Is Marxism Scientific? What About the ECP? Communist Q&A Episode 1

hello there are scapegoats and welcome to this Q&A video question first Freeman the demon asks great video I couldn't have explained it any better myself I was wondering what's theory of communism be followed personally I mean Marxist Leninist Maoist thank you Freeman the demon personally I've never really liked putting such a specific label on my political beliefs I'm a member of a much as Leninist political organization but I generally don't call myself a Marxist Leninist I find myself agreeing with a lot of different parts of the various tumultuous tennessee's out there including Leninism but also Luxembourg ISM and Mao Zedong George what I usually say when people ask me what kind of Marxist I am is that I'm just a Marxist or possibly I say that I'm an orthodox anarchist thanks for a question Alex G 6464 asks hi chromate am I correct to assume that you're a Maoist based on the videos which are Asian based on your profile hi Alex although as I mentioned in my previous answer I do agree with several parts of macedon thought I don't see myself as a Maoist the reason I have so many videos on my channel about China and Vietnam is because I found their revolutions very inspirational thank you for question question the third Marxist peasant asked several questions firstly they asked what is your political ideology but I kind of already asked on one secondly they asked what is your opinion on the communist movement here in Sweden and what do we need to do to help it grow Marcus peasant before I answer your question I just have to say that your profile picture is a plus Ernst thälmann is one of my favourite marches thing is that I actually have a picture of him on my so-called wall of comrades so yeah good on that one anyway answer your question the communist movement in Sweden has never really been that large and I doubt that we will see grow to the point where it poses a serious threat to the status quo communism is a revolutionary ideology which seeks to completely destroy the old system and build up a new one communism only ever grows popular in places which have nowhere else to turn but either the far left or the far right because the centre would do stuff for them anymore because the service code and they don't like living under the status quo they seek some something else an alternative you know the Russian people was starving and dying in a war that they didn't care about before they had a communist revolution the Chinese people were starving and I work to pan the Vietnamese were colonized by the French the Cubans lived under a military dictatorship and so forth all of these places were victims of imperialism and recei of the short end of the capitalist state Sweden only gains from capitalism and imperialism our companies build all the factories in poor countries and fill them up with child laborers but they're not European children so the Swedish people don't care what the communist movement needs in quotation marks is for the Swedish people to realize that we can live good lives only because poor people on the other side of the world starve we need to establish in the Swedish people a sense of international solidarity with the working people of Asia and Africa and a desire to improve the living conditions contains whedon but across the world and we need to convince the Swedish people that the reason people live in such shitty conditions around the world is because of colonialism imperialism and capitalism and then we communists can offer a socialist and democratic economic system as an alternative to those things Marxist peasants third question is lastly are you in a party it's so which one and what are your main criticisms of centre party I am a member of revolutionary communist youth or revolutionary communist Kingdom or K U which is the youth organization of the Communist Party I have criticisms of both the Communist Party and our to you but there are quite different kinds of criticisms the party is all its members are old and they are out of touch they can't tell what the Swedish people of today care about and so they're having difficulties getting people interested in their politics Archy you have the similar problem but they're much better at dealing with it my main criticism of rtu is probably the other activities like what they do weekend and weekend are repetitive putting up posters handing out flyers meetings repeat ad infinitum as someone who has been a leading a member of Ebro of rku I know that the organization meets the financial requirement of doing more fun shapes more unique activities that could potentially sparks a media coverage I have brought this up in the past but other members seem disinterested unless I could come up with any concrete ideas which I mean I might do in the future but I'm not that great at coming up with that sort of stuff anyway thank you for your questions much as present and a job on that profile picture look you guys listen to this if you haven't read anything by Ernest almond go reads most common for goodness sake he's really good he's just fantastic anyway question v Cyrus King asked very good video thank you could you do videos on