Is Cardi B Getting Bad Legal Advice?

Hey good evening this is the star report
on a Tuesday night okay let’s get to it let’s get right to it cardi be pleading
not guilty in Queens Court today she was arraigned charges with regards to some
type of ratchet brawl you know in a strip club yeah she looked fabulous
didn’t she did you see the video stuntin playing with the hair you know and the
people you screaming free card free car do free car D yeah free car DB why not
if they freed jussie Smollett aka juicy why not free car D big you know
get out of here these charges these nondescript bartenders whoever they are
you know also folks tonight I want to talk about senator Bernie Sanders
politician presidential candidate Bernie Sanders now going ten toes down if
you’re not fully up to speed don’t worry about it let’s just have a very basic
conversation in layman’s terms you don’t have to be a politician but here’s my
question I do have a question for you tonight with regards to Bernie Sanders
did Bernie Sanders pull a trump card on Atos American descendants of slaves did
he pull a trump card he’s now proposing to erase student debt for Americans with
regards to his you know presidential run for the White House two point four
trillion over a decade Bernie Sanders this is what he’s proposing yep for the
one point six trillion in outstanding student debt by taxing Wall Street
transactions attacks of 0.5 percent on all stocks and trades and smaller fees
on bonds and derivatives yeah could raise a two point six trillion over a
decade what say you the conversation of
reparations will soon become null and void will it take a backseat Bernie
Sanders in case you don’t know has been very open with regards to his position
against reparations for african-americans against he told
Leonard Leonard McKelvey strong name from The Breakfast Club and I mean no
disrespect told him to his face what are reparations Charlemagne didn’t
know Bernie Sanders looked around the room like niggas can’t be serious I mean
he didn’t say that but that was the energy I got from Bernie Sanders anyway
phone lines open let’s talk about it other things I want to talk about myself
I feel great today I had a power nap earlier and I had to take in that
because somebody tried David yes a beautiful black queen you know a head
full of uh you know let me not start that let me just say a black woman tried
me out here in Atlanta and folks let me just say I’m here on business I’m not
gonna fall into the bullshit I’m not gonna get up on my show and say
nothing with regards to that situation in detail because I don’t want her
thinking that she got to me I didn’t take a L
I was at a I’ll just say a business establishment I kept it pushing and I
said you know let me go home and take that nap and I did and I feel great now
I also want to ask you guys do I need to start or should I start get it burning
sage you know oils crystals and all that Fugazi shit I’m at that point in my life
you know where I just I’m not trying to hear nothing that leads to any type of
you know stressful situation I’m 55 you know very few greys
you know let me know what you think maybe I reach out to my cousin supernova
Salaam all right good app good evening pardon me good evening to the live chat
how you guys doing yeah people commenting on my skin I saw
your skin looks good I’m down here you know drinking that Fugazi water now okay
somebody said store got shortchanged at the Waffle House
sir thank you for that comment I have not been to the Waffle House since I
moved to Atlanta I kid you not I haven’t been to the Waffle House maybe a decade
or more I just I don’t want to I don’t want to do that no disrespect to them
I’m on the treadmill now twice a day sometimes three times a day I’m not
doing waffles and all that shit but uh good evening how you guys doing you
there in the live chat okay okay let’s get to the dumb shit and let’s also you
know talk about some of the things that um that I’m interested in and also hang
on let me get everything lined you for your folks I think Keith Sweat is gonna
be in concert here in Atlanta sometime soon
aha sookie sookie now I need a date I need a female closer to my age you know
I I someone maybe 45 and over or 50 and over who wants to go see a Keith Sweat
concert somebody he’s performing I heard it on the radio when I was driving you
know flipping through the channels I’ll figure it out shortly and um okay got my
notes here let me turn my phone off hold on a second because I got a few people
just doing too much on my phone since I’ve moved to Atlanta and let me remind
some of you who don’t know me if you text me more than 200 characters on my
phone it automatically blocks you folks I work with police you know that all
right so I don’t want to hold that extra shit coming through my phone links
images you know all that extra shit so I just want to say that again all right
all right let’s get to the topic tonight cardi B I’m sorry you know I didn’t even
read the story pardon me according to TMZ com album of the year winner at the
beauty Awards cardi B she arrived at the courthouse in Queens decked out in a
black pantsuit as I mentioned the judge told her she’d
be she was being charged with attempted assault in the second degree and various
other charges the judge gave cardi the option to hear all the charges read out
loud her attorney said that would not be necessary and then Carly
said not guilty sir honor not guilty sir honor I’m sure that’s exactly how she
said it yeah she was indicted last week on 12
charges including two counts of felony attempted assault with the intent to
cause serious physical injury all right and then you have the names of the the
females and up there ladies but they’re females Jade and batty GI something
happened back in all this of 2018 okay so cardis cardis going all the way for
now at some point she may settle just to say you know here just get let’s get
these bums some crumbs cuz I can go to fuckin about my business I mean coming
to the phone line shortly uh what else I’m gonna mention here before we get
into the sure oh podcast point person if there’s someone in the Atlanta area I
don’t want to say too much but I need some type of podcast point person
someone who has knowledge in that particular world I’m gonna be doing some
different things as you know I’m here on business and business must be handled
it’s all safe if you’re interested I’ll let me via email you have my email
address all right let’s go to the phone lines and let’s talk about cardi B and
senator Bernie Sanders running for the White House did he pull a trump card on
a do s let’s go to every code three one eight
good evening three one eight cardi B her but not guilty what say you
yes sir how are you yes sir look I want to call in a weigh in on the Bernie
Sanders uh if he put a trump card or not please please um to be honest with you
no I don’t think so and I only said it because that was the only tip of the
iceberg of what they owe us so first of all for us to even have to be almost
satisfied with some type of reparation the fact that we even have to go to
school to get all these loans thing is to even be 25% of equal right to be able
to get these jobs is on the system so start that I feel like no that’s that’s
not something anything that’s just given us that’s the beginning of starts and
stuff even release the makers in the mule I’m not
playing to tell just typing just fell from suit gloves and let’s go call it
equal that’s not equal that says that’s just all at beginner so if you put
something into place okay you think you can give us maybe the the tax link if
you get you get an eight as off they do business but they do you know when they
come over from their land so this land assault businesses so they pass that
down ahead that down generation generation give a back might give us
give us something something that’s that’s gonna set us in a position tool
we can better ourselves not just relief or some debt that you put on us there to
get all hmm so once you once you start that type of
talk then I feel like we can start hoping in the RAI physics but as far as
that being a equal or top and everything I don’t think though okay hang on a
second I appreciate what you’re saying are you have to speed on Elizabeth
Warren now talking about wanting reparations for same-sex couples because
it seems to be that that talk is going to have to wait more than what the talk
that we’ve been talking about for years but negate answer and for me that’s a
problem because it is now if of course they always know that the political game
is something that you’re playing with the hot-button topic is that the multi
mean I feel like he’s gonna play that road there what why not just go ahead
and address what’s been there for the beginning you’re absolutely right but
but here’s the thing and I just want to lay some of this I don’t want us to have
a healthy discussion here tonight the talks of reparations for African
Americans over the years have not put forth a number and a demand hey it’s one
point six trillion it’s two point five trillion but but again salute to some of
the people that recently went to Capitol Hill and and did you know speak but
Elizabeth Warren hang on a second here she has now put forth a number fifty
seven million in tax refunds to married LGBT couples so the reason why I’m
throwing Bernie Sanders out there is because he has already come with the
plan for a dollar amount and the discussion of reparations and and again
if you’ve never heard me say this salute to tone talks and Yvette Carnell because
the data is so important there is a number it’s a TOS
if I didn’t mention that earlier right and I think the
Bernie Sanders if you ask me you know what let me jump out the window yes this
is a trump card if you ask me Bernie Sanders is natalja he’s saying I don’t
support reparations for african-americans and here’s something
else that’s more needed I’ll give you the last word okay well that’s fine but
the question is it’s Trump reparations where if he’s forgiveness student loans
it is just the beginning soon long for african-americans or this but don’t
forget long for everybody you tell me you tell me well I mean he’ll know if
it’s steel for African American theater that’s not enough okay
I thank you for your call sir thank you okay let’s have that conversation
tonight yeah and if you don’t know folks pardon me I didn’t mention Elizabeth
Warren earlier yeah she’s now talking about reparations
and who was that talking about reparations for Puerto Ricans three
months ago Oh I mean salute to the border Porto
Ricans body no more that a fuck what I’m heavy but somebody was talking about
where are the reparations for Puerto Ricans it’s like the word reparations
now it’s being taken that’s being taken from black folk you know everything else
has been taken jazz the blues rock and roll everything now you’re taking the
discussion of reparations pardon me I’m rambling um hang on a second let me just
mention this here before we uh get back into the Bernie Sanders discussion okay
I mentioned that 40 million Microprose okay no I’ll come back take me a sec let
me go to area code two zero two good evening cardi B went ten toes down are
you up to speed – zero – are you there – hello hey good evening yes I’m here yes
yeah I just wanted to I wanted to say that I’m not saying a car TV at all
there’s some wreckage that I like so I’m not a total hater or anything like that
but as far as that nonsense is concerned I feel like cardi B just took the plea
deal in the beginning there were misdemeanor charges she would have to
pay a fine and it would be over with she fought it because she felt like I don’t
think she took it seriously I think she thought that maybe all this will go away
I’ll cut a check and it’ll be over with no what happened was the lawyers on the
other side had fought down more indictments and they actually have proof
of certain things so this was a really not a good move on lawyer’s part at
least persuade her to hey say hey let’s do this because now there’s felony
charges facing she’s got she’s facing she may get off I don’t think she’s
gonna go to jail or anything like that but she is gonna have to come up with
some more money now you know pretty much that’s what it is she’s gonna she’s
gonna have to pay she’s gonna pay coming to going and I started not gonna waste
their time energy and spend all this money and then let her just walk away
scot-free that’s not gonna happen because the bottom line is one of those
girls were fucking her husband easy we don’t know that you have to say a ledger
we don’t know that don’t get me sued her husband knew one
of the girls and if you look at the videotape the thing there was just the
