There is a north-south
divide Italy, economically, culturally, the north and south of Italy are very
different. But you guys have to understand that from an outsider’s
perspective a lot of things while they are at different levels between the
North and South they’re still the same coming from an American perspective like,
for example when I talked about customer service and I say that customer service,
in Italy, is, you know, not as warm and friendly as customer service in America,
that really speaks to north and south. I mean, maybe in the South people are more
warm and friendly but, I mean, I’ve been to restaurants in Rome I’ve been to shopping malls in Rimini…
Ok, it’s fair enough to say that I’ve never been to Naples, I’ve never been to
Puglia but i will be, one day, don’t worry you guys, I do plan on going down there. I’ve been to quite a few places in Italy:
I’ve been to Florence, I’ve been to Venice I’ve been to Turin, I’ve been to Ancona, I’ve been to Fano obviously, I’ve been to Bologna, I’ve been to Rome. What else : I’ve been to Gubbio, a little
bit random but I’ve been there, I’ve been I’ve been around a little bit so I also
don’t think it’s fair for you guys to say I’m just making all of my
experiences based off of Milan I mean I’ve been around Italy and i
still think that customer service in US, in general, is more nice and welcoming
than customer service in Italy I can also say that I do think that at
times are much more hospitable in general compared to Americans. Yes, I know, that
people in the north are known to be less hospitable and more cold than people
in the South but, to be honest, people in Milan aren’t cold to, me because I come
from New England which is known as being the mean pretentious part of America and people
from Milan have no idea. In general I would say that Italians, as a whole, are
warmer than Americans as a whole, even though I completely acknowledge the
fact that, probably, milanesi aren’t as nice as napoletani. I understand
the north-south differences. But what came as a surprise to me is the more that
I live in italy and the more that I learn about the north-south divide the
more interesting it is because we have a very similar divided in America. Any
stereotype that they have in Italy for North and South it’s exactly the same
stereotype in America: in the North people are colder, people are meaner , people
are more in a rush, the north is more industrialized, the north
is more pretentious the North thinks they’re better than everybody and us
northerners think that people from the South are uneducated, overly
religious, poor or rural. So I just wanted to go down a list of categories kind of and
compare north and south of Italy, talk about the differences, talk about the
similarities, with the United States. Talk about the differences and similarities
and then give you guys my overall idea of which country is more or less in said
category I don’t know if I explain myself well
but we’re going to do it. Ok so the first thing that I’m going to talk about is
hospitality and general kindness. In Italy, what is said is that people in the
north are less kind and less hospitable than people from the south. The farthest south I’ve been in Rome but the farthest south and actually stayed in for an extended
period of time is obviously Fano. People in fondo are quite nice. Yeah, they’re
really hospitable, everybody will talk to you Ok, in my last video I said that in America
people are more likely to go on the street and approach people and talk to
them and blah blah blah I wasn’t saying that in Italy they never
do that because I guess that’s what they were saying in the south that’s completely normal. Here’s what I
mean when I say go up and approach people. Go up to a random person and tell
them you like their shirt just because we like they’re shirt. “Hi, I hope you’re having a good day today”
just because you hope they’re havin a good day today I can honestly say that that is
something that is done all throughout America it’s just an American thing even in New York. I’ve been to New York, I
family in New York, I’ve stayed in New York. Even in New York random people would come
up to you, start conversations, complement you, do this that and the third.
Even in New England, even in Connecticut which is the most pretentious and snobby
place, we do it as well I mean even if we’re not always genuine
about it. In Italy I’ve never been approached like that and
it’s not to say that Italians aren’t nice because just because somebody approaches
you and tells you randomly that your hair looks good today doesn’t mean that
they’re nice. A milanese might not go up and say hi to every
single person that they meet on the street but that doesn’t mean that
they’re mean some of my best friends are from Milan and they are so nice. The level
of hospitality in Italy, the general level, is to treat everybody like they’re
your family: if somebody needs something Italians will be more prone to let you come
in their house, stay with you, help you out as much as
they can. While in America it’s more on a superficial level. We like to treat our
