Is China Becoming More Communist? | ‘President’ Xi Jinping and CCP Politics/Economy

Is China Becoming More Communist? Xi Jinping is pushing Marxism And all levels of Chinese society have to
follow. Welcome back to China Uncensored. I’m Chris Chappell. Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror and thought, “Am I really the best Communist I can be?” Trick question, the great proletarian revolution doesn’t need your bourgeois mirrors. But that is the question Chinese leader Xi Jinping is asking. The Chinese Communist Party is the largest Communist Party in the world, with 90 million members. But every now and then you need a reminder of what got you there. Of how incredible Communism is. I mean, 100 million people dead in 100 years, that’s quite an accomplishment. But today in China, people just don’t seem to have the devotion to Marx and Communism the way they once did. For example, 97 percent of Chinese companies are privately
owned. China has a third of the world’s billionaires. And China’s official state-run trade union is set up specifically to make sure workers don’t collectively bargain. So it looks like China got a little off the
Marx. That’s why over the past several years, Xi Jinping has made a push to get everyone excited about Communism again. Assuming they were in the first place. Ok, there were definitely times when people were a little *too* excited about Communism. Now, I’m not saying that Xi Jinping wants another Cultural Revolution. But it’s hard to be the head of the Communist
Party when it seems like most people in China don’t really believe in Communism anymore. And what better way to get people back on
your side than with a big top-down state directive! Xi Jinping has been pushing all levels of Chinese society to study Marxism. Or more specifically, socialism with Chinese characteristics. In a speech marking the Chinese Communist
Party’s 95th anniversary, Xi Jinping said, “History tells us the Chinese people’s
choice of the Communist Party to lead them toward the civilization’s great rejuvenation has been correct, and that the party’s path of socialism with Chinese characteristics is also correct.” He also said that “Marxism must be the basic, fundamental, guiding principle or the Party would lose its soul and direction.” I mean we wouldn’t want the officially atheist Communist Party to lose its soul, now would we? And Xi Jinping is leading by example. In 2017, a few days after“winning” a second
term as the General Secretary of the Communist
Party, Xi and other top Party leaders headed to Shanghai, raising their fists to honor the birthplace of the Chinese Communist Party and its founders. According to Willy Wo-Lap Lam, an adjunct professor at the Chinese University
of Hong Kong, it was “a reinstatement of the commitment
of the party in this so-called ‘new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics’ that they would stick to original values of the founding fathers. That means definitely no move away from orthodox Marxism, orthodox Maoism. No taking up of Western values.” I mean, other than the fact that Communism originally came from the West. A few months later, Xi Jinping made some major changes to the
constitution. First, he added his very own Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era to both the Communist Party’s constitution, and China’s state constitution. Then, he added to the state constitution that “The leadership of the Communist Party of
China is the defining feature of socialism with Chinese characteristics.” This new clause officially gives the Communist
Party direct control over the Chinese government. Ok, it definitely already had control over
the government. But now it’s in the constitution, which makes it legal. Think of it like, China has a government system, but the Chinese Communist Party’s own system is a parasite that’s latched onto the government and controls it from above. Kind of like the Goa’uld from Stargate. And now that’s written into law. And since the Constitution also says “The socialist system is the basic system of the People’s Republic of China,” What that really means is that China is officially a one-party state led by the Chinese Communist Party, and anything else is illegal according to the Constitution. Glad we got that cleared up. Xi Jinping is also putting more pressure on China’s 90 million Communist Party members. Besides requiring them to be atheists, “Xi also ordered ‘the broad masses of
party members, cadres and especially senior cadres to study
well and apply well [the Communist Manifesto].’” State-run media has also recently warned them to stick with Marx and not ghosts and spirits. “Resolutely prevent not believing in Marx
and Lenin and believing in ghosts and spirits, not believing in the truth and believing in
money.” Wait. I have no idea what I’m supposed to
do. Am I supposed to believe in money or not? And does that mean money is a superstition, like ghosts and spirits? I’m so confused. Anyway, it’s not just Party members. They haven’t forgotten the children either. “For China’s gen-Xers and millennials, the Party is in danger of being written off as just another corrupt old boys’ club.” Which is why the Party has spared no effort in trying to make Communism cool again. Whether it’s a Karl Marx rap. A Karl Marx talk show Or a Karl Marx anime! Yes, absolutely none of these things are driven by market demand. Just like Marx would have wanted. Xi has also been stressing ideological education
in school. “Xi highlighted the guiding position of
Marxism in ideological and political classes, saying China’s education should serve the
