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  1. 中国的悲剧,人类的悲哀, 采访了这么多人,只有一个中年大叔(8:44)稍微清醒一些,估计他的社会信用值要扣分了

  2. I pulled Jury duty and during the selection process that took a week, they threw off all the Chinese because each and every one didn't believe in giving all the accused a fair trial. It turned out that all evidence revealed that two of the three accused had nothing to do with a killing, and the third guy causes the fatal shooting in a struggle with yet another guy who had fired off a loaded gun, of his own but was taken out of the game because he was a police snitch. Three guys would have gone down for murder, as far as the Chinese were concerned. The judge, at one point of all these Chinese being poled by attorneys and showing pure apathy for justice said, "If you feel that way about our country's justice system why don't you go live in Russia??" We're talking, a DEATH PENALTY judge. (And he's appalled by the Chinese willingness to throw away three lives).

  3. Still better than America's leftists controlled media. Can't say anything without been labeled as "racist". Hypocrisy at its finest.

  4. People keep talking in the whole video about the question of "Good Citizens", but I think they do fail to see a small little detail. What defines a good citizen is the definition of Good of the Government. You can be a morally good (and even righteous citizen) and still do good acts everyday, but… What if you simply don't agree with the government?

    Okay, and then you might be thinking – "Oh, but this is the Chinese culture, and it's built based on the way it works", yeah, you're right – Problem is that it's a great tool to reshaping people in other cultures as well. Plus, even worse – It incentive people not really to be good citizens, but to be Good Citizens in the eyes of a program. And then, I ask you – What about the people that know of this question, and want to exploit it for their own personal objectives? To make you look trusty?

    And sure, that kind of behaviour already exist in real life, but it becomes even more dangerous when you have a official system that validates it. It doesn't create good citizens… It creates a society of people wearing masks of good citizens. Plus it also create incentivations for Black Market operations, because… What about these activities that we know people don't want to take in order to avoid lowering their scores? Then, when you see… you create gateways for worse activities.

    Although, to be honest – I don't think it could radically change society. People will still gonna conduct their business one way or another, and will still be careful around what kind of truth they let out of their mouths. You might say – "Good Citizens won't do that", well… maybe… But have you consider that maybe there might be people we might, in the future, openly trust because a system like this tell us we can trust them, only to reveal it's a terrifically well fabricated lie, and we might have fallen into a dangerous trap?

    Maybe I should stop writing horror stories for a while. Just… maybe.

  5. no way this will ever happen in countries like poland , russia , hungary, there would nationwide revolution, other countries it is possible, people are too scared of their goverments and too controled already, not mentiong that in most of the countries in the world people do exactly what they are told to do ( they call it being law abiding citizen and obeying the law) but really they are too stupid to think by themselfes they are brainwashed so they just do waht media tells them to do and follow the masses

  6. Social credit score- watches your every move(including payments)
    Credit score-watches only payments

    See the difference?

    *People defending this*>
    *Insert bird-box meme*

  7. It's like someone studied 1984 as a textbook. What's even more dangerous is how the rest of the world will look and follow. China has implemented a deadly concept that heavily stifles free thinking, non-conformist lifestyle and innovation…and other dictators, authoritarians and fascists will be rigorously taking notes from this.

  8. Critical information: All those interviews took place in Shanghai — one of the biggest city around the world. These videos show the best side of China, the mid/high class people, for only 20% of population. Think about the rest, they are as ignorant as your grandma.

  9. Yeah because jaywalking is such a big problem. Dude, who cares about jaywalking? I guess China is more or less okay with pigeonholeing people based on social norms they decide while at the same time repressing individuality. Some conservatives go around talking about American exceptionalism but it's not our military prowess that gives us whatever exceptional qualities we have. Neither is it out economy. It's our diversity and our creativity. That nearly indefinable quality that is the American spirit. It's the thing that inspired Lewis and Clark to explore the continent and the first jazz musicians to break with tradition. This will not foster rugged self reliance or any breaks with tradition.

  10. They can't criticize the social credit system because they will be docked a lot of points for criticizing it. That counts as criticizing the government and that's a serious violation that will make you lose a lot of points

  11. The rich are the most corrupt.

    The higher classes will not be under the radar because they are commiting criminal acts constantly.

    Already high party official got caught when AI cross referenced their personal data.

    These high party officials turn the machine off otherwise they would be going to jail.

    So what you have a social credit system for the middle classes and the poor yet the rich are exempt?