fellow Americans, our fellow people that we see around, with a general niceness
but hospitality wise its more on a level of how much do I know you. The only
place in south of America that I’ve been to is it Atlanta, I’m going to Texas in two
weeks people were very nice, but, I still think
the people in Italy are more nice Actually Americans in general are quite
nice the only part of America that is known for being assholes is New
England and by New England I don’t mean New York. New York New
Yorkers are known for being on the rush and being bad drivers but New Englanders
are known for being pretentious and as a New Englander i can say that
that stereotype is well earned because we do have the best school
system in the country and because of that we feel entitled to say our
opinions are right because we’re smart, we’re well-educated, our beliefs are right
because we’re smart we’re well educated we’re better than everybody else because
we’re smart and well educated not true at all that belief but that’s how a lot of New
Englanders think. The standard of living is higher in New England, the salaries and
wages are higher in the North versus the south and so there’s also that
pretentiousness that just comes from being generally well off. If I’m judging
from New England I’d say New Englanders are definitely
meaner than North Italians and if we’re judging from south, I mean i haven’t been
to the south I don’t know as many Americans from the
South United States to really judge but i know that my Italian friends from the
south of Italy super duper nice like super duper nice I don’t even know if I explain myself
very well on that point but i think i’m going to give niceness to Italians in
general. People from the south of the United States are nicer than people from
the north of Italy but for sure the meanest of the bunch are new englanders. Religion I thought,
before I moved to Italy, that I could easily say that Italians are more
religious than Americans I mean it is the home of the Vatican, it
is the home of catholicism but after living there for a while, I
don’t know if I can really say that amymore. After seeing things coming about in our
current election year in America I don’t know if i can say that Americans
have really understood the concept of separating church and state, understood
the concept of not imposing their beliefs on other people, I don’t think
we’ve understood the concept really of freedom of religion in america, but
whatevs we both have the stereotype that the south is more religious than the
north I feel like Milan is the most unreligious place in Italy to be. Most of my friends are atheists or Catholics
that don’t really practice Catholicism also you see a huge difference in the
younger generation versus the older generation. I think younger Italians are
for the most part a lot less religious than older Italian especially younger
Italians in the north. In America we’re quite religious, especially in the
south. You can just turn on the TV and see it. There are places in America where
they still teach creationism instead of evolution. They still teach
abstinence-only sexual education versus actual sexual education. We have a place
called the bible belt and I think that it’s rightfully earned its name there’s a lot of issues in America that
other countries don’t really talk about anymore that we still have issues with.
I mean, we’re still having a debate on whether abortion should be legal or not.
I mean, i’m not saying that Italy is the best in this either because for example abortion is legal in Italy but there’s
this loophole that says doctors don’t have to perform abortions if they feel
like it’s not right to them if it’s that doesn’t line up with their beliefs and
apparently 90% of the doctors in Italy use this loophole and actually
won’t perform abortions so it’s not as simple as to say that in
Italy they don’t have any problems with religion of course, you know, the whole
gay rights movement here Italy just passed civil unions the
other day not even gay marriage, but civil unions.
So the religion still has a big grip on Italian politics but I really do feel
like the people in general aren’t that religious. If they put a referendum out
tomorrow to ask for gay marriage I really do feel like most times would
say they don’t care it’s not their business but that’s just my impression wait wait i just found some info here it
says… I just googled what percentage of Italians are religious, and like, the
first thing that comes up is according to a 2006 search made by eurispes (?), an italian research center, it says the Catholics makeup 87.8% of the population, almost 90% of the population, makes sense.
But only 36.8% of those described themselves as actual
observants I mean, that makes sense to me because,
like I said, everybody’s a Catholic here, everybody is a Catholic in Italy but i
don’t see so many people like going to church regularly but… I found some
information for US too. It says the majority of americans identify as
Christians with 70 .6% of the population identifying themselves
