‘Is Francesca a COMMUNIST?’ Newsbroke Q&A

Hey everyone! This week we are not doing
a regular episode, instead we’re gonna answer your questions! Because we asked
you to ask us anything. So I’m joined by my producers and writers and we’re gonna
answer your burning questions, like “How come Francesca doesn’t have her own late
night show?” and “Is Francesca a full-blown communist?” Answers to those questions and more right after this amazingly obnoxious intro song. Hi, I’m Kate,
I’m the lead producer of Newsbroke. I’m Jesse, I’m a producer, I write jokes, I
direct sometimes. I’m Matt Lieb, I’m a host, producer and comedy writer. I help write, research, edit, report, direct. If you’ve written to us, it’s probably me
who’s written you back … so … surprise! [off-camera laughter] Also, I’ve been told that I chew very loudly
at my desk because I like to chew with my mouth open because I can’t breathe out of my nose. Doesn’t keep them from laughing at me. [off-camera laughter] I also, um, cheer up everyone by playing the recorder around the office, right guys?! [plays recorder] “Careless Whisper.” [off-camera laughter] I don’t know! Call my managers! When in doubt, blame the algorithm. The algorithm is the reason
why we can’t get a late night show and also, funnily enough, responsible for the
meth epidemic in Appalachia. The answer to the question
“Where’s Francesca” which I get pretty much every time I do
a video, uh … doing something, else all right? Otherwise I wouldn’t be hosting.
Sometimes she got other things to do and she calls on old Matty Lieby Boy to step
in, and I’m here and I would like you to be present with me when I am here. Yeah, we had a super long list. We had ‘SPLAINT, we had NO FILTER YES WE CAN’T EVEN … TRAGEDY PLUS TIME I really liked … My favorite names honestly
were MINOR MELTDOWN … I also liked WE’RE ALL GOING TO DIE. If I was here when they
were deciding I would have gone with NEWS BLUES CLUES. My absolute favorite was LOL-JAZEERA. I to this day maintain that that would have been the best name
for Newsbroke. “Welcome to Lol-Jazeera!!!! Hahah! In Syria today …” [off-camera laughter] So yeah, we took the “News broke” sentence and we we put it together into one word — Newsbeoke! Also it kind of implies that you know, it’s news and it’s broken, like
weird … Thank you so much, Mike! So for the camerawork and lighting, we have an
awesome studio crew. We have Hugo Lopez who’s behind the camera right now, and we also have in the control room, Christine LaMonaca. And they’re great. Our research process is insane. We all collectively create a document that’s about 30 pages
long. We cross-reference our news sources and information with other news sources
and other academic articles. Recorder break! [plays “Take on Me” by A-Ha] We start refining the angle that
we want to take on the piece, based on the information that we’ve found so far. I usually take the first stab at every script, I write about 75 to 80% of
every episode. Lunch break, I hear there’s a good grilled cheese place nearby … what is camembert? I don’t know, I like new things, I’m gonna get that … My awesome
team helps us take it all the way and helps, you know, punch up the jokes, helps
fact check, make sure everything makes sense and it wasn’t just like a Franny
brain fart, that just, you know, PLAH. [plays “Ironic” on the recorder] And then I sit for about 12 hours and
just squeeze it all in like, like intellectual Spanx [off-camera laughter] and we just squeeze the
information into a … just a tight 10 minutes …. sometimes 11 minute piece. It’s a lot of work, but because this team is so great and tight-knit, we make every piece BLAT! [more recorder] And then I tell them “great job” and I make sure they’ve each gotten their
snacks, and I make sure they’ve got the right amount of light and food and water, and I just close up the cage. One of my favorite
pieces that I got to research individually was our “No Lives Matter To The Pro-Life Movement” video. Also, I got to write a really funny parody song for
that one. “It’s the circle of pro-life.” Anytime I get to do music, I like it. Right guys? Where’s my recorder?! [off-camera] DON’T. I really like the piece that we did
about fake news and we sort of found these hilarious little moments of fake
newsery and weird shadow accounts and YouTube accounts trying to fake
Americans into basically not voting for Hillary Clinton. “That was the thing about
YouTubers like Williams and Calvin, whose account was pulled from Facebook in
August for being tied to Russian propaganda. I am probably the most
proud, in terms of one of my pieces, of “The White Genocide” piece, mostly because we were able to uncover a bunch of different dog whistles. “I’ve decided
to blow the whistle on these dog whistles with my very own Dog Whistle Whistle. [whistles] I like any piece that makes the connection between social and economic
justice. Media doesn’t really discuss how stagnating minimum-wage exacerbates
