Is The Commander-In-Chief Out Of Control?

hey good evening this is the star report
on a Monday night okay let’s get to the business a lot of things to discuss I’m
in a great mood great day here in a hot-ass Atlanta hot again
but I’m just now getting my notes together can you see me
hey what’s popping in your live chat good evening how you guys doing
start wearing pink tonight huh yes all right all right uh first we have to make
an announcement our Kelly’s alleged hos are okay they have not been evicted I
say again RA Kelly’s alleged hoes have not been evict it from his condo in
Trump Tower out now Chicago everything’s okay they put up video when a shade room
sold to the shade room they don’t fuck with me but uh yeah I go there and I
check out the stories and they got the exclusive the shade room calm
anybody remember me like six years ago the shade room put up a post
can someone please go to Pennsylvania and murder deejay star I saved that
murder him anyway yeah so the hoes are okay alleged hos American what they sell
anything but they are his riders his dedicated you know down you know girls
there okay there was a story that they were evicted when he was recently
arrested but everything’s okay things fine tell the father mr. savage that
they look good in case he hasn’t seen the video or maybe he has seen the video
he just you know he’s in denial she looks josselyne is her name she
looks happy she’s don’t the peace sign anyway all
right also folks tonight we’re gonna talk about some things with regards to
the president Donald Trump the man I voted for most of you should know that
he’s as crazy as cat shit you’ve heard me say that as well I voted for the man
for tax reasons um but has he crossed the line this time
is he insensitive is he racist well multiple sources are saying that
the president hang on a second ago no sir I even printed out a lot of stuff in
his um his Twitter page has told for congresswoman to go home now didn’t you
say it like that or did he say if you don’t like America you can leave let’s
be specific I try not to do too much with regards to political discussions
because of the YouTube algorithm if you’ve noticed or those of you who are
content creators if you put Trump in your you know YouTube title the video
you cannot monetize so I’m just going with the commander-in-chief is is he out
of control and the United States commander-in-chief if those of you for
those of you pardon me from outside of the USA okay What did he say
specifically what I’ve got some notes here I’ll read these to you after we get
the phone lines poppin also let me think about how to lay this other topic out um
sugar che will be my co-host tonight get ready yes get ready we had a
conversation earlier somehow we wound up on the topic the discussion of a fat
black ass now on the screen you just see what is the value of a fat ass I didn’t
want to put black that may be that may be insensitive but sugar Shea said she
made reference to her fat black ass being worth a lot of money I then said
well I can’t tell and she said well I can show you better than I can tell you
and I said well tell me I don’t know I’ll let her explain it because I didn’t
know that she was trying to say she’s gonna come down to Atlanta and and show
me now I’m cool with that you know her and I have a business relationship and
I’m not crossing that line but then what is the value of the fat black ass just
bear with me I’m gonna let her explain it so that it doesn’t come off as being
insensitive you know a lot of women of color with fat black asses support this
show here you know and I appreciate them I don’t want to you know
say something that they find to be offensive you know just because we’re
discussing you so sugar che will be calling in che are you on the line where
are you let’s get it crackin okay I’ll come her okay she’s in the queue
sit tight shade other things I mentioned tonight guys I was I’m looking for
studios again here in Atlanta today I may want to talk about that I’m I’m
close to signing a lease I want to get something so that I can film a new show
I’m not hosting it I’m looking for a couple of female females here in the
Atlanta area that specialize in either hair care products fashion makeup if
you’re interested I would like to talk to you but I am going to secure a studio
before the week is out I may talk about that later also hang on
a second um side note I know I’m being pressed where I live right now by about
three squirrels I’m an animal lover for those of you who know for those of you
who don’t give a shit just give me a second I fucked around I did I fucked
around and I I had some grapes and some bananas organic bananas that I sat out
in the yard you know just I live in the woods I don’t live in a gated community
I live in the woods so I set them over by a tree because I was throwing them
out not trying to feed the animals three days later now I have squirrels jumping
on the ledge to my bedroom this is a press for those of you who know how
squirrels move this is a press and and they’re at the point where I think
they’re gonna try and come in I may talk about this more I don’t want to set up
traps and and kill them but I am being pressed for those who give a shit
alright it’s one point that out all right sugar che sit tight um I had a
cache app I had to read from yesterday’s show that I forgot to get to some I was
talking really really reckless okay bent Remy did I read this one guys he says
fuck you story you need to turn yourself in to the authorities you gave advice to
Johnny to cool he merked himself the other night
hashtag worst life coach ever hashtag no fucks given I could swear I read that
one but he sent me an email saying I didn’t get to it Johnny too cool if
you’re out there please send me an email let me know that you’re okay we did a
crazy show Friday night and that came in yesterday Johnny – cool is a good guy he
supports the Machine and he has issues with you know his girlfriend’s he’s a
nice guy but he allows them to you know sucker punch him and give him Tyson
blows from time to time all right let’s start the show and again I have um the
president’s Twitter paid to his tweets pardon me printed out of three pages
we’re gonna go through this if you care to let’s talk about the
commander-in-chief tonight he’s he racist is he out of control as he
reckless is he spot on is he spot on because you know some people feel a
certain way about illegal immigrants in this country having to go through the
proper process this is the objective perspective folks you can call in I will
let you speak but I think it’s time that we do at least try to hash this out and
be and be reasonable to some degree have a little fun as well all right let’s
good shooting line all sugar che 203 are you there come on come out come out come
on let’s get you out of here fast if you could move your black ass I hate to say
it like that I hate to say it like that but come on turn everything down in the
background what are you doing are you if you’re throwing this show up already I’m
just gonna shift gears fix it what are you doing are you talkin about I’m sitting still okay good evening oh
my beach house is kind of empty okay good evening say how are you I’m good
how are you I’m great I’m doing what I do can you lay this out because I forgot
you and I were having a discussion earlier
how do we get to the topic of the value of a fat black ass because you said
something and I said well show me what you were and then I said I can’t tell
can you walk us through this please well we first started talking you know about
business and money and then I add something to the fact that we’re you
know like what black man what person is not interested in a female with a fat
ass and you said I don’t give a fuck about no bitch with a fat ass and he was
like something about oh it’s not like black females fat asses are once
anything nowadays and I’m like are you kidding me no that’s what I said after
you say you’re fat black ass was worth a million did you say a million I said
more than a million no my fat black is worth more than a million dollars okay
way more than I even quote four billion dollars Wow okay and then I said well
I’m not stressing I said I’m not stressing no fat black ass so let’s be
precise because I hear you trying to put sauce on it already as if you know I was
eating no I was saying to you you know I can’t tell so you say you’re fat black
ass is worth over a million can you prove to the people listening why you
feel this is a reality and now let’s get it correct
I said way well over a million because a million dollars ain’t shit I’m saying my
fat black asses we’re all worth more than that because the shit that I could
bring to the table and not only that but what it can do
do you understand when I see my black fat ass I mean my black fat asses
attached to this body and it’s attached to this brain but you can have a fat ass
with no brain but if you know how to use their brain if that ass tripled in value
okay it sounds great let’s slow down it sounds great
and I said slow down slow down slow down I said to you it sounds great let’s
let’s have that discussion on the show let’s open up the flood line the phone
line or the floodgates and see you know where that goes and then I
said to you and I said well in comparison to the
Kardashians and and females like that I don’t know if the value of a fat black
ass is really worth that much that’s why I did say yes yes and I’m gonna say this
how can you say that you don’t know the value of a fat black asses worth
anything when these females paid to make their
ass look like that okay hey you gotta go get injections you gotta go do this you
got to do init top but this is natural that’s why no mice worth 10 times more
than what’s been bought out there anybody go by okay now now let’s be
precise I did not say it’s not worth noting I said to you what is the value
of a fat like ass so if you want to speak to us in general terms as aside
from aside from yourself what do you think the average fat black ass is worth
the average fat black ass is worth a lifetime of commitment and loyalty
that’s what it’s worth if you thought something like that yes
work that a hoe like I love it let’s see a life of it okay okay we’re having a
discussion folks join the conversation we’re talking about the commander in
chief is he cuckoo for cocoa puffs are you up to speed on what he said I’m
gonna read the tweets shortly but right now we’re letting sugar Shea talk about
the value of a fat black ass good evening 9 1 2 or you there 9 1 2 hey how
are you sir who’s this ok how are you sir we’re low ratchet tonight just bear
with us a little ratchet you wanna jump press the president or the value of a
fat black ass which one the value of a fat black ass please you’re gay yeah I
don’t think it’s going down stock is way way way down okay sir you have the floor sugar che
