Is the Christian Right Responsible for Decline of Religion?

welcome back Mr dinner with you and I
did some very interesting statistics here are this from a piece by CJ were Leman
in the or in alternate .org published March
22nd up this year he is CJ’s as are those aged 18 to 35 30 to 10 30 percent say they are not
affiliated with or any religion at all while only half are
absolutely certain God exists this is the highest real level and
religious disability Asian for any generation in the past
quarter-century are it the I the argument I think sir is
c0 min is making is that religion evolved as a you as a as an attempt to make sense %uh a
world the people didn’t understand why is that lightning strike coming out the
sky oh it must be because Thor is banging his hammer up there and then
later it became okay you know Thor doesn’t make so much sense so maybe it’s you know just you know God is angry and
then you know that did make a so it’s a.m. but we still you know you
find the reporter sticking a microphone in
somebody’s face after the hurricane came through and took out their neighbor’s
trailer burger all you know I’m so glad god save me
what about your neighbor your neighbors dead well you know us to talk about that so anyhow it seems that as people are more and more reliant on
science the that number one they are relying
less loss and religion never to do that religion and we certainly saw this
during the Middle Ages when the Catholic Church to cover most of
Europe that and we see this in other parts of the world as well with the
Taliban for example in Afghanistan and Pakistan that religion becomes and instruments of control and people push back on
control and say No Thank You I’m not going to do that is
because you said so because you said God told you to and so these two factors people pushing
back and and the there were right wing fundamentalists in the United States
even reaching out to take control of a political party and the affiliation between the
republican party in the right-wing Christians has turned off a lot of people just to
the idea religion which i think is frankly kinda sad I
think that religion has a lot to offer people arm but any of that that that’s on the
table and so I I want to ask Brian Fisher is thought on
this is the host a focal point radio on the I I don’t know if our talk is a
director issues analysis for government public policy at the American Family Association above
essentially fundamentally Christian organization to have alright brian ok well you know
I’m looking at this piece by CJ were ominous must be enormously
discouraging to APS because after 100 years a
brainwashing they’ve only convince 30 percent are
young Americans not to affiliate where Christian
denomination that must be terribly discouraging for them but it’s the trend
it is the trend the trend is people dis affiliating with the religions and
self-identified as agnostic sorry theorists well course the problem is 18
to 35 year old people are not going to remain 18 to 35 for ever they’re gonna go up in
development your hunger for God how do you know that because it happens
all the time I saw when I was a pastor I can’t tell you how many people Tom came to faith when they became parents
and all the sudden I got serious about life and about God wound up in my church happens all the
time so this is sorta like what wasn’t result churchill said about conservatives when
he was wrong when you’re young you when you get older and wealthier you become
conservative are ya something like that people grow
up and they mature and they outgrow some other
childish ideas about life and about God for instance that religion
involved well certain religious maybe Baba Christianity didn’t evolve it is a revealed religion
got himself revealed the essence of Christianity but there
was a few know there was a fundamental schism between the Pauline church in the
Jesus Church in the first hundred years the in a Jesus disciples that church did not
survive I know I was not among them Paul up you
know there was no schism whatsoever in fact Paul made it very clear that the
gospel he preached was a gospel he received from Jesus
himself there’s no schism we never met physically on this earth oh yes he did
he said i’ve the gospel I preached I received through a revelation Jesus Christ Jesus Christ Himself man
address is awesome this is the guy on the gospel somebody saying you know God talk to me by makes a
revealed religion not involved religion okay are what r evolved religions well you could look at Islam UK his
llamas you know the I mean they’ve they depend
on the same scriptures Christianity by and large know they depend on the Khurana did not
deploy they also they also site the Old Testament and the New
Testament yeah but they don’t believe Jesus was God is a fundamental
difference between believe it was one other products now that I believe he was got back deck
they lost on you to death if you say that Jesus was God in a Muslim country as a big difference
here between the two faiths because this was revealed to mohammed
right well yeah that’s what he claimed but
also some somebody’s so that mean what that mean so islam is
revealed religion as well well that’s what they claim that mean
somebody’s right somebody’s wrong either the muslims are right and we’re wrong or we are
right and the muslims are wrong what if everybody’s wrong what if there is no you know Bronze Age Thunder God who who kills people when he
gets upset with them well I guess Arizona torture you for the
rest your life I got you don’t do it he says I guess if
everybody’s wrong com then you’re just as wrong as the rest of us well I’m not asserting anything I’m
asking a question I you know it’s it it do you do you feel
Brian that your that you’re hedging your bets or that but I didn’t and back to it I shouldnt
even personalize this do you think that many other people who come to church on Sundays do so to hedge their bets or do they do so because they actually
get some value out of religion if it’s the latter and I’m
guessing you’re gonna say it is what is it that they get well
philosopher blaise pascal I think it was or maybe was Augustine said that there’s
a guy check back in in the hard every single human being that means you
as well as me Tom and people look for got the only thing
that’ll fill that vacuum is God and that’s why they go to church and when they find got that back in his
field and so yes it’s very satisfying to them why he I don’t in principle I don’t
disagree with that although a or what was his name the guy you sick
call Sagan is to talk about how you know the what
did that for him was looking through a telescope I mean isn’t there is there a whole
variety of ways that people can experience the you know what William Blake called
the the ecstatic experience the religious
experience owner here singer the veil without are revealed religion without you know
somebody thousands of years ago having told somebody else the God talk to them
and now here we are two dozen years later dancing to that tune well Jesus was very
clear that no one comes to the Father except through me so there may be other ways people pursue
the new minister whatever you wanna call it but there’s only one true way to the
Father thats to Jesus Christ but what if you have any Key not
literally have him as a personality what he was saying but by this technique er this this you know this presents why didn’t
give us an option tommy said I am the way the truth and the life no one comes to the Father except
through me summers got a problem with that their problems now with me their
problems with Jesus himself or just they take it up with them yeah or whoever edited that particular
biblical scripture while there’s no evidence that that
happened there’s no evidence that the Bible’s been edited over the years none your you’re not serious right now there are there are five
thousand two hundred and eighty manuscript copies are the New Testament that agree can
every major particular down to the detail that’s just a myth
that somebody tampered weather came along later in market with just a map there’s absolutely no historical
foundation that they re whatsoever while are you familiar with the work
I’ve mister funk and aniline Elaine Pagels in in a summer these the
the Jesus project where they went through the New Testament figured out you know what age is
actually probably sayin Niger and make sure any notes from ho
sure yet they just made stuff up they have absolutely no documentary
evidence for their theories what so but there are
no original versions have a nice time in the oldest original version anything is is a
fragment of above the gospel a mark that it’s from the 3rd century well there is
anything to their theory time you would expect to find somewhere in some ancient cave or whatever some
document that would verify what they say there is none 0 zip they do not exist interesting do you think that that by
reaching out to control politics or participate in
politics the Christians are hurting themselves absolutely not you know the Bible
teaches us that the troop lamesa got are true for all people at all times
in all places you know and it’s silly to accuse us up
wanting a theocracy one all were seeking to do is get people involved voluntarily in the political process
your tattoos later she reflect their values that’s not the accuracy thats democracy
okay friend Fisher talking crap thank you tom
but the FA dotnet by the way is website

