Is China Socialist? Is Socialism Dead? Communist Q&A Episode 2

hello there everyone and welcome to this second Q&A video that's all I want thank all of you for sending in your questions I really genuinely am very glad that so many people who are not socialists sent in questions in genuine curiosity not to be mean not to be satirical or sarcastic but just because they were curious and they wanted to open up a dialogue and I think that's I think that's wonderful now then let's get to the first question anonymous on tumblr asked what languages do you speak I speak English as my primary language yoga process when Scout summit under spoke mouth has an air puff football me espanol no es muy bueno water to one boho what does she want me home we'll hit us I can hold the conversation in English Swedish French and Japanese I can't really hold the conversation in Mandarin at all I only know a couple of sentences I can asked where's the bathroom I like I can hold a grammatically incorrect but still coherent conversation in Japanese French I took like took one year of French I picked up the basic grammar structure of it all so I can speak French somewhat swell next question el dawn on reddit asked do you believe that socialism is a dead ideology as there has been a fall of it since the end of communism in the Soviet Union and China and anonymous on tumblr also asked how can left this keep their hopes up in a world so completely dominated by capitalism I'm going to give sort of the same answer to both of these questions now since I am a socialist I obviously don't believe that socialism is a get ideology just because the USSR doesn't exist anymore doesn't mean that there aren't any socialist countries left there's Algeria Angola Bangladesh Bolivia Chile Cuba the Democratic People's Republic of Korea Ecuador El Salvador Ethiopia Greece Grenier bazoo Jamaica Laos Maurice Mozambique Nepal Nicaragua the People's Republic of China the rebel subsisted autonomous municipalities the Republic of the Congo or Java st. Vincent and Grenadines Sierra Leone Tanzania Trinidad and Tobago Uruguay Vietnam Zambia and yes indeed Venezuela those are all the countries in the world in which the largest political party is socialistic and anti-capitalistic I have not included countries like fourarms Sweden Denmark Norway because the leading political parties in those countries are social democratic not socialist watch my videos on the difference between socialism communism Marxism etc and in addition to this there are six socialist revolutions currently ongoing around the world there is the ro Java conflict in Kurdistan there's the Syrian civil war spillover in Lebanon in which the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine as well as the Lebanese Communist Party are rising there's the Colombian conflict and there are the Naxalite guerrillas in India who are Maoist and whom 58% of the people support so no I wouldn't say that socialism is a dead ideology since there are countries which are socialist and there are people groups of people fighting revolutions in order to bring about socialism also to answer the question on how leftist can keep their hopes up in today's world the recent election of Lenin Moreno in Ecuador was very inspirational to me personally I recommend watching the Telesur video about the election I'm going to link it in the description of this video but short and sweet he is one of around 20,000 people in Ecuador named after Vladimir Lenin is a member of the proud and sovereign fatherland Alliance which is a Boulevard 21st century Socialist Party and also the most popular critical part in Ecuador by far he is paraplegic and sits in a wheelchair so he's one of the few world leaders to have a disability and for his advocacy for handicapped people he was nominated for the 2012 Nobel Peace Prize he served as a special envoy on disability and accessibility at the United Nations and he has been elected with a most of guaranteeing access to higher education for everyone in Ecuador improving living conditions for seniors and creating over 200,000 new jobs when Lenin marina was vice president under President Rafael Correa Ecuador slashed the poverty rate by 38 percent and Lee's last extreme poverty rate by 47 percent fueled by economic growth and employment programs that have offered a boost to many of the country's poorest communities the government also doubled social spending from 4.3 percent of the country's GDP in 2006 to 8.6 percent in 2016 which included an increase in spending on education health urban development and housing so Lenny Moreno has helped revive my hopes for socialism around the world and bridges anywhere in the world in general I definitely think that if you are leftist if you are an anti-capitalist and you feel like there's no hope then I definitely recommend looking up and reading about currently existing socialist countries like Cuba reading about socialist revolutions that are currently ongoing and knowing that there is still socialism it may not be where you live exactly