says otherwise come on man are you talking about real shooter you just
you’re smoking smoking at goody-good yeah
mr. Bob goodbye fat ass now so they really work much you know there’s a
nigga don’t care fake real niggas all fuck you know to me that shit don’t mean
nothing fuck yeah but the difference there we not be so vulgar with the
profanity sir and shade you want to respond to this man yeah because he said
you right any female can buy ass nowadays but the difference in the value
of you having something on your arm that well put-together that’s all natural or
something that’s been injected in and bought you know but injections and fat
transfers it’s totally different you will value that female way more
there’s somebody that’s out there with all that plastic surgery she’s more of a
trophy for you men than anything else nigga don’t care man nigga gonna hit you
ain’t heard a man say I don’t want to hit that cuz you got a fake ass no no
I’ve heard of me and say I will hit that because she has a fake ass but I never
hear on say I’m a white face I’m a wife that fake ass I’m just saying the value
ain’t it ain’t proper like you used to be everybody got white girl got fat ass si would he used to thank you sir thank
you for your call right hang on sugar shame yeah let’s not be so vulgar I mean
I I’m taking a chance by having that title tonight what is the value of a fat
ass on the screen but we’re specifically talking about a fat black ass if you
want to chime in also let me just say with regards to um what while keeps
calling me guys if you are friends of buckwild’s send me an email don’t call
the show I don’t really messages but he’s trying to find some people to to
come to court with him talk about later go to area code 9 zero nine good evening
909 do you want to talk about the boy
commander-in-chief or the value of F at Lancaster are both if I may please come
on well first the president I really don’t see what he says
that was that was so wrong you know because he’s being attacked by Democrats
as far as I can see and we all know politics is a dirty game yeah
is this Luke a knee from the Congo Luke a knee yes sir how are you sir
continue I’m good I’m good yeah so I really don’t see what he said that was
so bad you know he said something about going back to your country or whatever
were you krom’gar blah well hang on Luke a knee can you be specific we’re talking
little politics tonight did he say go back quote-unquote because this is what
all the media is running with and go back it sounds racist it sounds racist
did he say that specifically I don’t know you can say that 50/50 star I’m
drunk I’m tunnel through to remember okay well let me jump in then here’s the
tweet from the president on Sunday so interesting to see progressive Democrat
Congress women who originally came from countries whose governments are a
complete and total catastrophe the worst most corrupt and inept anywhere in the
world if they even have a functioning government at all now loudly that’s what
he said unless and so what he said in that statement
he’s now wrong to me he’s not wrong okay you know like if you wanna have an
opinion about in equation they should be a difference between somebody that born
American and somebody that attacked a transplant you know it should be
different because because you obviously have to
allegiances or you should have at least two you know you should have the
allegiance of where were you from and the allegiance of the country that that
uh kicked you in you know so I really don’t see what’s really so bad about it
I think that people just there is there just a UH I think where it’s almost
fashionable to make fun of from the most fashionable the norm now well he is
uncouth I will say that and I voted for the man okay so hang on a second che and
I’m missing another tweet that people are latching on to because the tweet I’m
making reference to the president’s tweet came amid a dispute between House
Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the progressive lawmakers who have grown impatient with
Democratic leadership that’s what I’m referencing Shae I asked you to do a
research before the shave know what else you have
I also saw one one that said he tweeted he said sorry can’t let them into our
country it’s been too crowded tell them not to come to the US and tell them then
to fix the loopholes problem sauce yeah so I think that was the one where he was
really saying something I’m on his face right now he said another one food he
said we will he’s got a bunch of tweets that are very um I’ll just say
aggressive you know but that’s okay he’s a maverick I’m a better president is
dead on he’s dead I’m sorry a lot of people are not gonna want it not gonna
like what I have to say tonight in regards to our commander in chief in
office but I am for what he is saying because we have to be realistic about
what is going on with the leader and I say this respectfully to illegal
immigrants especially the ones that are out here having anchor babies and
getting free public housing because now they have this American child but it’s a
wing coat of their children which respectfully most people that are party
driven do that anyway because they can some type of state assistance or they
get some type of refund check every year they’ve had this baby but now you have
illegal immigrants coming in taking advantage of it taking the job that some
of a regular Americans are struggling to keep which the value the dollar overall
because now we’re putting so much money out into this to the workforce where it
should be more combined to just American citizens the people that are over here
on visas respectfully you know what I’m saying that our actually supposed to be
here hang on a second che Lucayan do you want to come behind where sugar shade
you said I’m texting number nine you know it needs to be some type of some
type of tender and also we should not forget that the United States is still
one of the easiest country to immigrate into regardless of what the president
say the laws are the laws if you come here the right way you can be legal
you will be legal all to the time you know like if mom is glad about that it’s
really not okay okay hang on a second before I let you go you know sugar Shea
brought something to my attention it’s a little silly but the value of a fat
black ass would you care to come would you care to comment sir what is the one
thing one thing I know about myself is that I’m with your bottom black ass I
can look myself in the mirror and say that to myself okay now you put a lot of
value in a fat black ass yes Luke any oh yeah okay now the value
I think the value there is there’s three ways to look at it number one if you got
a big black ass she’s pretty and she’s not really doing much with her life
finances why she needs to bring something to the table of course either
she needs to go out there she needs to go out there to see what’s up with some
other cat okay or get on the webcam lucania can I just interrupt for a
second and ask you do you have all of your fingers I know that sounds crazy they’re in a live chat saying that
you’re missing fingers from stealing blood diamonds I just folks pardon me
awhile and I just I had to ask okay listen can you finish it can you finish
this we can getting phone calls answer yeah I appreciate you come in yeah
number two degree she’s a good woman okay you definitely wipe it out real
quick you know that’s the value of it no
monetary value into it you know it’s all it’s all entertainment let me say come
to Charlie I’m gonna definitely take my hey there yeah I am oh definitely
lú kè thank you for calling a man salut thank you okay che hold on a second hold
my folks that was wrong pardon me I don’t usually read the live chat I just
happened to glance over there I pay attention to super Jack and cash Shep
but you know Luke ain’t he’s a good guy from the Congo that was wrong asking to
make these girls fucking fingers alright hang on a second I’ve got more
of the tweets from the president but let’s be accurate here tonight and if
you voted for the president like I did you want to call him and put some
respect on his name do so this is the objective perspective all right me go
– cash app you can join the conversation via cast cash app the link is up under
the video on YouTube okay Kristian Kristian sends in a cash app six dollars
and sixty six cents what up boss nigga okay thank you sir for your support okay
it’s also go to okay that’s okay Michael Foster greetings sir he sends in a cash
app what what number you on sir six one seven let’s get him on the line you
started calling last night and for some reason it didn’t go through this is
Michael Foster he’s always got a shitty phone Michael Foster is that you sir
good evening I’m not a vo Leo’s but I did send on a
I did send them a cash app – so you got me early thank you for your support
what’s going on with you no problem I just wanted to comment on both both of
these if you don’t lie at least I wanted to say I wanted to say quickly this is
why I love lady she said lady she’s a logical black woman even though I
disagree with her I’m going to talk about this fat ass first real quick I
disagree with her on the fat ass thing I think black women have largely degraded
the fat ass and made a big black ass worthless and trash and like social
media and just in media in general they have berated the black ass there’s been
times on earth when on a black woman’s body was the temple and its secret and
all that today it’s trash you can go on Instagram and see the whole thing
smack it call a bitch and everything so they f worthless I’d like to see that
come back one day hang on hold on you you sent to the
cache at I want you to want you to go ten toes down you spend scroller is lady
Shea’s fat black ass worthless if it is say so don’t worry about me let that man
speak you trying to get me to go ahead and say
I’ll never go and I say ladies he’s beautiful to me and I think she carries
herself when she’s not going in bulldog mode I said I think she carries herself
very well respectfully Shea’s my mother hang on Shea’s my rider respectfully she
just moved out of the basement she’s in cadet she doesn’t have the job she wants
you know she’s is she delusional thinking her ass is worth the middle
hang on Shay is she delusional thinking her ass is worth the million is so in
what why is she doing um sex-cams if it’s worth all that and get paid well I
mean I appreciate the fact that she doesn’t want to go that low I expect any
person to think highly of themselves if they have any confidence so it’s hard
out here struggling struggling you know even though I make a considerably good
wage it’s still not easy out here so I’m not gonna look at anybody situation and
so why would you say a woman getting up in the bed and doing a show private show
and she’s not you know necessarily having guys pound on her and double