  1. yes the christain right is responsible for the decline of christianity,new atheism ,militant atheism,3rd wave post-wave feminists,sjws,mras and mgtow due the hypocrisy,misogyny,bullshit,slut shameing,policing women for how they dress,overacting to nude art,video games and media,enforcing traditional genderoles,shameing masterbation,bullying,abuse,censorship and not letting women speak,in my opinion thareare some women that are better at preaching than most men,we need more careing,kind,friendly,smart and strong female christain women voices,most conservetive complementarian partriarchy christian male church leaders lIke pastor steve anderson,jerry felwell and jhon piper are also responsible for thedecline christanity and why are the reason atheists see christianity in a negative light

  2. The more developed and better educated a nation is the more likely it is to have a population that is naturally secular and irreligious whilst the poorer and more undeveloped a nation is the more likely it is to believe in magic, the supernatural and accept faith over evidence. Even in the developed countries the higher the IQ and the better educated you are the more likely you are to be atheist or agnostic whilst the lower your IQ or the less educated you are the more likely it is that you have faith in religion, magic and the supernatural. These are facts that have shown in study after study but Fischer and his ilk don't accept evidence, he believes in his ideology and its form of hearsay tales of his particular supernatural deity of choice. If your honest you believe in things that are based on evidence which is why you shouldn't believe things on faith. Theism has no evidence which is why your asked to believe on faith. Look up the definition of faith.