xenophobia, or that not pricing environmental costs disproportionately
affects marginalized groups, or that dynastic, classist inbreeding creates
people with almost fluorescently orange skin and abnormally tiny hands. And I also love the George Soros piece because I got to do my “EXPOSED” voice. “Exposed! Soros is a neo-nazi!” We have pitch sessions just like any newsroom, we’ll get together and
we’ll throw out ideas. We also will respond to the news that week, and will
spring into action, like we did, let’s say around the Puerto Rico piece that we did. We thought, “Is this still gonna be a story in a week?” and guess what? It’s still a stories six months later. Because we’re a weekly show, we tend to do pieces
that are a little more evergreen, so they live on later than just the week that
they happened. And also I think it’s probably for the best that we’re not
always covering what the crazy thing that President Trump just said, because I
think we would all go crazy. Well, I do actually run screaming. That’s why I got a treadmill desk, so I can not stop working while I
do that. [LOUD SCREAMING] I do a lot of sit-screaming. You know, I’m just like: AUGH! AH! I do scream. I scream inside. I scream with my eyes. It’s called “screysing.” Check it out. It’s because it’s an incredible amount of production work and we’re a team of only four people and we can’t really justify to our company — Al Jazeera — that we need to, like, rent a bobcat for an afternoon … We take what we
can get, and we love these monologues and we loved our sketches too … ideally we’d do
them all the time, but you know … get us a deal. Get us an HBO deal! That’s actually a really good question. It’s one of my absolute favorite sketches that
we’ve ever done. “You can get White Noise on two CDs or two cassettes for only $19.39! So order it now and help establish the White European ethnostate we’ve
always dreamed of.” “Wait, what?!” “Hahaha, CHECK IT OUTTT!” And it was funny until Donald Trump actually won the election,
and then the alt-right came to power. And now, it’s too real. It’s just way too real. So we probably won’t make another one. I like my politics
like I like my food, like a variation. I’m a political omnivore. You know, like, I’m an anti-capitalist but I love Nordstrom Rack. Aw. The best way to be friends with me and Francesca is to come to one
of our live comedy shows. Go onto our websites, check out our calendars, and, you know, come say hi after a show. You should do that. I would say that you should get more news, not less. Branch out a lot. Go to the BBC and New York Times, but go to also smaller sources like The
Intercept and Democracy Now. In order to follow a bunch of news sites, what I do
is I have an RSS feed, just a little pro-tip, I use Feedly, I love it, I put all of
my favorite news channels and outlets into that, they have an app. It’s a lot. It’s a lot,
but if you really want to stay informed, you have to read a wide swath
of reporting. I dunno, I have the best job ever, I get to work with
hilarious and super-duper smart people. Francesca is an amazing reporter and
journalist … Matt and Jesse are also here. [off-camera laughter] I love working with Francesca, she’s — [Matt: Francesca is God!] Francesca’s not intimidating whatsoever, so it’s really great because … totally not
intimidating …. [FRANCESCA: Do it again like you mean it!!] Ok I’m sorry! They are the funniest people, like, we
just laugh all the time in the office. I really like joke writing, that’s
kind of what I do a lot. I’m super into politics, so you kinda, you put those
together then it’s kind of the perfect job for me. I enjoy that we have the
ability to respond directly to this insane news cycle that we’ve been put
through for the last two years. It’s kind of a dream job. Except for within a nightmare It’s a dream job within a nightmare. NO! Nooooo! And for those of you who are wondering how I got so orange for the Oompa Loompa joke
that we did in our last video, that was thanks to our amazing animator
Marisa Cruz, who crushes it every single week. Also there’s an entire team of
animators, we shout them out after every single video. But she made me orange. And
I did not like it. The other person that we haven’t mentioned is our editor Holly
Gibson, who is such a doll every week as we sit behind her, and whisper little cuts in her ear like oh … oh what about …. but do it… As always thank you
for watching Newsbroke. Again follow me @franifio on Twitter. Follow me on
Twitter @Lieb123456789, literally the worst
handle on Twitter to be verified with a blue checkmark, no big deal. I’m on Twitter, but I’m not … so like, tell me how to work Twitter. @JesseFernandez! And be sure to subscribe to Newsbroke on YouTube right now. Like, subscribe, just smash that subscribe button. Give us a five star review if you’re on Facebook! You guys are the best, we
love our community out there.

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