penetrate her you know she’s giving a private show you think that’s degrading
well it goes to the point that I just made the black woman have devalued and
degraded the black ass is making my point for me right now okay so I mean
I’ll just leave that at that if I could get the president real quick please yes
sir okay so I just want to say Donald’s for real quick Donald Trump is
doing what his base wanted him to do from the very beginning I’m part of that
base I think you’re part of that base too
yes you want to see him go hard chop these motherfuckers heads off and stop
playing by playing by the rules when they’re not Sam clamp lot of rolls with
him they well mean we just uncovered a fucking state coup against them he needs
to come out swinging he needs us in the Justice Department
all of those FBI bureaus and stuff to eradicate these people had traded their
open traitors and they’re openly saying fuck America so I’m glad you
saying it because when I say it oh the haters star fuck you sir
I’m so glad you’re saying it I’m agreeing with you please continue
come on yeah I mean I don’t want to take too much time I wanted to get that
across he just needs a goal fooled black
America real American citizens black white Latino mainly are going to stand
with him the media is trying to make it seem like we’re we all think he’s scary
and you’re gonna make things worse for the world but we’re standing with him
the true patriots are gonna go to the gate the hell President Trump I’ve been
searching through the media for him saying hang on I’ve been searching
through multiple sources are looking for him and his tweets where he said go back
home I don’t see that verbatim now he does say if you don’t like it here you
can leave did you see him say anywhere go home no no I seen him say the exact
same thing you did in fact he said if you tried to be who you are inside your
own country he’s murdered he didn’t say that exactly but he was implying you
couldn’t even be who you are in your country they tell you right I thank you
for your call thank you thank you okay all right Sugar Shane sit tight we’re
gonna continue with our discussion folks pardon me for a little Bolger tonight
shades my rider you know this was a discussion she wanted to have what is
the value of a fat black ass I’m not gonna you know don’t want a fat black
ass fat black asses have been good to me very good to me Mike foster where are
you I got your email I responded are you calling in sir Mike foster hold on guys
the man spent scroller you spent squall eyes slow this fucking showdown right
okay he’s calling in haricots six one seven and I think John is that Johnny
too cool hey Johnny until cool send in a super
chat star I’m on the line my girl wants a word with you all shit Oh Johnny two calls at user area code
202 Johnny – cold good boy though hey what’s up hey can you stay right there I
gotta find Johnny – cool be right back all right okay I will put on hold for a
second let’s see if there’s Johnny – cool area code 202 hey Johnny is that
you sir Joanna hey how are you okay – yes yes
yes I’m with Johnny right now oh you are how
are you I’m good are you dying chuckles girlfriend yes yes I am okay so
yes he said you went to the club the other night you were partying with some
guys you left him he was uh feeling kind of down and out and you were playing him
like a sucker is this true no no no I invited him out but he decided not to
come out so that’s all that’s his fault okay
is he there can you just confirm that he’s there is he is he lying in the bed
yeah yeah suck him in his eye is he okay no no in second oh my brother Johnny
what’s up man you’re right yeah I’m good man jelly no watching the show Thank You
Man thank you I appreciate your support so now your girl says she invited you
you didn’t want to go are you suicidal are you depressed why don’t you want to
go hang out like I said I was thrown out of my mind you know I can’t I can’t go
to a club phone as hell you know cuz they’re gonna make me drink and you know
I can’t I can’t be so andr at the same time enough okay okay perfect okay so
can I talk to her can you put her back on I wanna see what see if I can assist
if I can you know you guys are very young or to be respectful hey Thor come
here hey okay so have we spoken before you
sound your voice sounds familiar no no I we’ve never spoken before okay
so Johnny’s is important to my show I appreciate him
he’s what 23 24 and year 24 something like that he’s 28
he lied we lied and held you so I’m gonna be 24 in August okay all right so
now johnny has called it in the past he has admitted to getting punched in his
face from a previous girlfriend he’s admitting he has admitted to being part
of my language pussy-whipped is that what you’re dealing with now is he a
bitch deep down inside is he depressed what no no he’s not depressed
no is he loving the pussy let’s I don’t mean to be so vulgar did you say is he
looking the pussy is Elia says is he strung out on you is he at your beck and
call do you talk to him in a way that that he’s less than a man keep it real
let’s have a real conversation no I don’t think though okay have you ever
smacked him I don’t think that wait no I’ll never smack them and if I did it
was just by accident okay so you may have smacked and just joking around
yeah yes okay now are you being are you being passive right now and in reality
you’re a real bitch and I ask you that respectfully all right are you are you
are you playing no no I don’t think I’m a bitch okay okay
you’re young within him by four years yeah yeah yeah okay so yeah so why
doesn’t he like to go out with you why does he say no I don’t want to go and
just stay home and moping and do blow is he’s still doing blow keep it real
is he still doing I have not seen him do it don’t lie please please don’t lie
when he’s not with me please I’m not lying
please does Johnny do blow I’m not lying probably probably listen to me the truth
will set you free all right be respectful yeah okay can I
can I tell you something real quick please but if it wasn’t for him I
wouldn’t be a fan of yours okay well thank you but I don’t really have fans I
have supporters and haters have you ever sent a donation in here I have it was
kept okay well thank you okay I’m fucking with that was about to curse you
out but since you sent to the cash yep we’re cool all right so um all right so
you guys are okay I mean I don’t wanna get too deep here because we’re having a
conversation about fat black asses but you guys are okay yeah I know yeah yeah
we’re good okay wait but I don’t appreciate how you told him to text me
fuck you bitch when I went out okay did he do it yes he did okay okay hang on so
when you saw that did you call him did you respond and how did you feel did it
turn you on when Johnny took cool sent you that text
wait what went through your mind oh well what the hell but I didn’t respond right
away uh-huh why not I like waited I waited
because I was like that was so random right did it turn you on did it turn me
on no no it didn’t so so how did you respond you responded and said what you
said what’s going on or you you were aggressive I was aggressive did he back
down or did he say fuck you again he said fuck you again nice nice now we go
somewhere okay that night well I’ll talk to him I’m just I’m I’m glad he stood up
to you but okay so let’s I’m not gonna drag this out too much longer do you
want to comment on the value of Africa the value of a fat black
sugar shares on the line do you think it has any value just what do you think yeah yeah yes yes your Colombian yes I
not Colombia what are you Mexican Mexican okay does a fat black ass have
more value than a fat Mexican ass no talking to you let me know – Johnny real
quick so I can I can take my own calls let me talk to John and thank you for
keeping it real thank you all right have a good night
you too hang on folks I know this to drag no
just give me a second Johnny yo my nigga you told yo my nigga you told her fuck
you right fuck you bitch hell yeah man get a best life life coach ever man
Johnny stay on that wave just sometimes when you wake up just you know just even
if your life is great you’re having a good day just send her a text and say
fuck you bitch no explanation all right all right well girl
take care man have a good one all right Johnny – cool part pardon the language
guys that Justin he’s a supporter you know he sends in cash apps and super
chats I’m gonna pump the brakes sometimes you know we’ll get back to the
show coming to cash out super chats bear with me bear with me Johnny – cool man
I’m proud of him should we show you their whoo right here
with Papa yeah Johnny – cool can I get an amen in
live chat guys Johnny – cool stood up for himself claim him as my son I’m
applying in now all right hi folks were all over the place like bird shit
tonight um che do you have any more the president’s tweets in front of you I
printed out a lot of but I would like for you to help me read
some of these I got a handle super chat cash shop
can you pull some up and let’s just go down down the list yeah yeah so we’re
going to start with the most recent one our Pio tus so McCollum because I don’t
want to mess with the algorithm he poses like less than four hours ago or
actually retweeted he said them dams were trying to distance themselves from
the floor progresses but now our forced it brace and that means though they are
endorsing socialism hate of Israel in the USA not good for the Democratic can
you find something that find one of the tweets that people there’s a buncha but
you know one of the other tweets that people think is very insensitive and
I’ll come at back to you okay okay be right back alright sugar shake hold it
down tonight let me go to more super chats Terry good
evening sir star wine and sugar sure look like a
crackhead Foxy Brown thank you for your super chair Frank eg on the check and he
says my main nigga on the trigger star salute for rocking the blue jays hat
tonight PS fuck no mad Nick he don’t know shit about boxing r.i.p Pernell
Whitaker yeah man I didn’t even mention that just yet I never met Pernell
Whitaker but so much history there and if I’m not mistaken
isn’t that or wasn’t that Floyd Mayweather’s favorite boxer correct me
if I’m wrong that was Floyd’s guy he gave him a lot of credit and praise if
I’m wrong tongue em wrong but thank you Frank eg right Gemstar a good evening
sends in a super jet che how can you explain the value of a fat ass when you
are living in squalor with skidmark panties on waiting for star to return
your phone calls I’m sure you got to respond the gem star says you’re living
in squalor okay I don’t even know what the fuck’s Waller
that sounds disgusting and my no I must get it must jump higher – fucking hater
but salute EW I don’t have skid marks bikini okay I mean sorry toss throughout
the course of the day so we both wait on each other’s phone calls that just