  3. LMAO. Bart Ehrman on youtube is a top biblical scholar. He found 200,000 variations in the bible and proof Luke, Mathew, and others were edited and cited actual evidence. How can you not see this??

  4. Trump is sort of like a religion: regarded by the half-witted as true, by the wise as false and by the rulers as useful.

  5. If I went to a church and Fischer was the priest, I'd become an atheist in five minutes. What a hateful, mean person he is.

  6. the host asked him what is an evolved religion, and the confused guy answer like Islam, so among dozens if not hundreds of religions out their he picked an abrahamic religion as an example lmao, that's like shooting yourself in the foot.

  7. religion was created to 1) explain that which we did not understand. 2) to control the masses. 3) to extort wealth from people.

  8. What about simply treating everyone with kindness, Following the golden rule. Wouldn't it be cool if the hard right believed in the golden rule.

  9. The vast majority of people leaving Protestant churches do so because the clergy are too liberal. This has been stated again again in both the mainstream media and not so mainstream media and books published on the decline of the mainline Protestant churches. Discussions like the one taking place at 4:21 are absolutely inane given the steep decline in attendance. The ordination of women, abortion on demand, homosexuality and "secular" humanism type "values" ave driven people away from the church. There is deep, deep denial by the liberal clergy over this. Whether or not there were "schisms" Bryan Fischer is arguing a viewpoint put forth 2,000 years ago that one of the factions was the true word, doesn't explain to people today why they should accept things they revile and yet are supported by the likes of Thorn Hartmann like the practice of abortion on demand or lifestyles like homosexuality, or gender role swapping as in the ordination of women and what they revile the most, Islam and attempts liberal Christian clergy to establish commonality between Islam with Christianity. So the ones that were attending are leaving and the younger one who don't attend to now will have nothing to go to or far fewer congregations to choose from, with what ever remains, deeply divided over some of the changes in the past 60 – 70 years. On top of that the liberal theology points to the conclusion that you don't need to go to church to begin with.' Who needs all those rules anyway? Religion' itself hasn't declined. Nature abhors a vacuum, and that is especially true in religion. The vacuum we have now won't last to much longer. Look out!

  10. The reason I left was because I discovered that what the religion teaches is not supported by evidence. Hypocrisy by practitioners has no bearing on whether or not the propositions of a religion are true.

  11. Huh … I was a christian when I was young, then I grew up and dropped the insane codswallop. Good job picking this charlatan Tom, he is grade A USDA Choice con man.

  12. The Religious Right is so odious that it puts people off religion altogether, especially young people.

  13. When I was young people would say,"there for the grace of god go I",so god had no mercy for the other person he killed or made ill????

  14. The idea that people get more conservative and religious as they get older is pure nonsense and has been disproven. It is true that older generations tend to be more religious and conservative, but to conclude from that fact people get more conservative and religious with age is a fallacy.
    The truth is that society as a whole becomes more liberal as a function of time and younger generations therefore take on moral norms which are obviously more liberal than people older than them, but as we get older our religious and political beliefs tend to stay fairly static with very few exceptions.

  15. That Was Bad! Evangelical Christian Zionist R Satanicly Creepy! Nothing About That Pastor Screams Spirit Of "Christ" More SeedOfSatan!

  16. This is why i, as an atheist, can't be brought to vote red as it currently stands. Oh, that and I empathize too easily.

  17. Flat wrong. Our most ancient Bibles, the Codex Sinaiticus and Vaticanus are both lacking whole versus from Mark's Gospel. Later manuscripts have them added on. You can see with your own eyes how Christians juryrigged their own text.