Christians and that was done by the (?) research center which is a very, like, esteemed research center here in America roughly 36% of americans
say that they attend church regularly so it’s kind of the same as the italian one.
So i don’t know, i mean, my personal impression from an outside perspective
is: I feel like Italians and Europeans in general on most social issues whether
it be abortion or on gay marriage ( ok, maybe not Italians
there) but Europeans in general are much more open minded than Americans are and
American excuses, the American excuse for being closed-minded is always
religion Racism this is fun, this one will be fun. it’s
funny because in Italy the North… People from the North think that people from the
South are more racist and people from the South think that people from the north
or more racist I get this from my friends and i also
get it from you guys’s comments. It’s so funny to go on videos where one person
will be like “Io sono del sud e io devo dire bla bla …” and then somebody from the north will say the exact same thing. “Da noi …”
and it’s it’s the same thing Italians (?) they’re so different
but i don’t know if you guys really are in racism like I said, I’ve never been to the
deep south of Italy to be able to judge i would imagine that they have maybe
more problems because there are more migrants there, there are more black
migrants in the south than in the… poor black migrants in the south, i should say,
then in the north I think that most of the black migrants in the north are more
integrated. They just maybe express themselves differently but in like
Fano, for example, I don’t know if you call this race is on but people stare at me in Fano. When me
and Enrico are walking when I’m walking by myself people will stare at me and
not just like the kind of staring you can ignore but the kind of staring like
wide-eyed for more than 10 seconds like 30 seconds of just staring at me like I
will walk by them and look back and they’re still staring at me or they’ll
pass me and they’ll literally turn their head to continue staring at me. Like I
get it, there’s not that many black people in Fano but seriously… seriously,
you own a TV have you ever seen Beyoncé? black people
exist and we’re not this mythical unicorn creature I don’t know if that’s racism or if it’s
just like ignorance of never seeing a black person before in their lives which
is… That’s not even true because Fano is like 15 minutes away from Senigaglia and Senigaglia is full of black people so… I don’t know. For sure in, like Fano,
and those places, the smaller towns, I can feel my blackness and in
Milan I cannot. I don’t. I think that for example the north of Italy is more
racist because they have lega Nord. Lega Nord is like this… it started out
as this separatist’s party they wanted to like separate some of the northern
regions, “padania”, from the rest of italy and they’re really like strong against
immigration and stuff like that. They, I mean, they
said racist things before, they have, but i think that the things that they say
aren’t any worse than the things that our far-right party says. In general I would
say that Italians north and south aren’t really so black white racist as much as
they are xenophobic like I said most of my videos and I feel like they’re…
Italians in general are less racist than Americans. Now let’s get to America this opens a whole (?) because we
have this stereotype that in the South people are more racist than in the north because in the South there was slavery
obviously. I think this is incorrect I think that people in the north are just as
racist as people in the south are we just have different ways of manifesting…
this racism just manifest itself in different ways: in the South maybe people
are more reckless with the things that they’ll say, like: one of my teachers said
he went to, I think, Georgia at this white lady was talking to this person about
the Civil War and she said something about like “oh the South didn’t really
lose” or something around the lines like that that people in the south like to say and
my teacher was just like “are you sure about that?” and my teacher is black and she was like
“yeah but remember, remember boy you’re in Georgia now” so because you’re
in Georgia you won the Civil War? in Giorgia there’s
this one set of events that happened in history and that’s different than
everywhere else? I don’t know maybe they’re more outward
of it but in the North you can see a lot of like subliminal racism a lot of
economic races there’s still a lot of self-segregation. I think the
problem is since the North refuses to acknowledge the fact that there… they can
be and many times are racist and thery are still systems in the north that are
systematically races since the North has this idea that they’re “so liberal” and “so
forward thinking” that these things just fly over their head and they don’t improve them, they don’t
try to improve them because they don’t think that there’s a problem, when in
reality there is. I think that the North and the South of America are equally as
racist – just manifest itself in different ways and that America in
general is more racist than Italy