homeboys there throwing money they relax and as soon as somebody said cardi B
came in you can see her husband on tape looking nervous moving around getting up
from where he was at around the girls that he has issues with doing what
southern niggas do let’s keep it real in a second can I ask how old you and what
state you calling from I’m Charlie in Richmond Virginia I’m
from New York and I’m 38 years old okay perfect perfect all right so now if I
can just go very very crazy well not crazy but if I can just throw you a
curveball um Nicki Minaj she’s gonna get married yes you have to speed she’s made
the announcement oh God yeah the hata misses nothing hang on I just want to ask you the
question this this is totally left field and while I’m while I’m do you think
that cardi might send some shooters to
Nikki’s wedding if it’s a big wedding right now her PR team has gotten her ass
and right now she has no for her for her if Nikki brings her up and she claps
back that’s one thing but she’s not gonna just thought or popping up at
Nicki Minaj it didn’t work the first time Nikki got on grind did that Queen
radio exactly she had freak they had tension cardi B caught the worst of it
you know what part of New York are you from
can I ask were you from the New York I’m from Queens I’m from Queens
okay okay okay okay well let me just say this you know Bronx bitches don’t play
they don’t play and I don’t mean to you know to go too far that but you know
caught I think she might send some shooters because there’s no better day
to fuck up a bitch’s life than to fuck up the wedding right I don’t know
something like that to find herself back in court wearing the baddest suits
looking pretty and having to come up with something because people tell all
right I’m being silly thank you for your call thank you thank you all right thank
you sir I appreciate you maybe she enough when females want to fuck up your
life they target the wedding cardis Bronx bitch don’t get it twisted
also um cardi B supports Bernie Sanders did you know that very vocal with
regards to her her support of Bernie Sanders and let me ask you guys does a
killer might still support Bernie Sanders Killa Mike was recently in
Alabama with Yvette Cornell and tone talks he drove two hours to the forum
that they were speaking at hated mrs. nothing did Bernie Sanders cut killer
Mike loose just kill a Mike trying to come home to black folk just kill him
Mike have any friends with money or is he coming home broke niggas always
coming home broke you know hang on a second we just check my cash at superjet
make sure we’re in real-time okay Leon good evening sir he
sends in a super jet star you never read the PayPal all the way through which one
sir which one did you say something crazy I tried to read every PayPal
unless you’re talking real crazy none listen I don’t own YouTube I’ll say that
again I’m here to play the game I’m not fighting a war against censorship but
thank you for your super tat Leon Mike from Bensonhurst good evening he says I
want cardi B in the penitentiary next to Jessie ooh
Bernie Sanders is communist garbage all these idiots are promising free shit
Trump will win again hashtag make America great again yeah Mike you and I
will be voting for Trump again we already know this but you know I am
being very very uh open and direct tonight with regards to Bernie Sanders I
think he’s trying to UM I think he’s kind of trumped the discussion of
reparations King Bankhead on the check and stall him get a piece of the action
area code – five six – hold on a second when you bring in two five six King
Bankhead is that you sir good evening good evening
yeah well can you hear me yes sir how are you I’m doing well so I just want to
start with the bullshit please yeah so it’s sir it sounds like stock you’ve
been to see by decepticon and I just want to put that out there just to let
you know that rumor has it that uh lady stays in the basement so you have a real
woman anyway has moved out of the basement
she’s in transition to go to go to someplace else we know all right so
cardi B I heard she got some new indictment is it for the babies to pull
in the hotel I’m not I’m not sure it has to do with the whole conspiracy the
brawl in Queens yeah but what you’ve okay well your reference
is very real in the in Las Vegas and other places on the West I don’t know if
it has anything to do with that but who knows right right right
she’s a coast of Decepticons she’s on the bad side so anyway on Bernie Sanders
the reparations discusses you know a TOS now me personally I’ve never paid back
those student loans but I always thought they were gonna be hints in the
reparations so I never paid them and every time we try to take from my check
at work I quit so I the student loans was always out of
the window you know I mean you tell me about food well that’s a racket anyway
and as Americans we Sydney we have to pay for education to make our work force
stronger so yeah I don’t think african-americans should be paying for
college I’ve said that before me paying for college yeah hundreds of years of
free labor what the hell do black people owe this country in terms of education
you know nothing exactly yeah you saying exactly build
the foundation foundational black people but yeah that’s all I want the time in
and say man I love yourself support it you know partner machine and y’all will
go thank you okay thank you for checking in can somebody vibe with me for a
second president Trump cuckoo for cocoa puffs you’ve heard me say that before
what is a businessman I’m a businessman most of you are business people you know
this nation is about scrilla would it be crazy
I kind of somewhat expect at some point for president Trump to say I’m
interested in getting reparations to African Americans I can see it I can see
him as crazy as he is saying that and now that would tip the whole scale ah
would it not somebody join in on that conversation if you want to hang local
shades on the chicken hey che I got your email thank you so much Oh
the chef Rosenberg leaving astray let me get you on the line he’s calling in from
area code where are you where is six for six
good evening mr. Rosenberg are you there sir hello Elvis are you there
Elvis the chef Rosenberg six for six testing testing give me a minute he’s uh
I think he’s driving Elvis are you there come on pick it up pick it up pick up
all right I’ll come back to him so go to area code two six seven good evening two
six everyone talking about cardi B Bernie Sanders any lesson a few other
things are you there yes sir how are you yeah oh just a tap on do community
service will slap on the wrist night all those others in our just won’t be more
money spent yeah for Norris be more what I don’t know the details I mean I can
only assume that she’s a defiant Bronx bitch you know shit you know and then
all of a sudden now now you’re looking at six figures you know I mean I don’t
know yeah okay I appreciate call me thank you okay he checked out oh this
Rosenberg I got you on hold man if you’re gonna pick up six for six I’ll
just leave the line open for you that man spends scrilla I don’t know what
this is someone here sir guys give me a second someone sent me an email and I
responded Derek’s da re X I responded to your
email and then it bounced back to me okay that was yesterday I can’t get into
that right now sugar shake can you reach out to Derek’s and then um and then keep
me posted hang on guys Louganis on the check and
he says great movie well done okay he’s talking about the movie I recommended to
him yesterday Johnny Mad Dog for anyone who has seen
that film crazy film right let’s go to area code 9 I think this is Lucania
right here Lucania juicer 909 yes sir good evening
how are you my my friend from the Congo yes sir what’s going on man we’re
talking my barrel Bernie Sanders did he pull a trump card on the reparations
discussion for Atos damn you wanna take he wants he wants to come in and promise
people to forgive that debt but what he’s not telling people is where is he
gonna take the money for that kid so those companies that that gay people
loan they’re not just gonna default on me right somebody’s gonna have to pick
up that deal well hang on a second Luke any because according to several sources
a Bernie Sanders plan he does have a plan in a number attacks of 0.5% on all
stock trades and smaller fees on bonds and derivatives could raise two point
four trillion is what he’s proposing he also wants to earmark 48 billion to pay
for free tuition at state colleges and universities
he’s got details going on here that’s why I say is he trying to talk so
whatever you call if you signed up for feet alone guess what you got a faceful
you you should be responsible because where does it end if you have a hundred
thousand dollars in credit card debt because you were too young and do you
know what you are doing without to be forgiven okay when you came here Lucania
I think we you were 18 and you came from the Congo I forget was 18 years and 19 okay did you get some type of help some
type of handout from from this government you yourself coming from
generation of slave traders what did you get you got something oh you know what I
think a lot of people are on these educated when it comes to English
grammar in college okay Mohini well hang on lieutenant can you
answer my question first did you get something from America when
you came here from the Congo did you get some type of stipend some type of you
know grant grant I got zero dollars okay first of all got nothing
the only the only time I got anything is because I maintain a 3.5 GPA and I asked
one of my teachers if they will program that would break me off she hooked me up she hooked me up with a
35 on the dollar check from before me I think you don’t even know where you got
the money from but you got some money that’s what that’s what a steal ookay
knee you got you got something I’m a immigrants pay for college
they found the tuition $3500 in American money is probably fifty thousand from
where you come from yeah I don’t know the dollar ratio but that’s a lot of
goddamn money so let’s have let’s have that real conversation Luke eighty come
on let’s have that conversation you took some that money you sent it home now
yeah now you’re talking slick about African Americans come on come on $3,500
I bought me a car pack of cigarettes couple of beers and I was it okay okay
I’m keeping it real I’m keeping it because my future my future was paid by
my government well Mike you know the government where I’m from because I want
a contract high school so nothing or 391 three for me so all
I’m gonna say today today if I go ask for help to
continue my education I’m not gonna get it right but I’m a secretary in this
country okay I could get something okay okay all right so hang a look a knee
before I let you go did you check out some of the film I recommended you
respond to your email awesome moving fair knowledge and done by the French
motherfuckers well Johnny mad dog for those who are interested in what we’re
talking about Google that Lucania I watched that film and I mean I’ve been
aware of situations like that in different parts of a you know Africa but
it was it was very graphic yes yes because you know what is real I’m glad
you’re saying it because of course I couldn’t understand the language but I’m
watching and watching the intensity and I say yo this shit is crazy a lot of
noise in the background Lucania I’ll talk to you soon man thank you that
noise in the background some type of bat feedback that may affect the algorithm
so we’re gonna get him up out of here good guy though Luke a knee let me go to
super chat Galt’s conditioning sends in a super check good evening star
Millennials thought paying 50k a year for a college degree and painting would
be a good investment for their future evam hashtag pay what you owe
okay Leon says star why would you vote for
Trump he’s openly racist and now read that all the way through certainly I’ve
said this before Trump represents a certain caliber of people from a
different time so putting the the claim of racist on him what does that mean to
me if you ask me everybody in America’s racist including black people now being
prejudiced is something else a prejudiced person tries to stop you from
getting the bag I’ve been dealing with racism all my life I’m from the
beautiful suburbs of New Jersey I know how to deal with racist I know how to do
traces I got no problem with dealing with racists as long as you don’t trying
to stop the bag but now here’s the thing in case you don’t know you know Donald
Trump was celebrated by the hip-hop community prior to him becoming the