    The rich will be exempt from the social credit system.

  12. About the 2020 plan, as a Chinese, no one around has ever heard about it, strongly doubt it is a fake news. As to the current credit rating system, just need to pay your bill on time, that's all this system about, it's totally understandable, don't understand why you guys give such big reactions

  13. I mean if u got nothing to hide why would u care? Ur own gov is also spying on u too so I don’t get y u guys are also complaining

  14. EXACTLY!! when I read about this, the first thing I thought was… Omg was China inspired by that episode on Black Mirror? 😂

  15. the guys with glasses i believe he is a very famous shanghai radio host in the one of most famous radio station。i can recognize his voice but i never saw his face before

  16. Misleading title, lol. I am a Chinese, I don’t doubt that this video is just made for more clicks. BTH I have never heard anything like any ranking system is going to be implement in out social life may cause the same effort in the black mirror, or even the close idea. Np. All banks in the world has it’s own credit ranking system to select customers and decide what privilege they can offer to these group of people. Using Alipay’s EXTRA service to proof the point is defo stupid. Lol. I use alipay, heard about the zhima or whatever service, never used it lol. You gave a useless example to support your statement. Shame of you. 标题流量狗

  17. I've never heard this kind of news in Chinese media and I just got this from Youtube(save it I know what you're thinking)… This credit system is now applied in companies, but I believe it's a worldwide problem for sure. Be aware that apps are definitely collecting personal data. Western media is good at putting a negative label on China.

  18. 看英文评论,西方人只会以他们的思维方式评判别的国家,他们都不知道中国的国情,标题也是先入为主,直接来个黑镜。

  19. It is honestly terrifying. Now you have the whole camera looking at you 24/7/your entire life. Not to mention the fact that China implemented this so that the 'dishonest' people who decided to be against the government cannot escape the country and cannot seek help from other countries or people. This is honestly the most terrifying thing. I will NEVER EVER go to China.

  20. 笑死我了,评论里一堆凶杀率前几国家的人来刷存在感,说“可怜的中国人”,这都不说了,你当美国的FICO分数和加拿大的信用分(还有欧美其他国家的)是开玩笑的吗?你们开心就好:))

  21. They will get lower social credit if they criticise it so obviously they will say they love it. Its like asking a North Korean to say what they think of the supreme leader They have to say they love him or get taken to a concentration camp and all their family and friends with them. Its not as bad consequences but look what they are doing in Xinjiang its literally concentration camps.
    The loyal servant will be taken care of.

  22. I am a sci-fi fan. I have to say a few words. A hypothesis of the black mirror consists of two conditions:

    1. Everyone has a scoring system and their daily behavior is limited
    by it
    2. The scoring system is based on the evaluation of others in daily interactions

    Many people will bring the event that satisfies Condition 1 into this set of black mirrors and ignore Condition 2, but I think Condition 2 is the core of the content to be expressed in the black mirror, and the content of the reference is obvious, that is, political correctness.

    Political correctness requires you to speak and do things according to the rules. PC: You can't say offensive words. Black Mirror: You have to make fancy photos.

    The politically correct executive body is the citizen, not the government or the enterprise.

    Political correctness will affect your career and words and deeds

    So my point is that you can criticize that the system that China is doing is a corporate monitoring, and it can be a very bad thing, but you can't directly equate the black mirror, which will only make your argument weak
    (English translate by google)
    政治正确要求你按照规矩讲话和做事 PC:你不能说冒犯的话 黑镜:你要发讨巧的照片

    政治正确的执行主体是公民 而不是政府或者企业

  23. If they try to implement such a system in the west I for one will be boycotting it. I hope the good people of the UK (my home country) will do the same. This is a dystopian nightmare. I attended a pitching event recently for startups and one group was pitching a business idea that would give landlords more knowledge and access to financial history of their potential tenants. Even late payments of rent would come up, so not only is it near impossible to buy a property for first time buyers these days, but now they want to make it harder for people to even rent a place. I do not like the way the future is looking.

  24. Ok guys when you've never been to this country plz don't expect it to be like yours. Things just work different there and it's hard to say…..

  25. Finally a comment section with rational people, I’m surprised I couldn’t find any Chineses blindly defend their country.

  26. In China giving businesses your money is now considered a privilege.

    Just imagine if every business you went to the United States treated you like you needed them and they didn't need you

  27. Many of these interviewees seem to be as pliable and as naive as the North Koreans. Also, this kind of system sucks for anyone who has a mental illness. After forgetting to pay bills on time or other things they'll quickly find themselves at the bottom of society which will further worsen their situation. I imagine the suicide rate will sky-rocket. But hey, at least they'll prevent jay-walking, am I right?

