Is the Federation in Star Trek COMMUNIST!!!???

hey guys what's up this is Todd from animator kid and today I'm going to be asking the question is the Federation and Star Trek communist now most videos about this topic would start off with something like now let's define communism but I'm going to be unpredictable and start off with the Federation the United Federation of Planets is according to memory alpha wiki is an interstellar Federal Republic comprised of planetary governments that agreed to exist semi autonomously under a single central government based on the principles of universal Liberty rights in equality and to share their knowledge and resources in peaceful cooperation scientific development space exploration and defensive purposes I know that's a long definition but each part is important so let me break it down first interstellar Federal Republic that means a union of partially self-governing states with democratic central power kind of like the United States of America composed of planetary governments that agree to exist semi autonomously under a single central government alright I'll stop there that's basically saying the same thing as before so we know that the Federation is a democratic republic consisting of members states that functions semi autonomously again like the USA based on principles of universal liberty rights and equality essentially a liberal progressive society where everyone is treated with respect and allowed a reasonable degree of freedom and to share their knowledge and resources in peaceful cooperation scientific development space exploration and defensive purposes that one's easy basically a communal society in the case of information like the internet scientific development to further the sharing of resources space exploration Starfleet and finally defense the purposes also Starfleet now that's all fine and dandy but the real question is how could humanity in the inhabitants of over 150 member worlds achieve this type of society the answer to that question is well complicated there's even a whole book about it trek anomic s– not a sponsor but it starts with a little something called the replicator the replicator is quote a device that uses transporter technology to dematerialize quantities of matter and then rematerialized that matter in another form the replicator can provide everything a person might need the material things at least all the way from raw materials for construction to food the existence of such a technology D values the use of money and basically destroys private enterprise but there's one problem with this namely replicators in their current form do not exist until the 24th century and we know from the show that the new world economy as it were came about by the 22nd century so what gives well we are told several times throughout the franchise that humanity has moved past the need for the accumulation of wealth eliminating hunger poverty and war in order to achieve such a society there would need to be a massive political movement a belittle revolution if you will to place such an emphasis on social and economic justice exactly how and when this would happen is a story for another time but the fact is in Star Trek they get their material wealth is no longer the driving force of human society and individuals work to better themselves in their community we do know that the Federation uses some sort of currency when trading with other cultures and that currency is called the Federation credit the credit essentially acts as a medium of exchange and is extensively referenced throughout the original series and at least once in the next generation but how can the Federation have a currency yet several characters claim that there is no money in the future in my estimation the credit is a digital fiat currency that only has value in certain situations for example it cannot buy food or clothing or shelter but it can be used to buy luxury items such as tribbles we also see certain individuals such as Harry Mudd who conduct their affairs with profit motive in mind although these people would be considered outlaws the TNG reference to credits listed on memory alpha is in reference to the bars wormhole meaning the bars Amiens likely still conduct monetary transactions alright we got that out of the way so what does this have to do with communism well right now I'm back to explain communism just in case you aren't familiar with it essentially a communist society and the paraphrased words of Wikipedia is a system that emerges from technological advances and productive forces characterized by common ownership of the means of production with free access to goods and that is classless and stateless with no exploitation of labor now let me break that down first a system that emerges from technological advances and productive forces so a technologically advanced society that emerges from the hard work and determination of humans and in the case of science fiction also robots common ownership of the means of production with free access to goods now common ownership is defined as the holding of assets indivisibly as common property in contrast to individual members or groups ie companies or entrepreneurs this combined with free access to goods brings back to mind the replicator technology which provides users with free access to a number of materials the ownership portion is actually kind of a misnomer because true communism implies a lack of ownership which does jog with the theme and Star Trek of the lack of material wealth finally classless and stateless with no exploitation of labor classless meaning there is no division between people based on wealth education social status etc so no one taking advantage of others however the stateless portion implies no government and we know that the Federation is a democratic republic with the present of the ufp being both the head of government and head of state this flies right in the face of true Marxist communist theory as written by none other than Karl Marx but all the so-called communist nations throughout our world's history have been authoritarian regimes that's where we kind of get into semantics as there are of course different flavors of communism nations like the Soviet Union were based on a pre-planned economy or a command anime in which all the resources are allocated by a central authority and power in other words socialism and ration amongst the population Marxist theories though did call for a super abundance of wealth or goods in this case which arises from technology and changes in social relations of production this allows for the distribution of goods based on need and that's exactly what we see in Star Trek so let's recap by listing the traits of a communist society and comparing them to the traits of the United Federation of Planets a system that emerges from technological advances in productive forces check common ownership of the means of production and free access to goods check classless and stateless with no exploitation of labour check except for the stateless part because the government of the ufp is responsible for the distribution of resources foreign policy and military operations through Starfleet let's go back and list the trace of the ufp and see how closely they line up with communist theory interstellar Federal Republic mad Republican plies the division of power amongst various states which is very much in contrast to all flavors of communism planetary governments that agree to exist semi-autonomous lis under a single central government again know as subordinate stays exhibit anything short of full autonomy is also characteristic of a Federal Republic not anything close to communism based on the principles of universal Liberty rights and equality sure but in light of the previous bullet points that doesn't change anything to share their knowledge and resources and peaceful cooperation scientific developments space exploration and defensive purposes that's the closest thing on the list to a communal society and that information and resources are shared among the population meaning the economy is plans in this case by the government meaning at best its socialist so is the Federation communists no not really it's not anywhere close to even the most basic interpretation of Marxist thought now if you came here just for the answer to the question in the title then I suppose for you this videos over but I want to figure out if there's a modern political science term that defines any portion of human society in Star Trek or its economy for that though I'll need to dedicate an entire second part to this video which I'll release next week until then I want to thank you guys so much for watching be sure to like and share this video you can follow me on social media at these sites and as always don't forget to subscribe and don't forget to be awesome live long and prosper