president celebrate I think there was over somebody documented this was it
over 50 or 75 references to Donald Trump in in hip-hop songs so you know I don’t
give a damn about you know the claims of racism unless it’s really affecting
business or or trying to prevent people from flourishing in this country it’s
about business man get over it now I’ll bet you’re racist to some degree as well
but thank you for your super check Takashi five-o says uh Nicky can’t beat
Kearney with music so she allegedly paid for those two thought lawyers I’m sorry
pay for those two thought’s lawyers lawyer they’re giving kardi free press
making her the female POC does Nicky have anything to do with these girls I
don’t know I mean that there was a Queens you know brawl Nicky’s from
Queens autumn Queens bitch is a ratchet hey speaking of ratchet hang on a second
I’m rocking a brand-new San Francisco snapback tonight I couldn’t find the
finish I’m rockin snapback I have to I don’t know if I’m gonna say I support
all of this stuff he does clearly he’s uh he’s very extra but OJ Simpson who’s
from some some projects in San Francisco he’s going to end toes down up on
Twitter are you up to speed he did a post um recently and talked
about him and Michael Jackson OJ was there holding up pictures from the golf
cart I’m Frisco nigga’s or something else
Oh J going ten toes down yeah I I submit give me that damn fit up my rock
therefore Oh J that’s all I want to say Oh Jay Simpson hello to the world let me
go back to the phone lines and um then we’ll come back to super charities go to
every coach 602 good evening 602 cardi B looks stunning
today did you see her 602 yes you took forever just began that car though yeah
yeah fine I don’t know he talked about forgiving these student loans I think
that dementia hit him kind of early okay well he if you ask me he’s as serious as
colon cancer and he’s got a it’s all broken down the projections so we can
call him crazy we can try and clown him for foaming at the mouth and yeah but
but he’s real with this and people are going to take him serious don’t you
think yeah you’re probably right they might or you might end up vote for that
Andrew yang just so their mom to get a thousand dollars a month something that
are you talking about come on come on we’ll see how that one plays out but
either way a big fans are doing stay with me stay with me I appreciate the
change so so yes so Bernie Sanders if you ask me I think this is a Trump
it’s a trump card man for fucking Atos you know you’re gonna have a wave of
Millennials now white and black Asian Hispanic and they’re gonna say hey you
know yeah I I want my debt erased and I feel for black people but you know I’m
gonna vote for Bernie I think that’s the right thing to do what do you say about
that yeah that’s a good boy I think he might
be trying to get the Millennial votes right now you know they’re definitely
not going to vote for Trump this time around that’s for sure but I don’t know
last time I voted for Hillary well you you you openly admitting you’re openly
admitting that you vote for Hillary yes yeah I was out it was a different time
in my life no yeah I was fooled like a lot of other people okay so who you
gonna vote for this time in 2020 honestly you know I can’t really say
just now I got to see how it all plays out and kind of like a little more info
but this time I’m definitely gonna make like a more educated choice for sure
okay okay all right thank you man thanks for the call appreciate you Elvis the chef Rosenberg I tried to
bring him a don’t know what happened let me see if I can find him in the queue
because uh he does spend scroll aha miss if this is him here Elvis the chef
Rosenberg is that you sir six for six nope oh hey I had John Howe before me I
didn’t pick up I lost you good evening how are you I’m very God was actually
gassing up the car okay was by closing the gas station what’s poppin I’m
actually an almond a Luger’s okay I’m dirt on the Delta Jersey stand up yeah I
know that time very well all right so I mean you offer this bhutesu problem now
almost wrong much better much better okay so we’re talking about Bernie
Sanders and yeah sounds good Bernie Sanders and
cardi B oh we can you know put something else on the table but I just I think
that Bernie Sanders has made a power play a power play with regards to his
presentation for to erase college debt what say you yeah I say that Bernie
Sanders needs to learn how to pay 3d chess and the problem is just because
our checkers they’re Kings doesn’t mean he’s allowed a decent hour to play chess
chess rather than he plays checkers okay and the problem is I’m speeding I’m
zooming down I’m in no rush thank you today my brain down let me store my
brain again okay Bernie Sanders is what if she’s trying to refer to himself as
like some sort of like collectivist like he cares about everybody in the spectrum
we are equal right and what he just people are teachers around to a gos
community to be able to have some fuel when they say how this money can come up
because obviously you can come up with your trillions of dollars for your
collectivism at this educational base so it’s out there the money is out there
yes ten years he wants to do this but the problem is this ABC or West only
about 18% of Atos even go to college so that means tremendously if it’s like
it’s like he’s trying to say that if you went to school to be a doctor now you
can get your your student debt taken care of and the person who went to
Monroe college and only holds 70 grand they’re gonna have debt debt taking care
of it’s not the same Bernie Sanders beats know how to fight three HS just
ain’t gonna work but it’s great that he told us that
there is money available out there right there is trillions of dollars available
and there is a number there’s a key he just put a ten-year number it should
come 400 minutes to come up with this we’re all in a copy all right hey why
she wants me leave me alone yeah yeah Elvis’s spittin fags pay
attention hang on a second – if I can just put this in front of you as well
so yeah what you said is very very real with regards to the percentage of Atos
that go to college and that’s why I’m saying is this a trump card I mean III
say it is I mean I want to see the conversation continue of reparations for
african-americans I’m all for it I support it but um it’s gonna have to be
some counter punch now because this is a hard card counterpunch it’s going to be able to
show that there is money out there okay now they’re deciding a doctor and a
lawyer and the nurse can get their stuff wiped out but you know like like they
don’t need it there has to be a difference and now he’s gonna actually
help with people saying okay maybe less is like a color subculture they need to
be recognized instead of just adding black so nah no you know like Bernie
Sanders is so trash it’s just he is he’s basically an elitist fools planted like
he’s for the people he’s a man who’s never worked a day in his life he’s
always had an assistant just imagining you going for your life always having an
assistant always able to come up with an idea have somebody write it down and if
you want to you know okay thank you okay Elvis dish chef Rosenberg good man hang
on a second odd Leon Leon Thank You Man I got your your super chat Leon wants to
make it known he called me a cone Thank You Man
if I skipped over that word the first time around it’s not because I don’t
want you to get off what you’re saying but you know the algorithm is serious
man I would I’m a lot of things but I’m not a liar
there’s an audio algorithm that catches every goddamn thing especially within
the first 30 seconds of a live broadcast that’s why sometimes my broadcast I just
I wait I let it spin for it you know as long as I can then I jump in but thank
you man I got your super Chet but he wants everybody to know Leon keep it a
buck I called you a comb thank you man all right okay I read gold
conditioning drew eight Philly says uh Luke a nice sounds like he was given a
lamb and two wildebeest at his 21st birthday thank you sir thank you I
appreciate it let’s go back for a second let’s go back
for a second Keith Sweat I’m trying to pull up the concert date event is this
August the third I saw Keith Sweat once in concert that was um when was that I
think it was just summer jam and summer Jim I forget some a jam concert I don’t
know what’s that Summer Jam or I think SWV was there it was at the is in Long
Island SWV remember anyway I want to see Keith Sweat live again I know all of
Keith sweats music lyric for lyric I put keith sweat on you know because as most
people know you know older people he does the banging I don’t beg for nothing
but you you put a key sweat track on the panties come down the females panties
come down let me just check the dates give me a second part of me I see Wolf
Creek amphitheater August the third okay
okay let me just save this hornacek guys doing a lot tonight okay all right um
I’ve got more notes here with regards to cardi B yeah cardi B she looked fabulous
today huh and if people screaming Frank and again
she was playing in her hair you know as Vande bitches do you know it’s like a
nervous thing to innate when they talk give me notice that they keep touching
here look like she was sober though you know not I’m saying she’s you know on
things but Jess SOB’s look focused no sunglasses you have to look at all of
the the presentation the presentation she did not have sunglasses on I think
that whoever’s advising her is advising her right you know because sunglasses
can be a sign of a overconfidence you know arrogance if you will and she
got out of the vehicle very slow as one of the caller’s pointed out and you know
she she waved you know that’s that thing walked in pleaded not guilty okay sort
of area code two eight one good evening to eight one Bernie Sanders once the
Kansas student debt what say you sir she’s the true this seemed like a lot of
me like you know he’s thinking you know it sounds good a lot of apparent this
can tell me anything man that’s that’s what I learned in life
okay I gotta see it’s a belief in man I we begin promise G since I was born not
32 knots Oh a lot of shit I seen reparations I I got to see all this
before I suspect it’s like arson so think I’m saying I’m like hey I’m
talking of a bunch of Negros money I just can’t believe it
that’s all I’m saying you know I really thought that being a tool man on the
card EPC would say come on I’m with you please come on yeah yeah I want to get
on the cart EP dying man this was a mistake on her behalf yeah in New York I
don’t know what it is hip-hop holy but they love like enough rappers and they
don’t got a problem knocking of female rappers spikes Brown
bar look Kim they will hang a black rapper a female rapper out there man so
I wish her a bitch I hope he work out but a concert then look please got this
slap on a red night but what I think happened was the people around her party
advised her hey we don’t want because she was so hot last year when this came
out there like we didn’t want to make it TV around her while she was so hot man
but they should have went on here to play it out and it sort of bent over and
done we might go hang on stay with me because even though you may not be up to
speed on the other Bernie Sanders stuff everything you just said was facts with
regards to cardi B I appreciate the early did the very basic common sense I
appreciate that yeah you know they said they sat little Kim down didn’t they
they gave her a bullet they hold this hold this bullet man they said they said
down Kim they said now really and they sit down five of them man NYPD these are
memories they don’t bring all the blood stuff up record or no blood all this
your bag to beat this but the biggest rapper in the world I forgot about
wheezing it’s that Weezy down stay with me now we talking now we’ll come on e
like they body’s murder yeah hey Tonya take the folk site go to New York Mike
so you Trey invited me right ja rule Busta Rhymes
yeah hey ollie they don’t play their first area yes before combat system I do
too yeah come on promote promote your
channel promote come on yeah if you want some Oh common sense I got over a
thousand videos on my youtube channel urban politics and TV pundits in your
wall and uncut all the seed industry everything yes sir thank you saluting me
thank you and I’m still up for the scene for people now for a girl I appreciate
you thank you man yeah did he say who’s calling from the Houston or Dallas or
them two one four niggas is about it oh Jesus
there’s so bad that we can’t even talk about how they moving down there you
know shooting at the cops broad daylight and the Frisco niggas broad daylight did
