Is Shared Sacrifice Socialism?

so clear is that socialism to have millionaires
and billionaires pay the same tax rates as people like you and me well you have a top one percent of
income earners paying ninety five percent of all federal income tax even before bomb was elected while the
bottom fifty percent pace not the question i asked him noticed a director paying their fair
share of the people you doing thirichu socialism new york if you have
to have millionaires in billionaires pay the same tax-rate as the rest of us the about the canal office people could
be computer literate the country that take into account the model taxation of
capital not capital packed four track not just
by the capital gain tax hypnotic in addition by the dividend pack in but
also by the corporate in compact by the and by the depth that he’d cut the
capital gain tax unit with impact the corporate at pac and at that packing
papa only looked at you keep a capital gain tax just a capital gains rate you
cannot look in a couple of other east look at the taxes that he had to pay the
i_r_s_ at the end of the year he’s comparing his i_r_s_ forms without the secretary his secretary paid thirty six percent
the most highly paid persons for instrum paid forty one percent and include state
taxes any paid seventeen point four percent again i ask you is that
socialism fast millionaires and billionaires or people like the wall
there’s make their livings on the books are on the poor waiting for the dividend
check to arrive to pay the same income tax rates that you and i play beckon accurate puppet they believe it
acted because going to take into account devastating is accurate or not i’m
asking you to racket question belpc prepare your partner that let me know
when i interviewed part it all yup want to put the money to be
let me know what a stock it’s a direct question his pimpin now you have an answer the question
horses around anyway opec well no i don’t think i am proud isn’t
or is it not socialism dats billionaires to pay the same tax rate as working
people but i did not get nobody to account when that happened at night dot
dot you are okay to establishes in canada and that i
still don’t understand it back eventually get your opinion peter agenda just genuinely asking whereas socialism beginning and anne in
in the european countries you can’t make you can’t they have a max from fifteen
percent tax income tax rate by there in capital gains in capital gains tax the
same as ordinary income should we do that here the united states
are not most of the arc international cut is not
packed up it’ll be a good thing that ordinary income so if we did that we’d be extraordinary
disadvantage awake and working people would lose shop and buffalo lower wages
as a result in fact olap forty years every time they rate the capital gains
rate they’ve lost revenue and everytime they’ve cut the capital gains rate they
being ridiculous typically stupid argue for higher ep appleby patrick like
thought they did do it well you know i remember eighty six when when reagan cut
the capital gains rate and i am a small business in atlanta and what i do i sold because because they were not limited
tax rate goes down actually he was gonna rate they were
going to raise the that reagan raised the capital gains tax rate up to twenty
eight percent eighty-seven andrews announced eighty six that he was gonna
raise up twenty eight percent always had been planning on selling
business sometime the next five years anyway i was doing very well and we said
okay let’s sell about we took the money we moved to germany we retired for a
year for kids the local schools than a year off in europe wrote a book ardyss international relief work but you
know the fact the matter is that yeah we’ll see a one year or two year boost
in revenues when you actually in this case reagan
raised the capital gains rate and an unreasonable departing and
arriving at the crime okay then the record is one of them because the
revenues were in the previous year ’cause everybody’s older businesses the
previous year all of that was increased mergers and
acquisitions activity but i’ll bet you look at five and ten
restaurants rather than one year shots have we’ve been in every time they treat
the re directed declined baby gap in the nineteen nineties picking the happening cued up agree with
apple is stipulate that everything you’re saying is true peter is it the
right thing to do had to say that people who earn their
living sitting on their bar on the poor waiting for the dividend cheque should pay the income tax rate that people who who
a m hammer nails all day long or mop floors in hospital stay no it’s not that why they pay for tax
break not just back when the country picked up and you can understand them out any kind of weight you
something about that the palestinian and the new york times what the height by
depicts so you’re suggesting a warm up at the third richest man in the world
are one of one of the top one-third maybe it’s the richest and
america taught us to understand basic economics are taxed at sea it the you get a habitat acted by
various that the normal practice and they’re going to be in the fact that
the plane’s location our blog any doubt that i did not take into account all the country when you read that correctly friggin fifty left would be prudent to
listen to reduce are productive activity and and dot for week in review for
working people decline when you lower the rate produced is what they perceive
but there are very free for all productively activity and jobs and
working people reported to be free to the what the results that we
demonstrated the nineteen twenties nineteen fifty three eighty two separate
integrates hard insanity that the comic book apartment or electric picnic
in-kind not and drama hardman for fifty years we had the last word a mostly with
their fear for her with the heartland institute the heartland of her heartland
dot org thank you peter

  1. What a baby? This guy sounds like he is sucking helium. Next time you interview this guy – make sure he takes some viagra first so he can talk like a man.

