ISLAM – Religion of Love. Heaven and Hell. Episode 1 (English Subtitles)

In the name of Allah,
the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful! Dear brothers and sisters! We heartily congratulate you
on such a significant event as the release of The Call of Mahdi programme! Fragment from the programme
The Call of Mahdi on Many people often wonder, “What is the meaning of my existence?
What is it for? Well, since I was born, since I’m here,
it means that I’m needed for something? And what is my mission?”
Well, your mission, my friend, is exactly to return Home,
and Home is one for all. What does it mean, “the Lote Tree
of the Utmost Boundary”? …that Islam should be all
over the world. But Islam… …not as a name or as ceremonies,
but as the essence. Certainly, as God’s Love. This event is important not only
for Muslims of the entire world, but also for all people who today feel that something is wrong with this world, that there is too much injustice, that it shouldn’t be like this, that
people live far from righteous life. People offend each other, bring suffering
and grief to one another, but after all, the Almighty
has created us for a different purpose. And this Call of Mahdi,
which sounds all over the world today, it inspires, it helps us believe
that we can overcome everything. This call is a call for all those
who suffer, for all those who strive to learn Love
of Allah the Almighty in themselves and to live by this Love. For all those who are ready,
who seek the Truth and are ready to accept it, for all those who want to be Alive,
truly Alive! This call, the Call of Mahdi,
which is addressed to all people today, people of goodwill, people who are willing
and striving to change life for the better, the life of everyone, not only their own,
but on the entire planet. After all, we all have the Only One Creator, which Mahdi is tirelessly
talking about in all programmes. And if we have One Creator,
then what do we divide among ourselves? While for Muslims, Muslims all
over the world, the Call of Mahdi has a special meaning, because the Prophet
(peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) has left a lot of clues, he has left
a lot of legends telling that Mahdi will come, and that righteous Muslims
are obliged to unite around His banner, to help Mahdi, and to bring the Truth
to all people on earth! Therefore, dear brothers and sisters,
we congratulate you on this joyful event, on this most significant event
of our time! It’s a historical moment, the moment from which very many
things begin, and today a lot depends precisely on how sincerely Muslims
all over the world will act in relation to such
a landmark event. Tremendous responsibility rests
on Muslims of the whole world today, because Islam is the youngest religion. And, as we know, thanks to what
Imam Mahdi is talking about, we know that today Islam contains the greatest
potential for unification of the entire humanity. Why? First of all, as we’ve already said,
this religion is the youngest one, so Iblis and his slaves
haven’t had enough time, let’s say, to replace and distort it completely,
although for justice’ sake it should be stated that grains of Knowledge
have been preserved in all religions. After all, should there be no grains,
people wouldn’t join these religions. But, going back to Islam,
we’d like to emphasize that a lot of grains of the Truth
have been indeed preserved in Islam, and thanks to that,
it has a tremendous potential, a potential for Islam
to be all over the world, Islam as religion of Love
and brotherhood, brotherhood for entire humankind,
not only for some separate peoples, but really for entire humankind,
since Islam was given for entire humankind! That’s why Imam Mahdi
is tirelessly saying that Islam should be
all over the world. Among the positive points
which still remain in Islam we can name the fact that,
even despite some, so to say, frivolous attitude to their Imam,
to their faith, today the majority of Muslims
still have a clear understanding that alcohol and drugs
are unacceptable for a human being. While this, as we know,
is one of the strongest weapons of the enemy of humankind in this war
which he’s waging against all people. It’s a weapon which turns
a human into an animal, hence the fact that in their life
most Muslims tolerate for themselves neither alcohol nor drugs, and this is
one of the most important points. Moreover, such a point should be noted
that, despite various interdenominational disputes
and conflicts, despite these constant showdowns between Shiah, Sunni,
and so on, between all other branches, still within every given Madhhab,
within every given branch, Madhhab, and so on, a certain cordiality
of relations is preserved. This is, so to say,
a very important point. This point, provided that these people
accept the Knowledge brought by Mahdi, and provided that these people unite around His banner, around the banner of the Truth,
around Mahdi’s banner, is one of the most important
and potentially powerful points, relying on which the Islamic Ummah can potentially
become an example for entire humanity, an example of true consolidation
and real brotherhood not in words, not in some
resolutions or tribune speeches, but actually in real, real life. And precisely such Islam,
united Islam, whole Islam which is integrated by the faith
in One Creator, such Islam can become that very example for the rest of humanity,
which will help entire humankind to unite in a single family as it was
originally conceived by the Creator. And, certainly, the most significant,
the most joyful, the most inspiring event is Mahdi’s message to all people,
and the Knowledge which Mahdi has brought. This is the most important event
for all people, not just for Muslims, but for all people who want to change this life
for the better, who want to live humanly. This event, this Knowledge that Mahdi has given,
brings salvation to entire humanity! This Knowledge reveals Islam in its
genuine depth, beauty, and wisdom. Thanks to that, subject to the acceptance
and application of this Knowledge in everyday life, every Muslim acquires a chance
to become such a Muslim as the Messenger of Allah himself
(peace be upon him) and his closest associates were. This is pure Islam in its original,
virgin beauty and purity! This also relates to all religions,
the basis of which Mahdi is giving in its purity. He shares this with people according
to the Will of Allah the Almighty. And it’s the mercy of Allah for all of us
that, fulfilling His Will, Mahdi is tirelessly addressing us
again and again in all programmes and in the books. And it’s our chance, a chance to unite!