we ever get the name of the crew of the team that ran down on 2 Chainz I don’t
mean to promote that sort of thing but your rant was that the bay where was
that ran down on 2 Chainz I know I’ve mentioned it before broad daylight out
in the street made him lay down was about three four years ago
hang on guys let me look in the live chat so much he had a set Juelz
Santana’s dumb ass down yeah sat him down you know there’s good
guy he was respectful to me Juelz Santana where I met him I gave him a
bullet during the interview an actual bullet for those who give a shit because
he had a song what was that song put a shelling you remember that put a shot
now the shell doesn’t go in you it’s the slug and I gave him a bullet during
interviews hey man keep that the slug goes in you not the shell I’m just I’m
wiling pardon me some I said they almost set star down
yeah that’s right huh I try but I work with police
I say hey how do I get out of this dumb shit community service okay let me get
the fuck out of here area code 469 good evening we talking
about cardis stunt in front and she look fabulous today did you see her hello
what hi four six nine good evening hey Robin yeah take off that headset sound
like you’re choosing I’m going to talk to you take off the headset let me let
me hear what you saying will you come back I’m better yeah we
come from Dallas nice – $1 – one for – force excited okay let’s talk about this
come on let’s talk about okay so it’s car D I feel like she didn’t really
think about her daughter once she did tape it – oh also like didn’t even see
our fans because if you really love your fans and your daughter
thank you were taking a still like apparently they have some of our
evidence on you if you are growing there go with the grand jury after the
investigation okay and then with Bernie the brain I was looking at the numbers
so it’s gonna take money off people when they do their investments and stuff a
percentage of it but that’s probably the people who’s not helping because it is a
certain limit amount of money that your loans can be in a house an income you
can get so I used to work at selling me I thought was who was the law school and
medical school the Chancellor private loans that was two hundred thousand
dollars much chicer private loans and so so you you and you announced online at
race that first in loans that’s not for everyone that’s just for the middle
class and people who are you know port okay
you said you used to work at Fannie Mae I sure did how long how long we then
didn’t did they sit you down for stealing keep it real keep it real
oh no I was there for over a year I wasn’t up the private part portion of
student loans so they don’t have as many they’ll have deferments like they do in
federal loans so you only get like six months for the whole life of that one
right and I actually had a call people who was in law school and went to
medical school who aren’t using where they went to school for and they’re I’m
making that kind of money to pay back their loans
wait a minute stay with me don’t rush were you the loan processor were you the
loan processor I was in collections okay okay so so you put the cap on this
situation yeah you said hey here’s what you need yeah yeah here’s what you need
to do I’m gonna talk to the to the people and get this done for you that
was you you put the cap on the situation yeah yeah so if they can pay their bills
they’ve already used a permit then they’re just out of luck and then you
know eventually this are tarnishing their wages out of nowhere you maybe
plan okay Rick and then all of a sudden here’s cheque is half when you thought
was gonna be because they took a big portion of your check out of it with all
due respect you have to be a cold-hearted person to do what you did
are you married no I’m not married I want you I want you let me just keep a
middle oh no you cold-hearted you’re about that scroller you know what you
were doing was wrong respectfully and you did it anyway for the bags I’ll give
you the last word go ahead okay so actually people like talking to me and
on my collections they were called ask for me because I was nice to them and
try to find them solution but I mean I’m a Scorpio to freak of the
week yeah but I mean it’s really sad because once they got past they couldn’t
get forbearances anymore it I couldn’t really help them much more other federal
on their stuff but you’re still accruing all the interest but Bernie Sanders I
like that he does have a plan but his plan is not to help everyone okay well
listen I appreciate you calling in and you’re down there in the the what do you
say for what’s what’s before one six nine galas okay now you keep me posted
if you come to Atlanta I’m down here in a hot ass Atlanta you holida plan if you
come to write okay I emailed you so I have my number actually you know it’s
you so you just send me your number and then I go there all day
okay can you send me a picture tonight send me a picture sent you know let’s
top to set behind the scenes well okay I think I can do that please do that I’ll
talk to you soon okay okay okay bye collections Oh Fannie Mae see about that scroller folks
am i doing so much let me slow down looking a live chat my babies are tummy
when it’s time that you know just pull back hold on a second yeah star thirsty star about their bag
houki protection me assure me turn your phone off policy is that number nine
gene is no should hold us it number nine where are you is that my main nigga on
the trigger Berryman Hawaii good evening Jim it’s me
number nine how are you sir I’m good can I ask you a question yes am
i listening to a talk show or for a second line suspecting women on this
show is there some kind of perverted kinky wrong date walk or do I come to
listen to the to the new for the new as you know sir with me it’s a combination
of all you know all that’s happening and I tried to put a fun twist to it but how
are you let’s promote you first and foremost your platform and anything that
you want to talk about I’ve got time what do you want to go sir well all is
well with me folks they know they can find me at number 90 meter an old dot
nine TV on all the major platforms on Instagram I stopped on YouTube also on
Twitter I will also be appearing again on the David and Andy show tonight and
so on this show you can find this show on Spotify and our apple podcast all
right David and Andy show I will be up I’m currently on show number 12 there
you can find me on show number 12 please send me a link so I can listen to it or
watch it and promote it come on man I’ve always been there view number that
have I not always been there for you well here if you wha wha but if you are
been there for me anymore then you know I would have received
something but I haven’t my bank counseling pretty dry as yours
last time I checked I sent you close to seven or eight hundred dollars that
wasn’t supposed to go to you and I said keep it so let’s let’s not play that
game and hang on a second let’s go back because I I respect your intelligence
are you up to speed Bernie Sanders even though something
that he’s proposing would have to go through Congress it would have to go
through many many different you know stages he is proposing to payoffs or to
for me to erase student debt this is going to
be a part of his um you know his campaign for 2020 are you at the speed
here I am up to speed Bernie Sanders Bernie call mark Sanders
which is the Godfather of socialism he wants to bring socialism back into
modern time and the kids are down for it they’re they’re gonna eat it up they
want it but they don’t understand that every major nation socialism has failed
and has left a lot of poverty and death so if you look at this plan this
economic plan that he says he has to relieve the debt from everybody it’s
only a temporary fix if this goes through now it just means the
responsibility from the students to the taxpayers right also you have you have
to look at okay you clear the dead out for this generation what about the next
generation who’s going to approve excessive amounts of debt are you gonna
are you going to clear that get paddled out for them as well or is it going to
be an ongoing thing and lastly that’s not going to drive down college tuition
college tuitions are still going to continue to rise because they know they
have the Department of Education that’s going to grant these loans and they’re
going to set their tuition ever go as high as they want to go with their
tuition that people will still amount and accrue debt the debt will not go
away right so it’s a temporary fix point even bigger problem yeah it’s a band-aid
on a bullet wound reality absolutely it’s gonna we’re going to keep bleeding
it out we’re going to try to fix it temporarily and people are going to
continue to amount massive amounts of debt and mr. Sanders is going to put it
at the mercy of the taxpayer you want to know what happens then kids taxes go up
you want to know what happens then people are paying people are paying more
out of their pocket so it doesn’t in the in a long run we all get smooth yeah
they will say we will soon and that’s and that Bernie Sanders believe please
shut it man down okay so you and I have been talking behind the scenes when do
you see yourself coming down to Atlanta I got something working on you
I want you to be a part of it seriously when you see yourself coming down in the
next 30 days 60 days summer okay I would love to come down on this summer I gotta
head to Toronto in August but I would love to come down sometime between July
or mid-august but I would love to be there this summer I definitely want to
come to a manor and see what kind of rug Shack you got down there and all kinds
of kinky parties you call it I want to be a part of it
okay listen I appreciate you man we’ll talk soon and have a good evening I’m
sorry you’re going to do another film you’re going to do another show now
smooth and seriously send me a link when you get time in right yeah that’s that’s
Dave and Andy show captain on Spotify and Apple podcast even Andy shop
thank you thank you man take care all right Jean Richmond aka number nine number nine folks in case you’re just
now joining the show let me just say a frisco nigga is up on twitter pop in his
collar his name is OJ Simpson this is it Aaron fall I forget it’ll make him like
that no more huh hello to the world Leon grieving sir sends in a super chair
he says I spend scroll let’s talk about Jesse’s necklace also we did yesterday
um Jesse’s smaller video footage came out yesterday thank you for your
superjet Liam yeah it’s a string was a fuck what was that there look they call
it a clothesline that wasn’t a rope that wasn’t something that you know yeah you
lynched somebody with Fugazi fucking uh string and he had it around his neck and
he was talking very calm if that’s what you’re talking about Leon when the UH
the police officers came into his apartment he said are you filming I want
to be filmed and they cut the goddamn cameras off I’m upset about that that
they cut off the the cameras you know hang on a second who was this here who is this
so did you send in a cash app we don’t just pick up for anybody no I don’t
charge but you know who is it let me go to every code eight four five Oh give me
a four five cardi beam we did not guilty y’all got the filming what say you wasn’t me Havel am i toned down going 50
miles an hour Zappos 350 yeah yeah you sound a lot more neutral tonight what’s
going on man yo bro the fucking homie told me you left I showed him to Chinese
like you’re Iike fondue number and I’m like yeah if they want to DDoS you and
trying to find the information he almost kicked me out the crisper that’s it go
back would you say now no I said I said the homie said cuz I was we was watching
the chat as I was talking you last time when I was in the city and all that but
monthly show we looking at the chat and it was like yo can they find out your
number and like fine where you’re at and I’m like if you can fucking ddos
somebody and start a search their IP address you could possibly find somebody
but the chances of that I would never give out your phone number I’m not one
of those types of people I would no no no I’m not I’m not I’m not saying that
I’m not saying that they call me we know that come on even know if you work with
the feds I’m just a little little man in the teapot but yeah cardi B cardi B man
umm I think like everybody else says she should have she should have bit the
bullet pled guilty got blow slap on the wrists in the community service not on
crackers go milk are you not I mean but this is this is this is this is the
Hispanic shake that you get from the box that don’t know no better you know what