  28. Apparently talking bad about the government affects your social credit score. If I was Chinese and a popular youtube channel interviewed me to ask about the latest government social credit scheme I'd be like "BEST IDEA EVER" "LONG LIVE XI JINPING" gotta get those high scores lol.

  29. One time there was this bathroom that required facial recognition technology to dispense the toilet paper 😂

  30. Looks like everyone except the chinese are making a fuss… How about we let them do as they like and dont be overly opinionated?

  31. I saw someone with high social credit ranking but I personally knew that she cheated money out of other people. So far, this social ranking is ineffective.

  32. This is not a social credit system at all.
    Zhi Ma Xin Yong is a financial credit system run by a PRIVATE Fintech company. The system is only used for deciding whether this Fintech company would lend money to individuals and that’s it. Many Chinese people were actually surprised when this APP turned into a social credit system on foreign medias. For my foreign fellows, this is why no Chinese people are protesting against it. Most questions in this interview were asking for predictions of interviewees IF a social credit system is implemented in future China.

  33. The most damaging effects on human nature of such social credit system are, like branding piglets in the pig-pen, turning humans into animals, for controlling their behaviours for the one-party state for political gains and ends; And paying the price of the short terms survival needs of human race that curtails its potential developments of an intelligent life in the Universe, who, one day instead, is able to eventually to cut off the umbilical dependency of planet earth, and therefore, detach itself from the demise of other animals and the earth – for the continuation of human intelligent life to further extend and survive in the universe, as the ultimate goal.

  34. Next y’all will have chips in your skin and praise satan you guys are fools to accept the Beast so easily

  35. Once this social credit system is finally implemented worldwide, at it will be, just give it time… Imagine how boring movies will be!

  36. Please this is misleading. Don't make it seem like china is the only country. Every country has breach of privacy and knows everything you do. If you want real privacy, be a hobo. Throw all your electronic devices and disconnect from social life. You can die alone and nobody will care.

  37. i am a chinese,i knew the west media has prejudice to chinna,but today i just realise they had some kind of paranoia,it just a commercial credit system launched by a electronic business company call alibaba,whitch is the dominiant company in china,its most important bisines is a online shopping platform call taobao just like ebay,and a online pay platform named zhifubao like paypal.if u spent lot of shopping in taobao,u will have a higher score,and if u deceived or delayed pai the loan,ur score will be reduce.and if u have a higher score,u can get some previlige like u can loan more money or rent a car and dont need to pay the deposit,if ur score is very low,the company will forbidden u to loan money,just it,thats all

  38. No just like in the episode so many things could go wrong i think they might do this really but it won't be as big it will still be instagram likes and followers or something like that but i dont think it will be as big as it is in nosedive where your social media status grades your whole being

  39. 不要总想搞个大新闻,就来把我们批判一番,媒体啊,还是要多提高姿势水平,将来报道出了偏差,是要负泽任的

  40. Either I’ve gone completely insane, or none of this is real… I live in China and why am I not monitored by this some kind of credit system…?

  41. I'm actually wondering if this is in the nature of Chinese people to be this obedient. I mean historically they have been more defiant when it came to authoritarianism. There have been many rebellions and wars in China.

  42. Can someone explain why Eastern cultures have a strong proclivity towards submissiveness to government power? Why do they always value perceived security over freedom? Seeing so many people not only like but want conformity is beyond me.

  43. A lot of comments think they are so free, but reality is your country already have these, may be just not combined in one score. Like US, credit score, you don’t pay debt, downgrade your score. No more borrowing for you or more expensive for you to borrow. Let’s talk about running red light or not stopping at stop sign, sure it wont affect your credit score, but it will still be recorded, and your car insurance will be freaking high. Etc….I believe China wants to do something good here, because in the past China has major credibility issue and even foreigners knows it. It’s the media who wants to portrait it as evil, so as this freaking title! Just so misleading!

  44. I cannot understand how people can be so okay with giving away their freedom and privacy to government agencies. I mean, it's not so bad when things are going well……but when your country is going through troubled times, it can backfire quickly. China has been improving rapidly, so I can see where that trust in government comes from. But people should be wary and always be prepared for things going wrong. Because, eventually, they will. And in those times, the people in power will use every resource at their disposal to quell dissent.

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