both a method of governance and the successes and failures of the users are state and Mao's China state I am quite interested in both but there isn't much available on the Internet hello so your skin yes I am definitely going to create such videos in the future however as you mentioned there isn't a lot of information available online so I have to go look in the archives of libraries in the city in order to do research which as you can imagine does take a lot of time and as a student whose yearly tests are coming up which I have to study for time is a luxury I don't have much off thank you very question question the sixth Andrew Owen asks what would you do about the economic calculation problem without the price information provided by a free markets how would a workers be able to decide how much of each good should be provided hello Andrew this is a good question I actually haven't seen come up anywhere else in in the comment of my videos so good on you for asking such a unique question firstly Ludwig von Mises who developed the economic calculation problem is known to be very reputable economists aside from him there aren't a lot of economists who championed the ECP economic calculation problem but I will give you my thoughts on it either way okay and so even capitalistic market economies suffer from the problems that the ECP brings up like a capitalistic free-market economy doesn't calculate the prices of gigs based on need but rather on demand within the context of what makes profit that's the reasons why nearly a billion people go hungry but the world makes enough food for everyone in it the problem with people who champion the user B is that they don't look at production capability when advocates of capitalism's we billions of people without food they think or claim that this lack of food is a result of scarcity something they claim that only the capitalist market can deal with however in practice scarcity is not the actual problem that this can be countered with society's advancement in production capability that is the potential amount of goods that can be produced through labor power and the means of production the problem is not scarcity but the billions of people are being blocked from the food that they need by an artificial barrier known as pricing an artificial barrier created as a result of the profit motive setting prices can be done through rational thought planning and communication superstitious surrender to the abstract force of the invisible hand of the free market isn't necessary thanks for your question Andrew and if you are interested I'm going to leave some links in the description for you some PDFs of papers and books and stuff written by economists and there's also some other stuff in there like from hakama magazine like that slightly less credible the look out for the dot edu domains like the Stan partnership and stuff like even if you don't agree with it it's still very interesting stuff I recommend that you start with towards a new socialism by W pol cockshott and Alan troll it's very good and definitely talks a lot about and the economic calculation problem and the stuff that you brought up question number 7 the sample actually has three questions the first of which being your opinion on density in Sweden hello disciple I don't really have an opinion on the Left Party they used to be communist then they became revisionists then socialists and now their identity political Social Democrats any notion that the elect party would given the opportunity actually do something to replace capitalism with socialism is laughably false at this point I don't like them very much but there are some good people within the last parking whom I don't think they belong there but nonetheless question number eight disciple asks thoughts on market socialism preferable to market capitalism not preferable to plan socialism and lastly thoughts on the users are I have ignore the thoughts on the years are and that will have become a cone video but short and sweet the users are did both good and bad things and we need to analyze and learn from both overall the USSR's contribution to social theory and the world as a whole was more positive than negative thank you for a question since I hope question number ten anonymous asks are you going to do more reading videos like the hochiminh one hello anonymous yes I will I don't have any such videos scripted or recorded but they are coming eventually thank you for question question eleven engine hashtag rx asks in your opinion what was right and wrong according to the ideology that you follow in the u.s. or China I already kind of answered this and just like with my thoughts on the years are my thoughts on the PRC will have to be made into its own video but here's a quick rundown of what I personally believe the PRC could have done better thank you for question engine hashtag rx sir is there another way I'm supposed to pronounce that Oh question number 12 SIA asks what is intersectionality hello sorrow intersectionality is the belief that oppression is snackable in theory this sounds fair but one criticism I have of it is that it tends to view oppression as the singular entity which oppresses all marginalized