Is Your Country Actually Communist?

hello and welcome i'm gina shakespeare today on the show we will be finding out how many countries are really part of the world communist movements so we are generally told that there are only six communist countries that is nations ruled by an openly communist party so who are they they are China Cuba Laos Nepal Vietnam and North Korea but if you define communist in the traditional Marxist Leninist command economy way there is really only one left Who am I talking about it's North Korea however this approach is totally deceptive it underestimates world communist power and it misunderstands what modern communism has become the real question is this how do you accurately define the world communist movement let us explain actually Trevor Loudon has written the story he is a trusted resource of mine because for more than 30 years he has researched radical left Marxist and terrorist movements and their covert influence on mainstream politics and why is this story important why do you need to be clear about this I mean communism is so last year right no actually because if America ever fails if it fails militarily or economically or in any other way you know who's coming in for the kill right it's the Communists and they currently rule more than half the world you should be concerned this Specter must be rooted out and that's why the epic Times has dedicated a whole series to it called how the specter of communism is ruling our world we are more or less pioneering this path and no other media is covering it to this degree they don't want you to know about this they don't want you to know who's really in control so stick with me in the early part of this story I'm going to lay an essential foundation and then I'm gonna reveal a whole lot more now this is specialized knowledge why because there's not many people there deep dive into this topic in fact I only know a very small handful of professors Trevor Loudon is really a specialist he's a great writer and the story is very important so let's explore first by looking into the path of communism but we will begin actually by getting one thing it clearly under the old definition Marxist Leninist one-party police thing incessant communist rhetoric and a centralized command economy actually communism is almost dead but this definition ignores basic Marxism and fails to take into account the subtleties of at Leninists strategy it also ignores modern realities and the global balance of power now according to classic Marxism society evolves through several stages stick with me number one imagine this this is primitive communism a hunting party goes out to kill a mammoth if they are successful and don't get crushed they share the meat with their tribe number two is feudalism with the birth of Agriculture comes a primitive form of private property right here's an example peasant farmers tell small plots of land they need protection from Marauders from other tribes so strongmen gather up small armies to protect certain areas and a paid tribute to do so in other words it's like a type of political protection racket so number three is capitalism with the birth of Industry private property is extended to factories patents transportation systems and the like huge amounts of wealth are produced but according to Marxist theory this wealth is concentrated in a few hands while the working masses receive only a tiny fraction of their jus so stick with me two more points here and then I've laid a basic foundation of understanding so number four is socialism the workers overwhelm the bosses and seize control of the state through a combination of political action and armed insurrection they expropriate the capitalists wealth and proceed to redistribute it and number five communism all wealth is held in common the state weathers away capitalism and competition is completely abolished and everybody works happily together for the common good and furious will live any regardin by the way so in fact none of the old communist countries were actually communists they all had revolutions led by representative of the workers but guess what when it came time to divide up the capitalists wealth the new ruling class kept most of it for themselves now most Westerners a look at the booming pro-business economies of China and Vietnam and assume that these countries have abandoned the communist gold did wrong ok they are dead wrong in this case and here's why China Vietnam and some of the other former communist nations of Africa and even Russia have acknowledged that their massive economic problems actually arise from a failure to follow Marxism correctly they all tried to jump directly from feudalism to socialism bypassing capitalism this attempt to shortcut Marx led to economic disaster the temporary return to some form of capitalism to build up sufficient wealth for socialism is an acknowledgment of the correctness of Marxist theory not a repudiation of it so right now as we speak most of the world communist movement is using capitalist methods to build up enough wealth and military might to challenge the West in other words the free world Australia Canada America and others so the main impediment to world domination is the United States and to unless the degree some of the NATO countries such as Israel Taiwan and until recently South Korea actually interestingly since far-left president moon jaein took over our important ally South Korea now hangs in the balance so who is in the world communist movement if you define the world communist movement as those former or semi communist countries allied to or working with the world communist leadership to undermine or overthrow the us-led Western alliance the picture changes dramatically I'll explain now whether you like it or not this still brings Russia completely into the mix it's still run by the Communists trained KGB now if SB Moscow is aligned politically economically and militarily with China Vietnam Cuba and North Korea Russia also supports many of its old Latin American allies all still led by communists and socialists a few other places are Nicaragua Venezuela Bolivia and Ecuador Mexico now has a Marxist President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador is close to Cuba Argentina Chile Colombia Peru and Salvador Honduras and Guatemala have all had Marxist leaning governments or strong communist insurrections inside their borders if you look at South America as a whole it's only Brazil and Colombia who are holding the line for freedom in Latin America so over to Africa communists or ex-communists still control