Is Regulating The Commons Capitalism Enough? (w/ Richard Wolff)

  1. And so my fellow Americans: ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country…. President John F. Kennedy – its got different ring.

  2. Mystery Babylon America Coming judgments Rev 17,18 Homo Obama Sodom and Gomorrah rebuild, With Greedy Rich scheming thieving bastard's an their $2 Trillions dollars Tax Fraud Cut's for the Greedy thieving bastard's. The Beast of Governments, Hijacked by Common criminals Greedy thieving scheming bastard's
    enriching themselves and their families trees of Crooks, New world order an policemen of the world, Democrats not doing a Dame thing ! lying Ass politicians and fraudsters bankers an thieving
    Racketfella Republicans flaunting their crimes, Mueller should be in prison with prick chump for Fraud,
    Mueller $35 million dollar Scam investigation an the pricks got get out of jail free card's an 11/2 years maybe in a country club prison and will come out millionaires on Russian oligarchs money they have cover up their crimes an swept under the rug ! Cover ups and scams under this administration.

  3. Did Germany take back their gold to ring fence it's bank( DB) who assumed responsibilities for the derivatives markets circa '2008? The derivatives was at one point a Y2K moment which got squashed and now the chickens are flying the coop?

  4. The yield differential between American bond and other bond markets are like a moth to a flame and libor really needs looked into? Britexit is a money scheme to convert yuan into city of London sterling/gold? May got paid well?

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