people, the Party’s governance and the development of socialism with Chinese characteristics.” And they start ’em young. “Starting with toddlers, Xi said China must ‘nurture generation after
generation [of young people] who support Chinese Communist
Party rule and China’s socialist system.’” So it’s for these reasons you see headlines
like these— suggesting that China’s thriving liberal
democracy was somehow subverted by Xi Jinping. Except—that’s not really what’s going
on. Most of these changes are superficial. Xi Jinping is pushing for people to study
Marxism-Leninism. But it’s not that he actually wants to return to the days of collective farming and killing
landlords. Fun times— but those days are over. See, there’s a lot more to communism than redistributing wealth. The nature of a communist regime is to control everything in society. Ever since the Chinese Communist Party took power in 1949… …it has controlled every organization; rewritten history; manipulated the news; monitored all levels of society; stopped people from speaking out; prevented people from believing in God or
Buddha; and re-educated or killed people who don’t
agree. Those things…have not actually changed since the economic reforms of the late 1970s. So China is still communist in pretty much
every sense. What about the economy? Sure, China no longer has collectivization, where everyone works and lives on communes. But the state still owns all the land in China, state-run enterprises control all the major
industries, and Chinese officials still intervene in the
economy all the time. All of these things mean that the state pretty much still controls the means of production. Chinese people are allowed to make money now, but they can only get rich if their company does what the Party wants. And that’s why— even with all the ideology that Xi Jinping
is pushing— China is not actually becoming *more* communist. If anything, it’s just becoming more *visibly* communist, especially to those of us outside China. But even if it’s not making China more communist, why is Xi Jinping pushing Marxist ideology,
anyway? Well, there are a few possibilities. One is that Xi is a true believer in communism. That when he publishes articles on dialectical materialism, he actually means it. Which, I don’t know. This guy has the kind of poker face that got him to the top of the Chinese leadership. Who knows what he’s really thinking? Maybe it’s “I heart dialectical materialism.” Another possibility is that Xi’s push for
Marxism is a way to silence his critics. Xi has amassed tremendous personal power. He’s the strongest Chinese leader in a generation. But right now, if it looked like he was going to abandon the Party and really make himself Emperor, or as I like to say, Presitator, the Party would tear him apart. So by cloaking everything he does to gain
power in the language of the Party, Xi makes it harder for other Party officials to criticize what he’s doing. “Do you have a problem with dialectical materialism, Li Keqiang? Didn’t think so.” And a third possibility is that Xi Jinping’s push for Marxism is a compromise with hardliners in the Party. Let’s not forget about the ongoing internal power struggle in the Party, featured in my favorite soap opera, General Hostility. Remember that trip to Shanghai I mentioned? Shanghai is more than just where the Chinese Communist Party was founded. It’s also the power base of Xi’s biggest
political rival Jiang Zemin. Xi wanted to remove presidential terms limits so he could stay in power forever. Like Skeletor. But it looks like in order to get that through, he had to go to Jiang’s homebase and publically reaffirm his faith in the Party. In other words, it’s Xi Jinping submitting himself to the
Party— not him taking over the Party. “Dialectical materialism is the best! Because the Party says so.” We’ll have to see how this all plays out. But ultimately, even though it might look like Xi Jinping is pushing communist values— China never really got less communist. It’s been communist all along. So what do you think? Leave your comments below. And before you go, I’m going to answer a question from a fan of the show who supports China
Uncensored o n the crowd funding website Patreon. Ethan Fredsti asks, “What would happen if Xi Jinping pulled
a Gorbachev? Well that’s the million ruble question everyone has been asking since Xi came to
power. At the beginning, some people hoped he would be a great reformer. But I don’t think true reform is possible with the Chinese Communist Party in charge. The Party saw what happened to the Soviet
Union— and they’re terrified of that happening
in China. In fact, Xi made a speech back in 2013 where he blamed Gorbachev for the fall of the Soviet Union, and said that “nobody was a real man, nobody came out to resist.” So if Xi Jinping started acting like he was setting himself up to be a Gorbachev and dissolve the Party, it’s very likely he’d be squashed by the giant Party machine. And not the good kind of Party machine— like a disco ball or cotton candy machine. The bad kind— the kind that kills you if you don’t comply. Like a very bad cotton candy machine. As Forbes writes— and I think this is pretty accurate— “Xi isn’t so much solidifying One Man Rule as he is solidifying One Party Rule, with himself at the head of the Party.” And that’s an important distinction to make. Thanks for your question, Ethan. And to everyone else, thank you for watching! If you’d like me to answer your question
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  1. Nope. China is over communism and has been for some time now. China is becoming more national socialist. And globohomo judeoliberal elites are scrambling like chickens.