I got fifty million opinions on her ear that don’t need to be heard you know I
mean hang on young nigga on the chicken why do you have to make a racial
statement towards white people here you know she’s gonna pay out to some to
little scuttle bitches she’s gonna break them off with six figures to make this
go away I’m sure but the court you think the court which is what I mean by the
crowd you think they want to deal with this bullshit come on up yes they do
that they’re loving it they’re loving it right yeah New York courts love
high-profile hip-hop artists you know going through it that that that’s what
they want to show other people come on and fuck around in New York so we can
get your dumb ass locked up sit you down and we can all make make more money and
political careers can blossom yeah they want this this type of sideshow they
want it yeah I’ll pass I’ll just keep playing my tax and keeping my nose clean
you fill me now hang on a second stay with me don’t rush don’t rush now again
man you sound really mellow tonight man do you want to tell us anything about
when you call them what was that yesterday or last week I forget you
called the you go 100 miles per hour actually not yesterday I was skiing but
it’s like rob poppy internal geek does he sue me like that was basically was it
like how do we get up you had that good raw high grass you had raw yeah but yeah
Bernie Sanders though Bernie Sanders there’s 23 other people running so
basically what that whole situation is pick your poison you know what I mean
like it all goes sound good until somebody proves your point so I don’t
know I I don’t know the politics is tricky you know that right right
bullshit man I appreciate you being funny
stay in touch if you need a life coach holler at me I’m that’s that’s gonna be
one of my new things I I can’t be a mentor but I can be a life coach I’m
gonna start doing like three months package plans how let me behind the
scenes oh yeah Robbie don’t rob me don’t anybody Thank You Man thank you okay
young you gonna check it yeah yeah I was thinking about that the other day when I
was on the trim loss you know I should be a life coach not a mentor but a life
coach if Tony Robbins can do that you know as he has been
doing over the years hang on a second sugar share on the
check-in what is it okay no this is someone else dear five four four five
good evening thank you for your Kashyap Luke a knee is a white South African mmm
okay and what is it sir okay sugar shall call
you after the show are you sipping what’s going on I can’t make out the the
emails it’s a little crazy okay get back to it guys hang on a
second I’m coming to the phone’s I may want to take a break for a few minutes
and come back Mia bleeds Mia bleach that’s the name of
the person sending in a super jet pardon me lady che how about you get sponsored
from a cake soap company from Islands question mark if you can’t be
entertaining at least be marketable UPS is hiring okay Thank You Mia bleach Mia
bleach chorizo chorizo sISTAR stay pimpin while at work I see you big nigga
meanwhile che purchased a bullet and rented a gun contemplating doing the
Lord’s work hashtag help her Jesus okay and I read Leon’s hey full blast radio
on the check in good evening folks make sure you go to full blast okay
they get it in and on YouTube I was listening to their stream yesterday great DJ’s right full blast radio says start would you be Bernie’s running mate
that’s the guy who will be President because if this dinosaur wins his old
ass heart will give out from excitement I could be a running mate it sounds great but then I I don’t like
Bernie Sanders position on too much of anything I’m a capitalist I’m an
Objectivist you know but thank you for your support uh let me go back to the
phone lines and hey little guy something else I want to mention tonight give me a
second all right Peter bush with Bill never met him
formally ever ghetto boys his family has launched a GoFundMe campaign for those
who you know are interested I didn’t get a chance to really see what that’s about
I don’t know the relationship between him and his team I’ll just say team I don’t know let me just check out check
it out and come back to it you know sometimes people have to do GoFundMe
pages you know things aren’t right things aren’t things aren’t mapped out whoa
is this real the Lakers are reportedly planning on signing JR Smith I’ll come
back to there so the area code 774 good evening 774 are you have to speed
on Bernie Sanders or cardi B pleading not guilty today 774 yep how are you yes
sir good evening I think I think you’ve got to put this draw down come on talk
to me we’re right here you okay what are you doing yeah yeah what do you know no
yes mouthing you’re sniffing or shooting what are you doing talk to me I’m right
here I’m a new I’m a new life coach I can help you I can help you with all of
that you need help while we’re talking about you right now sounds like you’re
moving ounces of Reggie what are you doing
we don’t where’s the product is it is it stashed in the dashboard up under the
gas tank where is it what was the product keep it real it’s in the mail
jar I believe you I believe you I still have a buddy that used to ride around
with the three six-packs of coca-cola and five of those cans unscrewed they
weren’t even real soda yeah what’s going on would you man let’s talk about Bernie
oh yeah I think that’s another cover-up that they tried to pull okay
and I think he does did they take that song cause I’m with y’all that okay where’s wifey right now did she know
what you’re doing oh I didn’t say a wife it’s a white feet I don’t know why most
of us you know have white feelings you didn’t put a ring on it but she’s
wiping where’s wifey right now well where’s your boyfriend I mean a-are you
a younger guy a lot of you younger guys here you switch hitters respectfully
oh no I’m straight okay so you’re claiming go ahead all right okay
are you with that new way that’s up on the ground getting pegged and yeah it’s
you think it’s no big deal you with that new wave okay you sure we
have social media no more like that oh I’m sure you got ran off with social
media by your boyfriend keep it real well you don’t have a boyfriend now but
he exposed you ran you up for social media how old you and what and why
aren’t you on the ground there’s gotta be a reason hey how old you are
come on how old are you please hurry – what 3232 all right listen to me
respectfully respectfully every thirty two-year-old is on Instagram if you’re
not you’re hiding you’re hiding yeah Oh caught me yeah have a good one man be
safe if you need a life coach holler at name
I got specials going up the next 30 days all right all right I’ll be riding
around with a rocket sweating you know you know I’m just gonna keep it going
I’m not gonna take a break we’ll just ride it out what I want to mention hold
on a second here so much going on Oh folks I’m enjoying being in Atlanta GA I
gotta tell you you know I get up so early in the mornings as I said I’m
hitting the treadmill now two sometimes three times a day I have become one of
those Fugazi people that goes to Dunkin Donuts the drive-through I want to stop
that is there anyone that knows of a black-owned or or a Mexican owned I
support Mexican businesses heavy I fuck with them as you know anyone that knows
of a black owned coffee shop you know drive-through I don’t want to just keep
giving my money to Dunkin Donuts but I’m enjoying myself I get up early handle
business sometimes I get I get that afternoon nap in butthere’s I wanted to
say salute to people from the Bronx that are
now living in New York you’ve started a new life for yourself I’m not kind of
clown you’re playing you know you’re on the run yeah yeah yeah I met two guys
today I’m not gonna say where they work but good guys solid official one of them
he looked like a shooter and there’s a certain look that shooters had those of
you Street niggas you know what I’m talking about it’s just it’s a certain
demeanor we had a short conversation because I was purchasing something he
worked in the establishment I’m not gonna name the establishment starting
his life over he mentioned he’s got a beautiful seed and a wife and I said hey
man you made it out of here good for you good for you yeah and
listen I always support people that work hard pay their taxes law-abiding people
and I just want to say there’s a lot of guys down here from the
Bronx and give me a second because I don’t really know where I’m going with
this but I just wanted to acknowledge some of these people that are starting
over and they’re here in Atlanta now I’m not blaming them for the for what’s
going on in Atlanta but that that way of thinking and how they process things I
think to some degree it’s transferring over am I making sense anyway it’s good
to good to meet those guys again one of them look like a shooter not that I’m
you know trying to snitch or anything like that but yeah the BX in Atlanta
heavy that’s all I want to say let’s go back to the phone lines area code five
Oh weeks good evening 508 we’re talking about
cardi B pleading not guilty oh you have to speed hello stars
good evening how are you doing today I’m good it’s Christina from Boston on the
check-in tonight oh my don’t I’m doing fine how you enjoying being without I’m
loving it love it yeah I think deep down inside I’m a Southern Man me my father
was from Durham North Carolina so I’m young I fit right in right in yeah well
they say they say we have all the memories of our ancestry so maybe you’re
meant to beautiful so cardi B I don’t know if you remember but one of the
girls is actually the one that got the tattoo of Kakashi trees on her chest one
of the strip called girls right so she yes so her and her sister are the people
that I don’t know if you remember the hyun-ah she got this whole campaign
going about stopping bags and then she brought up the fact that card even some
of people to scare these drugs she got on clean radio and was going crazy like
this I’m a couple months back the video shoot that Takashi and Nicki Minaj was
gonna do together with Kanye’s I got shot up apparently these girls were
supposed to be in the video with them so cardi B was just doing a whole bunch of
stuff to get back at I mean Nikki was just doing a whole bunch of stuff
get back a cardi but and in the event she started helping these girls though
this is a girl that supposedly marrying Takashi got the tattooed with all of
that I say good folk arty so pleading not guilty sir honor or whatever the
fuck she said she knows better than to Vince are given to it now it’s too late
if she was gonna plead guilty it should have happened months ago like everyone
else is saying right now she just has to kind of bite the bullet she did look you
today we’ll have a little blue wig but it’s not gonna be enough she’s gonna be
paid up a lot of money okay so then hang on a second be females
you’re talking about if my information is correct your Jade and batty G am I
saying her name right yes yes those are the sisters that were in the videos with
Akashi I don’t remember if you when he was doing his little album run before he
got locked up this is the girl that the baby mama Sarah hate I thought Takashi
static okay yeah I’m looking at the pictures right now upon TMZ yeah yup so
you got a bus down Roly from our birthday and Sarah was going crazy yes
this is the girl and these are the girls that are suing cardi okay
yeah it says the sisters uh this kid Jane Betty G get back in August in 2018
okay so I would imagine that you know they’re gonna they’re gonna come up off
of this but you’re saying it’s too late for party to do anything other than just
pay out yeah yeah and she knows that unfortunately you can get somebody money
but it’s that cliche thing you’d never get them out of the hood if anything
given our money just kind of makes her more you know I need feel invincible at
this point nobody could tell her anything it’s not about lawyers she’s
paying these people so she gets to say well how about this how about this how
about cardi takes it all the way she gets convicted on a few things
anger management probation yadda yadda yadda and she doesn’t have to pay these
to sketch out bitches a dime we think about that plan because that that might
that might be caught he’s thinking fuck it I’m the fuck I’m a fucking give them
bitches you might be on like that yep and you
know what sadly it’ll it’ll fuel her to the top if that happens it’ll be perfect
there a Dipity and so – exactly – and nobody’ll give a fuck about her right in
our music Sophie as you know I mean cuz so-so finesse the whole system but
