Is there an anarchist lifestyle?

okay I'd just like to briefly talk about and the kiss lifestyle is there such a thing is it a desirable thing why travel or people to put off of anarchism here in England probably in America as well and other places where revolution is not on the agenda but protesters and lifestyle so how do we see Alan anarchist lifestyle how would your average person what whoever they may be or somebody that comes into contact with anarchists perceive us as having a sort of lifestyle what I'm afraid a lot of lot of what passes for anarchism is in fact lifestyle it's got nothing to do with manic ism at all or very little and is it possible to have an anarchist lifestyle well I say yes and well I'll have to explain myself won't I so how do a lot of people perceive in anarchists to be or an anarchist lifestyle for example a lot of anarchists or people that cool themselves and kiss have a vegetarians or vegans and so on but then again a lot of people that aren't any kiss a lot of people that or authoritarian for example have vegan or vegetarian lifestyles so there's nothing specifically anarchist about being a vegetarian or a vegan although a lot of Anika's are for obvious reasons because they're against the cruelty and suffering and exploitation of animals so I think if you were an anarchist you would be a little bit more likely to be a vegan or a vegetarian but then again if you eat meat or meat or dairy products and so on that doesn't exclude you from being an anarchist so it's about what clothes you wear what music you listen to what fashions you would hear – again a lot of people think that anarchists are mostly young people with Punk hairstyles piercings tattoos with a dog on the string and stuff like that it's not there are a lot of young people and a lot of people to do that lifestyle that do call themselves anarchists but that's not an anarchist life stuff you've become an anarchists you're not gonna suddenly get covered in tattoos or have piercings and so on no no again you might but again it's got nothing to do with being an anarchist and the black bloc for example I suppose is a fashion if your life but black bloc gear is worn when you're out on the streets rioting and building barricades and putting fruit bank windows and you don't want to be identified by the forces of the state or by your parents might be switching onto the evening news so black bloc has really got nothing to do a lifestyle now I'd say that when we think in a lifestyle particularly London particularly up till quite recently until may completely illegal when even though it is illegal people do its squatting and the whole sort of scene that revolves around squatting and a kiss it was more likely to squat because they believed in direct action the more I pay rent to a landlord and indeed a lot of people can't get on the housing lists and they can't afford private rented accommodation particularly in London and they just can't get it so they by necessity have had that had to squat but lots of people is quite and not banana kisses so on so therefore swine is not an anarchist lifestyle people don't do squat or people on owner have squat have turning into a sort a lifestyle and it's more like ghetto where everybody just hangs around with other people squat and go to geeks in certain areas and listen to a certain sort of music and there is no anarchist music as such say that there is only music you can have fresh music if you like but Anika's music I don't think there is such a thing although obviously a lot of punk bands for example I have a leave influenced by anarchism and a lot of a lot of punk bands re photonic as' so but there is no anarchist music no specific an excuse me the Rings to the ear like jazz or blues or hip-hop or something like that Anika's music as such doesn't exist and the kief films and anarchist literature does exist but there is no particularly style of Anika's lips which you can have an anarchist writing of worker literature which is about anarchism or expresses things in an anarchistic way but it's there is no Chanukah style of writing we film sensitive Romare as a collective endeavor films and so on and but again there is no specific anacott way of making films you do it spontaneously or you could do it properly with direction and school actors and so forth so in that direction there is an anarchist input but there is no sort of anarchist film or anything like that really so it makes us to another funny or shall I say horny subject which is sexual politics a lot of anarchists at Italy in the scene are involved in actual sexual politics which is a two things really first of all you've got the polyamory thing now I've already talked about polyamory and I have completely dismissed I don't dismiss it because you know people can have as many partners as they want and there's many difference for the relationship to say as they like there is no anarchist way of having a relationship and cooling it polyamory and so on is a bit of a cop-out really and from what I understand about polyamory it just seems to be another form of control masquerading as freedom and his ellicott so it's got nothing to do it whatsoever many people have got multiple partners experiment lifestyle and so on so forth we can't tell people how to live and so on how many people want to be monogamous they could be monogamous and be advocates and so on the people can be polyamorous and fascists it makes absolutely no difference and then there's gender politics as well I'm not exactly too sure what this is because I know it's not gay liberation it's not women's liberation it's not even free love or anything like that it seems to be a point scoring thing it seems to be a thing that I sort of come out the hallowed halls of academia particularly in United States of America and bird base it's got no base in any kind of reality or struggle for freedom or sexual freedom or expression or or anything like that at all it just seems to be about point-scoring them but like it's got the most tattoos or most piercings and so I've described absolutely nothing to do if I make it in as far as i concerned I'll try and return to this subject some other time so has there ever been any attempt to set up an ANA kit a lifestyle where the hairs and I call it an anarchist subculture and so on and so to look at it I think you've got a look at where anarchism was most successful which is in the Spanish Peninsula through the looking at 1920 years of the 1930s when the anarchists had a trade union which had over a million members were the hardcore D and the kiss movement was probably about forty to fifty thousand people obviously with something like that you do have some kind of culture or subculture but what was the lifestyle of the anarchists inspire us and not to be found in the middle classes or the upper classes happened to be found deep in the working classes in the peasantry and the industrial workers and the poor well a lot of anarchists avez favor against Buju our society as I saw it as it was at the time and a lot of them did not smoke try to maintain a healthy lifestyle but very difficult and an extremely low or no income they avoided things like bullfighting which is really big in Spain but is regarded some right-wing reactionary and Cruz's animal suffering a lot of the Mustaine from eating me and did have a vegetarian life because meat was actually quite expensive for the working classes so they didn't eat me I got a lot of anarchist and in fact work in abattoir so there is that as well I mean could you be an anarchist and work in an abattoir well you probably could I'm going to be a bit more difficult in today's society but in in those days it was an unusual lot of anarchists abstain from alcohol as well and practiced nudism and so on but they didn't know walk around in the nude and nudism was a big sort of fad in the 1920s and