It’s more than a real chance! No matter how it may seem to us
today as a fairy tale, if we take into account
the harsh realities of today, when almost the whole world
is embraced with war, but the Knowledge that Mahdi gives,
if people accept it, will help us look at each other
not through the gun sight, but with the eyes full of brotherly love, mutual understanding, trust,
fraternity, and harmony. It’s a chance for everyone,
for all righteous people, or at least for people who strive
for such a life, the good and righteous one, regardless of where they are
and what they do. And that’s why we repeat
that in this matter, the matter of uniting all humankind,
a special mission today is entrusted precisely to the Muslim Ummah
which is simply obliged to become an example
for entire humanity, to unite, to show the true Islam, unified Islam, such Islam as it was in the times
of Allah’s Messenger (peace be upon him)! However, along with these positive aspects, there are also problematic,
tentatively speaking, negative aspects, our weaknesses, the presence of which
allows Iblis today to achieve what he has achieved. So, today we’d like to share
those insights with you, which we have gained thanks
to the Knowledge shared by Mahdi with entire humanity. These insights reveal the essence
of the tools of Iblis, first and foremost, in our heads,
and exactly the way he acts and divides. For, having understood his fighting style, we have a chance to be prepared for it, and thus, his actions will no longer
be unexpected for us, and we’ll be able to make right decisions. As a matter of fact, having understood
the way your opponent is acting, you gain a chance to gain a victory. In the first place, there is precisely a distorted,
deliberately distorted interpretation of such concepts as heaven and hell,
which today have led to the fact that most people on the planet don’t have
a clear understanding of what they are, and moreover, they don’t have
a serious attitude towards these concepts, while everything that is mentioned
in all the holy scriptures, in particular in the Qur’an,
for people it’s…, for a modern person who thanks to Google, because
of these gadgets and so on, considers himself to be somewhat
advanced and knowledgeable, so, for such a person these interpretations
seem to be fairy tales. Whereas, if for a person the reason he comes
into religion seems to be a fairy tale or a fable, then his attitude towards
it won’t be serious. Meaning, his attitude, first and foremost,
towards his faith, towards his religious and spiritual
development, self-development and towards his work on himself, on eradication
of everything negative in himself. This work, spiritual work
on himself won’t be serious, unless the person clearly
understands and knows his goal. What is the true purpose
of every religion? In this case, by religion we mean not
an institution of power and control, but religion in the meaning of purity,
in the meaning of the teaching which was given by the Prophets. In this understanding,
absolutely every religion is a means by which a person can achieve
the true meaning of his life, that is, to reach heaven, and, first
and foremost, the person himself needs this. And this is explicitly stated
in the Holy Qur’an. In Surah 29, Surah Al-’Ankabut
(The Spider), Ayah 6 it is said, that “And whoever strives only
strives for [the benefit of] himself. Indeed, Allah is free
from need of the worlds.” llah the Almighty is free
from need of anything. And this salvation, attainment of heaven is necessary,
first and foremost, for a person himself. If a person doesn’t achieve this goal, it means
he has lived his life absolutely in vain, no matter what heights of earthly life
he has reached. But what has Iblis done? Having removed a clear understanding
of all religions and all the scriptures, a clear understanding of what
heaven is and what hell is, he has thus achieved a situation
when most people today, even those who consider themselves
believers and who observe certain rites, don’t have a clear understanding,
an inner understanding. What’s being said today? That in the end there will be
a general judgement where the destiny of everyone will be determined,
even of those who have already died, they will all be resurrected, in the bodies at that,
and everything will be decided at this judgement. But let’s look at this from
a slightly different perspective. If a person is being told
that his destiny will be determined at some kind of a general judgement
which will take place once, then how will he treat
his daily religious duties? Again, even if he performs them
with all rigour and thoroughness, but without inner understanding,
what kind of understanding will it be? A person will still subconsciously
give slack. Why will he give slack? Because subconsciously he already
has this directive that he still has time, this judgement will take place sometime
in the future, still unknown when it will be. Moreover, today, particularly in Islam,
there is such a directive which says that some of the Muslims,
even if they get into hell, still have a chance after a while, well,
roughly speaking, having got roasted a little there, after a while they acquire a chance
to get to heaven. However, this is not just a blatant lie,
but it’s a skilful and insidious move, thanks to which Iblis fools
a lot of people. At that, “fools” is probably a too gentle word,
for he’s actually killing them. He’s killing, depriving them
of a chance to attain eternal life. While this is very serious!