  18. There would have been no Western society or culture as we know it, without Christianity. I’m not religious, by the way.

  19. This guy says Jesus said. He doesn't know what Jesus said. He doesn't even know who wrote the bible. The names of the authors are unknown. The names Paul, Luke, etc. are not Jewish. These names were assigned to the writings. The stories in the new testament were oral stories pass down. This is why the story of the last words of Christ are different. The story of who and how many people went to the tomb is different. The story of where Mary and Joseph went after Jesus was born is different. We know some of the stories are in accurate. Did dead people walk around Jerusalem after Jesus died? Did the King kill all male infants after Jesus was born? There are no written accounts to back up these stories. Even throw many people would of seen and heard of these events. The silence on the stories is testament to their truth.

  20. Bryan Fischer's comments on stoning people for saying Jesus is God in Muslim countries is a lie. I hate it when non-Muslims spout off about Islam when they know little to nothing about it. Islam is a revealed belief because the entire Qur'an was revealed to its prophet which was transmitted to and collected by his community. This is what we have today – an oral recitation backed up by a written test. Christianity is an evolved not revealed religion because its holy book did not come to its community in one unified revelation as per Islam. Many scholars have provided sound evidence the gospel has been altered. Go check out Bart Ehrman who has written extensively on the subject.

  21. The reason I left the church and the ministry is because I could not stand anymore of the hypocritical nonsense about healing, and that only coming from dog. I had many close friends, some people I had known 20-30 years, they came around, prayed for me but to no avail. I needed surgery on my neck, I had a herniated disc at C4-C5 and my left arm was paralyzed.

    But to these morons, it was a sin of disbelief to seek help from the doctors, in my worst time of pain and need. After that time, I never heard from any of my so-called friends ever again. It has now been almost 40 years and to this day, I have yet to hear from almost lifelong friends and if they called, I would refuse to talk to them. For based on past experience, they will never call nor will they write nor message me. And I really don't give a rat's ass about their problems or their difficulties, because as far as I'm concerned, The Christian Far Right Squirrel Nut Job Republican Party members are only digging their graves deeper when they exclude people that were part of their group for non-belief and unbelief.

  22. Hahaha. He thinks that atheists are "brainwashing?" What irony! Check out a collection of articles in The Harm Done by Religion-Free Inquiry.

  23. Functional MRIs have shown that when someone has a "religious experience" the same part of their brain lights up, as it would if they were doing cocaine!

  24. Please don't judge our lefty Christians by this right wing evangelical monstrosity calling itself Christian. They are a hate group. We don't recognize them as Christians.

  25. Jesus was no more holy than any of us. I believe God is in all of us, which is what Jesus believed. But the Church stifled this, resulting in what you see today.

  26. Growing in to a maturity of God. How ass backwards. I was immature as a Christian. After I chucked religion out the window, I matured both professionally and financially.

  27. The internet will kill Evangelicalism thank Christ. Religious folks will either become Catholic or Orthodox or one of the splinters of those groups. The Catholic Church embraces Science, evolution, Big Bang theory, deep time, and personal freedom in a spiritual life. Fundie churches don’t believe in science, evolution, deep time, or anything else. And they are very unfriendly and hypocritical

  28. You left the church of Jesus Christ because it is full of sinners? Jesus himself associated himself with prostitutes and thieves! Your excuse isn’t valid and your judgemental spirit needs to be examined!

  29. 7:34 Google "longer ending of mark" to learn evidence the Bible was edited at Mark, chapter 16 (obvious in several recent translations).
    Multiple other variants are obvious in scholarly editions of the Greek New Testament.

  30. The evil bible made me leave. The idea that most Christians want to kill our Constitution and force in a theocracy, made me hate Christians. Period. I don’t owe tolerance to those who want to kill me once they gain enough political power. Gen X er here by the way

  31. "YOU CANNOT FIND A DOCUMENT IN AN OLD CAVE TO PROVE EDITING", but you also cannot find missing links and that disproves evolution. HE SEEMS TO BE STANDING ON BOTH SIDES OF THE ARGUMENTS.