Mozambique Angola Namibia the Democratic Republic of the Congo and of course sim Bob way and South Africa with all its strategic importance and mineral wealth South Africa withstood soviet-backed aggression and terrorism for decades until Nelson Mandela and his communist controlled African National Congress took over that was back in 1994 and today South Africa is friendly to Cuba and works closely with China so you can see where all this is hitting so let's go a little further north now most of Africa is heavily under Chinese economic and political influence Tanzania is practically a Chinese client state and even hosts a Chinese run communist training institution for aspiring African leaders it's called the Julius in a very political education school of excellence of excellence on its territory now over to the Middle East Iran and Syria are closely allied to Russia Lebanon and Iraq are now part of the Russian Iranian axis and let's not forget Afghanistan – that will probably fall when the us-led forces eventually pull out so what's happening in East Asia well Mongolia and Cambodia are led by X Communists and economically tied to their communist neighbours India and Sri lenka have strong communist parties and to some degree tied to China and Russia through the Shanghai Cooperation Organization as there is seen Oh have you heard of it it's a military economic and political pact so they usually have sort of gentle names but under it all there's a lot more going on formerly communist Kyrgyzstan Uzbekistan and Tajikistan are also SCO members as other Islamic nations of Pakistan Afghanistan Iran and Turkey which is still nominally a NATO member so in the Pacific the Chinese have a huge influence and most of the micro states including Fiji and Tonga the Philippines still have an active communist insurgency and have ties to both China and North Korea on the edge of Europe Moldova and Bella Russia are pro-russian semi communist States Russia networks still operate in most of former Eastern Europe much of which including Bulgaria and Romania is still led by X communists Italy Spain Portugal and Greece all have strong communist movements as does Belgium France Denmark and Norway Russia also has strong ties to the Czech Republic and Hungary through both leftist and so-called right-wing parties even Germany and a conservative Angela Merkel who interestingly was once an ideological leader of the East German Communist Youth has veered strongly toward Russia okay are you thinking that we're near the end of the communist camp no no we're just warming up here just warming up so there is the United Nations the United Nations and its subsidiaries which generally reflect the will of Russia and China also to be reckoned with our leftist NGOs such as the World Council of Churches and several still active international communist front organizations including the World Peace Council Woman's International Democratic Federation and a world Federation of trade unions in October 2017 20,000 young communists gathered at the world theater of a democratic youth festival in Russia to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution and keynote speaker was none other than Russian President Vladimir Putin who also secured the venue for the young communists so in conclusion anti Americanism is the central idea and we cannot discuss communism without talking about when this comes into it so the world communist movement today is amorphous and ideologically diverse while still led by Russia and China communism now includes almost any country any country in the world or movement willing to confront the United States communists all over the world and you've heard it you've heard it in conversation you bring up communism right communists all over the world excuse the obvious failures of socialism we're saying well America sabotaged it you know Cuba is poor because of the u.s. blockade Venezuela is a disaster because of us economic sanctions and the Soviet Union collapsed because the United States are bankrupted Moscow with an arms race remember that going back a little bit now so the answer to ever have real socialism or communism we must first destroy America anti-americanism not some far-off utopia is now the major motivator of the world communist movement anyone can join it anyone you can be an environmentalist a gay rights activist a feminist a Christian a Buddhist a Hindu and Islamic a socialist or even a fascist you can be a young communist in Moscow and environmental activists in Germany and antifa member in Spain a new Democratic Party activist in Canada a guerrilla in the Philippines a cocaine producer in Colombia and marijuana activist in Minnesota a solider in Iran a businessman in Vietnam an Isis fighter in Libya or serve Boko Haram in Nigeria as long as you hate America you're part of today's communist movement whether you know it or not so most comments today never discuss the complexities of Marx that's boring that's for the future let's destroy America first that's the rallying crime right now the world communist movement mainly works covertly it has not quite yet achieved the power it needs to ensure a swift military victory you know the United States if you look at it as a whole is still fairly strong the United States still has allies like Britain Canada Australia Taiwan and Israel but if the United States falters has an economic collapse or elects another military cutting left-wing president the Communists will move in for the kill the world communist movement is not just six countries it is Russia China Iran and all their allies and puppet organizations it actually controls more than half the world if the United States ever fails the world communist movement rule us all that's right it'll rule us all and don't think that it will never happen because it did happen it happened in China and it's happened in other countries their form may have changed but their goal never will so thank you for joining me on this episode I think we're very much covered who's a part of the world communist movement so maybe the new question is will America ever fail that's the question please and leave your opinion below if you haven't already please be sure to head over and subscribe to the larry elder show that's a new show produced by the impact times the link is in the description thanks again for watching and we look forward to seeing you very soon

  1. There's one difference in America. Can you guess what it is?
    Ans: 2A

    You are now in March of 1861. Every blade of grass.
    To deny this ideological war will go hot is to ignore history.