sounds awful long please stop stop it okay sit tight che michael basta hang on
sir I see you on the line doing a lot right now Mike from Bensonhurst cleaning
sir sends in a super Chad AOC and mmm okay Omar are a communist garbage right
right right Trump was right to call them out they
call everyone racist who is who dis okay sir you put it isn’t here you meant to
say who disagrees with them okay fuck them Trump 2020 thank you let me
slow down okö once ends in a super chet old live and direct Star Chamber videos
are they ever coming back online hilarious when you used to clown DJ
aliased for not being are prepared or having the right info Elias is my guide
I’d never clown Ilyas T he’s a friend good man
you know he and I chopped up still on a regular and I’m trying to get him down
to Atlanta truth be told first for another project but thank you sir for
your super Chad alright Mike foster che is on the line he says he wants to come
for your neck for some reason let’s see if I can find him he sent in a donation let them on the line Mike Bosse sir is
that you sir every tells six on no yes it tore a light coat how are you man
yeah toy train life coach this is Troy terrain aka star the new life coach hey
so you sent me a cash shot you want to comment sugar shades neck can you fix
your phone a little bit so the people can hear you
your phone’s always a little choppy yeah take the banana out your mouth I want to
hear you loud and clear okay yeah well say basically what what I want to do is
I want to come up on this a mess in line and disrespect you be
feeling froggy bleep little wanker if you fill it foggy wait if you fell in
foggy wait okay well let me ask you one question you said you have a college
degree but you don’t know what squalor be how does that work because I don’t
know what it means just because I have a college degree doesn’t mean that
happened every freaking word in the dictionary
well oh just tell it I’ll look it up spell it I’ll look it up now what
college did you go to don’t worry about all that is it a red school or is it
like kind of a sign up for school no it’s more like a private Institute
something around nothing yeah like a gale it’s on the scene it’s
on the same with the scale of Yale it might be Yale that’s just not true
are you to believe are you to believe that a black woman is
this educated but also still knows how to be good to write hard for you to
believe that huh you know Shh is simply not true of me are you serious you know
are you serious you’re my mic if I can jump in and can I ask you what is the
value of a fat black ass Mike foster you’ve called him before you’re going at
Shea’s neck and this is her her topic what is the value if anything might well
narrow it down a little bit if we’re talking about CDs okay
continue please and and and also I wanted to ask a question about the beach
house are you squatting in a place how many times have you gone off to the
strip club and slap a dollar on a big fat black ass let’s keep it real thank
you never anklets crashing how many times have you slit I mean times you
paid or left it at a strip club okay the man
asked you a question are you squatting is it’s a fairly black girl J are you
squatting he’ll know what type of question is that
do you better repeat it far really and you spent money well I know niggas
Dorian shit pay attention you still have the economy car don’t worry about what
I’m driving what do you drive it do you think don’t worry about Bobby something
it gives me a ride around town how about that you could be my over baby come on
you’re not far away Mike can I jump in and can I ask you to please get to the
disrespect as opposed to the questions you sent in money but you know we got
two topics on the table here you said you wanted to disrespect Jay you sent in
a cash yet please let’s get to the disrespect yeah I I don’t I don’t want
to be wrong right but I just I just wanted to co-sign
Busey chemstar III wanted to Coco Coco sign to digit jumpstart I think I said
pretty clearly I’m cosign exactly word for word yeah because you’re a cosigner
you’re not original you can’t even come on this mic shaking you let my I want to
finish up with Mike and then Mike Shea might go live tonight I suggest you do
shake a few Michael lights and I do want to say take any other stabs on the way
out yeah if you want to see me fly if you want to see me live tonight hit up
my cash at would be a little thing maybe I oughta watch me alright thank you Mike
thank you for your support man saluting okay Mike Foster
guys hang on hang on let’s all get back on track here um also a who’s who sent
in a cache after dudududu Oh Co one with the grants to old footage you know I do
licensing deals from time to time so that footage is being utilized sooner
than later thank you for your super chair I’ll keep
you posted as I always do some videos we put up we take them down some videos we
have issues like everybody does on YouTube but um thank you for your
support okay Mike from Bensonhurst good evening sir
okay I read that one pardon me bent Remy says fu store okay but that one – Shh –
tell him coming right back to you Marcus Marcus sends in a super jab story you
should be proud of your real son Johnny – cool Vladdy just got demoted to
stepchild respectfully hashtag hashtag you got to learn me that game okay
that’s a long hashtag thank you sir then he says peace okay Mac good evening sir
max ends in a super chat fat-ass Jews usually means a broke-ass example sugar
Shea also the chief commander might want to get pegged by one of them for honey
dumplings hashtag roll okay should we go in someplace else right now
snake Holly be case ends in a soup Jett tell Sheikh to shed her black goofy
Florida Evans lookin ass the fuck up that was hard snake Holly BK says tell Shay to shut
her black goofy Florida Evans lookin ass the fuck up she look she looked like
she’s spraying her work boots with bleach every day hold on take a
screenshot stay and everybody hold on oh we’re really ratchets and I just bear
with me I’m taking a screenshot and I’m gonna send you this wait at this show
black race is cleaning so he says star you have bad influence only a low-life
scumbag will give somebody that kind of advice so you’re absolutely right
I’m the lowest of the low you are absolutely right yeah yeah women want to
be entertained and they want to I don’t want to get too vulgar but they they
want to be turned on you know they don’t like nice guys you know it Johnny – cool
simple a little crazy shoot J grant looks like he’s simple for you Shay
sends in a superjet fu storm how dare you insult Shay you know she owns her
beach tent a shot well this weekend but read the first sentence it’s read the
first three words this is fu star how dare you insult share you know she owns
her beach tent okay alright hang on I think number nines on
the line somewhere Jean Richmond where are you sir oh shit
what happened here do you hang up very unless the god Sparky hold on Shey hold
on what no what number you calling in from them and I’m and I think I thought
Ronny was gonna call in a I don’t see number nine let me go to area code 202
hey good evening – OH – are you on the line hello
yeah what’s good hey party playing what’s up how you been man what’s goin
with puppy man she’s a little crazy tonight
No no ideas first of all I wanted to say
what’s up say how you doing say hi e how are you I’m Donna I ain’t gonna take no
chances you know that I said before you or none of that but you know I was you
know we will talk about the value of black fat ass listen you know I’m
calling from DC right so you not go shopping in the grocery store I see
plenty plenty of her chicks fat asses they got bonnets on there is they get
flip-flops all they got pajama pants is all fat is a country boys lunch box okay
but ain’t no value in them though mmm they got big old carts full of food they
pulling out the food stamp card spending up $600 and foods that I’m not docketed
but I’m saying just because you got a fat ass doesn’t mean it’s value with it
you got to have brains with it you know I’m saying just because your ass is fat
don’t mean that these days you know you got chicks as fattening legs skinny days
shooting up in the ass that don’t mean you don’t say but the brains that come
with that is more important if you can go out get some money
you’re gonna bring some money to the table you’re bringing money home I can
respect that you don’t say but just having a fat ass
that’s you know 15 20 minutes you know a man of a certain age you know 15 20
minutes with that layer a half minutes no go ahead
well I wasn’t happening yeah yeah when I stopped blinking psycho bag of light man
he’s in 15 minutes Jesus you got the yeah yeah she got to go she ain’t put
nobody at my sole value effect like I ain’t really you know ya know I have to
say objectively speaking I the eyes I fuck with a female all day every day if
she’s got a whole bunch of coupons and she can go in the Family Dollar Dollar
General and she can spend you know 12 dollars in in cash and come out with you
know $300 worth of a fool pawns and shit like that i Function
those type of bitches old everyday heavy yeah I said if I set him down I sent him
to the wall but they live with it with it with it with the wood with the food I
have car to get all the seafood I get I wish you with that yeah she won’t do
that that’s what you go that’s a Friday night date for me what the shit yeah
but the answer straight questions save especially a fat black ass you know I’m
saying you got you gotta have brains with it
you ain’t got no brains with anything you know but guys you’ve been on hold
for a while do you want to talk about the president
the commander in chief is he out of control as he reckless is you racist
he’s going hard in the paint up on Twitter I like it I bought it for him
but people think that he’s he’s crossed a line
big trending story what’s a newsroom I’m not I’m not a trump supporter I didn’t
vote for Trump I didn’t vote for Hillary either keep the 100 you know I’m saying
the four ladies I know who we talking about they were talking in front of the
Congress the other day and that’s what he was tweeting about they all it was
like women of one was a one of more color other ones from different curtain
a stylist I guess they from you know originally apparently today from
additional different country and it was ganging up on them and talking about you
know you know the people at the border had a fucking cases whatever put Trump
I’m bored I’m mad at Trump because he keeps popping up all the traffic man
well I met DC but you can’t get these it’s enough traffic man he coming
through a motorcade all day long would you vote for Obama up again Obama I’m
gonna keep it real I did vote for the first black president
did I did you no no sir no sir I do not vote for Obama Oh John McCain Mitt