  32. I can't believe what I just heard

    "Don't accuse us for wanting a theocracy."

    That's the exact thing you want, moron!!

  33. We need to learn from China and treat religion the same way they do. They do not tolerate us- quit tolerating them. I feel nothing. Outlaw the filth. You cannot have a religion and still be a moral human being. It’s not possible. At least not since dominionists took it over. Dominionists are terrorists and should be put to death. Period.

  34. There's no God shaped vacuum in your heart if there was no church there would be no inclination to want to fill such a vacuum. Churches create the vacuum

  35. The 5280 manuscript copies only prove that they copied a single source it doesn't prove that there was no editing

  36. Talk about people talking to themselves which Psychologists say is normal nowadays especially people with very high IQ's. It's a means to communicate between the different parts of the brain. But talking to God, and God talks back, I'd say that's possible symptoms of Schizophrenia.

  37. Saint Thomas Aquinas said God has graced a set number of people on Earth. Only God knows who is graced. No human know who is graced. Even the graced do not know they are graced by God. God's graced are the only ones that will enter the kingdom of heaven when Jesus comes back.

  38. What Saint Thomas Aquinas said about the graced ones kinda ruins the idea of being saved. So why bother with religion if it is all predestined by God.

  39. That's funny. Since our founding politics have been considered much too dirty for Christians to dabble in. At least untill the 70s.

  40. What if Jesus was a charlatan?
    What if men not god wrote the Bible?
    What if there is no such thing as god, I’m older than 30.
    What if everyone was as, small minded, self deceiving, as irrational asBrian fisher?
    Religion is a virus of of the mind , the quicker. Mankind rids itself of this poison, the quicker we will evolve!

  41. The only good thing about the disgusting, hateful, rightwing "christians" is they are disgusting the new generation. The evangelical hypocrites are sowing the seeds of their own extinction, which is a very good thing.

  42. So the preacher ended with the comment that "people elect those who reflect their values" (paraphrased). How interesting the evangelicals voted overwhelmingly for disgusting, hateful, lying, adulterous Donald Trump.

  43. It's interesting the Catholic church is always used as an example, but they never mention the Orthodox church. Also this guy claims to be an expert on Christianity, but when was the last time he actually attended a church and checked out the ideas of Christians that is outside what he states he believes. And it appears that the only reason he is conversing with this Christian gentleman is to find fault or point out weaknesses in his argument. This does not necessarily indicate Christianity or religion in general is false. But it may prove that his guest is merely a poor apologist. He asks about the possible benefits of attending church. He should speak to those who benefit from church attendance directly. He commits the same error that fundamentalist preachers do. I don't know how many times I have heard that non-Christians are seeking a church that takes a dogmatic stance against sin rather than being attracted to what the preacher would label a liberal church. And I always say to myself,

  44. show me the data. I have often asked non church goers and non Christians why they don't attend or aren't interested. They always give various reasons, but not because churches don't maintain some standard. Blessings to all.

  45. Science makes more sense today than religion ever did. Young people are using their brains and deciding that it is rubbish. This is why the church are trying to indoctrinate kids at a young age.

  46. I love the way that this idiot is saying brainwashing when deciding not to be religious. It is the other way around. People get brainwashed into religion. It is ridiculous nonsense and kids are working it out. How do you know God spoke to you? Were you there? See Ken Ham, I can use this argument too! 🙂

  47. The truth has been found and if it wasn't immediately burnt it's in the bottom of the Pope's Foot Locker and they'll burn it before anybody will see it

  48. Religion is and always was a tool and a weapon to control the people. When I hear someone, particularly a politician saying "god save the……..", I see a manipulative, righteous, fearmongering hypocrite, who pretending to be "good" because believing god (that most likely he/she does not believe in) somehow provides the illusion of them to be caring and trustworthy. If they;d really believed in god, would they deprive the ill, the disabled, the old and the disadvantaged frail from the very basic necessities of life, such as shelter, Medicare, social security, that would certainly go against god's wishes, assuming if god if existed would be a caring and loving superior entity instead of and evil, cruel psychopath who enjoys torturing people and other animals.
    Jesus was not a son of some imaginary superior entity, but a caring and a compassionate martyr, who delusional believed that he can improve the health and life of the underprivileged. He devoted his life for the common good, therefore he was a Communist, for which he would be persecuted and prosecuted even today by the greedy selfish hegemonic imperialists.