groups in the same manner and in practice intersectionality tends to lead to a so called oppression Olympics where people compete and try to prove that they are the most oppressed and if someone is more oppressed than you you can't criticize them or really say anything to them because if you do then you are oppressing them once I am a feminist I'm not an intersectional feminist I'm a Marxist feminist and proletarian feminist anyway that's probably a controversial opinion and I don't look forward to reading the comment of this video but a question thirteen come made pingu asks could you do more on Rosa Luxemburg you are such a good facilitator and I'm quite interested in our Luxembourg ISM differs from Marxism Leninism hello come in thinking I will definitely make more videos about Rosa Luxemburg because I love her she is incredible and I also make more videos about the various tendencies of Marxism including Luxembourg ISM and Marxism Leninism so do look forward to that hopefully it will come Simlish thank you for your question question 14 Alfred Lashon asked two questions the first of which being do you know who Marcus or Malcolm are what are your thoughts on them hello Alfred yes I do know who they are I used to listen to the podcast quite regularly pretty much whenever they uploaded a new episode but I kind of lost interest in them and I don't have anything against them personally I'm sure that what they do is you know find but in my personal opinion it seems that they like to throw a lot of doubt on other socialists for how they go about trying to achieve their goals but they themselves never really offer any solutions they remind me of left Communists and armchair revolutionaries who sit back and don't do anything themselves but they criticize everyone else who is doing something and say I could have done that a lot better but they're not doing anything Alfred launch on second question is thoughts on Mel and Marxism Leninism arizim my thoughts on now and my thoughts on MLM are quite different I have to say that I have more beliefs in common with Macedon thought than I do with MLM that's it I don't have anything against Marxist Leninist Maoists and I'll I mean I'll gladly call them my comrades we just want agree on everything thank you for questions Alfred question number 16 common sours asks what do you think of modification ISM and poppers criticism of Marxism as an unscientific ideology that's because of the scientific socialism make sense hello Cummins Aras yes scientific socialism does make sense scientific socialism it's called so because it is based on the scientific method its theories are held to an empirical standard observations are essential to its development and these can result in changes or falsification of elements of the theory it is scientific because it uses a rigorous method if framework dedicated to analyzing society through history economy and sociology this is what it's meant when we say that Marxism is scientific because it uses dialectic materialist thinking to arrive to its conclusions which happen to be quite true in the questions we can verify however I do have to point this out when Marx was alive the word science had a much broader meaning than it does today right it is based on to time within real conditions and forces and so on however none of us see Marxism in the same sense as we see physics or biology it's more like sociology or political science Marxist understand science by its real practice because Marxism fuses philosophy and science as practice thus Marxists are themselves scientists who analyze the wheel world around them and through this gained a philosophical understanding thank you for your Christian Qataris I've also left some more links in the description to where you can read about scientific socialism London and things related to that question number 17 Kevin Calabro math and asks thoughts on acceleration ISM it's hurtful affects everyone involved negatively and has never gotten even close to what it's trying to achieve Trump will not cause a communist uprising and are a better ways of abolishing capitalism question number 18 Patrick spirity asks who is your favorite anime character now this is the kind of question that I was waiting for this is the first genuinely good question I've ever received on this show when posed with such a deep question we have to use the immortal signs of Marxism Leninism to analyze the material conditions surrounding the best anime characters obviously we have to start looking for the best character in the best show steins gate the two obese containers here are my Yoshi and Mikasa karriesue who are both fantastic in their own ways a boss but we have to move on to the second best show where we have the considered total from Dragon made because she is the best lesbian and also Satana from Gabriel dropouts mio from K on as well as literally everyone who ever appeared in the idiom these are all very strong contenders for best anime character but applying the mortal thoughts of comrade lenin to analyze and come to a scientifically correct answer the best anime character has to be hands down qetsiyah from girls and fencer thank you for watching and I will see you next time