Romney and from yeah okay you know just because you you know you you probably
I’m not a Republican I usually vote conservative I just but
you know Obama and I don’t want to sit here and just dump on Obama Obama wasn’t
thinking about reparations for blind folks you know that right yeah he never
brought that up not one time I know that did he sign a bill or he gave you the my
brother’s keeper initiative but Obama wasn’t about reparations but listen man
I thank you for the call Ronnie’s on the line she wants to join the conversation
as well thank you for your support man thank you yes sir absolutely okay I
think number 9s call fell off guys know what happened to him I think Ronnie
wants to join the conversation folks were talking politics 9 if you want to I
don’t usually go in this direction because the YouTube algorithm is you
know it’s intense we used to talk about politics all the time on the storm
buckwild show 2004 2005 2006 star in the morning people used to tell me oh stop
talking about politics so I fell back let me see if Ronnie’s online area code
7 3 2 hey Ronnie is that you good evening hey how are you hey good evening
sugar shades on the line with me hey that’s Ronnie great you say there we’re
sure if you fall off I’m one okay Ronnie’s in line I’m alone okay are you
speaking che are you hi say how are you I’m good all right so Ronnie were
talking about two things tonight is the commander-in-chief out of control based
upon his recent Twitter tweets on Sunday and most recently there’s a video with
him saying if you don’t like it here then you can leave but I did not see him
say go home or go back to where you came from I haven’t seen unless I missed it
and we’re also talking about the value of a fat black ass what is the value if
a tall black ass we won’t jump in okay so the value I would have to say that
the market determines the value okay so just like with anything if you’re
selling a house if you’re selling a car you know the quote-unquote seller can
set whatever arbitrary value they choose but ultimately the value is going to be
determined by the market so you know those people who are actively looking to
just acquire a fatass I think most men are not many men wouldn’t turn it down
but a majority are probably looking for more so very sad so now you have had
some comments on your appearance we’re running one of your banners anything
that we need to know about your physical appearance would someone put you in that
category or is that not your category of what we’re talking about having a fat
ass fat black ass yes that is something I have heard you
know there’s a difference and what someone says about you and how you see
yourself so you know I would go as far as to say that any woman who is
assigning a retail value or some sort of arbitrary value to her you know vagina
probably doesn’t see value within herself elsewhere I think if I were to
assign value to physical attributes it would probably the ones that aren’t seen
so you know a but everybody has a but you can go to the German get it but if
you hit the squad murmurs if you have the money you can buy it you can simply
pay for it there’s a lot of women with fat butt who just maybe they’re the only
ones who realize their value okay che do you want to jump in or is this just a
broad statement that Ronnie’s giving that doesn’t apply to you che come on I
think she has a valid point I think but when I and I said in the beginning of
the conversation in regards to fat black ass I think there is value to the black
eyes period and then our an ass period because it’s an attractive feature that
a female may have been a man his desire our desires so you’re winning if you you
know if you have that actual physique but then also it
triple the value when you have education when you’re smart when you’re talented
when you’re charismatic when you’re personable when you’re not in a fucked
up disposition when you don’t hate the world just because you know when you’re
a personable person and you’re not hating on the next female because she
has a beautiful body like it it adds value with the more characteristics that
compiled on that woman you know in addition to her fat ass so I say it
probably I love my skin I love my ass I love my body even when I’m fat even when
I’m skinny but that’s just one more added bonus if you know what I’m saying
that’s what I mean but for you to sit there because what we really were
talking about what was mainly our threw me off when you started caving for the
Kardashians when their ass is fake I don’t think I mentioned been the mark
you know I thought about stars well hang on a second shape because what I’m not
gonna let you do is try and steer a false narrative I asked you a question
earlier I wasn’t keeping for the Kardashians I don’t give a fuck about
the Kardashians what I said to you is your ass equivalent to what their asses
are worth and you said I can show you better than I can tell you so is your
ass are you profiting off of your fat black ass nothing it’s not let’s not do
that yelling shit you you said something that was actually okay you said
something wasn’t true I’m not calling the Kardashians hordes you said you can
show me better you can tell me so I’ll just ask you a question are you
profiting off of your fat ass the Kardashians are profiting and people
want that I mean we can look at the social media and the fan base it’s in
demand so evidently there is a market for fat asses we can all agree with that
but I’m saying that’s not the question you’re asking new questions that’s not
relevant to me I’m not in an inner entertainment business I can’t go to a
regular job I’m a regular person with a regular job
and they say when I say I’m not I’m not into the entertainment field if I was
into entertaining we could talk about this until like what
you say you’re fat black ass is worth close to a billion and you said you
could more than that that’s what I’m telling you oh yeah because I already
know I know my value okay can you show us show us okay I’ll bring you to seat I’ll bring I’ll bring you to receipt how
about that the fact that I ain’t got no kids the fact thing I know STD the fact
that ivory receipt I’ll bring you receipt the fact that I ain’t got high
volleys coochie the fact that I ain’t ask for nobody for no handout
I’ll bring you receive the fact that I’m still living in maintaining the fact
that I know my value the fact that I have a degree guess what comes with me a
fat ass that’s all I’m saying but you turn them into something else
okay so that’s the receipts is what you say let’s compare that compare Megan the
stallion to a Kim Kardashian that’s a more valid conversation come on they’re
talking to save right now okay all right you have is bringing an ass that’s why
her name is Megan the stallion you have the floor go ahead let’s talk about
Nicki Minaj it compares me to the Kardashian that’s what I’m talking about
I’m not trying to make it be about me and turn me into the target I’m not an
entertainer no Nicki Minaj was bringing up money no the conversation
actually did start out with you and that’s why we’re having this
conversation you said your ass was worth over a million close to a billion so it
was about you what about you because you’re gonna but because we were having
the conversation and I said I know that I’m worth more than a billion and guess
what comes with me is a fat ass do you not hear I’m saying the same thing that
you’re saying I know I’m worth more than that I know I have value I know what my
value is but at the end of the day does black ass hold value in the market okay
so guys is it me let me slow down let me bring in some calls because maybe I’m
misunderstanding you springing area code 561 we’re too
we’re talking about the president the commander in chief is the out-of-control
and sugar shades this is shades topic about what is the value of a fat black
ass and five six one good evening yes sir meaning I must step out the chunks
he’s just on his regular those okay I say say stays a wild woman
god bless sir thank you but uh I do appreciate black ass
I do appreciate black ass okay I want today did you tune in to Joe Budden
coming for your spot on the livestream more I don’t talk about other people’s
platforms Joe buttons a good guy if you want to send the email or something but
I don’t I don’t do that buddy live streams MLM fins thank you Thank You Man
thank you okay he’s mad at me but you watching my show okay let’s go to area
code 347 I think this is Corey Corey are you there area code are three four seven good evening Corey three four seven are
you there let me try them again one more time good evening Corey is that
Corey hey how are ya mate how are you sir okay let’s get it look great let’s
get up and let me get top out the way first I’m going to sit over here Trump
out do it alright now I don’t know what what what what work shade does to find
funny things tell her the fun but I did one Google search I found out
everything you were looking for come on so Trump says on July 14 2019 at 5:27 he
threw out both interesting the t progressive Democratic congresswoman who
originally came from countries who government are complete and total
catastrophe the worst which corrupt and net anywhere in the world if they even
have a functioning government at all now loudly and viciously telling the people
United State the greatest and most powerful nation on earth how our
government is to be ran why didn’t they go back and help fix it
broken and crime affected places from which they came then come back and show
without now I read that earlier I didn’t read the whole thing but I better
earlier yeah really okay so now did he’s already ready I don’t bring me into it
okay hang on Shane so that’s what we were talking about so do you think that
that’s going too far it’s out of control racist we think so no no no he’s
speaking his opinion everybody’s mad at everybody’s opinion he could have his
opinion he’s not talking crazy them he’s right
yo yeah I got a problem but well yeah I came from him crazy how about that fix
that first oh yeah come at me I’m trying to pick
this yeah I did read that earlier okay so now with regards to the media coming
at him and saying he’s racist do you think the media is just adding fuel to
the fire the meters added to the fire we all know
some places some specific value like if the trunk
Jesus here I got old uncle that baby had to cook out buggy but either the
president I wouldn’t cosign what you’re saying about we all know he’s racist I
mean that’s the same thing Angela Ryan other people say but yet still they
don’t go to try and fix anything it’s just sitting back and rolling their eyes
and neck jerking but uh I’ll give you the last word unless you will join the
conversation about what is the value of a fat black ass okay this is way that’s
the way I was ready for this okay now now now when we say value right