  2. Socialism is the next step in democratic life. It is natual progression of politics. Socialism is the democratic distribution of public funds to programs and investments that the public decides upon.

    This is why it's so heinous and frightening to the elite and establishment, and why they spend billions of dollars to convince peasent to hate socialism and endorse anti-human, pro-parasite ideologies. Can you imagine the working 95% actually pulling resources to make life better? Disgusting

  3. I am sorta ashamed of myself because I love to listen to Ferrara blow a gasket "debating" Thom. It's a sad sad thing.

    Ferrara is patently a petulant, emotionally retarded idiot adult with the personality of a petulant, emotionally retarded idiot child.

    It's fun but sad that he is such a loudmouth freak… and I guess it's good for ratings but Ferrara may blow a blood vessel on the air. And as much as I hate the little bastard, I don't wish him that.

  4. My fault this time. Actually clicked to see Thom interview this egghead. Funny stuff, this guy is considered an intellectual.

  5. @LouieArrighi He looks like Larry David, and sounds like a cartoon character I can't name right now… so you're right! It is comedy :D.

  6. @youngbuck189 Here's a great detailed video on why Socialism doesn't work:


    I might add that right wing fascism doesn't work either.

  7. I love it when this guy goes nuts!! I always get a chuckle.

    I do think the rich should not be exempt from the rich. We should have a flat tax and close the loopholes. Since he are so in debt we need to raise taxes and cut government. The government has projected budgets based on a healthy 5% GDP, but it's more like under 1% right now. So government will need to cut.

  8. Peters job is to blow up…like duh? heh heh How in the fuck do you think these right wing liar/fagaphonies have been winning elections?
    In early 60's, aqfter JFK was killed with a magic bullet, remember being turned off and bewildered as righties always outshouted lefty. Con't thru present…lied about 'trickle down'…ALL PURE FUCKING HORSIE DUNG AND MANURE. Failed for Hoover, Reagan and Bushies…and they all created 85% of all deficit spending. Wager me…pity the fool.

  9. Stupid loud mouthed TeaPuglican doesn't deserve to have 3 R's in his name. Bet he made that shit up too! heh heh 2 more Dem/Wisconsin victories today…fighting the ' Kock Bros' smokers and 'Dickless Armey' grassroots 'Freedom Works' MONEY, and kept 2 Senate seats. Took 2 R' strongholds last week. 7 of 7 last Special Elections from Calli to Ny TeaRepug strongholds Ryan Med/Kill Bill has Teabag Grannie making Ryan charge fees for access to 'just having her voice heard', as in the 1st amendment…

  10. @MrClaydough Teabag Grann kicked living crap out of Ryan, as he turned from Senate/Prez bid 3 months ago. 7 of 7 + Wisconsin recalls + Gov. Scott Walker/january and now Perry 'the flavor of the whatever', has lost his gleam, and ability to bullshit.=Dems…email ur DNC. Tell them, quit bringing a knife to a gun fight. These 'Kock Bros' smokers could care less about 'voice in gov't, democracy or law, justice or common sense as we know it. Much less a consensus. US is 2 1/2 to1 to end Bush tax cut

  11. Peter Ferrara doesn't know how to debate. He only knows how to scream & verbally attack those who hold a different view. This is standard for the bidders of oligarchs. They see & know the effects of being crushed under boot heels, so they stand beside & defend the king/queen or dictator in order to maintain their standard of living or life. Peter will not hear you Thom, but maybe those who recognizing Peter's inhumane insanity will hear.

  12. Very common. People who have a delusional psychosis often lash out violently when their psychosis is threatened. Its their brains self defense mechanism.

  13. It seems to me that the current tax code is so regressive, that a flat tax with no deductions or write offs would be more progressive in comparison. This is reflected with the silent omission from the right. Their discussion is no longer that the top 1% pay more in proportion; rather, it's that they pay more percentage in the total revenue than the rest of the population. I'm curious what the next talking point will be if the top 1% were only contributing 1% of the total revenue.