  49. Wait a minutete no evidence the bible was rewritten? What about the old testament rewritten into the new testament, and then cherry picked and manipulated to fit your narrative.

    It is subjective and entirely open to opinion. They talk as if these are absolutes yet if you ask them to show you demonstrable proof they can't.
    It's only true because you (want) it to be true.

    I'm so glad i'm an atheist at least i'm genuine.

  50. Unfortunately every time there is a natural disaster thst occurs there is a spike in religious numbers. People cling to religion because they need hope.

  51. Bryan is a perfect example of the cognitive dissonance of Christians that most people can’t stand.

    They are like screw your argument god god god can’t be stopped. They don’t engage in the argument and address how they can be better servants of the lord. They are just so damn arrogant.

    I’m a Christian btw I’m just so sick of people like Bryan.

  52. Please do not tell your guest and 40 million white inbred Americans who look alike with no empathy gene, they are the anti-Christ.

  53. I won't 100% say it's the Republican Christian movement that turned me into an atheist but they sure did alot to lead me in that direction with their hypocrisy

  54. This is great stuff! Somebody's wrong and somebody is right  A debate between two religions when both are equally irrational and a scam!

  55. Yes the religious charlatans are helping the atheist cause !!!

    Brian Fischer is a car salesman and lemon salesman at that…what a shithead

  56. the catholic church decided which books should be in the bible, why would they put the books written by the apostle paul into the bible when he directy opposed the favorite of the catholic church the apostle peter, it makes no sense at all, the early jews including he apostles thought paul was the antichrist they hate him, the real purpose of the catholic church and the king james cannonixed bible is t humanize God this is the purpose of thechur h, btw the person being interviewed is very well brainwashed going by wrote memory, you can tell by his knee jerk no pause non thoughtful answers he is simply going on memory like a machine, its obvious, the bible is cobbled together by the church and forced by the sword upon the masses

  57. As we get further away from the Bronze Age (3300–1200 BC), less people are less likely to believe in the gods that they created. Is this that surprising?

  58. Bryan Fischer = blustering idiot. I'm sorry…any religion that has any belief in Noah's Ark/Flood is a failure. It's been proven that it never happened. If you believe it did, you're stupid. And you're wasting your time in believing any religion founded on it. Pretty hard to believe all those billions of people that believed it and sacrificed their lives for it ..every single one of those people have been wrong. Pathetic. The truth (of science, reason, facts) will set you free.


  60. 'American cultural Christianity' is under siege and rightly so; just as the ancient Jews failed to recognize Who Christ is through their scriptures, so many Christians nowadays fail to know and follow the leading of the Holy Spirit. This is the result of not praying ceaselessly.

  61. Dear Thom: I thank the theocrat nut job religious right. When their bible says to kill gays, they want to be legally able to. Etc. they actually want to follow their bible. Most would call those types radicals. I don’t. I call them true believers. Why is it important? It’s important because the entire world needs to understand the true evils and dangers of religion. These holy books should be banned in a civilized society. We should not tolerate or respect them. They don’t respect us. They want to kill us. That is their goal. It would do the world good to listen to the warnings of Frank Zappa and others. These books promote violence, hatred, bigotry. But it don’t stop there. These people want to kill us. Why are they not locked up?

  62. Fischer has no problem with breaking the 8th Commandment, he lies like a motherf**er when he says the Bible has never been altered and there are no contradictions within it, even Christians with a tiny bit of knowledge on the history of Christianity and the Bible must have their mouths agape at those lies, there are whole books that were omited from the Bible let alone the history of Bible translations play loose and fast depending on who did it. I bet Fischer believes in the King James Bible which itself is a re-translation from the 15th century many, many centuries after the original translations .

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