but there is still socialism next question Cryptosporidium 137 on reddit asked several questions firstly they asked why is your scapegoat what's the deal with your handle it's actually a really obscure reference that I'm just waiting for someone to get but no one has gotten it yet secondly they asked would you agree that infighting among socialists and along the leftist in general is more common than among those on the right if so what do you think this is and what can we do to remedy it they expand on this saying that they don't believe socialism can be achieved because revolutions will be too fragmented to succeed socialists on the internet spend more time criticizing each other than criticizing capitalism I would say that infighting is more common on the left and on the right but I wouldn't say that this is necessarily a bad thing the right one supporters of capitalism are either reactionary or conservative by definition they are conservative in the sense that they want to keep the current mode of production which is capitalism even if they are liberal and want to reform in Tibet they are still conservative in the sense that they don't want a socialist revolution socialists want to overthrow capitalism and build a completely new economic system it complete a new mode of production and a new society as a whole because socialists want to build something new rather than just keep something old it's harder to unite all individual socialists because all individual socialists and all groups of socialists whether it's a party or organization all have their own ideas for how this new socialist society should look like but if the glorious shining Sun which is comrade Chairman Mao Zedong has taught us anything it is that criticism and self-criticism are very important parts of the socialist movement and they need to be practiced regularly and seriously I agree with you that in fighting during a revolution would be very bad but there is no ongoing revolution in the Western world at the moment so we are free to invite all we want until there is an opportunity for revolution which there isn't yet in rojava where there is a revolution currently ongoing Marxist Leninist and anarchists are fighting side by side not because they have stopped disagreeing with each other but because they know that there's a time and a place for disagreement and infighting and splitting if we don't criticize or disagree with each other during peace time or ideologies will never evolve and our opinions will never change the important part is knowing when it's time to unite we can't be a united front all the time and that's fine we only need to be a united front when we're actually physically fighting now I already answered question number three in my last two unite so I'll move on to question number four in your first Q&A you said acceleration ISM was hurtful to everyone involved and there were better ways to achieve socialism but you also explained that the countries that turn socialists are those in dire straights so I miss Russia Cuba etc unlike Sweden which only benefits from capitalism doesn't let's prove the acceleration it's point I must say I don't really agree with acceleration ISM I agree that the acceleration is amiss toxic can can only result in hurting everyone involved but we also can't deny the cushy life the proletariat live in the first world are an impediment to a truly global socialist movement as per Lenin's idea of the labor aristocracy I do not yet know how to reconcile these two views so your perspective on it would be interesting now as I said in my last Q&A video I don't agree with acceleration ISM as a tactic acceleration ISM make create temporarily the conditions for the general populace but it won't create an economic depression capitalism does that on its own I mean we have the the Wall Street Crash of 1929 followed by the Great Depression we had the energy crisis the oil price shock the first recession Black Monday the savings and loan crisis the second recession the third recession the dot-com bubble the Forrester session the housing bubble the 2008 financial crisis the subprime mortgage crisis the 2015 Chinese stock market crash and so on and so forth Karl Marx talked to these crises 150 years ago and what he said then is still true today capitalism is unstable by its very nature we don't need to accelerate the process of bringing down capitalism capitalism is going to bring down itself or the very least capitalism will get itself to the point where the masses can overthrow it without much trouble we need to focus on gathering popular support for abolishing capitalism and replacing it with socialism before we worry about when to have a revolution we shouldn't actively try to usher in the next financial crisis which would lead to thousands if not millions of people ending up in poverty not having access to health care and so forth that crisis will come on its own eventually capitalism will never stop having crisis it has had regular crisis since the Industrial Revolution which is where