Is Pauline Hanson a communist?

The WA budget is in trouble, with a big deficit and mounting debt. But there is disagreement about how to fix it. The Liberals have raised the possibility of
selling assets, such as Western Power. Labor opposes this.
Now Pauline Hanson says One Nation won’t agree to asset sales. She says, anything that
belongs to the people, belongs to the people. Karl Marx would agree. In the Communist Manifesto,
he defined communism as social ownership. That is, ownership by the people.
Governments used to own Telstra, Qantas, the Commonwealth Bank, CSL, Medibank and a lot
more. In Queensland, the government even used to own the butchers shops.
Who would want those businesses to go back to being owned by the government?
The Liberal Democrats disagree with Karl Marx and Pauline Hanson. We think the government
doesn’t need to own things. In fact, the less it owns, the better off we all are.
Due to preferences, a vote for the Liberals is a vote for One Nation. And for Karl Marx. Vote for the Liberal Democrats instead.

  1. Communism is a joke, and I am shocked that there actually are still communists in the Western world. They are often proud. Libertarianism is something to be proud of.

  2. Businesses sure , but infrastructure paid by the tax payer , should remain property of the tax payer.
    Why should citizens have to pay taxes to build & maintain a road , then later also pay tolls to a private firm to use that road ?

    Am I crazy in thinking that Australia should own it's own rail lines , port facilities , water pipes , electrical infrastructure and telecommunication lines ?

    An Australia where the utility infrastructure is Australian owned is not an Australia where private personal property ownership does not exist , it may be slightly socialist to want "the people" to own the utility infrastructure , but it is not communist.

    I apologise if I completely missed any humour or parody meant by this video , I am aspergic .

  3. Don't forget to talk about monopolies guys, nationalization & privatization isn't the main issue, the issue is monopoly and it's an idea we should be sharing in Australia.

    Everyone hates the Telstra monopoly its a great place to start the discussion as well.

  4. Dave… You are misrepresenting the intent of what Hanson said when it (Austtralia) belongs to the public (Australians).

    This is with regards to finite resources such as land/ore/water/etc where it SHOULD belong to those that inhabit the nation.

    This is incredibly deceptive and low of you guys.. You will lose support for this smear job.

  5. *Anyone think we should have bought Holden back in 2008/2009 when GM was going through Bankruptcy , then passed legislation that Australian made vehicles must be used as government vehicles where they are suitable and give tax breaks to an Australian owned Holden for private buyers and businesses ?

    I cry thinking about that we used to be a manufacturing nation.

  6. If private ownership is infinitely better than public ownership, fine. But the asset is owned by taxpayers, not government. They should divvy up the asset based on net taxes paid over the last 5 or 10 years and simply give the shares to taxpayers. Don't steal it from us then sell it back to us (or to their wealthy mates that subscribe to the IPO).

  7. Pauline Hanson is not my favorite person, but interesting how one comment makes you a communist? What would you say about selling of the Australian Defence Force?

  8. to anyone who ain't Aussie… our political system is set up way differently to say America or Russia, left and right wing are a whole different kettle of fish

  9. Come on mate, this is a bit of a stretch don't you think? If you want to accuse someone of being commie filth, start with the Greens. Also correct me if I'm wrong, but hasn't the government selling off assets led to results such as Australia going from cheapest electricity to most expensive and our ridiculous and embarrassing Internet situation?

  10. The government Is Supposed to be run by the people you dim wit, the problem is our current government is not working for us its working for itself and its corporate friends, as most parties always do. We need younger people in parliament, higher up the better, the average age in parliament is right now 50 years old, and this is part of the problem. Parliament is not diverse enough, we need people of all types, whether it be disability, poor, indigenous, unemployed, all of it, nothing will get done properly if we don't see the problems ourselves, we need people that know what its like before they can work that portfolio.

  11. Bwaahahahaha sorry had to stop the video I was going to vomit, I'm shocked you'd be stupid enough to bring up Telstra since YOU sold it out to foreign interest, politicos are the true traitors of our nation. Let see when YOU sold our communications to create the monopoly Telstra Australia was number 4 in the world for internet technology innovation and speed of service. Now we are number 56 even failed states like Nigeria has a better internet than us. And our service is one of the slowest most expensive in the world. YOU ARE A DISGUSTING NATION TRAITOR and I hope Pauline smashs you

  12. Truly this is a desperate, pathetic attempt at slander. There are better ways of disagreeing with someone other than name calling.

    I honestly expected better from the Liberal Democrats, and especially from Leyonhjelm, seeing you guys stoop this low has pretty much killed my last ounce of hope in "legitimate" parties.

    Clean your shit up and debate ideas properly, or you will sink with the other name callers.

  13. The Commonwealth has to raise taxes because they have no wealth generating assets.
    New South Wales has no wealth generating assets, they sold them off & when they run out of money they'll need to raise taxes.
    A good way for lower taxes is when governments can make a return on the infrastructure they own.
    Yes, many of these government owned assets had plenty of money go missing (ghost wages, huge admin departments, sick-days for healthy people) but if they're managed right, they can create wealth.