  1. "Intersectionality" is not a belief or ideology. It is simply the statistical fact that people who are members of multiple oppressed groups experience forms and degrees of oppression that cannot be reduced to a mere summation of the groups in question.

    To describe the oppression of black women, we cannot simply "add together "the oppression that black people and the oppression that women face. Black women experience forms of oppression which only manifest at that particular intersection of groups. So intersectionality is not a political belief, and is certainly not a game of "oppression olympics." It is a very real consquence of structural oppression, and an understanding of it is critical if your political goal is to bring equity to these intersectional groups.

    The confusion about this issue is the same tired story of laypeople siezing an academic term and using it as a nebulous political symbol. The notion that intersectionality is an ideological position is the result of this propagandistic misuse of the term.

  2. I think you misunderstood the meaning of intersectionality. It definitely gets misused that way but intersectionality means quite the opposite. It's not that oppression is stackable and the same for everyone, it's that it operates differently for each person depending on factors of their life. It's primarily focused on how matters of gender oppression are racialized i.e. gender stereotypes about black women are not only different from white women but sometimes even the opposite. Actual intersectional theory is usually focused on analyzing how colonialism, racism, and capitalism are at the root of gender based oppression. It overlaps a lot with socialist feminism

  3. Thank you for making these videos while I am not a communist I do enjoy learning what other people believe However I do have a question do you think that gun control is a good idea do you consider it just a tool by capitalism to suppress the masses or do you think it has an honest Concern for the prevention of crime thank you for your time

  4. I'm looking for the videos adressing the issues of previously and currently implemented Socialist systems (Mao China, Stalinist USSR, Venezuela, ect.) I fully understand that these governments were corrupted versions of what you support, but they are certainly relevant to the conversation.

  5. My dad said communism failed because the ussr and other states applied it large scale… and that communism only works if everyone agrees to it. Meaning it could work in small communities… personally me and my family are capitalists. But im curious about the other idiologys so i can make an educated assessment about them. I hope you are able to deliver. 🙂

  6. How do you measure the degree of Socialism? If the US has Food Stamps, Disability Pensions and a Minimum Wage, isn't that Socialism? (They do and it is. That's enough Socialism, isn't it?) [Ans -Yes, it is.]

  7. Please design an airplane by the dialectic method and try to fly away in it. You will crash and burn. The dialectic method is very different from the scientific method. As an engineer, I applied the scientific method and it works. This is how I know the scientific method.

  8. Now, where is the Worker's Paradise ? ? ? China ? Venezuela ? North Korea ? …
    Answer please. I am waiting. … Where is it ? … Ok, where was it? … Is that an easier question ? … Come on, I need some answers. …

  9. Great video comrade!

    If you call yourself an orthodox-marxist I think most people will think you reject anything post-marx.

    I think its very good you promote your irl party/group and also take an active part in it. Revolution is not gonna come with memes on the internet, we gotta go out there and make it happen (though its kinda boring and shitty a lot of the time). In my opinion organizational work is the most important kind of work.

    Also, there should be nothing controversial about marxist-feminism. Marxism must support women's rights, and in fact marxist-feminism is the only real kind of feminism, bourgeois feminism is inadequate.

  10. Ah, too bad you misunderstand intersectionality. You would probably like it a lot if you were more informed about it. So let's do that.

    Intersectionality tries to describe the dependency of social identities upon each other, i.e. intersecting social pressures, discrimination, oppression, dominance. It is essentially a more 'evolved' or 'nuanced' form of traditional feminist thought, where the main focus was on gender. Intersectionality takes every possible measurable distinction and tries to figure out to which extent each individual trait contributes to unegalitarian social conduct, and to which extent intersecting traits and groups relieve or compound these issues.

    It is expressly NOT about cast identities, although it is often misrepresented as such. You must be thinking of the cringeworthy talk panels at conventions where people list all their non-normative descriptors. That's just self-victimization. It is, in fact, kind of a fundamental misunderstanding of intersectionality, as it's a weather vs climate thing: it can be cold today (you may be successful) despite global warming (despite structural biases and oppressions against your social identity). By the way, it's cold today. I'm only typing this because I don't feel like going out.

  11. i just found the best channel on youtube… subscribed
    a communist weeb that plays grand strategy games…
    you are like me but more smarter and waaaaayy more knowledgable
    i just want you to know. i can get jailed if someone reports me to the police that i'm subscribed to you. but i don't care
    anykind of asssociation with communism is banned in my country..(even accidentally putting a hammer and a sickle on top of each other can get you in trouble)
    which is why i know nothing about communism other than the very basic of it.
    also.. Katyusha is good. but i have to disagreeDarjeeling is defintely the best

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