capitalism began as socialists we know this we know that there is no reforming capitalism until it stopped coming crisis we know that crises will keep coming forever and forever forever until capitalism is abolished and replaced with socialism what we need to do is not trying to accelerate the the speed at which these crises are occurring what we need to do is increase the popular support for socialism and anti capitalism until the time comes when there is a genuine opportunity for socialist revolution and at that point we can be a United anti-capitalist front and bring down capitalism and then we'll have a bunch of infighting and try to decide what kind of socialism we should have next and then we should have some kind of socialism I kind of tied the end of that question into the previous question but next question what is your opinion on liberation theology and Christian communism I think that both fine I mean I myself am not particularly religious and I do agree with Lenin's criticisms of organized religion but I do also recognize that those criticisms were mostly valid in Tsarist Russia when the church had massive political influence but the church doesn't really have massive political influence in most countries these days so if you're religious and you find that your religious beliefs are compatible with socialism then I think that's a good thing Pope Francis once said if anything it is the communists who think like Christians Christ spoke of a society where the poor the weak and the marginalized have the right to decide not demagogues not Barabbas but the people the poor whether they have faith in a transcendent God or not it is they who must help to achieve equality and freedom and if that is your point of view as a Christian communist then you are a comrade of mine next question fake on YouTube asks what do communists think about universal basic income now I obviously cannot speak for all communists in existence but I would guess that most communists liked the idea of universal basic income I mean the idea of communism is from each according to their ability to each according to their needs and universal basic income gives people according to their needs so that's like half of communism obviously it's not quite simple but it's still a good idea next question thorpe javonni on reddit asked what should the u.s. do to promote actual leftist candidates the media senses all truth tellers and frames Bernie Sanders an extremist Republicans and Democrats both to come do you support Green Party social as you say communists you say etc hello so Giovanni now since I'm not an American I can't really tell you what you should do to promote leftist candidates in America I mean according to the Communist Control Act of 1954 I'm not even allowed to visit your country so I can't really sit here all the way across the ocean and tell you what you should do because I don't live in America and I don't have the cultural or political context that you do I would also like it if certain Americans stop telling us Swedish people what we should do about the political situation in our country without them ever even visiting Sweden you look at what's happening last night in Sweden Sweden who would believe there Sweden but I can give you some general advice that kind of applies to everywhere in the world and that advice that I have which applies everywhere in the world is that Marxism doesn't apply everywhere in the world or rather Marxism doesn't apply equally all around the world as many socialist thinkers around history have told us socialism doesn't look the same everywhere in the users are they has Marxism Leninism in China they had no ISM in India they have the Naxalites in Santa merica they have socialism of the 21st century in Europe we had euro communism in Romania they have national communism in the apparently have a perc underpass in Vietnam they have Ho Chi Minh thought and so on and so forth these are in tendencies that disagree with each other they have just been changed to fit the specific material conditions of whichever countries they are applied to Ho Chi Minh thought wouldn't work in Sweden and eurocom unison wouldn't work in Vietnam and that's fine what America needs to do is create a concrete consistent socialist ideology specifically for the material conditions of the United States and I don't mean come up with a fancy name like it Marxism Leninism Americanism or whatever and put the create some weird flag for it like that's not what I'm telling you to do in fact I will tell you don't do that just call out socialism don't make it more complicated than it has to be but what I'm trying to warn you about is copy pasting the precise ideology of a socialist country across the world or god forbid the precise ideology of a historical country which doesn't exist anymore like revolutionary catalonia which ended in 1939 that was 78 years ago by all means learn from currently existing socialist countries as well previously existing socialist countries analyze what was done well what could have been