Because a human being has only one chance, and the one who gets into hell
has no chances anymore. In one of his sermons, Prophet Muhammad
(peace be upon him) said, “Always remember the two great ones –
heaven and hell.” Then he burst out crying so that tears
started running along the sides of his beard, and he added, “I swear on the One
in Whose power my soul resides, if you knew what I know
about the other-wordly, you would crawl on your knees
and strew your heads with dust.” This Hadith actually has
a very deep meaning. It totally reveals how serious
a Muslim’s attitude towards the very concept of heaven
and hell should be. And before we proceed to descriptions
of heaven and hell, we believe it is very important to note that the Messenger of Allah
(peace be upon him) said the truth. The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)
was the greatest among the Prophets, as Mahdi precisely says
in one of the programmes. Hence, this person could not be mistaken
in his prophecies, in what he was preaching,
in what he was conveying to people. However, the way people have
distorted this, and the way Iblis is interpreting the same ayat and the same
Hadith precisely in people’s heads, is exactly what causes a frivolous
attitude towards these ayat and these descriptions
of heaven and hell. Let’s repeat, the point is not
how the Prophet was telling this, but that Iblis is distorting it. The Prophet was telling the truth! The Prophet of Allah the Almighty
cannot tell lies! The Prophet conveys the Truth only! And today it is present both
in the Qur’an and in the Hadith, and this is confirmed by the primordial
Knowledge brought by Mahdi! But due to the distortions, due to the lies
that Iblis brought into Islam, people today are not serious about
attitude towards these descriptions. For example, let’s take such
a description which says that eternally young adolescents
will look after these righteous men who are lying all day long just eating. Their wives are virgins, for some reason
they are virgins again every day, and there are these adolescents who,
so to say, serve those men. And they drink wine there,
which causes no headache and even makes a person feel good. Let’s ask ourselves a simple question:
what kind of heaven is it where there is exploitation,
especially exploitation of child labour? Is this really possible? In a place
where absolute, supreme justice and supreme harmony reign, is it really possible
that some people work while others don’t? What kind of heaven is it, if someone
is forced to work for someone else? We’d like to clarify
this aspect that, again, the point is not that there’s a lie
in these words, not at all, but the point is that these are
merely allegorical attempts to convey the essence of that state which
a person experiences after reaching heaven. While Iblis already interferes in these
interpretations, and precisely in people’s minds, not here in the Qur’an,
but in people’s minds in the first place, he makes people start doubting. He whispers to them, “How can this be?
It’s impossible! What kind of fairy tales,
what kind of fables are these? No, let’s better do something more serious.” And what could be more serious and more important
than the question of Life and death? And he leads a person astray. He forces a person, or rather doesn’t force,
but offers a person to start doubting, because for a modern human these descriptions
are, to put it mildly, well, improbable. However, the point is that, certainly,
in heaven there are neither virgin wives nor these miserable adolescents
who work for these spongers all day long, but the point is that in heaven
there’s no body as such, and in heaven there’s
no gender division. There are Angels in heaven,
while an Angel is an asexual being, that is, a person who reaches
heaven already becomes an Angel. He becomes a part of the Spiritual World,
meaning, he becomes a Spirit, while a Spirit has no gender.