Soyuz Heather father healthy lifestyle and that there was a lot of nudist meetings in deeply puritanical Spain Catholic Spain reactionary Spain a lot of these nudist gatherings were in fact just used for clandestine meetings and so on so not smoking out not smoking and not drinking being a nudist so you could be an anarchist and be all those things but you could be an anacott and be none of those things as well because there's always a whole thing about Anika's free love so what was that in the 1920s and 1930s a Spain well it wasn't people going around screwing a random like we all do now well when I say we I mean most people to emotional people to illicit completely sort of stiff and the neck up and the waist down the influenced by religion and so on free love was basically people living together we're talking about heterosexuality here I don't know much about the sort of gay lifestyle that they had in those days in Spain but we do have a lot of evidence about the lifestyles of intrasexual people in the anarchist movement on what they did their idea of free love was to live as partners with a family sometimes sometimes a lot without the sanity a blessing of the state in other words about getting married in a church by refusing to recognize the role of religion and the state in people's relationships that's what free love was also we believed in self education again a lot of the schools were controlled by the Catholic Church Loomis was and still is extremely reactionary and had a big hold of the over people in was hand-in-glove with the state and was a completely reactionary institution so they attempted to send up their own free schools nothing to do with the goth business of what the government are advocating but sir anarchists free schools and we also produce their own newspapers and they had their own media and this was done by ordinary working-class people it wasn't done by professional revolutionaries like the left or anything like that so therefore the anarchists were somewhat non-intellectual it wasn't top heavy with academics and journalists and writers and people like that it was people like you and me people that were people are underdog kids on old-age pensioners and it was almost overwhelmingly working-class it's a lot middle class movement also anarchists being against political PI's but they weren't against unions they won against working together they weren't against struggling together had what you might call affinity groups and life in December's a lot of to do with lifestyle people lived in the same neighborhood unis a block of flats in the same street or their place of work or their place of Education this is where they were organized and organized in very small groups affinity groups of people that knew each other really well and where were friends groups who could form and split but well very difficult to infiltrate very difficult to smash down by the state unlike a political buy where one police rate can patiently end up with all the membership lists nice neatly alleged for alleged for the police and the authorities to peruse and user their will so I say about an anarchist lifestyle is you really won't have an ethicist lifestyle try to educate yourself get together we're fellow workers and even your family and self like you know plot for revolution because that's all we're interested in Anika's we're not we're not anarchists were lifestyle we're amicus because we want revolution total an absolute change of society here in England and throughout the world I think being an anarchist in your everyday life in your family or your relationships you've got to strive to think for yourself and not to be controlled by anybody buy some patriarchal figure by the state by the church be controlled by the television by the media for the newspapers do not be controlled think for yourself and don't control others don't attempt to exert your authority over others in your immediate and work relationships and so on that really took me as an analyst lifestyle it's very simple and then there is no annika society and annika society is like any other society with diversity where people can practice a religion if they're stupid enough to want to practice it as long as they don't interfere with other people as long as they don't try and control other people with their religion and people should have complete freedom of fall and to be able to carry on their their freedom of for which when religion attempts to control people when ideology attempts to control people that's where the kiss should be at the foremost against it because we're for freedom and not control and we're against any kind of domination and enslavement and domination within our everyday lives and I'm not claiming for one minute analysts don't attempt to be authoritarianism so on allow them to you know to their extreme tsk wedding we're like everybody else we're not like ooh walking around a little individual Jesus is our everyday life is a complete and absolute struggle to escape domination and to escape the desire to dominate others I find it in the process of struggle we will create our subcultures most of us do live within a subculture anyway nearly everybody lives have in a subculture no nobody sort of except due to our culture I mean it's a contradiction because brews our culture is like middle class culture it's like you know what Melvyn Bragg would have us it's like going to the Opera and so on and so forth if you're an amicus you can hardly likely to go to the Opera but if you're an Italian anarchist you might be a great fan of the Opera because the Opera is very popular in all classes as part the overall culture in Italy so going to operate in early is not sort of who you are and it's not like if you're an anarchist you can quite easily enjoy but that's just Italy isn't it so yeah we've got to create our own subcultures and their own cultures as we do anyway most working-class people most of us we do live within our own subcultures it's the same with racial and sexual minorities as well and then it kisses for all ages not for the young it's for everybody right and that's what we've got our work to water is revolution that's what Alec is do we work towards revolution which means revolution in this country not being in some ghettoized situation anarchism in one squat or anything we want to bring it out onto the streets we think that anarchism is the only viable form of revolution everything else is a copper everything else worship Safari and the state and we don't want to create the situation where what we've got rid of re-emerges under the name of freedom or what not but is under the auspices as a state okay so we work towards revolution we want revolution that is our only aim so our anarchism are striving towards revolution that's driving to all self-improvement even being a better better person a human being can only be done on the streets in our workplaces and their places of education but also within their relationships and within our our friendship groups and which perhaps will become affinity groups so I know I haven't really said much against about Anika's lifestyle because as you may have guessed I don't really think there is such a thing as an anarchist life so it's something to be strive towards an anarchist attitude and so forth but you can't artificially imposing it's not as some in it develops organic day if you like it's not something that comes out of a book we saw something that comes out of a manifesto and if you notice something as I said it's organic and develops through struggle ok maybe I could be proved wrong which I probably could but these are my immediate folks very early in the morning on the 28th of February about Anika's lifestyle and as I say I hope to return to various other factors about Anika's lifestyle that's about it really ok then bye

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