done better then applying what you learned to the material conditions of America but don't just take whatever works in 1939 and think that it will work in America in 2017 because it won't different material conditions call for different solutions and it's probably one of the most important things that Lenin told us next question Freeman the demon asked what do you think about the idea that china is still socialist as I've mentioned before I'm quite Frankie so I know that this opinion is controversial but I'm not here to tell you what to think I'm only here to tell you what I think I do think that Chinese will a socialist state albeit with some pretty big flaws but it's not capitalists according to the theory of historical materialism since there was never a counter-revolution which replaced the socialist system which a capitalist one Seana is still socialist if it was possible for China to reform back into capitalism that's just reverse Burnstein ISM and that would mean that it's also possible for any capitalist country to reform into socialism which Rosa Luxemburg taught us is impossible recommended reading reform or revolution like where's Luxembourg but this is such a complicated topic that I'm going to have to talk about it in a video of its own in the future last but not least top 1000 asked three different questions first they asked do you have any thoughts on the Philosopher's Slavoj Zizek no not really I've only read some more what is written but I agree with most of it that's pretty much all I have say written how do you think the radical left can make yourself more attractive to people debunking myths and educating people about what socialism actually means which is kind of what I'm doing with this channel as well as my website socialism 101 welcome what strategies can be implemented to prevent socialist societies from turning excessive totalitarian or bureaucratic as I've mentioned in a previous video I am quite tanky there are some people on the internet who are more tanky than I am those people who are more tanky than I am are going to be very upset at me saying this but Mikhail Gorbachev's glasnost reforms in the users are were mostly positive I would say although maybe not executed very well unfortunately some countries like Laos decided to follow the perestroika reforms but not the glasnost reforms which is like the opposite of what they should have done the perestroika reforms were shipped the glasnost performance were pretty good but the Maoist idea of the mass line is also pretty good obviously direct democracy is the most desirable system but Cuba's participatory democracy is also very good which I promise I am going to make a video about that it's just taking a long time to do the necessary research and just government openness in general is very good that people need to know what their government is doing what the elected representatives are doing and also use more referendums in general and also internet and technology is just good for spreading information and informing voters and mappings although electronic voting is a really bad idea which Tom Scott made a real good video about just in general people need to be more directly involved in decision making I don't think so-called socialist multi-party parliamentary democracies a good solution because that did not work out well in East Germany I think Cuba has a really unique democratic system which does seem to function very well and the majority of Cubans are happy with it but I mean no matter which democratic system it is you can always make it more direct just make things as directly democratic as humanly possible that's my advice to any world leaders there I know I know there are a couple of world's leaders who watch my videos okay that's all the questions that I have time for today thank you to everyone who's sending questions and subscribe to my last video at the moment of recording this we are at 1173 subscribers so again 173 subscribers since my last video where I asked you to send in questions so that's awesome I'm going to answer all of the other questions from the YouTube comments in my next Q&A video so stay tuned also I've seen several people say that they don't get my videos in their subscription feed so if you want to be notified whenever I make a new video click the notification valve next to these subscribe button I don't know why YouTube thought it was a good idea to make the subscribe button basically worthless but yeah the Bell is the new subscribe button so click that please like this video if you liked it and be sure to follow me on social medias if you feel like it links are in the description as always thank you for watching shall we still be slaves and work for wages it is outrageous at the for ages oh this earth I write belongs to toilers and not to spoilers a blip Bertie the master class is small but they have lots of gone when we unite to gain our right if they resist will use our might there is no middle ground this fight must be won realm to victory for liberty jackasses marching