  1. The great future for humankind and space exploration is liberty, FREEDOM! free enterprise! humans need a challenge,MOTIVATION to go forwards keep developed where last goal will be a total freedom, Anarchy without state,which would be a great achievement for all humankind total liberty with conscience and no state,it my take millions of years of development but this is the RIGHT way to go. But not in the way like star trek where the state controls almost everything this is always lead humankind towards a dictatorship as have many time been prof in the history with socialism/communism which is never work and never will.

  2. i feel like each world in the federation has its own political system, we cannot say that all parts of the unity have the same approach. e.g. klingon world has monarchy or some shit, and it didn't change when they joined the federation. i think they actually managed to build something pretty close to the communism in its ideal form on earth itself, but it doesn't work somewhere in deep space or in relations with other species.

  3. The Federation exists in a post-capitalist world. Everybody is granted absolute freedom and housing and food. It has nothing to do with communism. Nobody would squabble over freedom…it's just granted. There are no special interest groups because everybody advances based on their own merits. Money is completely meaningless because almost everything is autonomous.

  4. 5 reasons Trek is not communism, but rather more of a libertarian utopian idea.

    1. Federation citizens do not own, nor are they in control of resources and/or the means of production.
    2. The Federation does not redistribute wealth, rather it protects free trade and establishes trade agreements.
    3. There is private property on Earth and in the Federation.
    4. Membership and participation in the Federation is voluntary
    5. The individual is sovereign.

  5. what about abortion rights? what would humans do if they became a minority on Federation starships? How did Earth deal with low IQ races that breed too much an high IQ races that breed too little to get to the point where replicators exist(the only way communism could ever work long enough without starving everyone) Were captain Picard's ancestors muslim? yea, it's a just a liberal propaganda TV show… it never dealt with reality.

  6. Star Trek evolved through time…

    In my opinion it became more and more PC. Just that!

    I'd like to remember the episode the Ultimate Computer, where a computer would make humans needless in starships, and Captain Kirk said, "There are some things that only man can do!" This is in my opinion… human nature!

    That "story" of no accumulation (c'mon! There are many disputes with Klingos for planets, because planets means more resources, knowledge and work force), there are wars (because human nature includes conflicts and disagreements) are just a cover for what we dream to really become!

    When we watch DS9 we see Sisko saying "Here, in the border of the Federation is where things happens, not in the confort of Paris" Or something like that.

    It a show that express desires, reality, things hard to achieve but that we may not give up trying, but in the end humans change just that little.

    And ufortunatelly, socialism or comunnism is not for our species!

  7. "resources allocated according to need" – who decides who needs stuff the most? how do we know how much to give them?… no market economy no future

  8. 2:30 Replicators as shown in TNG did not come about until the 24th century, you are correct, but food synthesizers/protein re-sequencers were invented long before then, Archer had them on his Enterprise.

  9. Why does everyone get confused with communism and a dictatorship as communism is the truest form of democracy as everyone has a vote on everything to do with their country which is actually impractical for a large country or something as big as the federation but it is the truest form of democracy yes people have corrupted communism into a dictatorship like Russia and China and North Korea but communism is a democracy what people should be saying is a dictatorship with a hint of socialism. Why are people to dum to finger that out. Maybe people should read books instead of burning them whether they agreed with what is written or not knowledge is power and when people go on about communism and how bad it is they just come across as completely stupid and dum as they have no idea what communism really is.

  10. What you all seem to forget is. Once the replicater came out or was invented or found money and most every thing became free. You could replicate any form of money that was in play at the time. You can create starship parts. Anything at all. So the population had to change, it became smarter. I don't know or even heard if Cisco 's dad charged people to eat in his restaurant. But the replicater is main reason star trek is money free in stng and beyond.