Gender differences exist only here. In the Hadith, it is mentioned
that “They (the people of heaven) will neither have differences
nor hatred amongst themselves; their hearts will be as if one heart and they will be glorifying Allah
in the morning and in the evening.” This is very close to what Imam Mahdi
is saying in all the programmes. This is Life that embodies
the highest degree of freedom. After all, heaven is exactly freedom,
the supreme freedom, the supreme freedom and true freedom! And this is precisely true Life! It’s no coincidence that in one of the Hadith
Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) says, “O Allah, there is no true Life
but the Life of the Hereafter.” Thus, he actually indicates that our
temporary existence in this world in these bodies cannot
be considered a true life, for this is merely a temporary sojourn
intended for a human to gain true Life, Life in heaven, Life in the world
of Allah the Almighty, in the Spiritual World! And again, regarding the body. Even if we take this very notion
of the Last Judgement, it also implies that people
will resurrect in their bodies, while this is also quite
a gross and very, so to say, insidious substitution which makes
a person believe that he is this body. Yet, what is the body if not “ringing clay”
as it is called in the Qur’an? After all, it is mere dust,
it’s a cocoon in which the Spirit should mature
and return to its Creator! Going back to the descriptions
of heaven, let’s repeat that those were only associative examples, allegorical examples
that could give a person at least a rough understanding of what’s
awaiting him in heaven. Imagine a following situation:
nomads of that time, for whom women and wine were
the greatest pleasures of life, say to the Messenger of Allah,
“O Messenger of Allah, we are ready to accept Islam, we are ready
to follow what you are calling for, but what is awaiting us,
what is our reward?” And for this very reason the Messenger
of Allah (peace be upon him), trying to explain to people
the superior enjoyment which becomes a reward for the one who faithfully serves Allah the Almighty,
who lives a righteous life, does good deeds, lives a pure life, for such a person heaven becomes a reward.
Yet, what is heaven? And how can this be explained to a person for whom wine and women are
the greatest delights? That’s why the Prophet
precisely said that “you will have seventy-two women there,
and nobody has touched them except yourselves, and they will be virgins every day,
while the wine that you’ll be drinking there won’t cause you any suffering,
unlike this earthly wine of which you have headache
in the morning.” This is precisely what was said,
but not that there’s actually wine there. For there is a Hadith in which
Allah’s Messenger, conveying the words of Allah the Almighty, mentions
that Allah the Almighty has said, “I have prepared for My righteous
slaves (such excellent things) as no eye has ever seen, nor an ear has ever
heard nor a human heart can ever think of.” As a matter of fact, it is literally said
that with one’s conceptual apparatus a human being cannot even imagine
everything that is in heaven. By the way, this is very close
to what Isa was saying, namely that “No eye has seen,
no ear has heard, no heart has imagined, what God has prepared for those
who love Him.” In fact, from what is in heaven,
in this earthly life there is only a name and an attempt
to somehow explain it, to enclose it with verbal formulas. In addition to the Hadith,
this is also stated in the Qur’an. For instance, in Surah 32
Ayah 17 it is said that “No person knows
what is kept hidden for them of joy as a reward for what
they used to do.” As a matter of fact, it is meant
that a person cannot imagine even approximately that superior enjoyment, that highest happinesswhich exists in heaven,
which there is in heaven. Or, for example, in Surah 41
Ayah 31 it is said, “You will have therein whatever
you request [or wish].” Thus, it is actually being said
that a person will have neither worries, nor problems, nor suffering there,
but only enjoyment. And this is also stated in the Qur’an.
In Surah 36 Ayah 55 it is said that “Indeed the companions of Paradise,
will be amused in [joyful] occupation”, thus it is actually said
that a person will have no worries, especially material ones,
since there will be no body. Body needs to be taken care for,
and so on, and so forth. Certainly, it’s no problem
for Allah the Almighty to create a body
that would live forever. As it’s being repeatedly said
in the Qur’an, “Originator of the heavens and the earth. When He decrees a matter,
He only says to it, “Be,” and it is.” However, if there were anything like that,
it would probably be the most painful punishment. An eternal body basically means
endless concerns, problems, and so on. While the Spirit…
the Spirit means freedom! In fact, this myth regarding
the Last Judgement where everyone will be resurrected in their bodies,
and where everything will be resolved, it is beneficial to those
who treat religion as business, meaning, to those who are managers
in these religious corporations, and for whom people are nothing,
but a means to attain profits or power. It’s beneficial for them
that people postpone their spiritual self-development
for this indefinite “later”. It’s beneficial for them when people,
being afraid of this judgement, fulfil everything that
these managers tell them. It’s difficult to call them differently.
It’s difficult to call them God’s servants, and we are certainly
not talking about all of them. Of course, there are those who serve
the Almighty righteously and sincerely. Whereas now we are speaking of those
who use these misunderstandings and incorrect interpretations in order
to keep people in fear, in order to keep people in ignorance. Regarding those managers, it is stated quite succinctly
and intelligibly in the Qur’an, for example in Surah 2
Al-Baqarah (The Cow), Ayat 9, 10, 11, and 12 it is said
very clearly about them, Оr, for example, in Surah 23
Ayat 52 and 53 it is said that, “Verily, your religion is one religion, and I am your Lord,
so fear (keep your duty to) Me But they have broken
their religion among them into sects, each group rejoicing
in what is with it.” We mention these people not in order
to somehow contrast ourselves with them, or to condemn them, and so on.