  1. 2:59 that is an extremely loose definition of socialism, in fact in all those countries private property rules the live of men

  2. I "hate" socialism because like other "revolutions" they just limit themselves to change the government and the ruling political class. In my home country Peru (I'm currently in California) the whole "People's War" in the 80's killed thousands, they were terrorists and tried to justify their actions saying that it was for the good of the working class and the state. For me, socialism, capitalism it's just the same if their leaders are sicked idiots that just pursue personal power

  3. Sadly, Lenin Moreno has betrayed the left. I'm a fellow Ecuadorian and it saddens me to have witnessed this.

  4. Greece is not a socialist country
    Syriza is not even leftist
    Έλληνας εδώ παρεπιπτόντως άμα θέλεις ψαχτο λίγο καλύτερα μάγκα πριν πεις κάτι
    Coming from a Greek living in Greece

  5. Dissenting opinion of UBI; it is not a good system. Reasons:
    (1) Money is fluid in power, so whilst everyone would have more money the buying power of that money would fall off.
    (2) We could work around the previous issue by instead giving people what they need without money in the middle. Giving people housing based on what they need. Giving people food (lobbyists may make this a bad idea) where the food provided is based off of nutritional research.

  6. Go watch Jonathon Pie if u haven't already. He's a British, socialist comedian and is hilarious

  7. In my opinion, and perhaps I’m misinformed, I believe UBI, in the current system, only strengthens the Capitalist.

  8. China is the sweat shop nation state on planet earth. It is not and never was Socialist/Communist.

  9. Greece is not socialist actually. we are middle left. We got siriza which is not socialist. Before siriza we had dn wich is right. So yeah greek people don't really agree with the left audiologys. Siriza was ur first time.

  10. The religious establishment is the worst form of socialist tyranny! The stories about Jesus are the most communist stories in existence! And in the name of that "freedom", you must worship a God who tortures dissidents just like Stalin! Communism has killed 2.3 billion people! I WILL NEVER GIVE UP IN ACHIEVING DEMOCRACY AND DESTROYING RELIGION. I do not call for revolution; I call for insurrection


  12. Question ¿what would happen to the variety of products to choose if a capitalist market is overthrowed by socialism?

  13. The problem with communism and the rest of the socialist ideaology is that it sounds like a utopia in theory, but is an economic dystopia in practice, take for say…. Near all of the countries you mentioned to be socialistic.

    Don't get me wrong, I love to see your videos and through them understand the economics and politics of socialism and it's sub-ideaologies, but what I am ctrying to say is that socialistic countries being economic shitholes is not a coincidence.

  14. In regards to what you said about Glasnost and improving democracy, I'd argue that the solution for the Soviet Union should've been to return to the Stalinist way of doing things. Under Stalin, the USSR had party purges specifically designed as measures to avoid corruption and bureaucracy. It certainly proved effective, as in 1932, 92% of the Communist Party was composed of manual labor workers and peasants, a percentage which continually decreased after Stalin died. We can see a similar thing happening today in China with Xi Jinping's anti-corruption campaign, not quite sure how it works in Cuba tho.

  15. Islam is also compatible with socialist ideals. You should look up Sheik Bedreddin, an Ottoman cleric which led a rebellion under the ideals of "We shall share all but our wives" in the 14th century.

  16. Do you believe that a socialist can be:
    1) anti-lbgtq+
    2) anti-immigration in most cases
    3) pro-life
    Basically anything that socialist today stand for.
    can a person be against it but still believe in the revolution and be for the working class and all that and still call himself a socialist?

  17. 8:00 There will be when either Japan's or the US's debt bubbles burst. Because that will cause mass economic turmoil in the respective countries, weaken the government due to less tax income and being incapable of spending much. That will create a Necessary climate for Hokkaido (one of the most Socialist Prefectures in Japan.) or New mexico (one of the most Socialist states in the US) to start a revolt against the government. (and based on the Political climate of Arizona, California, Arkansas, Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri(my home state. And i know ALOT of fellow socialist in Missouri) Kansas, Wyoming, Alaska, California, and Utah (all of these states have enough socialist support to vote to also seceded) and the Akita prefecture in japan (near Hokkaido, and very much influenced by Hokkaido) Meaning that civil war could break out in these countries. (given, a war near my town may not be ideal, but sacrifices have to be made… preferably with as little casualties as possible.)

    Now, if this does happen… well fuck. Now, in japan i dont really care other than there would be alot of anime being produced representing it. But in the us… Please have Missouri be surrounded completely by one of the fighting sides.. (preferably the socialist one.)

  18. Fuck Lenin Moreno, he's a traitor to the people who elected him, he has done nothing and we're 1 year into his presidency, has given a platform to a lot of right wing ex presidents who were super corrupt and kept Ecuador in poverty, he also has started reducing electric tariffs for the big companies and increasing it to the common people

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