  3. Communists traditionally are atheists yet Russia is orthodox Christian – and no our military will not go communist so it would be a war of all wars. Let’s pray that great leaders rise up in these many many commi countries pray they have ONE man come on people one man who will have the balls like Trump to kick ass and take names and to kick the commies out.

  4. Facilitating illegal immigration, pushing for big tech censorship, financing media bias and censorship, giving cover to violence from groups like Antifa, curtailing free speech using identity politics, flooding the US with drugs such as fentanyl, buying up Hollywood to influence its productions, infiltrating and buying off interest groups, buying off politicians and companies — these are some ways countries like China, organizations like the UN, and terrorist groups like the Democrats are trying to weaken us. Part of what they're doing is using the Cloward-Piven strategy on us.

  5. We won't fail if your information reaches everyone in this nation! People are already awake as the Enemies Within in Congress aren't hiding their Communist sympathies and outright connections anymore! All this push to destroy and impeach Trump is part of the coup d'etat for Communist control over this nation. Trump knows this and this is one reason why he has been hard on Russia and China. If you read Fiona Hill and Clifford G. Gaddy's book: Mr Putin, Operative in the Kremlin, you will understand the psychology and reasoning behind Putin's push for military technology and his obsession with the west. Many other books on China detail the links between Chinese Communists and Russia. Again ,thanks for putting this information in a detailed concise manner on a global scale. TRUMP 2020! WWG1WGA

  6. There will be a civil war if and when the DemoRats and communists take over the country remember this we will fight. Well I know I will. EXCELLENT REPORT GINA VERY TRUE!

  7. Yes there are only 6 countries that are openly ruling via communism… meanwhile there are dozens and dozens of others that are also ruling via the same Marxist rule books…. albeit subtly dressed as democracy..
    Wolves dressed in sheep clothing.

  8. This is stupid.
    People form societies. Political affiliation does not form society.
    Greed destroys, not political affiliation. Politics is a means, not a cause. Politicians are humans, humans are flawed. Humans have greed.
    Visit your mirror.

  9. An Early Morning surprise! Wow, I learned MORE about the economic stages of Communism in 15 minutes from this DECLASSIFIED episode, than I did in 12 years of public schooling!
    Additionally, I realized that I SHOULD have wooed one the beautiful women of New Zealand 🇳🇿 to spend the rest of my life with! 😎

  10. Very good Gina, let's hope this wakes a lot of people up ! Selling off into socialism by dumbing down the children into thinking they can't think for themselves is the beginning stages of over-throwing a country. Once the socialists have control, it's just a spits throw into communism; and that's not communal living, it's a dictatorship.

  11. You touched the surface. Control is behind the scenes and is layered. Think of Deep State, Shadow Government, Organized Religions and especially off-world elements – hardly ever mentioned anywhere. These are the Control Systems, and here are the agenda's and the power, rather than at the factions carrying out the agenda's. Thanks a lot for starting up this dialogue!

  12. we have at least two communists running for president. pocahontas and crazy bernie are straight up bolsheviks masking as liberal democrats!

  13. Just one objection. It is not possible to be a Christian, and a Communist. You can be one or the other. Unfortunately many communists claim to be Christians, or even priests, in order to infiltrate and seize the worldly power of the Church for their own nefarious ends. Unfortunately they have been wildly successful in this endeavor.

  14. If “Demographics is destiny“? Then deportation and incentivizing freedom lovers to fire up the baby makers will be key to increase the probability of the Declarations longevity.


  16. I understand what all of this is meant to twist U.S. citizens into believing that we must continue to police the world. We tried and we cannot do it, we must secure our borders, we must protect a free economy. But we cannot force regime change, if all of these populations of different people cannot or will not fight against communism, how are we supposed to fight for something they won't fight for?? EDIT: America will fail, if the Government succeeds in disarming the population and censors free speech. 2 things the Democrat party is fully backing

  17. Whole Eu is communist and federal state And outsiders don't know everything what happens here … the mainstream media tells things differently

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