No, not at all. These are really deceived people,
people deceived by Iblis, for whom the amenities
of this world, power, wealth, and so on, are above sincere service
to Allah the Almighty. That’s why our goal is not to condemn
them somehow, judge them and so on, no. We have mentioned them just
to clarify such a point that only the one who follows what
the Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) taught may consider
oneself a Muslim. A person who lives by what these managers
are teaching him, who obeys these managers
in everything, follows their instructions
and their will, this person cannot consider
himself a Muslim, he has no moral right for this. If a person stands next to those against whom
Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) fought, then what right does he have
to call himself a Muslim? After all, he was fighting precisely
against these hypocrites and scribes, and basically all Prophets
were fighting against them. Therefore, a true Muslim is the one who follows the example of the Messenger
of Allah (peace be upon him), for whom Islam is not
just ceremonies, but it is exactly that inner Life
which takes place in one’s heart. Regarding these managers
from religion, we’d like to highlight one more point,
a very important point. It’s the fact that some people, looking at such
representatives of religion, are moving away from religion. They look at such people, and at this moment Iblis starts
whispering to them that “How will you accept Islam, if, just look at its representatives,
look at how they behave? They call for peace, for good,
while they themselves are very aggressive. They call for moderation,
but look at them, how greedy they are, how much they seek
benefits of this world”, and so on, and so forth. But the point is that it’s precisely
Iblis who is whispering. And the point is that
it’s not the fault of Islam that some people who preach it don’t comply with
Islam themselves and don’t know what true Islam is. By no means is Islam
to blame for the fact that these people haven’t
grasped its essence. Islam is a great teaching
about Love and brotherhood, about brotherhood among all people! It’s a great teaching
which leads a human to reconciliation with Allah the Almighty
within oneself, in one’s own heart! It’s the path, Islam is the path
to Allah the Almighty! Therefore, for those people
who are, let’s say, being guided by what Iblis
is whispering to them, and they don’t accept Islam,
for them we’d like to say that they are accepting Islam
not for someone else, but only for their own sake. And they come to Islam, in fact,
not to serve these managers, but to serve Allah the Almighty. And a person himself needs this. Everything that we’ve told
about the descriptions of heaven equally applies to
the descriptions of hell, too. Everything that is said
about hell in Islam has a purely allegorical,
associative character, it’s essentially an attempt,
through understandable allegories, on some life examples,
everyday examples, an attempt to give a person
an idea of how terrible his state will be if he lives an unrighteous life, lives by the dictates
of his nafs, his ego, basically by what Iblis
seduces him with. After all, Iblis only seduces, while a person himself
commits all the sins. This is his choice, while the right to choose
is given by Allah the Almighty, and no one is entitled
to encroach on this right. Iblis only seduces.
And this is a very important point, so that a person understands that he himself will be
responsible for his deeds. All these crimes,
all these atrocities that are taking place
across the world today, who commits them? After all, people themselves
commit them. And only people themselves,
by their choice, can put an end to this. Especially today,
when there is such a unique opportunity. Going back to these very
descriptions of hell, to these colourful descriptions. The purpose of all these descriptions
is to give a person a rough understanding of what will await him
for his unrighteous life. In the Qur’an, in Surah 10
Ayah 27 it is said, “And those who have
earned evil deeds, the recompense of an evil
deed is like thereof, and humiliating disgrace
will cover them. No defender will they have from Allah. They are the dwellers of the Fire,
they will abide therein forever.” Thus, it is literally said that for an evil, unrighteous life
there will be a punishment. And no one will help,
and no one will save. But all these descriptions, we repeat, they were given
not in order to scare a person, but in order for him to have
an understanding. After all, Allah the Almighty doesn’t want people to go to hell, they go there of their choice. That’s why in this case,
through these allegories and these associative concepts, the Spiritual World has tried
not to scare people, but to be honest,
to warn honestly about what will await a human
for one’s wrong choice. This shows justice and mercy of Allah the Almighty for all people, since He doesn’t keep them
in ignorance regarding what will await people
for their deeds. On the contrary, He describes
what will be the gain of those who lived righteously, and what awaits those
who lived unrighteously. Therefore, in the Hadith which
we’ve mentioned in the beginning, it is said that Prophet Muhammad
(peace be upon him) urged people to always remember
the two great ones, it’s also a reflection of this very attitude