  14. Pauline never was a puppet prime, never led a major party and never signed any treaty with communists I(UN and other communist organisations) and we are having a communism in Australia. The communists in Australia deprive us of our properties against the rule of law. Exactly as they did in bolshevic russia. Do you David Layonhjelm want to destroy Pauline because she is on your way to develop communism? Have you David done anything to stop spreading communism in Oz? Have you blocked international (read communist) treaties and agreements? So you are spreading communism and you are supporting the rule of foreign powers all unlawful all against our constitution and against our will. Why David you allow foreign powers in form of Zionist = communist lobby to dictate our law and politics?

  15. When dogs start to bark it is that they are scared. An attack on Pauline does definitely mean that she is right and they are scared of her. Folks, We the People have in 1900 come together to set the government to manage the land, it's reaches and organise infrastructure. We did not ask anyone to enslave us, to rule over us, to dictate etc. What communist puppets want is to deprive us of all our natural rights and properties and to enslave us. Any legislations regarding us or our life or property is breaching the contract, it is unlawful. All councils, all rates and personal taxes are unlawful. They can and should tax and regulate business not people. Unless you are slave, you must not accept it. Pauline is fighting for us. Let me recommend to view an important video Europe the Last Battle ten parts. It is a mostly documentary series. I recommend to shut up and check all the evidence they present. Watch it at least 3 times before you start to have your opinion. I've lived in a communist country in eastern europe, I know something. Basically it is an ideology forced upon peaceful people of russia to deprive them of their property and rights. My grandpa owned the land and forests and employed people to help him. Communists came and declared that this is no longer yours and you are an enemy of the state….
    Pay attention on the communism on the above video, and soberly look around you. Look at the unlawful creature the councils and their actions and their deprivation of private lands and so on. We have outlawed the Feudal Laws long ago, councils force them upon us. Also look at any legislation or rule of government or authorities from a perspective of a sovereign (free ) man. Look as you are a free, intelligent, hard working, you employ a gardener or house helper. You pay him well, actually he dictate you how much one is worth and you have no say about it, you cannot assess his work, you are not allowed to sack him and he dictate you what you can and cannot do and also he impose the tax and charges and eventually expel you from "your" home.

    This is what we are having today and is getting worse.
    Please no irrational arguments. Say for argument, it is sensible to have councils. They are unconstitutional and we said many times (6) in referenda that we do not want another tier of government. So lawfully the government can employ any business to serve us the people, to take our rubbish, make parks etc. But it must be the working business not mafia as is now.

    Overall, think about who you are and who is the government. Think about who is public servant and who is the master or whom the servant must serve at good payment. If you think that we need the government otherwise we kill one another, than start to learn basic logical thinking. We did have a common law and was good, now the government kills more people than bandits.

  16. You are clearly retarded and don't even know what communism is, Pauline Hanson is a capitalist pig and so are you.

  17. What a joker you are mate. Get real and stop spouting anti Australian anti freedom rhetoric. We all know its the SOCIAL DEMOCRATS who are COMMUNIST! Not Pauline Hanson who REALLY CARES about Australia and Australians.

  18. Sounds like the last drinks saloon for the LDP. Your really clutching straws if you have to take potshots at your close allies in the Senate Lion Head. Bernardi, Latham and Pauline have obviously abandoned you for the better. And no, we shouldn't have to be crowdfunding your legal bills over some double down school boy antic between you and that other silly shit SHY either!

  19. Accusing Pauline Hanson of supporting communism or communist ideology is absurd. As you have highlighted with this video the Liberal Democrat party stance is staunchly libertarian. So I would like to remind you, that anything slightly to the left of “don’t step on me” libertarianism is NOT COMMUNISM! Moreover, Marxism & communism in general is globalist in the end of social & cultural ideology. A more accurate smear would be to describe Pauline Hanson as a nationalist socialist rather than a globalist communist. And even then, that would still be inaccurate as Pauline Hanson does not support total state ownership of the means of all production, and does support western capitalism, just not to the same extent as cut & dry libertarians. Pauline Hanson’s rationale in opposing the sale of certain assets is of a protectionist & nationalist nature, and not of a Marxist nature. If anything, Pauline Hanson’s objection to the sale would have been in response to the threat of communism (communist China, to be exact), and definitley not because she embraces communism (because as I have highlighted she clearly doesn’t). And to be honest with you, in this instance, I agree with her. As someone who advocates for free market capitalism, deplores the far left/Marxism & communism in its entirety, as someone who wants less government intervention & regulation of the free market & of civil liberties, as well as being someone who is attracted to the idea of having a government small enough to drown in a bathtub; I would much rather the Australian government control these assets than the Chinese Government, who are actual communists. Your attempt at swaying votes has resulted in loosing my vote. Well done.

  20. She is a corporate socialist . She gives corporate welfare and tax cuts to corporations so she can receive under counter payments from corporations .
    Same as the rest of the politicians .
    Grow a brain Australia !

  21. Do any of you wankers actually believe that you represent us the people. You just shove all your decisions down our throats never asking our opinions and all it's about is you lining your pockets and gaining status. All you professional politicians should be ashamed. Bunch of lie spinning self serving hypocrites

  22. Yeah look at Victoria, bloody Jeff sold everything off and we’re really paying the price over 20 years later! 🤬

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