  11. You can make anything that you want, as quickly as you want, as much as you want, you can even change you body, and mind faster than you can take a shower. You can even make more of you, just like you, if you want, how on earth or anywhere else for that matter do you retain any control over anybody? I can turn junk cars into a star ship and warp out. If I increase the scale of this system enough, I can turn a gas giant into a huge fleet of ships manned and "womanned", by and endless number of mes. Holy uncle Adolph what a mess. Maybe just Maybe the transporters, and the like are protected tech which not everybody can get their hands on, and most Feddie's or Feds live much simpler lives, back on the farm.

  12. yesssss , long life to communist federation of planets !!! wait who are you? WE ARE BORG, COMMUNISM IS IRRELEVANT, PREPARE FOR ASSIMILATION

  13. A sort of Social Democratic order… a kinda nordic welfare state…

    but what about dilithium miners? are they typical workers? would they get paid somehow, a wage or equivalent?

  14. The fact that there is no material needs does not, per se eliminares private enterprises. People could organice outside the coordination and direction of the state in order to achieve common interest. For example building art like cinema, tv, games and even space exploration. What is eliminares is : the need of efficiency, and the value of accumulation of wealth. Since you establish that there are no private enterprises in this universe, it is clear that it’s either a “castrated society “ where nobody desires anything but what the state proposes or a totalitarian one , were people want to do different stuff, but are forbidden by the central government.

  15. I thought the fact that Star Trek is Post-Scarcity means that terms like "Capitalism" and "Communism" no longer have any real meaning. It would be like asking if a community usually uses stick-rubbing or flint to start their tribal fires.

  16. Funny you show a photo of Bernie Sanders. Such a system in this day and age would never work and those who believe in these types of system working today are dreaming. Most youth today do not remember the cold war and Universal shortages in socialist communistic societies. One thing you aren't touching on is that just about everyone in the Star Trek world WORKS and has a job. As well as people working for a common goal but in society today the truly selfless and those who want to work for the common good are few and far between.

  17. No, star trek universe is set when nearly all vital resources to sustain life are no longer scarce. Therefore old forms of economic and political ideologies that were meant to tackle scarcity are no longer valid. Liberty, and individualism is upheld. Individuals are encouraged to work towards the betterment for themselves or the Federation as a whole (they can choose to be selfish). Government is just there to preserve the freedom of its citizens, and expand its charter of Freedom to those that want it.


  19. Not necessarily. In communism, everyone is leveled down. Star Trek, on the other hand, is a slave society, where the free have all the benefits, and the slaves none.
    In the socio-economy of Star Trek, as far as is known, there is a background of machines that constitutes the lower class, the class that does not access the benefits of the slave lifestyle. Of course, those machines are not aware, but they are highly adaptable and capable of delivering what the user needs, more than what he has requested. At the same time, because they lack mind, they can not rebel.

  20. Socialism isn't government planned, socialism is workers' control over their own labour through workers' coops, not all socialism, or communism is a command economy, and even the ones that are advocate decentralised planning, communism advocates in addition to socialism, direct democratic communes, most flavours of communism grew out of the anarchist movement one of the early forms which fits the model of Market Communism is Mutualism which came from Proudhon's anarchism, and it was anarcho-syndicalism which inspired some of Marx's ideas, which in turn lead to the synthesis of anarchism, and Marxism which lead to anarcho-communism (even though true anarchist ideologies are all communist) and no anarchism isn't antirules, or antigovernment, they just advocate a governance closer to the people with a more even distribution of power, anarchism is antistate, and anti-unjustified hierarchy (which includes capitalism as it is know workers' selfmanagement does work and is more efficient), another often misconception about communism is the term private property, it refers to property own by some who doesn't use it for their own labour but employs people, while personal property is like your house, ect something you do use, and aren't using to exploit others.

  21. You can't really have stateless society when it has to defend itself from other types of societies.
    Planned economy and defence at this level require lot of organising, best achieved by state.
    Federation is communist enough for me, they eliminated money, don't exploit workers, are not motivated by greed and profit.
    Love the new Discovery series

  22. Communism is a redistribution of wealth and labour. There is NO wealth or labour in the federation. There are still a few jobs(policitians, doctors, star fleet) but easily less then a percent of the population is even "employed". Holograms can easily replace all of those actually. However, like Sisko's dad and Picards family does show us, private property/industry exists if one wants it. The federation being democratic or not does not really matter in the aspect of communism. You can have dictatorial capitalist, monarch communist , oligarch feudalism. Economic theories in political ones can be different.

  23. The most interesting thing about money is that even if you destroyed it completely people will still find a way to have it because we all need a medium of exchange for trading stuff. It just isn't convenient for us to trade chickens for bread at the store.

  24. I kind of think that the federation is a socialist economic system that allows people to have individual side interest such as pursuing wealth if they so chose to. That could be why people have 'credits' in the future.

    There is one more aspect of socialism that people may not see and that is the fact that socialist basically believe that if money was removed from the world that all its evils would also be removed since money is the root of all evil. Star Trek pretty much says that over and over again and puts down people in the 20th century for being backwards and wrong-thinking economics.

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