  1. Fano is center-north, is so far from south! 😀 about Rimini (my town) wich is in Romagna, did you know that cause of it warm and ospitable people is called the Naple of the north? (I mean generally Romagna).

    I have also to add something about atheist people: is like a trendy for young italian people.. so don't care about it.

  2. "Like, seriously?! Have you ever seen beyoncè?" Ahahahahahha 😂😂😂 genius!! I just love your videos!! You're so funny!!

  3. I have to disagree on the religious thing. Italy has way more problems with division between religion and state than United States. In America you have much more religious freedom than we do, people don't care about the facts that you're religious or not. In Italy, being religious is considered normal and being atheist is considered the exception. Lately the difference has faded a little bit cause there are more not-religious people than there were before, but still. And basically every political debate in Italy is influenced by religion, which means that really nice thing that's called Constitution that says religion and State should be separated, is being completely ignored.
    Same goes for racism. In Italy people judge so much more. America is literally made of different races, people that immigrated from all over the world, so it's pretty obvious America is not that racist.

  4. I find your opinions in this video very insightful and yeah, I agree on Northerners and Southerners in Italy being not that different. After moving around the globe a bit, I realized that every country has similar stereotypes and divisions within their boundaries and that makes this whole North/South speeches so hilarious. Thanks for sharing 🙂
    Ps. I'm sorry about the staring, I'm gonna apologize on behalf of the idiots who won't.

  5. non sono mai stata a fano. presumo che non si voltassero per il tuo colore della pelle. presumo che a fano si voltassero perché dovevi sembrare elegante, ben integrata con usi e costumi occidentali (è ovvio, visto che sei americana) e anche abbastanza benestante.
    le persone di colore in italia vengono da paesi poverissimi. se va bene trovano lavori poco pagati. quelli che si sono integrati comunque normalmente non sono benestanti. in italia ci sono persone abbastanza eleganti, ci sono persone di colore, ma non ci sono ancora molte persone di colore abbastanza ricche da potersi permettere vestiti alla moda.
    credo che si voltassero perché l'abbinamento colore della pelle e modo di fare, modo di vestire doveva risultare inusuale.

  6. solo per la precisione.Ad inizio 2015 quasi il 60% degli immigrati vive nel Nord, mentre questa percentuale scende al 25,4% nel Centro, con un ulteriore calo nel Mezzogiorno (15,2%). In tre regioni del Nord ed una del Centro è concentrata più della metà dell’inte- ra popolazione straniera presente in Italia (56,6%). In particolare, si tratta della Lombardia (23,0%), del Lazio (12,7%), dell’Emilia Romagna (10,7%) e del Veneto (10,2%). Nel Mezzogiorno va sottolineato che la Campania ospita il 28,6% del to- tale degli stranieri residenti in quest’area.

  7. io sono a fano e credo che la gente ti fissi perché sei una bella ragazza, non c'entra niente il colore della pelle XD
    e poi c'è anche molta curiosità su come uno/a si veste. magari sei vestita bene e ti "studiano". io stesso sono uno che osserva molto, ma è più curiosità che altro XD

  8. Lasciando perdere il colore della pelle, io credo che agli italiani dia molto fastidio che uno straniero, si vesta meglio di loro, che abbia un bel lavoro che si ben truccata, insomma che gli faccia concorrenza al suo paese, ma questo è un problema loro.
    Comunque io sono di Milano, non ho girato ancora tutta l'Italia ma per ora posso dire che il popolo siciliano è fantastico

  9. I can see why your Italy obsession is stem from. You're experiencing an Italian jungle-fever phase since you seem to be dating an Italian. America is way less racist than Italy and Europe.

