1. So these naive leftists want to seize automated factories that people have worked hard to create and design so they don't have to earn their living?

  2. The millions killed every day because if consumer capitalism, there’s food being thrown into the dustbins instead of being distributed amount the poor? The thousands that die in the colbolt mines the mineral that powers our phone, the fact poverty could be ended by the queen of 🇬🇧 and she’d still be the largest land owning billionaire in the world, that’s far worse than putting actual fascists to the sword

  3. And capitalism was not behind world war 1 2 and all wars like Vietnam, Korea, and in Muslim countries.

    Go through Chomsky's "Manufacturing Consent" to understand how these discussions on media work.

  4. Saying that the Russian civil war destroyed communism has got to be up their with the most stupid thing I have ever heard in my whole life 😂😂😂

  5. Regular idiots are tolerable.
    Articulate idiots are a danger to society.
    Communism appeals to articulate idiots.

  6. That seems fair one communist and 5 anti communist in a debate. I always like a balance, so there is no bias.

  7. Ho Chi Min did not kill 20 million people he was in a war against France, then Japan , France again and then the US. Its like saying the Polish are responsible for all the deaths of WW2 because they resisted Nazis.

  8. Look at China Communism works . Did you know that 67% of all China’s economic output is state run , incredible .

  9. Poor Ash if only she read Karl marx who wrote the book on Commuism and what he said about Blacks then mybe she would not be a Commie silly silly girl Read a history book Stupid Women

  10. Where is capitalism working carole? certainly not the uk, or the us that's for sure…well it is for the wealthy.

  11. The way Carol responds to Communism is the same way old Americans respond to free community college. It'll KILL us All!!! I'm surprised they even entertained the idea. It was mainly the intellectual younger folks having a genuine debate vs the old people with a simplistic response and spewing old propaganda. I don't agree with communism, let alone socialism but it doesn't hurt listen and research an issue. Also, there are many different versions of political systems. We're trying to have that debate in America. Carol would be perfect on Fox or any of our big cable channels.

  12. I live by that too , the woman is talking sense why should the Rich get all the money . What real communism means is we cut out the middle man and we share the wealth amongst the nation .
    How many have been killed by capitalism billions and these idiots on that tv show are totally brainwashed .

  13. What happens to luxury goods like speciality wines that can only be cultivated in certain parts of the world? Who get's those in Luxury Communism?

  14. It's not about what people think it is about…It is LITERALLY a conflict between the BOURGEOISIE and the PROLETARIAT!!! The Supe Rich Corporations and their shareholders against the Working class!!!

  15. Thqt woman on the right literally sayng there's no difference between Marxism, syndicalism, anarcho-commuism, trotskyism, marxist-leninism, and maoism

  16. It's a fact that machines are taking our jobs. It is also a fact that we are not preparing for it. Communism in our present time makes no sense at all but communism for the future does. If every one took the time to actually listen rather than just jumping down each other's throats it would be a much better world.

  17. My God, Carol Malone is annoying and aggressive. And I so wanted to hear more of what the caller had to say

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