Is There Anything Good About Socialism?

is there any aspect of socialism that actually is good there is there any mix of is it possible that any kind of aspect of socialism is good at all like again what about Medicaid no no so it's it's based in collectivism it's basing the idea that I could take a gun to your head and take money away from others on socialism is a Creed of greed and of envy and of societal malpractice and it violates every single one of the things that I talked about earlier of basic condition of human rights and private property and free exchange of ideas and to that extent socialism has been implemented over a hundred times in the last 100 years neo-marxist socialist ideas and and the incalculable speaks for itself you have a hundred million people killed in the last hundred years there's something fundamentally troubling and wrong about that so when they start to talk about Medicaid well you want to talk about one of the most abused social welfare programs in the country okay runs by Social Security which is bankrupt stealing all of your earnings every single day and that we should be able to opt out up before the age of 25 but we're not allowed to because somehow we have to pay into some social security fund that we're never gonna see you want to talk about Medicare which you know is a hundred twenty billion dollars a year and documented waste fraud and abuse so yeah that's socialism than socialism does suck if you want to talk about socialism being the US Postal Service which is bankrupt doesn't get stuff on time completely and totally inept as being out competed by FedEx and UPS and a DHL every single day with zero government subsidies you want to talk about you know socialism being so good because of the VA really you want to talk about the VA one hundred and fifty billion dollars a year we have vets dying waiting in line for care that's government-run health care isn't it so no you look at government you see nothing but waste fraud abuse misallocation of tax dollars I would make an argument I make this argument if we abolished every social welfare program and substantially and dramatically lower taxes you would see an explosion of private charity and philanthropy that would more effectively and more morally take care of our citizens than all of these government welfare programs combined over the last decade combined and you would see you would see an explosion of people

  1. I hope he is right. Everything else was right. So we will have to see. He seems like a good man.

  2. Charlie kirk. That is your opinion. Socialist aspects do work in a freemarket democratic country. Im from Australia it works here. Free healthcare, school tuition and social security. Also it works in Canada. Like just across the border. Explain that Charlie.

  3. He's right , whether he knows it or not , he is talking about living in accordance with NATURAL LAW and until we get back to it , chaos , scacity and loss of liberty is CERTAIN ! KNOWLEDGE IS THE WAY OUT , RESEARCH NATURAL LAW.

  4. Problem is that when those programs started it was because capitalism was failing and people were not taking care of their neighbor.. am I for socialism,, no, but every country has to protect their citizens.. you have to be a little balanced..

  5. Pretty sure most of the money that goes into social programs doesn't actually go towards helping people that benefit from the programs.

    However private charity organisations use a significant portion of their money for those people, as well as money to grow so they can help more people.

    It frustrates me how socialists say that conservatives would just rather people die than fund healthcare. No, we want a more efficient system that will help more people quickly and more effectively.

    Socialism doesn't provide that.

  6. Capitalism: You own your own labor and property and voluntarily trade both when it suits you.

    Socialism: Government owns your labor and property and government agents involuntarily trade both with deadly force as it suits them.

  7. I am entitled to civil rights and options of choice. i don’t want the government to take away, legislate away, or remove in any way my right to live, earn money, and to choose where and how I spend it. I don’t want anyone in government limiting my ability to legally, ethically, and, morally earn a living. I don’t want the government saying how much i can make, and how much of MY money and property I can keep. Just fill the damn potholes, keep the country safe from enemies both foreign and domestic, make sure we have running water, and make sure planes don’t fall down the from sky into my house. Let me take care of everything else, thank you.

  8. Surprisingly a lot of young people don't understand the true meaning and consequences of socialism and its tragic history…it's almost like their not taught that in school?

  9. Socialism encourages bad behavior and bad decision making. Anything in regards to socialism should be used as a safety net to help people get their life on track. Not expand it and use it to provide for others who are responsible for themselves.

  10. Capitalism = giving you opportunity to show some grit and be a successful contributor to society. You put in effort so you can reap rewards. Give and take, so to speak.

    Socialism = if you aren’t successful, never fear help is here! Don’t have the motivation to work, that’s ok, we the government will provide for your every need. We’re just gonna borrow some money from your hard working neighbor and provide it for you, I’m sure he won’t mind.

  11. President Trump is the ONLY world leader who denounced socialism/communism and acknowledged its killed over 100 million people!!!!

  12. Man it’s just a tragedy people think socialism still has a chance at being a good system. It’s immoral and it pretends to be moral. Socialism can never be sustainable, even if you think “well if it was properly managed…” Absolutely no, look at the death toll, it’s way too risky. America should and will never be socialist, and no other country should be either.

  13. Socialism is pro rape except from the physical one that happens to a woman.Capitalism is against all forms of rape….

  14. I have to disagree with kirk he is talking about communism not socialism. Socialism works the military, public library, roads, dams, water(which private companies will use people like Kirk to help get privatised.) socialism is necessary with natural resources like water air rivers unde ground water. See we allowed companies to bottle water and they are using up lake underground water till the point farmers are dying.
    This is the only few instances where its necessary as it works.
    Its simple with other things it doesn't work where it doesn't work it is not needed and should never be implemented

  15. New Zealand is a border line socialist country, by its laws and government regulation. From my dealing with Auckland City Council for the last 20+ years, the good things about a country operated under socialist system is that, if it is lead by a great leader/great party with constant great policy in place, it will be good. If it is lead by a not so good leader, then you are doomed, because it will take a VERY VERY VERY long time for government to implement changes once the mediocre leader established its footprint that help/decay on society.

  16. Why do people trash the VA. In one year they've turned me from a mess into 'getting' healthy again. I've seen a girl waiting at the VA in CA, talking for hours because she had stubbed her toe and wanted attention. I was with my brother who had a massive brain tumor as a result of his service and they were and did take very good care of him. Steve was a Patrol Boat River, repairman in Vietnam when a boat slipped from it's shoring and knocked him in the head, ok!

  17. Kirk hasn't got enough years under his belt to pronounce on Socialism. Capitalism isn't the answer to everything. Thatcher and successive Govt's sold off public utilities in the UK. Now the Public are held to ransome for their Gas, Electric, Water and Rail travel. No improvement, ever increasing bills, all to satisfy Shareholders. Kirk talks bollocks. And what about the Banks who all lobbied for de-regulation, who through their own greed and mismanagement nearly bankrupted the world only to beg for Government bail out ! Come back when you have lost the potty rings off your arse Charlie !

  18. Just dumbasses from rich countries want socialism because they live in capitalist countries and NEVER EVER lived (or died) under socialism lies!!! WAKE UP DUMBASSES!!

  19. When socialists or Millennials are confronted with facts they stand dumbfounded it's a sad world we live in

  20. The only thing good that socialism produced was the AK-47… Or was that Communism? Eh, the fuck is the difference? Ironically, leftists hate the AK.

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