  10. Tia, per capire veramente com'è il Sud qui in Italia dovresti farti un bel giretto in SICILIA. Io sono siciliana e devo dire che tutte le differenze si percepiscono meglio se visiti regioni come la Sicilia, la Calabria o la Puglia…

  11. Overall, are there a good number of black people that live in italy? In my opinion there are black people that live in italy, but it is a small portion of the population

  12. vabbè nelle città e nei paese più piccoli essendo che ci conosciamo tutti quando arriva qualcuno di nuovo si cerca di capire…ma per un paio di volte e poi passa tutto 😂😂😂

  13. pro-babykilling?!   Abortion means one dead baby…   To change the topic ……. I miei nonni sono del sud …  come 80% dei Italo-Americani.  Cotesti del nord sono italiani? Davvero?

  14. Ti fissavano non come forma di razzismo, ma di sessismo. In Italia a quanto pare c'è questa usanza di fissare in modo molesto una ragazza come se fosse un hamburger appetitoso, abbastanza orrendo come comportamento, e anche fin troppo tollerato.

  15. This video simply doesn't make sense. You speak about North and South of Italy, but you have actually never been in the South of Italy (Rome does NOT qualify as South). Just wait to go to Napoli, Salento, Matera, Sicilia… and then you can speak.

  16. As somebody originally from Milan now living in the US: I would say Milanesi are still much nicer than most areas in the US, but not as nice as most areas in Italy. They aren't mean necessarily, they will be nice if you interact with them (probably), they're just busy and keep to themselves, as it is a big industrial area. It's a powerhouse. It's not a happy friendly tourist place lol. Basically they will be nice to you in a cordial way, but they probably won't go out of their way for you.

    Of all my traveling in Italy I feel like Sicilians are the friendliest. But of course other people might have different experiences.

  17. You have to compare blacks and whites in USA to people from south and north of Italy. That's the only reasonable comparison. It doesn't really exists a north and south issue in USA. The divide in USA is racial, in Italy is geographic.
    People from the south of Italy have undergone a lot racism (have you ever see the sign "we do not rent this house to people from southern Italy"?) and still now they are the subject of racials insults (Lega Nord is a clear example of this). The stereotypes on people from the south are the SAME that affects blacks in US: they are lazy, robbers, ignorant, violent, they just like to complain, they rely on the federal money instead of working ecc… You have the n word, we have the t word (terroni).
    I'm sorry but that's the only smart comparison that you can do. We (people from the south) are the blacks of Italy (Maybe you don't know but during the mass emigration in the USA at the beginning of the last century, people from southern italy were considered "negroids").

  18. I know it's a year later, but I just discover your channel and started following you (and yes, obsessively whatch all' your videos over and over) but I feel like that what you said about people staring at you in Fano, is probably 10% because you're black mostly because it's a small town, and we have this thing in south Italy that if you're a stranger, and nobody has ever seen you, then you're the new thing and everybody whatches you're move to know why you're there, what you're up to, etc. I get that a lot when I go to a small town even in my own region!

  19. All cities you mentioned are in noth italy. Rome is in the middle and the south starts from there. So Rome is not really south. By south italy we mean Campagna, Molise, Basilicata, Puglia, Calabria, Sicilia… But I have to agree with you that from a outside position most things probably will look the same in north and south italy. And I really love your videos <3

  20. For the hospitality thing, could it be cultural heritage? I mean, in ancient Rome and Greece hospitality was holy because for Zeus it was very important, unhospital people were punished by the gods. We have a lot of things that comes from very ancient past and still have influences on us, like the horns simbol, it comes from etruscan people.

