Is the USA Turning Socialist?

Hello All, and welcome to the long dark teatime
of the soul. Today I’ve got a prediction, or maybe it’s more of a hunch to share about
what’s coming up for the United States in the next couple years. It’s not a prediction
that I particularly like and, I’ve already done three videos this week, so I’m not going
to put too much effort into this video. But, bear with me, because I think it’s kind
of interesting. Have you ever heard of an idea called Basic
Income? The central idea seems to be that the government in a given country would guarantee
that each citizen receives a basic income, whether or not they’ve earned it, whether
or not they deserve it based on some metric, they get it anyway. Obviously this is not something that you could
ever really expect to see in the United States. My understanding is that Switzerland may have
a referendum on this coming up. That is the sort of thing that you’d expect some Scandinavian
country to be into. On the topic of basic income, I’m pretty sure
this guy … this guy could use one… Nice open fire. Nice beautiful old monument. Turkey
is an interesting place to live … but fun. I describe myself as a Libertarian. This mostly
comes down to the sense of horror that I have at American Empire and our foreign policy
adventures. It also goes a lot deeper than that. I really do believe that the interventions
of the federal government have functioned to make all kinds of basic goods, like health,
education, and real estate, much more expensive than they needed to be. It would strike me
as a bit of a shame if we ended up opting for some kind of basic income to solve a problem
that the government had actually created. If you’d mentioned Basic Income to me three
months ago, I would have told you that it lived in the same sort of political la-la
land that slavery reparations or “end the fed” lives in. Ideas that may appeal to certain
people but that don’t make any practical sense in the United States. I’ve been kind of shaken though over the past
couple months. I’ve been shocked by the fact that Donald Trump is still in the running.
I’ve been surprised by the success of Bernie Sanders and I’ve come to the realization that
I think their appeal comes from the same place. I think there is a very real thirst in the
United States for more economic justice. I think that’s a shame. I don’t really, necessarily
even agree with the concept of economic justice, but to paraphrase Margaret Thatcher in a way
that I’m pretty sure she’d hate: The politics of today are not Libertarian. I left something out here. What I meant to
say, is that this whole Sanders and Trump thing may end up shoving the folks in charge
towards socialism. The first modern social insurance system was developed in the 1880s
in Germany. It wasn’t done by some rabble-rousing Sanders type. It was set up by Otto Von Bismarck,
the super-elitist aristocrat who crushed France and founded modern Germany. Bismarck couldn’t
care less about the people, but the success of socialist parties convinced him that he
had to steal Socialist ideas to hold onto power himself. It worked quite well, and the
welfare state was born. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see similar calculations in the coming
months and years from Establishment Republicans and Democrats like Larry Summers. They’ll
probably gussy it up as something like an expanded Earned Income Tax Credit or something,
but it’ll be a massive shift regardless. And I really do think that… well… I really
do wonder whether… if in the next ten or twenty years the whole concept of a basic
income is something that we might actually see in the United States. I dunno. Could just
be late night crazy talk but it seemed worth sharing to me. Why don’t you guys let me know what you think
of this, or really anything. Also, please subscribe and if you want to see a lot more
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me very tired. Anyway. Many thanks and goodnight.

  1. Free health insurance, free university, minimum wage. It´s all good till the moment you have to pay. If you want to see what an unprepared government creates when pushing these social policies check this link:
    This is what SUS looks like here in Brazil. People abandoned in the floor. About the free university:
    That´s UFAM, a federal funded university in the Amazonas.
    I´m not saying that these are ridiculous ideas, and I know that the USA is much more prepared to do it than Brazil. But there´s no free lunch. Right now our former president is the middle of a really gross corruption scandal. Our current president can´t pass anything in the Congress, mostly because since her last year election she just strives to protect her party from the repercussion of that scandals. The country is broke. We can´t pay the funding and have elections this year.
    Just think twice before getting any kind of socialism. This was my opinion, sorry if offended the channel. Thank you.

  2. Thanks for showing us the unique picture of a homeless person warming their ass at a fire next to a priceless monument. I really do love to see funny stuff like that.

  3. Let me get a thought about "basic income" out of the way before I consider saying anything else. It's inevitable, it seems to me, though it's a few generations away. When most of the world reaches a population growth peak/plateau in the mid to late 21st century our dependence on growth for economic prosperity will have to change.

    On top of that, it seems clear that technology innovation, from robotics that will do the work that humans once did to all manner of info technology that will massively increase productivity, opportunities for employment will be available to only a minority of us. In this strange future world basic income will be fundamental to maintaining economic prosperity by allowing everyone a participant in the economy. It's a troubling notion, it's hard to visualize and the potential pitfalls are enormous, but what's the alternative?

    (Also, didn't Milton Friedman positive income tax, income redistribution proposal that was similar?)

  4. SIMPLE RULE ON BASIC INCOME: It's not a matter of IF, but a matter of WHEN. When AI is able to do everything a human can yet better, there is not going to be such thing as "work" – income is going to need to be distributed evenly amongst all humans. This is the universal basic income. Also, the tests that have been done are encouraging, but additional basic income tests need to be performed with 100,000 or more people for us to get better data. Currently our best tests are with 10,000 people. Not enough sample size.

  5. "We are socialists, we are enemies of today's capitalistic economic system for the exploitation of the economically weak, with its unfair salaries, with its unseemly evaluation of a human being according to wealth and property instead of responsibility and performance, and we are all determined to destroy this system under all conditions" A.Hitler 1 May 1927

  6. The rich elite today, have so much money, that giving the entire planet basic income, is like if the average worker gave a tenth of a dime to pidgens once a year.

  7. Another thing. Why are Russian mafia soldiers put through such a nasty initiation. For two years they have to live at the saunas. They must service all the older mafia men. This might be why the hiv is so prevalent in the Russian mob.

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