are we talking what because asus is talking this billion million craziness
right now when you evaluate a company you you look at like what the companies
brought in their earnings just to give it a valuation what has State Board in
just got out the face change the mask okay sugar shape I’m sorry I myself
muted what was the question the question is well you look at a company and you
evaluate a company you said you asked worth of million a billion and all this
crazy outlandish numbers what you look at a company and you say what the
companies brought in like to give that evaluation what have
you bought in what do you mean so okay so here we go talking about monetary
fines when I talk about myself and I talk about the values if there is there
isn’t really a dollar mark when I say a million on more than a million our
building respectfully I’m priceless you understand what I’m saying there’s no
price tag on my ass but what I’m saying is you get you if you were to get a
catch like me oh it’d be like getting a billion
dollars it’d be like winning the lotto because there’s so much that I have to
bring what I say value I’m saying me as a person therefore much that I have to
bring to the table I can cook you don’t say I have a degree I’m charismatic I
know how to get money I have a business money savvy mentality I have a business
degree so that backs it up right there do you understand okay okay very
personable I like people I know how to kick somebody’s ass if they think that
they’re going to come up in my face and just disrespect me cuz at the end of the
day what are they shit but when it comes down to throwing hands I can do that I
can protect my man I could fence money in if you would you think I would take
care of him I’m I am biblically driven I have
religious background what do you mean I have a lot to bring her to take and I’m
gonna clean it about what I am okay okay great you got a degree what is this
grant business business do you own a business no I don’t want to own a
business at this point in my life no where do you work where do you work for
what do you want that doesn’t matter that doesn’t matter does it don’t have a
job no another thing I have a job it doesn’t matter where I work and how much
do you owe a suit alone that doesn’t matter
I always do it alone okay so now get to the next point no get to the next point
in to the next point great say I think he’s asking valid
questions and we’re just having a discussion I mean again this is the
discussion and Kazari know but he’s not saying anything now he knows where he’s
going because he’s gonna say because if you were a good foot business birthing
and you would know no money we’ll take care of your debt I’m already doing that
but so hey I’m like the worst you can’t you can’t say you’ll work this but
you’re in debt you can’t be there I’ll just because your again you’re
talking about monetary fines when when don’t ask me what the value of a black
ass was because I was a human monetary billions at monitor yeah because I was
able to break it down but I was talking about the value of it I was talking
about why I feel I’m that of that value not because of what debt I have why do I
feel like I’m breaking it down there’s not really a dollar value to your billion dollars you can’t buy me
anything you was in theory it’s not really worth more than any money okay let the caller had the last word this
man sent in a super jet let him have the last word
okay sir okay and you sit and you sit and you look back and Kim Kardashian
talk my heartache ass and then you said Nikki it’s worth more as money yes thank
you I said making this valiant first I said Nikki do not set hungry brown if
we’re going to compare apples to apples I said one person got a real ass I said
foxy who had a real ass and I said sir I thank you for your call my take my calls
I appreciate your support hold on a second guys I have to go to
cash a pin super Chet can you please hang on Ronnie and sugar
shake Ivo good evening sir sends in a kind of shot he says I’m on line six one
seven boss nigga pick it up okay give me a second I’m enjoying the
conversation you know this again this is a discussion sugar Shea and I were
having earlier good conversation okay I think I picked his call up already I
don’t see him six one seven Christian says pick up 301 okay
I’ll ship people to get a little bit of conversation here
sit tight I got you 301 also okay someone sent me an email
Michael Davis one shouldn’t say your name but thank you sir he says the Dalai
Lama said the same thing that President Trump said about immigrants hmm okay let
me see if I can forward this to Ronnie hold on guys Gail we’ll help you with some of the
stuff that I’m doing during the show universe soul one says he said they
could go back if they don’t like it yeah that’s very hurt they don’t like it
they can go back okay Ron that’s Ronnie’s email on a second right now
guys okay okay so much someone responded that say about that later fat ass hos
pimping themselves nine one seven okay I’ll come back to you sure hey good
evening area code 301 are you there 301 I know yeah yes sir good evening
thank you for your cash at responding yes I was hopin we could talk about
Shawn but you gotta get you sheriff I got away I think she’s doing a good job
tonight she’s talking out so that once she’s high spirits you know I’m I’m
enjoying a conversation but what do you want to start at the president our
commander in chief did he say anything you don’t like you’re racist what I would call him lately what you thought
yeah because I’m not eating so yep okay yeah
there at AOC I was shocked oh it’s right it’s a real bug because
it’s like overtly racist like and you it means no bad didn’t change yeah I’m
tired of that a OC acronym as if she’s some fucking high-powered brand you know
just say I don’t like that but them okay so we’re also talking about that what is
the value of a fat black ass do you want to jump in you’ve already said Sugar
Shane we should get her out of here she’s on the line you know I realize I’m a keep turning up
because that’s what this shit is about turning all the fuck the way up and i’ma
turn up every motherfuckin chance I get don’t tell me that we relax you relax
you would like to get back up off the line you can’t handle the fuck you think
you are what the fuck you got home seven some spoilers to get me off the mic
otherwise shut the fuck up and keep your comments moving bitch because the only
person you need to be talks with fall so she called you bitch twice you need to
relax you need to relax how about that you need to relax tell
the fucking relax ain’t got this nigga stutter and pay for me to fucking relax
you need to relax bitch away my father you need to relax
so she just called you a bitch again can you climb back are we gonna get you the
fuck out of here sir please okay so I think you’re done thank you thank you so
much he’s sent into cash add sugar Shay got him scrambling like two eggs on a
Sunday morning so to area code nine one seven is that
100 Acre Woods honey is that you hey how are you good evening I’m glad man headed home from work on a
full training schedule and time in yes sir well so I tell my immigrant friend
yeah the ones that want to be social justice warriors whatever that topic of
reparations come up then they always like oh well you know now I don’t know
if you don’t like movies talking about it’s another country hold on let you
deal with the white supremacist I got very grandparent sp and that seems to
change up a team so they want to talk about racist day they really don’t know
what racism says they don’t seem like a lot of them actually have to deal with
actual white supremacist burning crosses all night long I mean killing people
that they love so I watched a little bit of those four representatives walking
and it made me scared bro I’m not I’m not gonna hold you I am maybe not trust
this agenda this feminist thing that’s going on I’m not seeing versed in it but
I’m going to keep watching it she was gone on with that okay but as far as the
value of what is the value of a fat black ass real value no you sure none
they giving it away pain you got whole rest
you got a slut way now that’s that’s the big thing now everybody won’t be a city
girl have a hot your summer-like day and they kind of scan men so if you look at
it like the stock market Thaksin is a while ago a monitored stand
up if they keep giving the push of a certain people who don’t value it I
thought making real total prohibition look at it like the stock is plummeting
so I’m not investing in a girl or woman just because you got a fat ass you got
to have more than that right I’m grown now like I’m trying to get just to the
bag I’m trying to go to house okay I’m trying to develop a business so all you
have to offer is your ass and and I can’t pick you that what’s the point
okay okay honey echo woods that thank you for your cash yet man have a good
evening drive safe yes sir honey ankle was on
the check-in I hold on let me uh make sure my cash
it’s moving right to work Mac is on the line no he just says a woman’s fat-ass
is a gracious lamb okay thank you sir okay that’s Paul he says I see you on
your vegetables intake yes sir I’m trying trying a little broccoli and shit
like that thank you for your uh your support who is this here to play my Oh
sick it’s crazy I love my Indian wife fuck a fat black ass okay thank you sir
for your cash at area code 865 good evening 865 are you there hello yes I’m
here what’s up yes I’ve been in Hawaii I’m good what sort of starting shit boy
oh so what’s up hey so my question was what is the value of a fat black ass
based on today’s market and what’s going on in this man speak let him speak the man’s been disclosed okay so you had
the flow guys all right man and my experience is there’s a fat black ass
was worth a motherfucking double cheeseburger and a drink with light ice
you know understand like like she said if if you got brains to go with it if
you got something else to bring to the table with it yeah then the value goes
up but just a fat ass that should work for a motherfucking
make double with cheese and a drink with light ice all right and I and that’s and
I I know that from experience okay I know that from experience we call
in from sir yeah I’m originally from Den Harbor Michigan
man but I’m calling from Tennessee Knoxville Tenn
see ok I’ve been fucking with you unless I’ve been fucking with you since you
brought out their donation bill man I used to I was in college when you did
that shit I was like this motherfucker is a genius man I just follow the
Rockefellers and the debunks man that’s how they used to do it back in the days
you know hey if you fucking with us come on it’s opponent I watch you learn and
you say you from the school you say you from the school I Ram and I think I’m
gonna start saying are from the school Detroit terrain all right have a good
evening Balu yes sir okay all right man on the