  21. Io vivo a palermo e qui la situazione è strana, spesso si sentono commenti razzisti o più che razzisti xenofobi data la grande presenza di immigrati in sicilia, ma nei fatti molte persone di colore sono perfettamente integrate nel sistema di alcuni quartieri, spesso sono integrate in sistemi sbagliati e malavitosi ma sono integrate alla perfezione con un sistema che in questi quartieri c'era prima di loro. Non tutti sono malavitosi sia chiaro ma palermo è stata una cittá di dominazioni e un etnia in più o una in meno non cambia nulla a noi, sia nel fare integrare queste popolazioni in sistemi sbagliati sia in quelli giusti e legali

  22. L'unico posto meridionale in cui sei stata è Roma, che poi per certi versi è comunque un po' distante da altre città del sud, per il resto sei stata solo al centro e al nord. Ti stimo tantissimo e trovo i tuoi video molto interessanti, ma credo che prima di fare un video del genere dovresti farti un giro qui giù.

  23. ti fissavano perché erano incuriositi dalla novità, una brutta abitudine italiana, soprattutto nei piccoli paesi.

  24. I absolutely agree about the North and South of the US being racist in different ways. The more conservative south may say things casually that still offend people while the liberal north (if you want to generalize) focuses too much on not being racist while actually being racist. I at least prefer being treated like a normal person than people walking on egg shells around being, worrying about saying something wrong. It's become too common this political correctness which backfires often.

  25. Thing is, it depends on the town/city. If you go to small towns, either in the north or South, if they do not have many tourists nor immigrants, they might be a little bit more "racist"; if people stare at you they might usually not be racist but just not used to seeing black people

  26. I’m from New England. Rhode Island to be exact. I never really knew that we had a label of being pretentious but I guess I’m not too surprised. I know I definitely don’t fit into that generalization or stigma. Heck, I graduated high school early by GED. Which felt like a frowned upon attribute and I’m currently enrolling at my local community college at 17. So I guess this is why I’m not surprised. A lot of my peers in school follow that rigid systematic path to “success” which is, honor classes, national honors society, AP courses, and finally an Ivy League. Most people focus on what school they want to go to, instead of what they actually want to be learning. It’s all rather shallow and for no pure intentions other than money and title. Sad really because school should be viewed as gaining knowledge and bettering ourselves, whilst finding passions that we love, to go out into the work force and become decent human beings but I see that NE really inly wants to fight for the hierarchy in society :/

  27. this is tge same thing with greece……but except athens…athens is in tge center of greece and people are the most nonreligious and the most snobs

  28. Lol people from ct are snobbish?? I have learned about ct. From YouTube. I'm from CT and I think your right but I can talk to anybody. 😂

  29. Hmmmmphffffff…..

  30. ok, im gonna say it, as a pugliese italian living in connecitcut, i can say that southern italians are SOOO racist. the way they treat african immigrants is just horrible, and from what ive seen in places like milan, they are treated so differently there. in puglia they are scoured at and people act disgusted if they see an african immigrant come close to them.

  31. I think your comparison sometimes is a bit forced, since we are not divided in north and south, but culturally in north, center and south, not geographically but for historical reasons

  32. When talking about racism to outsiders, the North and the South are probably on the same level, whereas the North are somewhat racist to Southern Italians

  33. per il fatto che la gente si girava a fissarti mi vengono in mente solo due possibilità: la prima è che in generale non so perché ma noi italiani abbiamo questa abitudine di girarci per guardare meglio la gente
    la seconda può essere che siamo più abituati a vedere in giro immigrati che non hanno una situazione economica ottimale e vedere un immigrato diciamo benestante forse non è tipico? idk

  34. Da pugliese che vive in toscana da tanti anni posso dire che quella del sud ospitale è una leggenda che non so da chi sia stata tirata fuori. Ho avuto una ragazza del veneto e la sua famiglia era super ospitale. Sfatiamo questo mito per favore. Poi non capisco i napoletani che dicono "a sud è diverso" pensando di poter parlare a nome di tutto il sud Italia.

