Is this the most communist graveyard in the UK?

  1. Marx is not buried under the effigie as it is thought, but further down. Ages ago the fascists had knocked over the Marx sculpture and I visited it. An old man there though showed me where Lenin had once stood in front of Marx tomb which was hidden elsewhere…

  2. Might visit one day. With a JCB bulldozer maybe. Communist extremists don't deserve marked graves in the UK.

  3. Obviously everyone will die some day no matter believes.I was there no on my own and I am glad I am in motion.

  4. Pretty biased video Guardian. I thought journalists were supposed to have a devotion to objectivity?

  5. Communism and fascism are just the sides of the soul and mind of every person. If you have small incomes, you do not like it and you want for yourself a better share in this world. Everyone wants to be rich and happy, but this is now impossible. People start dreaming about justice and people dream of dreams, where everyone is happy, but it also does not happen. Communism is a distant unrealizable mirage. Fascism is the reality of our days. An accidental person is bad, you can help him, but you specifically do to make him worse. This is fascism. This is spiritual sadism. Only in Cuba poor inhabitants dream of communism, but around them only poverty and no way out. Fascists live everywhere, regardless of the political system of states. Communism and fascism are different things, but they are equally hopeless.

  6. Living under capitalism communists/anarchists have to use this thing called money? Shocker! 🙄 Till we live free via stateless, moneyless communism then you can ridicule those who use money.

    "Money does not represent such a value as men have placed upon it." — Nikola Tesla

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