unfortunately I don’t do that happen I don’t see her to a jail time but I think
you’re paying out to be girl they are not letting up okay well I appreciate
you calling in you did you say you from the Bronx BX no I’m Christina from
Boston I call her I’m from Massachusetts Rita yeah the Bruins what did you think
about the Bruins I know last time I called you said the Bruins and look what
happened Nick it was very good I’m always gonna ride with the Bruins but
this night I thought it was a great Stanley Cup Series and you know the st.
Louis Blues they they finally won a Stanley Cup so I can’t be mad at them I
love hockey I’m not just you know somebody who only roots for the Bruins I
love hockey you feel me I feel you I feel you thank you fired keep the
movement going there thank you I mean not guilty not guilty
sir your honor bye thank you bye now okay so she
brought me a brought me up to speed okay looking at these two sisters
nice-looking girls you know this is a whole fuckin debacle at the strip club
huh you know maybe we’re all looking at this
from a mature position you know maybe Carter you just say I’ll go fuck and get
them bitchy shit I’ll go to jail I’ll do the time standing on my head I’m gonna
fuck some people think like that I’m gonna fuck and they might not get shit
yeah cardi might you know take a hit legal fees you know but won’t give them
bitchy shit have we considered that yet how do I say this name
Gunja hawk a star you see the underground video floating around with
the slants making okay so we got to be easy with you no racial slurs you can
say the n-word all day but when you start talking about other cultures
that’s a problem making bootleg liquor and bootleg coca-cola Wow okay okay are
you talking about the Dominican Republic I think they’re up to 11 people dead now
in the in the dr you know fuck around with the what is perceived to be bootleg
liquor I’m real careful when I go to uh you know any place on a fucking trip you
know in terms of ordering drinks and I don’t drink like I used to I just you
know I just I take it real fucking slow and I don’t want to get caught slippin
and slacking you know but hang on a second I think full-blast radios on the
check-in let me see if I can find them area code six three one did I miss your
call six three one full blast ready I’m just now seeing your email just now do
you want to call back in okay salute big homie let’s definitely link up okay okay
no he’s sending me his number two link pardon me I thought they wanted to call
in a promote Sugar Shane wants to call hey che are you on the line what sugar
shit I want to call in let me see if she was she’s texting hey Jersey Carter how
are you darling um salute so much respect for her she’s at day one well I
don’t know if she’s a day one but she came in when we were doing right after
the Star Chamber store in the morning hey Josie Carter how are you doing she
says how are you sir love Jersey Cora thank you so much thank you for your um
your cash yep good to see you Josie Cora I’m sure she’s doing the damn thing she
used to call the show Missy if I remember she’s the call of
showings and say uh well you know what let me let me not do that I don’t know
if I don’t have an accurate I’ll sleep low thank you darling thank you for your
cash out hunted Acre Woods on the check-in star Bernie a clown I’m on nine
eleven seven okay let me see if I can find you right here Hundred Acre Woods
is that you on the track in area code nine one seven I know oh hey that you
honey acre once oh no this is a different nine one seven but I got
something Bernie if you want it okay will you come from seven uh how old are
you 46 nice let’s go all right Ronnie listen people this is faith gold people
think he’s doing something but when people hear all this stuff coming from
you know stocks bonds and derivatives and all that you know they automatically
assume it’s going to get the rich it’s not going to hit their poor or even the
middle class that’s exactly who’s going to pay for this fall because when you
have your annuities or your pant change of 401 K that’s how those things make
money for you for your future so it’s going to be taxing the people’s movies
and all that so it’s like robbing Peter to pay Paul yeah you’re paying people
with their own type of investments well he’s claiming that he’s going to erase
the nation’s 1.6 trillion in outstanding student debt by taxing Wall Street
transactions that’s what he’s claiming Bernie Sanders yeah exactly those Wall
Street transactions for believing in that they come from a lot of people’s
you know 401 k’s and there’s no pensions and all of that and those are regular
average jokes like that you know they look it in that truth be told they don’t
make all their money to stop talking like that it’s more than that so you
know you’re not taxing them people like that the whole thing with this are still
voting and everything and even preparations i think people you know
black people stephanie get some form of recreation but very wide
such as that’s kinda hard to really see how you’re going to do it and who can
get it but a lot of the soldiers it’s a platform promise all these people and
like you’re so jumpy tell anyone that we’re safe talking about that and
probably I would love for Trump to say hey you know I’ve thought about it night
and I want us to find a way to give african-americans reparations that would
be crazy and and he’s he’s such a maverick he might fucking do it because
what about Charlie’s he goes you know Achilles here and he wants people to
like him so much and he wants people that cannot even historically because
they did like this before his president he want people that don’t like them to
like them even more right so he’ll do that justice is on evil right these are
like nominees for the Democratic Party 22:23 them usual personal promises that
things that they’re not gonna care about after the election so you’re quick I
talked about this on your own arm how do you like is there a color foil right you
know how black do you have to be is there a certain like percentage of
blacks cuz a lot of people of mentality well I can only get half my father’s
from the south the terrain plantation he was in the u.s. Navy my mother’s side is
at is Italian Neapolitan so I can’t but I definitely owe s honestly ados
has got a really really intense breakdown that’s what I’m telling people
to go and I think it can be worked out it can be done and it needs to be done
but but hang on a second if I can just some get your opinion on stuff you say
you from the Bronx right Bronx New York whoa okay you ever been
to Atlanta gone later okay okay there’s an influx of people from the Bronx and I
was trying to find the wording earlier but I’m also trying to be a little
sensitive but if you’ve never been here don’t worry about it but there’s a lot
of Bronx cats coming down here and I just I’m curious as to what this is
gonna look like in 30 years you know you’re talking about the Poconos spouse
Bergen all those areas thanks for calling me I appreciate the call thank
you thank you okay I’m looking for Hundred Acre Woods also let me see if I
can find him maybe this is him right here Hundred Acre Woods is that you want
to check in no how are you sir good evening yes sir I gave you it was father
was talking about he’s proposing to the cancel all student loan debt and tax
Wall Street a method joke Wall Street they manipulate the economy so that they
don’t get tax the student loan debt just like the caller before me was saying how
they basically make money off of retirement plan they make money off of
selling student loan debt and and increasing the interest yes so for him
sir did waved it as a carrot and a stick in front of our generation the biggest
I’ve been a thing so I agree with you 100%
but it is going to if you ask me shift the narrative of reparations for
african-americans what do you think about that I think he’s trying to change
that conversation trying to steer it away from me like I thought carrot on a
stick because they’re the nation quote-unquote start with student loan
debt from our generation being born at 82 later right
but black people we had discussion as far as what we need as far as fitting
issue housing access basic economics so that
we can build our own and and Bernie Sanders trying to act like he doesn’t
know what that conversation is that’s more in the civil rights movement and
you will with Martin Luther King’s walking I’m sure those conversations
came up because hey but have any conversation this reconstruction was
talking about we come in and get that check toward the end of his life and
then that’s one of the reasons if not the reason why he was it was killed he
was talking about we’re coming to get the check thank you 2028 EOF remark yes
sir salute okay hang on a second is it
Leticia it’s a nice name Leticia sends in a cash at star they’re gonna clone
Carly in jail like they did Gucci I was cute
yeah Gucci man came out a totally different person didn’t he eaten right
mine was better you know okay who is this somebody said story I’m sending in
cash shortly can I comment I’ll send the cash and then comment sure I mean you
can always comment if you’re on the line I’m just I’m picking up random calls I
don’t charge people to call in but some people you know want to get on the line
for certain so I do uh I sell preference you know two or three so should we say my ride
yeah it’s me like really like it I did suspend a notification slow down we’re
trying to understand you good evening Shay how are you I’m fine
how are you good are you joining the conversation Bernice’s carne beam yes
yes yes I wanted I want a third suggest I get some party because I didn’t want
to talk about Bernie Sanders but how he’d be to stay focused she has a team
of lawyers she was fabulous I like the lace front the blue hair that
she had on spacejaaam cardi B because they’re always going to attack you when
you’re number one so like she said the numbers know why she’s padded so it’s
just it comes with the territory you know alright so as far as Bernie Sanders
is concerned I just want to say that it’s like I think that everybody should
really educate themselves this term this go-around like make sure you learn about
the political campaigns try to be unbiased
hear what they have to say because I know you know I want to say
automatically that my vote will go for a Trump but I’m not because I that’s just
because I felt you know I voted for him on this past term and I want him to
continue the work that he’s doing but if there’s something where there’s this
great candidate that just comes out the woodwork and they have a very good you
know backing like as far as what they’re
going to do for American people then I might be willing to hear what they have
to say and they need to get my vote but it’s make sure you educate yourself
please please do not fall for the glitz in the glans and all of the noise that
you see just hear what it is that the candidates are saying and then ask
yourself how is this really gonna go down is possible hang on a second sherry
are you up to speed on Massachusetts senator Elizabeth Warren reintroduced
ledge legislation Barney that would allow gay couples to amend previous tax
returns under what she’s now proposing by way of reparations not feed on that
but that is like wow yeah well that’s why I’m asking is Bernie
Sanders playing a trump card or did he play it from card because this is
trickling or spilling over into other arenas and people are now you know
bringing up different cases for reparations anyway well I think you know no I just think that was the whole
educational reparation like reform whatever it is that he’s trying to pass
or you know to promote that it’s kind of hard to draw that line is it is it based
on income qualifying low income or you know like everybody else that I’m not
going to repeat that but I’m what I’m going to say is just pay attention
people please pay attention to these these presidential you know the debates
that they’re gonna have just follow it so you can understand what you’re going
to be look for and I’m just growing up they’re voting blindly because of your
party thank you okay say you and I spoke
earlier do we do you want to talk about that purse
somebody that you know it’s not you know somebody who went through something
well I can’t yeah yeah I can’t so somebody try to pay me right hello JJ
don’t put yourself in it hang on no I wasn’t you know what how about we not
mention it let’s just forget it I mean I always say it but they like yeah let’s
forget it oh it’s very inside conversation and
since you’ve already said he will try to beat you now let’s leave it alone
because I was trying to say somebody else not that I want it you know spill