  35. To Italian men when you talk about a topic that involves a girl… He doesn't listen to the content but immediately asks: "E bella?" Lol…

  36. So funny to hear her talk about bad customer service in Italy and US. 😂
    You should visit a small restaurant somewhere in Germany … and then we talk again 😉

  37. Quanti posti che hai già visto.Brava.Ti do una se non lo hai già fatto,vai a vedere il lago di Garda,sopratutto la costa nord occidentale.C'è una località che si chiama TREMOSINE e si raggiunge da una strada incredibile che si chiama strada della Forra.Quando arrivi,in cima cerca un posto che si chiama LA TERRAZZA DEL BRIVIDO. Guardi giù e resterai a bocca aperta. Oppure se vuoi vedere un mare stupendo,vai a visitare in Toscana,l'argentario oppure l'arcipelago toscano con le sue isole.Giglio,Giannutri….ecc ecc oppure un altro posto stupendo,sono le Dolomiti…..le Alpi… valle d'Aosta

  38. Non devo citare casa surace non devo citare casa surace non dev….. “da noi l’ospitalità non è educazione è tradizione”

  39. Pretentious in New England? I've lived in Boston my whole life and the only stuck up rude people are the people who have moved in the area in the last 20 years. Before it used to be all close families who are kind and would look out for each other. My mother was born in Naples Italy and some of the friendliest people I know from there also. I guess your video speaks of how things are now but remember it was not always like this.

  40. I live in Rome and now racism in Italy is really a problem with the new Salvini government. Open racism has become acceptable in a nation that was once a strong humanist haven in the past. I am an Afro Cuban Puerto Rican American married to a Roman Sicilian man. We have 4 small mixed raced children. Even preschool children in Italy have this hatred toward stranieri especially darker skinned Afro descendant people. My children are very mixed looking, two of them have blue eyes and just a hint of my African roots. Yet that hint causes even children to hurl racial epithets at them. I had to take my youngest daughter out of her school finding a more diverse school for her. This virus of hatred has taken hold of a country that was once a refuge from hatred for many black expats.I and my friends of Afro descent, Brazilians, Cubans, African and African Americans are shocked by this sudden change in the Italian consciousness. I have lived in Italy for 10 years and my husband and I are actually contemplating leaving the country for London or Spain now. I know you did this video before the advent of Lega and Five Star taking over the whole government. But anyone watching this should know that racism is a bigger problem in Italy for Afro descendant people than you have presented here. I feel unsafe walking down the streets of Rome now as there are so many attacks on black people now.Women are being pulled on, hit and verbally assaulted. My friend who is a beautiful educated Brazilian woman was slapped by a woman who called her a nigger. The woman was supported by a crowd of angry Italians calling her straniera. My husband doesn't allow me to go out at night alone at all anymore. I never felt threatened anywhere in Italy. I would walk the streets of Rome day and night in college and after college, never feeling unsafe anywhere. We have a summer home in Sicily where part of my husband's family lives. I used to go there alone with the kids when my husband went on business trips. Now because of the racial climate it is completely out of the question. An open embrace of Mussolini, Hitler and Fascism in general is everywhere. I am so saddened by what my beautiful Italy has become and I hope and pray that Italians wake up from this drunken haze.

  41. I want to say that Vatican and Italy are two different states. The Vatican stays in the peninsula, but it isn't italian, like San Marino.
    (Da qui continuo in italiano)
    C'è da precisare che i sondaggi sulla religione sono fatti sul numero di persone battezzate e non su chi è realmente credente.
    Io sono stata obbligata da piccola a seguire la religione, ma sono 100% atea, così come moltissime altre persone che conosco, eppure per lo stato, quindi sulla carta, risultiamo credenti, ma nella realtà non è assolutamente così

  42. uhmmm… you really need to check. the south. U can't compare if never take at least a look in Campania,puglia, Sicilia and Calabria… 😉

  43. Non potrebbe essere che si girino perché oltre ad essere nera sei bellissima??? Qui quando passa una bella ragazza la gente si gira a guardarla… Gli uomini per ammirare, le donne per invidiare… 😄😄😄

  44. All this talk about racism on these comments.
    Let's call it what it is.HATE!!! The Word of GOD tells us that if you hate your brother your not of or born again by his Holy Spirit. You are of your father the Devil he is a hater and murderer. When Jesus returns for his thousand year reign on earth the playing field will be leveled. The Times of the Gentiles (EUROPEANS) IS JUST ABOUT OVER.