check-in hold on a second guys let me finish up on cash up here uh Jimmy’s on
the check and he says support of your supporters troll father okay thank you
sir what up ladies che Rob ATL he’s on the check-in okay somebody’s sending me
something about soulja boy soulja boy Rob thank you sir for your cash at golden deep I don’t see your PayPal I
see your email but I don’t really you know have time to read emails during the
show Cory Cory says Shay got her degree from Trump University
dumbass he calls her okay she isn’t the lion strip you want to talk to her hey
Ronnie did you get that I sent you an email
Ronnie I didn’t get a chance to really open it something about the Dali Lama
did he say the same thing president Trump said yeah so yeah I
received the link you sent me it looks like he made some similar comments
basically he said that you know Europe belongs to the Europeans and he used for
an example a country like Germany he said Germany could never belong to the
Arabs and he was just making a lot of common he’s been making comments over
the years over the years regarding refugees and you know where they need to
go back to you which is actually ironic because he’s living and I
style in India right so okay I didn’t get you either refugee himself yeah I
didn’t get a chance to read through this I just sent it up to you and I was
hoping that you could you know just give a little more detail okay hey listen
guys I need to get some of these super chats out of the way black racers
greeting sir he says I’m calling ice on my neighbor’s tomorrow and fuck if they
gotta go hopefully I can record it and go viral hashtag win-win okay big ox
ends in a super chat keep in mind I’ve heard many Hispanics tell other people
in their country if they don’t like it go back to Haiti or El Salvador
especially I’m sorry etc but it’s wrong now huh okay hb2 and
good evening sir everyone is wrong che does have worth in
the hood che is the setup scamming blunt roller check che is worth a bag of
Doritos and change from a 20 okay HB twins you want to call in sir no I’m
just giving you the opportunity he does spend scroller with the machine big ox
says salute for the years of work that you do sir I got a call in one day okay
thank you big rock laying on the check-in he says F you and the manager
of Tim Hortons who let her through okay why he’s talking crazy yeah I saw that
story Lane I don’t wanna sit here and talk about you know minors in any way
shape or form it’s very sad but Thank You Lane for your donation big ox is a
che like most females nowadays knows her worth but doesn’t know she’s overpriced
Trump’s right but what he said cher we’re getting a consensus that
people here listening to the show are not bothered or agreeing with what the
president said chicken shape yeah I think the defense is probably starting
to get on board with Trump because they understand what it is that he’s trying
to do for our economy one of the other tweets that I wanted to
eventually into as far as the other topic that we were supposed to be
talking about was a tweet when he mentioned about tariffs laws and I
really have to commend our president for going up against you know countries like
China in regards to the terrorist taxes because we’re one of the billion dollar
industries that are being steadily eaten like our bank is being eaten by these
different countries that export and import but we’re not getting any
anything from it so I really that’s part of that was live Trump got my main vote
was because we started talking that tariff stuff and putting taxes on
imports the next court that’s what I knew he was bought that business he just
has that business mentality the business savvy man and I think that he’s a great
leader you know so I’m glad that a lot of the the listeners are on board and
their understanding that is bigger than being racist it’s about protecting the
American culture and protecting the American people and bringing the
American dollar back for value to its real value Ronnie are you do you want to
chime in and want the impression that Ronnie knew and chime in president’s
comments Vietnam to be honest with you yeah I know you’ve on you know spoken
about what has been said about what he said but I have not seen the text the
tweets and so I’m not on Twitter so I’ll reserve any comment about that okay hold
on guys sit tight let me just finish up with these super chests and we’ll go
back to the phone lines if you guys have a few more minutes here tricking and
proud of it says if they can’t wipe properly what’s the value of a fatass a
real man can appreciate a flat ass especially when the thong from when the
thong drops from the crack sugar Shea’s beach tent says number nine said when
the lights go out a mouth is just a mouth it made history on this show when
the live chat said Lou cainy had pet mosquitoes they won my respect Thank You sugar Shea’s Beach ten coke
thoughts at 3:00 a.m. says Shea was bold enough to take my kid
what she was bold enough to fuck my friend okay and he’s calling her by the
b-word I don’t refer to female co-host by the B word was bold enough to go and
snitch so I was bold enough okay so you’re talking about putting hands on I
know on the top repeat that but thank you so much for your donation coke
thoughts at 3:00 a.m. Jay Graham 4-6-2 says fu store how dare
you insult Shea you know she owns her beach tent okay Roberto says shout out
to Johnny – cool fuck you bitch yeah okay I read Marcus
Mac sneak Holly okay okay trying to catch up to speed on the super
chance Shea let’s bring an area code nine one seven good evening nine one
seven no no I just want to say man it doesn’t take when you go on live so I
gotta call them and guess what it’s so coming off I don’t know what’s going on
with that it’s a good spirit see I have no idea you know I don’t own you do I also man also told me to go and read the
Bible and different religious words that when you fill about is the woman killing
you with food and the best advice you ever gave me now guys throw another cat
food cool thank you so thank you all right all right honey ankle woods on the
chicken again bring an area coat
where is this here I was looking for number nine number nine you calling back
in what happened what happened to number nine just bring an area code eight one
seven good evening eight one seven talk about the president the comments via
Twitter do you find them to be offensive racist is out of control so you’re on a
really shitty headset or speakerphone weekend
that he makes me make the adjustments ya can hear me now sounds a little better
what’s going on man alright well uh I mean on the Trump whatever the fuck he
said I’m half Mexican so I mean fuck man I really don’t know which side to pick I
mean I’m Mexican and black so I hear a lot of you know black people talking
about they don’t want Mexicans here and I know it’s you know sometimes the issue
between us both and I know both sides have you know that we both say so are
you trolling what do you mean blacks don’t want Mexicans here what were you
going well I don’t mind you trollee but moreso talking about the president’s
comments you’re not speed no I didn’t hear what he said okay okay no that
would you care to comment what is the value of a fat black ass well I mean
I’ve stated all races so I mean I mean it’s whatever you like then I don’t mind
you trolling but come on just at least address the topic please it’s gonna area
code five one zero good evening a few mouths calls five one zero I’m good I’m
good I wanted to jump on the topic first wish a man look shave man look I feel
like a lot of people are straight followers so that’s why they probably
jumping on you man but I see I see the potential and I give the love to my
sisters man because I know it’s hard out there for all of us but I also know when
month will just jump on the bandwagon all they do you just want to jump on and
say oh you know you just know you bro half these motherfuckers out there broke
his shit struggling so I give you the love man you you you keep keeping your
confidence man second we jump on the present so I
heard what he said I ain’t really a trump supporter but I
ain’t either on either side but I feel like like where we are right now it just
seems as though that no matter what even if it was positive what he says even it
was you know negative it’s the truth just like the last call I know where he
was about to go you know it’s really what he said what Trump said it is a
fact you know but at the same time how do how can you get to the point to where
everybody gets along because see I’ve also heard you know like one of the
caller’s said I’ve also heard you know summon him speak about going back to
your own country and they cocky as hell over here I’m saying so I don’t think he
said nothing wrong you know but at the same time I’m not a racist do but it’s
almost like if these situations is making motherfuckers be racist yeah I’m
saying like I’m just not feeling you know motherfuckers being cocky shit I’m
stroking my damn stuff because it’s flushing one of these motherfuckers out
here in California half these motherfuckers taking some of
the jobs that I’m fucking you know for and if I’m not speaking Spanish they
telling me oh we need a Spanish speaker like what the fuck I’m saying like well
sir respectfully California used to be Mexico you define a word yes yes just
crazy man like no none of us can really get along in these situations it’s
separating everybody I’m saying because I really felt like we all was supposed
to you know roam free but it just seemed like that’s not what it’s going to be
man so that’s my final word Thank You Cole thank you sir thank you yeah sugar
Shay was that you you say was that you you said
something about the American language Shane yeah I have to agree with that
caller because it is hard and when we start realizing that it’s not set up in
a friendly manner until we do something about it yes granted it’s great that we
have spanish-speaking people in certain jobs but the American language is
English let’s not forget that it’s you know there is no declared language in
the United States that’s incorrect English it’s English no I was just about
to say I don’t think it’s a declared holy declared language our national
anthem our decrees our laws are all written in English our street I know
nationally declared language in this country I understand what year you’re
curious calling out but at the end of the day the language in America is
English yes we are a melting pot yes there are different I think what you’re
saying sure if I can just jump in for a second okay let’s have a discussion
let’s not do the whole talking through each other I think what you’re saying is
that the the the unwritten rule is that America is an english-speaking country
yes unwritten rule but that I think Ronnie’s right I could be wrong I don’t