  14. we already have socialism by paying for the bankers losses for generations to come. Why not have the full version so we socialize their profits as well

  15. @Beannaich Well this time he lost it because he was trying to dodge a question but Thom didn't want to let it slide.

  16. The very first sentence that passes Ferrara's lips is an outright lie. The top 10% of wage earners contribute just over 70% of all income tax revenue, with the top 1% contributing 40%. If he can't even get a simple statistic right, why would anyone take anything else he says seriously? That and he's a complete lunatic.

  17. Google "Heartland Institute". You'll see where they get their funding, then you will not be surprised ath the things they push.

  18. I'm sick of the blatant ignorance of the right wing. Capitalism is a failed way to run the country. There is no Democratic system in the US anymore. If you support the Tea Party…you are Un-American and a domestic terrorist, period! And just keep it up teabaggers…You have no idea what you are in for if one of your sorrid assclowns are actually elected. We democrats are educated and we read more than the hate book…aka the Bible.

  19. Peter ferrara is a brain dead, angry little troll. Yes, the revenue went down, for about two years before it increased above the levels before the tax increase. Tell the truth you ignorant little man. What a dishonest, moronic little bitch Ferrara is.

  20. wow this ferrara is an idiot. he just said after not answering the first question 4 times, that doing a european system of capital gains will "make working people lose jobs", huh? these two subjects aren't even connected! and almost every european country has a better standard of living, better social programs, and better growth rates than america.

    it is time to end this corporate greed and start loping heads.

    we can start with this peter ferrara boob.

  21. This FOUR TAX RATE argument is completely flawed because you can apply the same logic to a working man.

    If I am a stock boys at Walmart, can I argue that I should pay lower taxes because Walmart already paid corporate tax – NO. Idiots like this would never buy that.

    That's like saying, why should I pay taxes, my neighbor already paid his. One has nothing to do with the other.

  22. @youngbuck189 A moneyless,classless,stateless communities of humanity expressing our freedom in creative harmonious cooperation for a world that is so POTENTIALLY AND ACTUALLY nourishing. Capitalism in any form, Statist or Corporatist is the denial of our common humanity in a politically manipulated,tyrannical armed MARKET SYSYTEM of artificial scarcity that is designed to perpetuate the enslavement of humanity for material interest of the criminal ruling elite.

  23. Thom you are dealing with a MAD MAN. Bat shit crazy. BTW he slipped that 'incentive' assumption/lie past you. Rewarding non manual work with better pay gets WORSE results. Like all right wing economics its baloney…

    'RSA Animate – Drive: The surprising truth about what motivates us ' on youtube

    But here's the thing if rewarding manual work with more pay gets better results I bet a BILLION the EVIL Heartland institute will NOT touch this FACT with a barge pole-they are ruthless Machiavellians.

  24. "The top 1% pay 95% of all income tax, while the bottom 50% pay nothing"?

    This ASS CLOWN can't even get his numbers right.

    The top 10% of income earners pay 75% of all income taxes but have 95% of the total wealth!
    The bottom 90% pays 25% of total income tax, yet only get 5% of the total wealth!

    And keep in mind that approx. 20% of Americans DON'T HAVE A FUCKING JOB!

  25. @rcguycan
    I guess you think he really believes this idiot tripe? I guess it's possible. He does have the irrational ire of a little child who steadfastly holds his ground for idiot beliefs.

  26. Company mergers and acquisitions in 1986;
    First off, 60,000 U.S. farms were either sold or foreclosed.
    Ralston Purina sold Purina Mills to British Petroleum for $500 Million.
    Kohlberg Kravis Roberts, NY investment banker, bought and sold off sections of Beatrice Foods to Borden Co.
    Then Borden Co. made 13 more acquisitions, making it the largest U.S. dairy company at the time.
    Nabisco sells Del Monte frozen food brands.
    Nestle Carnation Co bought Libby's canned goods.
    Pet inc. acquired Progresso Quality Foods, Las Palmas Mexican Foods, and Primo Foods Ltd after selling off its dairy product division.
    Rokeach and Sons acquired Malibu Israeli Co, owning 65% of U.S. fish market shares.
    Hershey Foods buys Dietrich Corp. for $100 million

    And this was just in Food Industry!!

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