  45. Tia, I have this thing about people from USA that drives me crazy, maybe you can give me an explanation or at least help me to get over it: why do you call yourselves "Americans"??? Geographically, America is also Canada, Mexico, Caribbeans, Venezuela, Brazil, Peru… America is a freaking continent!! I think you are the only country in the world where people don't have a proper word to define themselves as nationals. Do you seriously not have a word for "people from USA" except "Americans"?
    It looks like you cannot even call yourselves without appropriating something.
    The funny thing is that we do have this word in italian, it's "statunitensi", meaning from the United States. You can borrow it if you like.

  46. Why do guys look at you for 30 seconds? Cause you are super hot!
    Male italians look at women all the time, bad habit, but not directly linked to skin color. Though I have a question: do they use the TU form with you or the LEI form? I notice that my black friends in Italy get more often a TU than I do, which I find racist.

  47. I love your channel! And I like how you at the beginning explained how you tend to get backlash from some people when it comes to North vs South… and I'll admit as someone who descends from Southern Italy it is hard for me to completely agree with some of what you're saying even though I know it's only from your experiences and no one can change that but when it comes to religion and Italy I do believe the south is much more practicing Catholic than the North and there are a lot more traditional in that sense I also believe that sometimes the south is completely forgotten in any type of census in Italy… there's even been jokes of how the north of Italy views the South like Ethiopia…so from my experiences and some of my opinions I feel the north has gotten more liberal because from my experiences and some of my opinions I feel the North has gotten more liberal because it they have gotten too industrialized where the South like I said is more traditional. I also feel like even if Italy has gotten a little less religious, their culture as a whole and their customs and traditions are rooted in Catholicism and always will be

  48. And that happens in every country of Europe where I've been. Spain, Portugal, France, Italy… For some reason only the North arrow of the compass seems "the good one" for them.

  49. She's never been to southern Italy yet she's doing a video about differences between north and south.. what's wrong with you girl?

  50. Ottimo pezzo. Ragione piena sulla religione. In realtà semplicemente, non frega niente a nessuno della religione qua, tra la gente. Non siamo razzisti mai e poi mai, semmai appunto un pò xenofobici. Riguardo a come ti guardavano a Fano, nei piccoli paesi la gente guarda così chiunque non sia del posto. PS. Il sud in Italia comincia dalla Campania e dal Molise. Fano , Marche, Roma sono centro. E il centro è molto diverso dal sud. Scusa se non ho usato l'inglese ma non avevo voglia di accendere la porzione di cervello per la scrittura in lingua straniera 🙂

  51. maybe it’s just because i’m from california but i feel like there isn’t tons of racism in america

  52. @12:10 passive aggressive racism
    They are saying they hate you via body language.
    Its called minnesota nice twincity nice
    Hate this place

  53. From Houston here…the North is pretty racist…they just won't say it front of your face…the south will let you know if they are racist…

  54. I honestly prefer the North, sorry but for what I visited (I am not Italian), I didn't visit much of the South… but I didn't found the South Italians so "nice", but this is my experience… Instead I found very nice people in Milan, Como and Trento.
    I was surprise! Because every one says that in the North Italy people are rude, but it isn't true! I found very nice people! Pelease people don't get angry… this is my opinion based on my personal experiences.

  55. I just came back from a visit in Italy. It was nice. Rimini and Bologna. Also spent a good amount of time time in Rome though not enough . I feel The northerns really despise the southern more than how the North US feels of the South US. Northern Italy have the notion that it’s the real Italy and feel the south has less cultural value lol I really feel like I should of visited the south. I hear they are more down to earth.

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