too much information and if everything thank you for the call Shane let’s say
let’s talk tomorrow either later on tonight okay thank you Shay should we
share the chicken Ryder what the hell okay okay love sexy 71 sends in a super jet f.viia
rim star rest in power to Michael Jackson ten years anniversary and salute
to the 35th anniversary to the release of Purple Rain soundtrack okay okay yeah
I saw Oh Jay Simpson talking about the Michael Jackson anniversary the death of
the Michael Jackson anniversary on his Twitter page Oh Jay Simpson gotta
respect his gangster hello to the rule can you imagine how hang in a second how
um I lost my train of thought poor me I’m going to do too much here I’ll come
back to old you know the time uh who is this sir did you do Tyrande thank you
for your support Tiran I don’t see a message are you calling in if I’m saying
the name right we get a few more calls we wrap this up
tonight guys area code four zero seven leaving 407
cardi B pleading not guilty did you see her good good thank you for your cash
about I was trying to remember your position about dating and then I said
you know I’m just gonna leave it alone maybe things have changed what’s going
on taking pre regs to go to grad school so I can become a physician assistant
nice are you are you chiming an accordion you turning in a carny beat
you look bad did not see her he always looks fabulous as far as their cave I
don’t see I don’t see her kicking out no money to the girls yeah I remember this
all is over allegedly over her HUD right correct nothing with these two
particular bartenders or whatever she I guess winter hit I’m just assuming and
decided to go after those girls so he not about the pay no chicks or something
that our husband easily got hurt yeah yeah I mean there may not be restitution
for these girls I mean I would imagine that they are gonna if if this case gets
thrown out or if it getting the charges get reduced I’m sure they will come back
with a civil case based upon the verdict of this case but right now is Shane
trying to give him shit no she said I’m not paying them I’ll go to court
thank you and kept it moving Oh Cara pleading not guilty makes sense for me
yeah they make sense to me as far as Bernie Sanders it sounds great if he
could wipe it all out but Elizabeth Warren also made a proposal to just okay
let’s take a minimum of 50 thousand and wiping it out because the average human
has about 32,000 as far as even loans a concern so if not
his planned and maybe her plan yeah I don’t think I got a second because alarm
you Elizabeth Warren’s plan the Joint Committee on Taxation z– predicts the
IRS would owe gay couples fifty seven million in reparations once they are
able to jointly refile tax returns so that’s Elizabeth Warren’s plan so now
we’re giving we’re giving the gay community their reparations first a
regular talk the everyday person as the polls are talking to the normal
presidential point when you’re running for office right so I like that they’re
all doing that they all is hey I have a plan this is my actual plan where you’re
like I don’t understand what I’m reading I don’t understand what the hell they’re
talking about I’ll figure it out when I get to the
polls so I like that they’re reaching the normal person and saying okay butBut
how everyone is talking amongst themselves so no no no they people have
to wait I’m sorry I think I love them but the gay people are gonna have to
wait and the black people no I think we would like our reparations first I’m
going to suggest everybody take their ancestry jersey Carter now respectfully
respectfully are you Atos no I don’t know maybe I’m asking now if I remember
correctly not that this has anything to do with anything you don’t date black
men right I occasionally do but the majority are of another race with some
black yeah so the current one is Cuban and Indian and black I’m just throwing
you a curve ball I appreciate your support
okay so now I’m to Bernie Sanders I’m gonna give you the
final word do you think that him proposing this wiping out college debt
do you think that that will be somewhat of a trump card for Atos it might it’s
just like there are more there were what 45 million Americans that have a lot of
student debt and they might take that or black reparations they might just do it
yeah they might say you know what clear out my 60,000 and let me go about my
business because now I can go buy a house without a problem
I can get a food I can get a hundred and two hundred thousand dollar house as
opposed to any forty thousand or one hundred forty thousand dollar house
right so they might just say you know what I’ll take that as a foofy y’all
trying to figure out who gets and how much a check and how far you are going
to go back right so that would be the quick release the the quick is result as
opposed to okay you got a big up and go back how far who the actual swings in
your family how did this start and try to pay everybody right so that would be
easier they already had on Social Security numbers they already little
school you went to they already know what we’re claimant probably payment
plan you’re in why not yeah I thank you for your call jersey Carter and I
appreciate your support good to hear from you take care bye now Josie Carter
on the check-in guys I have two more super chats and who’s this here mmm a mu
star just like OJ Simpson cardi B will get off well I mean she didn’t get
charges like OJ Simpson but okay okay okay and who’s this someone here area
code three four seven did this okay let me see if I can find you
good evening three four seven are you there hello hello hey good evening
hello hey how are you good evening good evening oh hey hey sugar was popping
okay it’s silly Farscape what’s up hey nice to hear from you we talked about
cardi did you see it today I didn’t see you but I know she got a video then drop
it tomorrow so you know maybe some of this media attention
I’m sure this behavior so be trending for the day the next week right yeah I
can make a money she got a spare everybody’s mind you know so you sent me
email you want to chime in on the topic of Bernie Sanders picking up my calls
but the thing about Bernie Sanders with the whole you know a recent student debt
for so many people it’s a good gesture but maybe that should have been signed
years ago and yeah it is gonna have it is gonna be an argument for a viola
because it’s like how can you come up with all of this money and just throw a
number out there just like you said I’m just occurred saying what you said so
enough around here and not feel like that the Atos is gonna have a lake
expand on this love be a huge arm you know position for them so I just feel
like they the money is out there and yeah you know it’s crazy how black
people talk about all they gotta go back they gotta figure it out so freakin what
if we gotta go back 50 years writers around how much I’m learning a on
because and I want the money I want it for my grandmother that had an eighth
grade education you know and I want it for all of our brothers and sisters to
that had to work in those fields my great-grandmother you know so it’s not
fair to them and do you know how else it can be found out and how it can be
worked out it would be a lot of work but you know in the libraries you have the
genealogy departments do you know yeah the genealogy Department sir that’s
where you can Crace a lot of things you can trace a lot of things with regards
to slavery I mean over the over the decades when I used to you know do a lot
of detail research before the internet you know likes to go to genealogy
departments of libraries and that’s what you collect information and you find out
Oh lineage and other things that’s correct and in my aunt she was a
professor at Georgia State University dr. dr. Jacqueline Carmichael and you
know she told and here’s my great honor so before he passed when she told me my
background whether she sent me all of this information she’s gonna be family
tree and he told me you know you had a half-black and so now I’m going back to
South Carolina this summer to do my own research because you know you sit around
and wait for other people to do and you make all these about it but we need to
think of our past they will know exactly come from there we go
but everybody should stop being so lazy about the reparations and the work yeah
you know we don’t give the Native Americans that passed either because
they had slaves but let’s let’s not exclude exclude them we want some of
their casinos you know that Americans had with the Indians in those days is
business people in this country you know centuries ago how does that stuff even
valid wanting to speak in the same rank let’s even start there right you know so
they don’t even honor the treaties that they had people at that time so we had
the sight and grab see my marriage the black people we are known to be fighters
so look you may go on the boat to be a fighter to get the football and don’t
worry about getting paid because you know what I’m not going to stop until I
don’t get tape so if you had you want to be negative about it get off the fuckin
phone go sit your ass there and complain about it to somebody no yeah I like your
drive darling and I appreciate the call alright I’ll let you have a go and thank
you so much okay talking that boss talk she knows who she’s talking about – hold
on a second let me see if I’m forgetting anybody as it’s Leticia Leticia says
people talking about reparations and World War three is coming soon shaking
my head okay okay that’s somebody else send me an email it’s okay I got you
Danya thank you for your channel okay thank you so much dunya for your cash
are you on the line or you just sending in a cash app I don’t see okay I don’t
see it email if that’s the young lady from Dallas okay can you send me an
email Danya if you’re the one we spoke earlier
you’re gonna send me the picture the hater one nine six four yahoo calm all
right let me be the couple of these super chats and I’m gonna wrap it up
folks I have to get up early in the morning the business meeting out here
and then I’m gonna try to go ice-skating again tomorrow afternoon
senior citizen white male on a check-in good evening sir he says che do you ever
think you would have had a better life if you was light-skinned question mark
breeding with Caucasians could secure and better your future for your kids
mmm that’s probably a black person pretending to be a Wyatt person who said
that but thank you thank you for the superjet rome on the check in rome says
ladies che looks like oh how do you say that name okay
Pascal succomb that’s the guy from the raptors from the raptors hashtag on god
hashtag allegedly okay taking shots of sugar shake thank you sir for your cash
at rome chopping game chile see good evening
he says OJ Simpson gets 700k followers and a day on Twitter me and lady che can
switch gears anytime subscribe to slash and kicks okay let me
say that again forward slash swag and kicks
I got beats on there thank you trapping game chili see hey man send me
a banner chopping game silly chili see so I can put that in the rebroadcast
right Gemstar thank you for your super chat a salute to Josie Carter checking
in before NFL training camps start we know her time will be limited as he
gears up to get back on the field that was hard I was a hard shot now fuck
with Josie Carter she said Spence Cola but this was a hard super chat we read
it again Gemstar says saluted jersey Carter for checking in before NFL
training camp starts we know her time will be limited as she gears up to get
back on the field okay Rome sends another superjet lady she looks like a
combination of Leslie Jones and Pascal okay again from the Raptors had a baby
hashtag on God tackle allegedly oh shit Rome sends it another super jet
if the gays and black people do get reparations number not number nine will
be rich hashtag a mouth is just a mouth Thank You Rome all right I think we’re
done here folks we shouldn’t miss any scroller okay we’re good I’ll see you
guys tomorrow if I don’t go ice skating in the afternoon I’ll do a research show
there’s a lot going on and please keep me up to speed on what’s going on in to
the Dominican Republic now someone just sent me something here about
a teen tourist fell into a coma while vacationing Jesus Mary and Joseph what
the hell what’s going on out there all right guys banner is coming up
people that do support the machine and if you want to get your banner on the
rebroadcast please reach out to me Amy or Alex and someone will respond to you
with a marketing deck and hold on a second I did that wrong and we’ll talk
have a good evening you

