Is This Young Boy The Future of Religion?

  1. If you want a picture of the future of religion, just imagine boot stamping on the face of humanity, forever.

  2. This young boy has the ability to connect with people and convey ideas in a smooth, understandable way. He's a very gifted speaker, but his talent is being wasted.

    Get this boy to congress and have him fix this country.

  3. If that child is placed before a congregation to preach the word of God, then he was placed there because that is the level and the understanding of their church. That congregation is still on milk and not meat of the word of God. When the time shell come for that child to experience a mind transformed by the Spirit he would not know the difference, because it feels as if your loosing your mind, but it is the two Spirits fighting to own his thought. He is not ready.

  4. Allow me to testify what God has done to a friend of mine, in college, he got into the wrong crowd, started doing heroin , he lost two of his friends because of a heroin overdose,he almost died himself. Detox clinic did little.I brought him to a church retreat, to have an experience with God he was delivered supernaturally by the power of God he began to throw up all the toxins he had inside because of heroin.Its been more than a year since he done heroin or any drug since no withdrawals either

  5. is this realy what your comparing martin luther king jr. to after all he did for us your comparing him to a little boy he can preach like any other preacher. No offense i think what he is doing is great but its not martin Luther king Jr. great. Compare him to someone else.

  6. This is how i imagine the story of Jesus started back in the day. A talented speaker and, an an very interlectual individual. But no more than that. 🙂

  7. Hopefully there will never have to be another Dr. King. He was necessary to end segregation so I hope another of him isn't necessary.

  8. To bad there is so many people who still believe in God… Guess what, hes just the sun with a new name.

  9. 856 dislikes? Rlly? they should not allow ppl to comment or like on this bc that is ridiculous, no matter wat u may believe

  10. Ezekiel 25:17.

    "And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know my name is the Lord when I lay my vengeance upon you!"

    -Samuel L. Jackson (Pulp Fiction)

  11. if the ability to keep your audience interested and read scripture is the mark of a good preacher, then I do not know why I have gone to school to learn about Biblical and Theological studies. I'll just drop out now and tell jokes and get the congregation to read scripture themselves.

    To me the purpose of preaching is not to elicit an emotional response or to entertain, it is to present truth about God and help the congregation to understand.

  12. definitely a rainbow child holy jesus the fearlessness in him for all the people that dont know what im saying go search it up and resonate in the idea…..rainbow child crystal child and indigo child….

  13. This boy has a natural talent for entertaining paired with what he has been taught from birth to believe. He's especially extroverted and well-spoken for his age and a talented beatboxer, but child preachers are not unique.

  14. I don't understand why so many people on Youtube complain about people and their religion.. it is a way of life that 78.1% of the world is a part of, regardless of their specific religious affiliation. I am not saying any one group is right, but I am asking us all to be more respectful and accepting of how they choose to live. I myself am a Christian, and I have nothing but love for everyone! This goes even further: homosexuals also deserve respect, and as a Christian I love them just as much.<3


  16. The people who have something negative to say are the ones who "God" never speaks to. They are the people who have not had a miracle healing(s), who have not been given any personal experience of sign that there is a Creator. The Hopi say there are two kinds of people in the world, One Hearted and Two Hearted, you are either a One Hearted or a Two Hearted person. This young man is a One Hearted person. There is nothing the One Hearted can say to the Two Hearted. Direct experiences are earned.

  17. I believe it does require maturity to speak in a way that he connects with people (or pretends to), take his time because he could be just doing nothing and to actually believe in something that you can't see, in this case, God. Not everybody's into money, some people do it for love and I can asure you that this kid, at least at his age, isn't into money. I respect your opinion about not believing in a diety but you should respect everyone else and their beliefs. Just my honest opinion.

  18. Religion is just a distraction from the reality of how horrible the world is… It just blinds people from seeing the truth…

  19. since when a faith in God is considered to be a talant? Im a chistian, but i have no idea what is going on in this video. The kid is simply knows what to tell to adults in the church te hear "amen" thats all. He actually talks exactly like many famous black preachers, no diffrence. And that is stupid, nowadays people are going to church to see some show.

  20. Out of thousands of religions, you're telling me this kid is special because he can remember the bible? Give him a math or physics book

  21. If God is on my side go can suceed against me, no one and i believe in Jesus… thank you for this boy

  22. Brainwashing? is going to heaven brainwashing to you? your seeing a godly YouTube video and hating maybe your the one that's "brainwashed" with hate for innocent people that are 11 years old!

  23. The church uses donations for things like paying janitors, paying for water and electricity. Somebody probably does make a little money somewhere though

  24. i will say no to him being future of religion. telling the people the truth about God is what is needed. the relationship we must have with christ. faith in God. i will say he is a special messenger of God, to proclaim his word and make known His love and will for mankind

  25. If a 11 year old kid can be a minister in his country or some other, then why can't I BE A PRIME MINISTER IN MY COUNTRY BETWEEN THE AGES OF 20-26??!!!

  26. It is a distraction from the reality of the world if for no other reason than it claims that there is a being that cares for you, guides you, and will usher you into the perfect place for all eternity. There is no evidence for such a thing. Patrick is insinuating that the world is horrible because we make it so and to take a liberty with his viewpoint, that there is an, at times, overwhelming hopelessness to realizing that nothing means anything and that according to what we know, we are evolved

  27. creatures riding a space rock through the vast nothingness of space. Believing in a metaphysical big brother makes all those worries go away. It is the last remaining belief in magic and causes people to often times shirk considering their own existence. Hence, a distraction.

  28. So if direct experiences are earned, you "One Hearted" people are all better than those of us who have yet to have a deity speak to us? You are better than me because I have yet to run into anyone who can turn a stick into a snake or water into wine? Glad to be here so you can feel better about yourself. Judge away.

  29. The video is about a child prodigy. It's not promoting religion. THNKR shares short videos about gifted children from around the world. This boy is way ahead of his peers & deserves recognition. It shouldn't be hard to accept or encourage his intellectual giftedness. Stop being so blind & narrow-minded. Let this boy share his GOD-given talent!

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