of the Spiritual World towards a human being, its merciful and gracious attitude, which fairly and honestly
warns a person that if during this lifetime
he lives in Love and gratitude to Allah the Almighty and, first and foremost, inner Love, sincere gratitude, not for show, not for someone,
but precisely within himself, in his heart, this person becomes
a part of the Spiritual World, and his reward is heaven. If you’ve been living by the Spirit, you precisely
become a part of the Spiritual World. Whereas, if a person
has preferred the worldly, in the Qur’an it is said regarding this that
“Verily the tree of Zaqqum is food for the Sinful, and its fruits are like
devils’ [shaitans’] heads.” While shaitans in this case
are exactly these thoughts, the thoughts of selfishness,
narcissism, self-praising before other people, hatred, envy, and aggression. All those are instilled
into a human by Iblis. It’s also very important for a human
to have a clear understanding that sins are not only what we commit wrong
in the external world, but sins are also considered,
or rather are, the evil thoughts that a person
accepts with delight: thoughts of aggression
towards someone, thoughts of hatred,
envy, and so on. And if a person, so to say,
relishes such thoughts, he enjoys them, he reproduces them
in his head all day long, and he likes that, –
this is precisely a service to Iblis. This is actually slavery,
servitude to Iblis who conceals the Truth
from a human being with these thoughts. The Truth which,
first and foremost, is in the fact that actually
a human doesn’t need these thoughts. A human doesn’t need to judge anyone, to hate anyone, or to manifest
aggression towards anyone. This only makes
a human unhappy. While happiness is
in something different. Happiness is in this Love
for the Almighty, in gratitude towards Him, which exactly results in a brotherly
attitude towards all people. For, if a person doesn’t love
Allah the Almighty, he won’t love other people either. This is described
beautifully in the Gospel, where it is said that
“anyone who does not love his brother, whom he has seen, cannot love God,
whom he has not seen.” As a matter of fact, this verbal
formula precisely reflects the state of a person when he doesn’t
have a clear understanding. Detailed, very simple
and clear information about the Soul, the Spirit, and the human
energy structure can be found in the AllatRa book. While here we will briefly
convey the basis, relying on which we’ll be
able to move further. So, the most important element
in the human energy structure is the Soul. Everything is built
precisely around it. The Soul is placed
into the human energy structure on the eighth day
after the birth of the body. And exactly the Soul forms what is called human Personality, meaning, exactly what
a human being actually is. After all, a human is not a body. A body is just a case, a garment, a cocoon in which
a spiritual foetus is maturing. Once the foetus has matured,
the “ringing clay”, as a human body is referred
to in the Qur’an, returns into the ground, “what’s been created from dust
will return to dust, whereas the Spirit
returns to the Spirit”. If we express this allegorically, a butterfly matures in a cocoon
and flies up into the sky, while the cocoon remains on earth. The process of body conception and the process of conception
of eternal life are very similar. Just like a spermatozoon, our Spirit must reach the egg cell, meaning, the Soul, and then eternal Life is generated. However, on the Spirit’s way
there stands consciousness – nafs, that is shaitan – which can neither
be bypassed nor jumped over, it is possible to pass thought it
by rejecting its temptations. Going back to the process
of the energy structure formation, along with the process of conception
of the Spirit, that is, of Personality, consciousness is formed within
the energy structure as well. Simply put, the Soul and the Spirit are the spiritual nature
of a human being, these are particles
of the Spiritual World within a human. Whereas, consciousness – nafs –
is the animal nature, a particle of the Animal mind system,
meaning, of Iblis. Hence, if during a prevailing
part of his life a person has been giving his attention
to his spiritual component, cultivating the feeling of Love
and gratitude to Allah the Almighty, then he becomes
a dweller of heaven. To put it simply,
if he’s been living by the Spirit, he becomes a part
of the Spiritual World. However, if a person has been paying
more attention to the animal component, that is, to his nafs, to his whims and desires, meaning, to animal instincts, then the following occurs: not having reached
merging with the Soul, his Personality becomes
a subpersonality, that is, it gets into hell. This happens as follows. Together with consciousness, Personality envelops
the Soul like a soap bubble, and this subpersonality,
like a parasite stuck to the Soul, goes to reincarnation. That is, the Soul is placed
into a new body of a totally different person, we emphasize –
of a totally different person who bears no relation
to the subpersonality. This may be a body of
a different nationality, religious affiliation,
and even gender. We emphasize that only
one chance is given, and a person has this chance
for as long as he lives in his body. Once the Personality has
become a subpersonality, there is no longer
any chance for salvation. That’s why it is so important for a person
to do his utmost during this lifetime in order to become free