know what’s happening the last you know decade or so but yeah I don’t think it’s
it’s been declared legally uh running correct that’s correct there is no
nationally declared language now that’s why it’s important for people to realize
they don’t have the right to tell somebody else or demand of them to speak
a certain language we don’t have a nationally declared one yea sure people
should speak I guess whatever is custom in their area fine but you can’t demand
that of somebody okay hang on a second guys is that drawing the line area code
911 thank you you’re gonna get the speaker
doctor speaker sounds like shit can’t do it in three seconds two one I got it I
got it I got it no no man how are you sounds are you
doing hey what up – Ronnie yes your evening what’s up sherry what up Ronnie
how y’all doing good evening oh let me talk about chunk
of the weon right fat asses back fat asses are mounting Trump bouncing chump
out the order day or more you know either real he’s really entertaining
some show business everybody’s numbed the way he says now what he thinks as
far as what he’s talking about I mean I don’t think it’s true somebody’s you
know he’s complaining about here don’t be here I’m saying you can’t really get
mad at immigrant farming on what someone else was saying like with che in the
last caller generally get mad at innocents who come over here and take
advantage of our but sooner we got people that are born here we’re gonna do
shit you sit up on their ass and just sort of system to take care of them so
you can’t get mad cuz they come over here and do something coming from a
place where they don’t have opportunity like come on stop it and as far as the
second if I can just respond to what you said I think that most people most
rational people would agree with you you know immigrants come here and most of
them are willing to work hard I mean that’s what I appreciate that’s what I
respect that’s what I respect about immigrants you know but but if we’re
talking about you know and we haven’t really even gone into deep detail
tonight about you know coming to the border and demanding things and then
complaining and complaining that that’s something else that people are more so
focused on now but again I just want to respond to what you said and say that
yeah most immigrants come here man what they work harder shouldn’t that’s what I
appreciate about them but then did you want to comment on what is the value or
the fat black ass yeah I think the value of the fat black ass has declined in the
past like let’s say two three decades because you talking like 80s 90s or back
in those days where really the only natural that orders only
black fat ass for holy curry I’m sorry I misspoke the only fat asses that you’ll
see naturally would be the black woman so I think those times though the high
value but nowadays we’re sure we don’t see what the Dominicans got to Puerto
Rican now you could work it out you could get injected the fat black ass has
declined and now it’s just the black ass and I see other callers calling them
this trying to all if it’s just a black ass of cheese but the like stop it my
nigga like you know damn well shorty passed by with a fat like that of a real
right jet Oh fat black ass until Phil turn female head you got females that a
heterosexual that alternate like dad and she want to look like that oh stop it
you know niggas nowadays even if she a dead old fat black – she’ll still be
able to get something out of you Oh copy thank you all right good night thank you
for you you can’t show a few more calls here someone was on hold I think it was
area code six for seven team see if I can find him and number nine didn’t call
back I guess here he got busy I’m six for seven is that Earl er rol oh
yeah yes yes yes how are you good evening good evening so I’m doing good
thank you thank you and yourself good what do you want to start right good
good good all right so yeah so basically I first I want to talk about the whole
president going too far and everything personally though with the way that I
look at just like the last caller said is that I mean you get I mean people
were complaining about all you know they taken up the jobs and everything is like
you guys are fighting over scrapland over scraps really and truly because you
know you have like you know a set of people who have a lot a lot of power and
they’re unwilling to give up their taxes who taught you guys so what they do
instead is that they just depend on people who come from abroad who have
their education paid for by their government they come in and paying and
taking all those high-level job and got you guys thinking that those
people crossing the border are the ones who are screwing you guys over when is
there not not one bit that’s all I have to say about that and
then obviously the credit the president is who he is hang on a second sir I was
focused on a cash app in Super Chen che do you want to respond to a call the set
or do we let him go to the next subject sure the shape okay you know once again
okay and so for the other one I mean I still I still believe that you know a
beautiful ebony back backside is is is like so unique it’s like it’s so so
different like when you find like so one like it’s Trias there’s nothing that can
parallel that kind of stuff I mean yeah you got white girls for coming along and
you know they’ve been doing their thing I’m seeing some crazy natural stuff I’m
personally with a Caucasian girl both Caucasian a teen or whatever you want to
call her but I still love Zachary now I’m all about the backsights
be honest but it’s all about the curvature and and I would definitely
still say that the most elite of the elite it’s definitely under on the melon
if you had to choose between Serena Williams fat ass and cardi beast fat ass
which one would you take sir Oh Serena Carter I know it I don’t like
the injection nonsense okay yeah I like my natural things it has been natural I
thank you for your call thank you okay okay
all right I think we’re pretty much done with this topic Sugar Shane I’m gonna
sign off let you go and let me take some other calls and the show anything you
were saying closing Sugar Shane enclosing follow me on my social media
platform sugar che su GA 2366 I’m really promoting more so my Twitter and my
youtube it’s the same name keep supporting the machines or you know he’s
a great but what about things I don’t mean there’s no the moderator he’s a
great host there’s always a pleasure prejudice platform I don’t do this you
did great tonight shade you think you did great tonight
just in case we don’t speak after the show you did a great job tonight
I like when you go hard in the paint all right seeing that do you know so like I
said I don’t do this like I said I don’t do this for money
I’m just doing this to get my name out there so all of the posts there’s
nothing that comes to me I’m doing this for the sake of just getting my name out
there so remember that too so please follow my social media platforms good
night all right Ronnie I’m gonna close out tonight do you want to say Ronnie
with regards to uh we haven’t spoken about god of water
in a while yes so actually huh no you go first I’m done thank okay so yeah we’ll
have a new gaming banner tomorrow it’ll be ready for you for whatever you’re
ready to use it turned out of war I do have some people now I do have accused
people for the tournament we just need some more people if we could get at
least about 15 20 more people we could start okay and I’m gonna make sure that
I put your banner up first after we finished all right I finished
the show tonight thank you feet I’m Ronnie take care all right
Ronnie on the check-in all right all right good discussion today a little
wild a little vulgar but you know sometimes it happens like that let me
clean up some of this mess here end on some of these super chats and cache apps
I miss anybody black racist on the check and he’s the store keep it real you say
you’re half black and half Italian but you look like a damn Dominican how do we
know you’re not some foreigner who’s snuck in here years ago well sir it’s it
says on my my birth certificate italian-american african-american but I
appreciate the super chat you know one day I’m gonna get what do
you call that the the DNA tests you know that people do where they find out which
region of the world their ancestors came from I don’t want to do that I do want
to do that and you know I’ve asked this question before and I don’t mean to be
disrespectful towards Koreans but I’ve got a new liver I think it’s from a
Korean person I’m not sure but I’m almost positive would that affect my DNA
now that I’ve got a organ inside of me don’t mind that discussion talk about
that another time but thank you for your super chat black racist and I read that
one here okay we finish up on cash at Lex Lex edge says South Shore Mass sugar
che Bonnie okay so that’s a little crease a that I can’t read it but thank
you for your cash yep okay read this one from Cory I think the
last one is from Cory as well I got shade height lmao I think it was a good
discussion I liked when Shay you know when she gets vocal I liked even even
though sometimes you have to slow it down I like when a woman you know speaks
and stands for what she believes right hey I appreciate you guys tonight thank
you for your time you support Ronnie’s banner is up first and again with
regards to Weymouth Dafoe captain when he’s better there an issue
Ronny’s banner and will be up but not first okay um I’ll see you guys tomorrow
at some point have a good evening you you you

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  31. I don’t see anything wrong with what Trump said…it doesn’t matter that they were born here…being born here doesn’t really mean anything…it’s the foundation from which you came from that matters…unlike some other Americans, they can pinpoint their country of origins…so they will ALWAYS have a home to go back to…so if America is so fucked up…then go back to the country from which you’re ancestors/family came from.

  32. Americans are FUCKING STUPID. If you don't want immigrants from fucked up nations to come into your countries, THEN HAVE YOUR GOVERNMENT REMOVE ALL OF YOUR EMBASSIES FROM THESE NATIONS. Tell your US State officials TO STOP BEGGING THE BRIGHTEST & BEST OF THESE FUCKED UP NATIONS TO EMIGRATE TO AMERICA. There! Problem solved. Stop ranting & raving like DEMENTED BANSHEE. SHEESH!

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    It appears that she hasn't done anything to date, which will amount to what she thinks she's worth.
    However, what she say she's willing to bring to the table is priceless.
    I get your point Shay. You just had trouble putting it to words. The next time you plan on engaging in this type of conversation, think it out, so you can better Express yourself.

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