Is Democratic Socialism Possible?

so I woke up yesterday with this nagging sensation in my mind it felt like you ever get that feeling where it feels like they're like a thousand little rats just gnawing on your brain well let me tell you why so as you know last week I put out episode 1 of democratic socialism 101 told you about the five principles of democratic socialism I thought it was a pretty good video I think that I explained pretty clearly what democratic socialism is and I hope that by the end of the video you were able to answer the question for yourself argue a Democratic Socialist you remember this people but I didn't address the most important question of them all which is not what is democratic socialism but why do we believe that democratic socialism is possible that's the real question there were often times challenged with as socialists or maybe somebody like you who might not feel comfortable calling yourself a socialist just yet but your socialist curious am i right anyway why should we believe that socialism is possible is it a utopian dream a pie-in-the-sky ideal somewhere out there far off in the distance never to be truly realized or is it an actual possibility that we can achieve in our lifetimes and in our immediate children's lifetimes well this was a really important question I think that I dropped the ball I didn't answer it last week but I'm gonna fix that I'm gonna make it better so yesterday I went on a wild Odyssey of sorts in order to address this question head-on it was a challenging task but I think it did a pretty good job and I got a little help from a friend and by the end of this video episode 2 of democratic socialism you'll be able to answer the question for yourself is democratic socialism possible stay tuned to find out so I didn't sleep very well last night I knew I had to make a video today and you know last week I explained to you in ridiculous detail what democratic socialism is and this week I decided that I'm gonna try to explain to you why you should believe that socialism is possible and I've been racking my brain all morning trying to address this question and I just I've got nothing I've got nothing so I'm gonna go to my favorite bookstore in DC washington DC just right down the road from me and hopefully i'll find some inspiration and if not i don't know at least we'll get a cool video out of it so let's go let's head over to the bookstore I'm gonna take you with me you guys ready for a field trip it's gonna be fun maybe we'll see all right let's go alright I'm headed to the car politics and prose bookstore hopefully we can find some answers there it's rush hour traffic gonna suck see there so I'm in politics and prose bookstore here in Washington DC I don't mean I have I've got a big question and I feel like there has to be a book in here somewhere that addresses my concerns we'll see let's check it out it's bhaskar Sankara editor of Japan magazine for if you know whatsapp I'm trying to figure out like the most common objection to socialism democratic socialism is that it's pie-in-the-sky but it's not possible what do you say to that common objection well social democracy we've shown has already worked right they created the most humane and decent societies we've ever we've ever had now can we go beyond social democracy in to enter democratic socialism I think so cooperatives work other forms of worker ownership has have worked within the shell of capitalism that's even with a hostile environment can you imagine if we actually build the environment to actually foster these forms of cooperation and ownership you know I think the people don't think the system works for them today I think there be a lot more enthusiastic supporters a system that they actually probably a real democratic participants it well at all I'd say there was a pretty successful trip I just happened to run into Bhaskar Sankara in the middle of a bookstore and Washington DC like I guess I got lucky today I don't know I mean I hope that was well that answer was satisfactory and yeah so yeah I'd say was a pretty productive trip I think Bhaskar his answer was pretty solid at the end of the day people know what's good for them and besides social democracy it was wildly successful throughout the 20th century even who faced a series of challenges both from the outside as well as from the inside and socialists going forward need to learn those lessons of the failures of social democracy because ultimately by the time the 90s rolled around social democracy was just accommodating itself to neoliberal capitalism and just to finish off today's video I want to read you a passage from Basque cars book he just wrote it is recently published it's called the socialist manifesto from basic books it's a really great book you guys should pick it up if you're into reading I know most of you probably have ridiculously long reading lists but here's a passage from the socialist manifesto I thought it really encapsulated the spirit of what I'm trying to get at in today's video let me read it for you our current politics don't seem to offer much of a future at all the choice before us appears to be between on the one hand a technocratic neoliberalism that embraces the rhetoric of social inclusion but not equality and on the other a right-wing populism channeling anger into the worst directions bhaskar concludes to be a socialist today is to believe that more not less democracy will help solve social ills and to believe that ordinary people can shape the systems that shape their lives I think that's as good of an answer as you're likely to find to the question of why do we think that socialism is possible it's because people aren't stupid people know what's good for them people know what sucks people hate their jobs people know that you need affordable if not free health care at the point of service in order to you know survive people know that they want to spend more quality time with their family with their friends with their loved ones people know that they don't want to waste away their lives working back-breaking jobs for wages people know these things right they don't have to be told by socialist missionaries that their job sucks they don't have to be encouraged to spend more time and more energy doing the things that they're passionate about spending time with the people that they love and care about people already know these things people already want to do these things we're at a moment right now where the status quo from either side this technocratic neoliberalism on the one hand and this right-wing populism the other hand have no answers for the problems that are facing hundreds of millions of people across the country this is why democratic socialism has the energy and the inertia in the political system today we have the answers we have the solutions to the problems that impact the most people in the United States and worldwide this is why democratic socialism is possible don't listen to those twerp libertarians and otherwise on YouTube who tell you socialism is about the idea that if I am poor I now have additional rights that I did not have when I was not poor hey that's deeply deeply immoral stuff this is people know in their heart of hearts children should not go hungry for want of money and food humans should not freeze the death for want of a place to live we don't have to be told these things we already know so democratic socialism is here to provide an actionable realistic vision of what's possible not only in the distant future but in the immediate present so there you go there you have it there's your answer why do we think the democratic socialism is possible it's not only possible it's worked in the past and it can work in the present and it will make it even better in the future as we learn the lessons for the failures of the past so as always if you want to learn more about these topics I've produced a resource guide that's available at Dead Poets calm you can find that in the video description below go ahead and subscribe to the channel and give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it hit me in the comments to give me your answer as to why you think Tim accredit socialism is possible what gives you confidence that we can actually fight for and achieve a better world I hope you enjoyed episode 2 of democratic socialism 101 be sure to check out that resource guy that should fill in a lot of gaps I've got some excellent essays articles and book recommendations in order to whet your whistle some tasty knowledge for you to fill your brain spaces with until next week see you here I think we have a pretty good answer Bhaskar some car thanks so much yeah got a book you got a book it's buy a copy and and give me positive reviews on Amazon I think the Libertarians have got to my Amazon it's a page sir don't let the Libertarians when you give me four stars I trust it's at least four stars good I'm not sure guys can you give for too long you know I think it's just stuff settled for four they're more believable anyway four stars soldiers manifesto best person I think is that answer all right you heard it here first guys there's our answer well you


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