and reach heaven. A question may arise: how does a subpersonality feel pain, if it no longer has a body and it is basically an energy
and information clot? This may be explained via
an example of phantom pain, when there are no limbs, for instance an arm or a leg, but pain is still felt. Moreover, this may be explained
by those who had a stroke. When a person cannot move,
however he feels everything: pain, suffering, emotions,
depression, and so on. Whatever one has been cultivating in oneself
will exactly multiply beyond the threshold. And there’s another point: after all, subpersonality is basically compressed
by the powerful energy sources from two sides, which is actually
described in the Qur’an as “burning, tormenting fire that approaches
a person from all sides”. That is, figuratively speaking,
subpersonality becomes sort of a pellicle
which envelops the Soul. As a matter of fact, it is squeezed
between the Soul on one side and prana, meaning vital energy
of the new body, on the other side. This is that very inexpressibly
terrible state of suffering from the tormenting fire,
which is described in the Qur’an so vividly. This happens roughly the way it is shown on the screen. For this very reason,
such a detailed description of this process was given in the Qur’an
more than 14 centuries ago. In Surah 4 Ayah 56 it is said, “Verily, those who disbelieve
in Our verses – We will drive them into Fire. Every time their skins
are roasted through, We will replace them with other skins so they may taste the punishment. Verily, Allah is ever Exalted
in Might and Wise.” And let us repeat:
hell is not some place where sinners hang out together. Hell is rather a solitary
prison cell for many centuries. And if upon subsequent
reincarnation, meaning, of a new Personality,
the Spirit has not merged with the Soul, that is, a person hasn’t
got into heaven, then a new subpersonality
also envelops the Soul, having no contact with the previous
subpersonality in any way. Subpersonality,
that is the state of hell, is a state of solitary
imprisonment for a long time, where the former Personality is accompanied
by the whole complex of negativity which it has accumulated
during its lifetime. To put it simply, all bad,
sinful thoughts, words, deeds, and emotions
remain with the subpersonality. Moreover, they intensify, turning into inexpressibly
agonizing suffering. Every next subpersonality is an obstacle on the path of
a new Personality to the Spiritual World. The more of them emerge, the harder it is for the Personality
to break through towards the Soul. They are like ink on a light bulb, which covers the light coming
from the bulb. In the same way subpersonality
covers the light emanating from the Soul
towards the new Personality, thus complicating the path
to the light of the Soul. And if among subpersonalities
there’s at least a single strong one, for instance, a person who engaged
in magic during the life of the body, then such subpersonality also strives to seize power
over the new Personality, meaning, to suppress it. This may especially be manifested
at the early age, and such phenomena
usually manifest themselves either as a child’s
unnatural aggression or as unchildish wisdom. And if an influence of third forces, or genies as they are called in Islam,
is added to such manifestations (by the way, those forces are discussed
in more detail in the Ezoosmos book and in the programmes The Invisible World
and Suicide. The After-Death Fate), so, if such influences are also added to the influence
of the person’s own nafs and its desire to suppress
the Personality, then it becomes much more
difficult for the person to attain his or her main goal,
meaning, heaven. But the more difficult was the fight,
the more well-deserved is the victory. This process as well as suffering
of all subpersonalities will continue until there
appears a Personality which achieves
merging with the Soul. And then all subpersonalities
get annihilated, simply put, cease to exist, since the Personality,
that is, the Spirit, while attaining fusion with the Soul,
turns into a new being – an Angel – and enters heaven,
meaning, the Spiritual World. This is the first of the two
possible options – termination of subpersonality’s
suffering. While the second option is the Last
Judgement, the Judgement Day, it’s when all Alive
ones go to heaven, whereas dead ones are exterminated,
for example, in a flood. Then all Souls return to their Creator, we emphasize – the Souls only, while people who haven’t achieved merging
with the Soul, that is, subpersonalities, are sort of parasites on the Soul. But when the Souls
return to the Creator, all parasites are cleaned
from them, meaning, everything dead is annihilated, to put it simply – is erased. And the Souls return in their purity. In the holy scriptures, this process is embodied
in the concept of the second death, that is, when subpersonalities
definitively perish, meaning, cease to exist, wherein there’s also a manifestation
of the mercy of Allah the Almighty who eventually terminates this suffering. However, this is not liberation. This is complete annihilation. That’s why, dear viewers, it is so important for a human being,
within this time span into which he or she comes
and after which he or she leaves with weeping, to have time to do the main thing –
to attain Eternity. This time span which a person
calls and considers Life is actually just a period