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    Because of Trump! He's stopped many bags!

  22. I swear man where do democrats think all this money is coming from because it has to come from somewhere and do we really think that spending that kind of money on reparations and student debt won't crash the economy bunch of goofs. And sorry i my tax money doesn't need to go towards reperations I did not enslave anybody nor did my father or his or his I think we should be past …. sorry for the lack of punctuation but I was speak to text on this one

  23. Star and Lucany convos are the best ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ Star never remembers how long heโ€™s been in the USA even tho Lucany tells him everytime he calls in ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  24. Bernie Sanders thinks money comes from the money fairy. He has no idea how capitalism works. Heโ€™s been a politician his whole adult life and is a multi millionaire. Huh. How does that work?

  25. Why the fuck is star working with the police ๐Ÿ˜†. Probably donate to the police so the cops don't wonder wut he's doing back there in the woods.

  26. Um, the native Americans did get REPARATIONS by President Ulysses S. Grant. He granted them LAND called reservations. To this day government can step foot on their land. They have their own rules to follow not AMERICAN Laws. He issued them land because When Andrew Jackson pushed and killed ppl 4 their land. And Grant thought that was unfair to lndians.

  27. Viva Bernie, ide never support a socialist/communist but it seems like this strong Jewish white man to tell these idiots how it is and propose ingenious ideas like his Wall Street tax to really cause change and make those bankers give SOMETHING back after all they take, which is more than the Republican Party is doing for the ppl proping up the biggest flip flopper in history mr. trump which has left a bad taste in my mouth. but you ppl are steady begging for handouts instead of seeing the light of what he might be able to do. We donโ€™t owe you ANYTHING, take that entitled attitude to another country if you donโ€™t want to work hard like MOST of this population who came here as immigrants with NOTHING. Youll get money from us over our cold dead bodies, thatโ€™s def something Iโ€™m willing to fight for

  28. 00:00
    We just saw, "WHEN THEY SEE US" Jussie Smollett case, those two boys, we're facing 25 year Minimum Bids, and Jussie was out of State, meaning, his calls could be subpoena by the State, no strings, when he was Charged! nOte, No One asked if the cops threatened them with the 25 year Minimum Sentence as required by law for Larceny, Ribbery, hate crimes and fraud when added up!!
    How he tell them to buy the rope, if he ain't see them in six weeks!?

  29. If you didnโ€™t see this coming you are a fucking idiot. Itโ€™s happening much faster than expected. Peace Cardi whore ……..whoโ€™s next.

  30. Please visit Cedric Muhammad and The Hip-Hoppreneur

  31. "Waffle House" went over STAR's head! You don't go to get fat nigga! You go on Sunday morning to mack on the hoes that just left the clubs….OR….stick around and see the fly bitches about to go to church! You can drink coffee for that my nigga! hahahaa

  32. Cardi gonna tell Offset – "That shit is coming out of your wallet, not mine" ha!!! Shout out to Richmond, VA!!!!

  33. Dude need short bite-sized clips… nigga ainโ€™t got time to sit here and watch 2 hours of him talking?

  34. All black people don't have student loans bro. Thats not a trump card thats a 2 of diamonds. FUCK Bernie Panders.

  35. ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ this canโ€™t be the same guy that called in the other day!!! ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†

  36. Cardi b IS NOTHING BUT TRASH, why are people buying ANYTHING that SHE (cardi b) makes or is salling. cardi … NASTY, ignorant, stupid, uneducated, unknowledgeable, untaught, unschooled, untutored, untrained, illiterate, rude, impolite, ill-mannered, bad-mannered, unmannerly, ungracious, discourteous, PURE TRASH HOE. SHUT THAT TRAMP DOWN.

  37. Every American Presidential candidate in 2019:

    โ€œVote for me, Iโ€™ll get you some moneyโ€.

  38. Star stop with the propaganda that Bernie Sanders said he wont give reparations to African Americans. Bernie said he would have to tackle the issue in a different way and not just add dollar amounts to blacks in America. His student loan forgiveness plan would have done a tremendous duty to the black community than any other president that preceded him. Bernie 2020

  39. Also luke Caine whatever your fkin name is. You think it's ok for a kid having to win a scholarship to get a proper education? You ungrateful bitch. Think about the poor people in the Congo u fuk

  40. This show is entertaining but it is also educational. I agree with Chef RosenBerg. It's not equal. I lost respect for B Sanders. I would rather vote for Trump to show these Democrats I'm not fucking around.

  41. Even though I'm not 100% on Bernie Sanders, this Elvis the chef guy doesn't know what the hell he's talking about. He's just saying anything hoping that it will stick and no one will fact check him. The fact is Bernie Sanders is the only candidate that actually walked with Doctor Martin Luther King, during the Civil Rights era. And has consistently for over the past 45 years has been preaching the same message, there is a video tape clearly on the internet that shows this. He's talkin about Bernie Sanders has an assistant? And he knows nothing about the people? No that's Donald Trump who has the assistance and knows nothing at all about the people, is Donald Trump that has never worked a day in his life so he's obviously mixing up Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders, he's a piece of shit that Elvis guy and a goddamn liar.

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