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  4. Xi jiping may be pushing for communism, but the people have made no budge in conforming to what the communist party wants. China is ahead in trade and their economy is booming! Without China, America is doomed since it depends on China for manufacturing many clothes, appliances, and technology. I live in Qingdao China and I’ve been told many times by Chinese they claim China is not communist, but that communism is a dream for them. With the way China is modernizing quickly, I don’t think the people want to give up what they’ve worked so hard for. It would ruin many companies and businesses who like the video said make billions. I think only the leader wants communism and acts that way with VPN’s for sure and blocking outside news to any Chinese person. The government gets to control everything Chinese see all monitored easily through one app, we chat. How convenient.

  5. China is not becoming more communist. China is becoming more evil under the fake emperor XI Jin Pig from the fake capital of the world China

  6. This guy is biased. Deng Xiao Ping learned that communism with chinese characteristics did not work from Mao, and quickly changed the course of China to be market capitalism. If you go to China today, it is a very capitalistic market. Stop using that term as a blanket.

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  11. im sorry if i dont know anything at all.

    in my point of view, if me, myself, my family, my neighbour and most of all citizens of my country are happy, have job, cheap stuffs to fill my kitchen, ,my wallet is not empty at all, and anything that good enough,
    i really dont mind and care if goverment or the presiden of my country is comunist or anything else.
    as long as the citizens are happy with their life.

    why some ppl see that as a threat?
    why do you think, your way of thinking is correct without care so much what i think about it.
    why its always about you? cant you leave it alone when my life is peacefull?
    why do you want to messed up others so bad?
    is that happiness for you?

  12. The Marxist movement and the socialist ideology is based on three things: control, authoritarianism and genocide.

  13. You think 100 million in a century was a record (even though most of these were not due to collective autonomy of the means of production )……..

    try 100 million….. I N 5 0 Y E A R S
    global warming seems to speed that up, thanks capitalism

  14. Communism has not tried yet in any other countries. That was not the real Communism that was totalitarianism/authoritarianism society. Communism should be egalitarianism with classless society, stateless society, no government, no war, no police, no money, no religion, no civilization, no more military, and government will overthrow. Communism will be the final stage after socialism. It will be just like Primitive Communism just like hunters and gatherers on the final stage for Communism or Marxism not totalitarian or authoritarian. I would make this country into a communist under egalitarian without no government at all and will be utopia communist country.

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  16. Great reporting. This stuff couldn't be made up and yet…Jinping is doing just that. That is some of the scariest stuff to hear if I had to live in that. May God save millions in China and turn this corruption back on its head.

  17. @CU
    Whatever happened to China's famous quote, "It's Glorious to be Rich."
    I guess Deng Xiaoping died too soon.

  18. You led me to Google dialectical materialism, whereupon Google gave me a definition.
    All I can say is…What ?

  19. One of the best definitions I've heard that juxtaposed capitalism and socialism, is that both capitalism and socialism are capitalist…
    Capitalism creates wealth and socialism takes capitalist's wealth and redistributes it (mostly to the wealthy and powerful).
    Socialism never makes wealth… unless you're communist China.
    In the interim they seem to have solved the problem of "What do you do when you run out of other people's money ?"
    The answer is, you don't.
    You own all the property, you own all the big corporations and you own all the money.
    Funny thing, that..

  20. No communes or communal distribution of resources? Not communist. It's just an autocracy. Just a dictatorship.

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  23. Nobody:

    Xi Jinping: I'm able to execute everyone who disagrees with me.

    Nobody's Family: DEAD

  24. Western Power will come to an end, China will prevail as a new super power and it will bring new world order to the rest of the world. This is the future!

  25. When you pay more attention to the reality, there is no a single nation is purely communism, liberalism, or socialism, they are actually mix.

    Government utilize the ideology to maintain power only, but when you pay attention to the society change, you might realize China is not a communism country, but is trending to capitalism from socialism, However, it doesn’t mean that China in the future will become a capitalism or market economy country.

    The biggest disadvantage the capitalism and liberalism is will make people becoming more materialistic and laziness which is why Singapore against capitalism or liberalism. China also realized such disadvantage which is why China never follow the European and USA political and economical ideology.

  26. Every communist state ever

    Communists: from each according to his means, to each according to their needs.

    People: Yeah, fuck rich people, give me free shit.

    Communists: Remembers to take from each according to his means, forgets to give to each according to his needs.

    Also communists: kills everyone who thinks this is not a fair situation.

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  30. Yeah, and they still expect their 3% kickback on all favors they do for you, except when they don't like you anymore – then you just disappear! Xi was probably waving his fist in Shanghai along Nanjing Lu while passing by the Bentley, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Rolls-Royce showrooms in his MBZ, while his security teams were following in their Audi A6's!

  31. No. You can't make this claim. What is communism, vis a vis socialism? Well, if we compared western Europe to China today it would be like comparing the Allies to the National Socialist party of Germany in 1940. Just look at working hours, rights to legal processes and lack of equal opportunities to gain a truer political term for today's PRC. Nowhere is class division, nepotism and abuse of the individual more visible than China. People are vary aware of it, the only thing holding it together is the simplistic anti-western historiography and a well designed education framework that negates peer review opinion, critique and intellectualism sandwiched by a dose of Confusionism and fear.

  32. i think yes because he has made himself king of china and a major dictator of the orient ,but this will work well for Russia and their future plan ,and it will leave what is left to Taiwan the original people of china, not the puppets of the communist party ,because the Russian don't want another communist culture trying to retake the original china back, and I believe the Taiwanese wont want to reclaim a cess pool as a nation, they all ready have a beautiful little island, and they are not greedy like the chinese .

  33. HOw can China follow Marxisim and Communism? China people are more materialistic and worship money more than any other race. If you go China, everyone you contact with will look at you to see if you're rich or poor. If you're rich, you're treated with fake friendship (they want your money in some way),. If you're poor, they will literallybe rude and in certain cases shoo you away and call you Qiong Diao Si (Poor C_nt).

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