for the person’s choice. And, depending on the choice, his after-death destiny is formed: either eternal bliss
or long-lasting suffering. In this world, there are only
two forces, two wills – the will of Allah the Almighty and a desire, which originates from Iblis,
to belittle a human before the Lord. And Allah the Almighty has given
a human the sacred right of choice. It’s the choice that no one may
encroach upon, for it is given by Allah the Almighty, the Lord and Creator of everything. And a person may only choose: he either lives by Allah’s will, meaning, he lives
righteously and nobly, or he lives by desires of Iblis, meaning, unrighteously,
like an animal, and there’s no third option. A person serves either Allah or Iblis, while it’s impossible for
a person not to serve. And this life flies by very fast. Not without reason, in the Qur’an
this life is repeatedly called “dream and amusement”,
“careless vanity”. In order to be certain of
how fast it flies by, you should just recall how your entire previous life
prior to this moment has flown by. Thus, the rest of it will
fly by just as fast, there will be no slowdown of time, on the contrary. And none of the mortal ones may
know how much time is still left. That’s why every second is so precious, being a gift of Allah the Almighty and an opportunity given to a human so that he would have time
to prove to Allah the Almighty that he deserves being admitted
to His World, the Spiritual World. Today, most people on the planet
are turning as squirrels on a hamster wheel in pursuit
of delights of this perishable world. Someone is in a golden cage, someone’s in a wooden one, but the essence doesn’t change. A wheel remains a cage in which
a human is turning as a squirrel. However, a human being
is not a squirrel. There is a particle of Allah the Almighty
Himself in a human. The words of the Qur’an indicate so. In Surah 32 Ayah 9 it is said, “Then He proportioned him and breathed into him
from His [created] soul…” This means, a human is already
a potential part of Eternity. He just needs to confirm his choice
in everyday life, his choice in favour
of the spiritual nature in himself. Although in no way this prevents him
from using all the worldly amenities. This just implies not to be
a slave of those, not to turn possession of those into
an aim of his life, but to use them as necessary, without forgetting about
the main goal for which this short, swiftly passing existence which
a human calls life is given to him, that is, attainment of heaven. After all, precisely attainment of heaven is the true meaning and purpose
of every person’s existence. Brothers and sisters, if by Allah’s will you have grasped
the essence of the aforesaid, then, as True Muslims, share this Truth
with all those who surround you. For by spreading
the Light of the Truth, we thus weaken
the power of the darkness. Where there is the Light
of Knowledge – there’s no place for
the darkness of ignorance. And may Allah the Almighty illumine
all athirst hearts with the Light of the Truth! Brothers and sisters, today a lot
depends exactly on our choice. If, having understood the essence
of what you’ve heard, you don’t stay indifferent to this and feel like sharing it with those
people who surround you, this is already the first
step on the way to let the entire humanity know about the truly significant
and joyful news that Imam Mahdi has called all the righteous
people to unite under the banner of the Truth. And if you, my brother
who’s watching this now, and you, my sister,
don’t remain indifferent, but sincerely feel
like sharing this news, then it means that Mahdi
hasn’t come in vain, that He hasn’t addressed us in vain, and that what He is doing,
spreading the Light of Knowledge, is indeed very important. And our actions on the path
of spreading this Knowledge are that very road along which
we are being guided to heaven. Therefore, we’d like to sincerely wish every person to achieve
the most wonderful that can be – to attain heaven. May Allah the Almighty help us all! God has created this world
not for satan, but for people, for them to be
able to come here and win, not to lose, but to win. And God has given such
a chance to everyone. Well, there’s human choice. It’s like to prove one’s Love
to the Almighty and to show Him one’s gratitude. Love is exactly that bridge
which every believer should cross towards the Boundless
and Eternal World. So, friends of ours, let’s live
with our chest open for Allah to live therein. And the more there
are of such people who don’t stay indifferent to this call, the call of Mahdi, the more chances there will be that Allah the Almighty
will have mercy on us. For He will see that people
have appreciated His mercy, have appreciated His generous gift, have appreciated
His Love for us and His care. After all, what is the call of Mahdi, what is the advent Mahdi, what is the help
of Mahdi to all people, if not the mercy of Allah, if not His care for us all? And therefore, brothers and sisters,
today, if we really consider ourselves Muslims, the words of our common beloved
Prophet (peace be upon him) should become a guide
for action for all of us, as he has said, “Heaven is destined for the one
who welcomes Mahdi and submits to Him. Heaven is destined for the one
who loves Him. Heaven is destined for the one
who believes in Him and accepts His guidance!”


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